Ben Tanosborn Asks: Is Trump's Redemption At Putin's Expense?

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Authored by Ben Tanosborn,

Donald Trump may have been told by his advisers that launching fifty-nine Tomahawk missiles, at a $15 million cost, against the small Shayrat air base in Syria was “necessary” and morally significant in retaliation for the recent chemical attack on Khan Sheikhun.  A way to show Bashar al-Assad America’s outrage at the dictator’s presumed deeds… even if results from such action prove to be materially insignificant.

But, was it wise or even prudent to take such unilateral action without international and/or UN pre-arranged support?  Was it really an admonition to Syria’s dictator “not to do it anymore,” as the chief honcho of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, seems to claim; or was it solely a perfect opportunity for a divided Republican Party to close ranks behind an erratic and arrogant president-by-default intent in enlisting blind support from the citizenry via his sophomoric truth-deflecting tweets?

Could this single action by the POTUS redeem him from two years of incredibly stupid oratory and a mounting litany of Munchausen lies, and bring him back to good graces with at least a slim majority of Americans?  Could this action redeem Trump from any and all prior claims of Putinesque admiration and desire to make nice with Russia, and quickly absolve him of claimed Slavic fraternization, or any possible collusion affecting the recent presidential elections?  Most important of all, could such military deed put Donald Trump in dress-uniform as Commander-in-Chief of the “Free World,” a chosen stalwart title self-awarded by Imperial America?  Answers to these questions, whether from domestic polls or overseas voices, are likely to be heard soon… ad nauseam, as cable TV “breaking news.”

American public opinion, molded by a less-than-inquisitive mainstream media and two similarly-hawkish political parties, has selected Russia to be America’s enemy number one… with almost the entire population, through ignorance or political apathy, unable or unwilling to acknowledge the historic sub-rosa understanding which took place in 1991 as funereal rites ended the 44-year-old Cold War, thanks in great part to Mikhail Gorbachev’s wisdom through glasnost and perestroika… and not so much to Reagan’s peace efforts or his personal charm. 

Not content with the humanity of peace, some Americans – unfortunately those holding the reins of power – prefer to hear the sound of victory bells, not those of compromise; and any patriotic (or influential) resurgence in old enemies, no matter how geopolitically restricted, is viewed as endangering US interests, a challenge to US’ global empire.  To state it any other way would be at best deceiving, and at worst a lie.

Chances are that all investigations aimed at finding collusion between Trump’s rickety presidential campaign gang and a Russian government connection are likely to yield only circumstantial tidbits, but nothing that could be termed conspiratorial by a long shot.  [We are not delving here into any state-sponsored cyber-spying or allied disinformation that both Russia and the US engage in to influence elections, or the success that either nation might have in that arena.]  Unfortunately for hawkish politicians in the US, led by Senators McCain and Graham, former Secretary of State Clinton and a queue of long-standing adherents of global dominance, Russia will not become the scapegoat.

We would be remiss to question Vladimir Putin’s disdain for Hillary Clinton, or his preference for the election of Trump… it stands to reason that Clinton’s inflammatory rhetoric extending back six years left discordant notes in the Kremlin, while Donald Trump’s friendly attitude towards Putin and Russia augured the prospect of a reset in US-Russia relations with mutual benefits for both nations, including cooperation that could bring a semblance of permanent peace in the Middle East.

But Putin may have misjudged Trump’s helter-skelter brain, and how it gravitates to a single destination unaffected by constrains of idealism or loyalty, a temple-destination solely dedicated to the veneration of oneself: the Cathedral of Narcissism exhibiting the obligatory T at its main portico.  And the opportunity that magnificently presented itself via the images of babies/toddlers in Khan Sheikun said to be victims of al-Assad’s chemical attack.  Images that Donald Trump appropriated and used in his hypocritical flight from political trouble!

A new and improved Donald Trump is about to land at the White House: an anti-Russian Trump worthy of McCain and the Pentagon falconry; a Trump leaving behind (probably) embarrassing investigations; a Trump forging ahead as an astute politician… ready to join, and likely lead, America’s political mainstream; the mainstream he said to detest before his capture of the presidency.

Has Vladimir Putin, unwittingly, provided Donald Trump with a free ride to an unmerited redemption?


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fbazzrea's picture

sorry, Ben, but i pray you're wrong.

NoDecaf's picture

Trump needs to know that his name will become synonomous with "Benedict"

giovanni_f's picture

Apart from being meaningless to compare a (bad) joke figure like Trump to a real world leader who has saved his country from being scavenged by the  US "elites" and other sorosoides - and therefore has the support of 88% of the population of Russia - Trump enjoys - NOW - predominantly in the US, UK, Israel - wide support among the neobabies and Ivanka because the  violation of international law is considererd "strength" in these circles.

The glory will pass as fast as the hopes of the people who votet Trumo into office that he would stick to his promises.

thisandthat's picture

These stupid, braindead, low-cost "experts" can't even hide their cluelessnes: a simple glimpse at RT's programming will tell you beyond any doubt how much PRO-Dem bias there is and always was in that station. Yet, they keep sucking these neocon farts about "Putin's" pro-Dumboness.

Freddie's picture

President Jared Kushner and his family's business dealings with Soros.

Idaho potato head's picture

Putin will take care of Russia.That is all. 

Trump will drive the wreckage of the American state all the way down to the bottom. 

Twee Surgeon's picture

1 UK = 1 Alabama in square miles.

2 UK Populations = Russias population , give or take a few.

Russia is Very big with small population. They do not want to stir any shit. Think about it.

francis scott falseflag's picture

So what's your point?  That China, a billion four, will devour its strongest ally and

leave itself defenseless against the Archangel of Humanity, in whose mouth napalm

doesn't melt?


There's one thing we are all agreed on:



thisandthat's picture

They don't, but if they're pushed to it, it's over: they don't make any secret they can't match NATO conventionally, which means nukes would fly in a flash, because then it will be who's first.

Twee Surgeon's picture

Trump was a fine looking Man on his Pulpit during the Presidential race, less than 4 months in to his Administration we are standing in an attic looking at the real portrait of Dorian Grey.

What a huge let down for the hope of Millions, for the hope of Sense, Decency and Honesty, Shit has gone Tits up, faster than Barry ever did. Obama was an ardent Socialist until he got into the Oval office. Suddenly he was a Neo-Con. Nothing Liberal about him really. Just another Statist Pretender.

What does the Alien in the White house basement tell these people ?


kellys_eye's picture

If Trump wants to do what he claims he want to do (drain the swamp) he can only do it effectively from 'inside'.

His recent actions seem to have him accepted as part of the existing system - let's hope he's as strong and as independent - not to mention committed - as he led people to believe and that he continues his work from within.

Coldfire's picture

"New and improved" Trump? More like Hillary with a penis.

Freddie's picture

Jared and Ivanka are good friends with Chelsea and Soros.

So much for the crimes of Pizzagate, the Clinton Foundation, Epstein Lolita Express, Lois Lerner at the IRS, Benghazi and the list is almost endless.

HowdyDoody's picture

"Jared and Ivanka are good friends with Chelsea and Soros."

Of course they are. They all are. Bush Snr and Clinton play golf together, FFS.

The scam is to present two political parties with different public platforms, but identical private ones. That gives the One Party State the appearance of being democratic. Lenin was in favor of the One Party State, providing he was head of the party.

Danedog's picture

Cost of those Tomahawks was near $100 million, not $15 million.

uhland62's picture

... I think it said 15 million each, but that doesn't tally, either.

Now, what's a few million $ from the taxpayer, sorry credit card, when you can mae a stand, assert your strength as leader? Not that I voted for that and that kind of global leadership but who cares. Did I once hear 'rule based global order'? Was that in the rules? I am your voice - now: I am your global policeman.

It's not that complicated, European countries will now be forced into closer cooperation which is a good thing and should save the US some money, so that the US can withdraw from Europe and focus on improving their own population's lives. One would hope it's not too late for the card house made with credit cards to fall. 

Free Man's picture

1.5 million dollars each.

Aristofani's picture

and tRump also has shares in the manufacturer of them, raytheon.

beijing expat's picture

Thing is, the chem attack was clearly a false flag. The truth will come out. The truth always comes out. Trump is smart. How will he play it to his advantage?

shutterbug's picture

Trump is a good businessman.

He has shown to be not-such-a-good-president already.

Going neo-con without - real - proof of anything is just the last example, more will come.

We all were played by another politician... what is new?

shutterbug's picture

Trump his REDEMPTION?????!!!!

In WHAT WORLD are those USA morons living? The Walking Dead DREAM-lands???

Trump has gone against all his promises to his supporters and is a traitor to his voters.... redemption heh???



scoutshonor's picture

This redemption you speak of--I don't see it.  Not now, not ever.  If this bullshit was wrong when done by Bush and Obama it is wrong now.

francis scott falseflag's picture

unfortunately those holding the reins of power – prefer to hear the sound of victory bells


Don't forget that other sound they like so much.







Free Man's picture

What is evident is that the Syrians did not drop chemical weapons from their aircraft and that no chemical gas was ever stored at the al-Shayrat airbase.

There is no footage showing any munitions or containers which would have delivered the toxic gas.

As for US and other radar recordings, all they can show is that an aircraft was in the sky, its heading, altitude and speed. There is no way to distinguish a chemical munition or a chemical attack by means of radar.

HowdyDoody's picture

More to the point, the aircraft flew from Shirat and the US has now blown the place up, conveniently destroying the possibility of testing the aircraft and hangars for the presence of CW.

THE OPCW has declared that 10 out of 12 CW plants in Syrian are decommissioned. The remaining 2 are in terrorist-held territory with access denied.

Idaho potato head's picture

Well he certainly hung a noodle on my ear for a time. 

those who hated him still hate him while those who supported him now also hate him“.  Wow! 

Fireman's picture

If there is one thing that "unites" USSANS it is a good old bombing massacre where their military lords and masters get to blow s#it up and convince each other and their tax cattle that they are the meanest, baddest hombres in Dodge. Now that Bilge Pump Don is splashing happily in the swamp with all his fellow critters (which some USSANS call their "representatives") USSA can get on with convincing itself that it is the leader of the "free world" and sole "superpower" though flat broke and waging illegal wars on evaporating credit and get back to doing what it does best...losing wars and fomenting global terrorism.


The only problem is that the rest of the planet is laughing at the hubris and waiting for Mr Bear to swat the I$I$ airforce the next time it attacks the sovereign Syrian state while the Chinese are busy owning the South China Sea and buying up collapsing USSA.


How many "tomahawks" did the Russians actually fry on the night as war criminal Trump morphed into Insane McCain and the Hildabeast?

ANSWER: Most of them!


Thom Paine's picture

Trump has made Putin's life a lot simpler.

Putin no longer has to consider America's future geopolitical aspiriations.

Trump obviously captured by the neocon will persue their agenda with his usual lack of sophistication.

Russia knows the Neocon agenda will now never change and can simply concentrate on that agenda.

His first goals will be to strengthen Syria considerably, and Iran, and probably make Iran a nuclear power. And if he can get China to participate, at least in Iran, and politicaly on Syria then that is a full-stop to Israel-Saudi-US aspirations in the ME.

Putin also knows the more embarassment or defeats he cause Trump the more Trump will double down.

One might also note that North Korea also has a border with Russia.


Thom Paine's picture

Trump would undoubtedly known Kushner's history, backers and politics.

That he bought him in and gave him the power he has means Trump and Kushner are one and the same.

The neocons now have been given their head, unfortunately they are not very smart and not familiar with the law of unitend consequences.  Trump lacks anybody to give him a rational risk analysis of neocons various plans, and he probably doesn't care.

Bannon has no business being on the team, his presence simply helps to give legitimacy to the neocon insanity.

When you see a dangerous fool it is best to out him quickly.  Bannon should be out there on TV giving us all a heads up on the Trump-Kusher warmongering govt.

Aristofani's picture

The article is a pswaydo-"intellectual" think wank.

He has morphed into killary clinton, and this is "new and improved", "redemptive" ? Putin has given him a "free ride" ?

The con man has been living on free lunches his whole life.

The world burns as we fiddle with words :(

Youri Carma's picture

59 Tomahawk missiles at $15 million cost? I would say 59 Tomahawk missiles at $50 million cost!

$30 million spend for exactly notin' because 36 Tomahawk missiles didn't even reach the target.

Each Tomahawk missile cost about $832,000. So 59 X $832,000= $49,088,000 ˜ $50,000,000

So they just actually blew away $50 million

FROM: What are Tomahawk cruise missiles, how much do they cost and why has the US launched an attack on Syria?

And very ‘Low efficiency’: Only 23 Tomahawk missiles out of 59 reached Syrian airfield

So 36 Tomahawk missiles didn't reach the target 36 X $832,000= $29,952,000 ˜ $30,000,000= $30 million spend for exactly notin'

doctor10's picture

stop doon the mathz!!!Somebody needed the contract to replace all those "old" Tomahawks anyway

Davidduke2000's picture

Even before kushner, trump had and still has  a special love for israel, but now the world woke up to israel's crimes and people of the world are supporting sovereign countries that do not attack the US only, they do not care about israel that keeps suckling on American tax payers tits and use that money to kill women and children without any shame of course after taking away more of their land to live in a luxury life style in the land of Jesus, they already destroyed the land of the olive grove where they captured Jesus and now there is a big condo project on that sacred land.

So trump's new trick about not going into Syria is fake news and Russia and Iran are preparing for it.

Davidduke2000's picture

WAR-A-LAGO is now the headquarter of the neocons to launch wars across the globe. 

johnnycanuck's picture

The door to the Get a long Gang room was always open to Trump, and he dashed in and out a few times during the election campaign (see AIPAC speech), but was fleet enough of foot and mouth that he escaped much scrutiny by his adoring fans and of course, MSM dared not whisper about the seeming inconsistency.

But I highly doubt such things eluded the watchful eye of Vladimir Putin and his advisors. See how Putin has been dealing with Erdogan for example, even the majority of agricultural sanctions put in place after the downing of the Russian jet are still in place.  It's quite obvious there isn't much trust there in spite of Erdogan's siren song.  Putin and his people have dealt with all sorts of hucksters, scam artists and even mobsters of the worst sort, the Donald's sketchy charms wouldn't have much of an effect on them imho.