China Threatens To Bomb North Korea's Nuclear Facilities If It Crosses Beijing's "Bottom Line"

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With everyone putting down new and/or revised "red lines", be it on Syria or North Korea, it was now China's turn to reveal its "red" or rather "bottom line", and in a harshly worded editorial titled "The United States Must Not Choose a Wrong Direction to Break the DPRK Nuclear Deadlock on Wednesday" Beijing warned it would attack North Korea's facilities producing nuclear bombs, effectively engaging in an act of war, if North Korea crosses China's "bottom line."

The editorial in the military-focused Global Times tabloid, owned and operated by the Communist Party's People's Daily newspaper, said that North Korea’s nuclear activities must not jeopardize northeastern China, and that if the North impacts China with its illicit nuclear tests through either "nuclear leakage or pollution", then China will respond with force.

“China has a bottom line that it will protect at all costs, that is, the security and stability of northeast China... If the bottom line is touched, China will employ all means available including the military means to strike back. By that time, it is not an issue of discussion whether China acquiesces in the US’ blows, but the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will launch attacks to DPRK nuclear facilities on its own."

This, as the editorial puts it, is the "bottom line" for China; should it be crossed China will employ all means available including the military means to strike back," warned the editorial.

It is worth noting is that shortly after publication, the article seems to have been retracted without explanation, the URL now returning a "404" error. However not before the original article was cached on a webpage owned by China Military, courtesy of google.

In the editorial, the author also declared that the "People's Liberation Army (PLA) will launch attacks to DPRK nuclear facilities on its own. A strike to nuclear facilities of the DPRK is the best military means in the opinion of the outside world." The northeastern Chinese provinces of Liaoning and Jilin share borders with North Korea. These two provinces and Heilongjiang are part of the Shenyang Military Region, one of seven military regions of the People's Liberation Army.

The editorial also explained the advantages to the world of a Chinese attack on North Korea's nuclear facilities.

It noted China and the world know the locations of North Korea's nuclear facilities. Once the PLA attacks these nuclear sites, North Korea will permanently suspend its nuclear weapons programs.
North Korea "has limited resources of nuclear materials and is strictly blockaded in the outside world, erasing the possibility for DPRK to get the materials again."

China also noted that "nuclear weapons is DPRK's trump card for its defiance of China and the United States. Once this card is lost, it will become obedient immediately."

The author then speculated rhetorically that if North Korea's "nuclear facilities are destroyed, they will not even fight back, but probably block the news to fool its domestic people. The DPRK will freak out if its nuclear facilities are destroyed." And yes, a Chinese author said "freak out."

The report also said that "the DPRK must not fall into the turmoil to send a large number of refugees, it is not allowed to have a government that is hostile against China on the other side of the Yalu River, and the US military must not push forward its forces to the Yalu River.” It notes that "this sentence is meant for the United States, because the premise of it is that the US military has launched attacks to the DPRK."

But what may be the most notable part of the oped is the mention in the Global Times editorial that North Korea will not be "not allowed to have a government that is hostile against China on the other side of the Yalu River."  This implies that if and when the US initiate strikes on NK, the Chinese PLA will likely send out troops "to lay the foundation" for a favorable post-war situation.

In other words, China may be just waiting for Trump to "decapitate" the North Korean regime, to pounce and immediately fill the power vacuum.

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Davidduke2000's picture

alex jones explained to them how the don was manipulated by his daughter and the warmonger, they accepted his explanation. 

johnnycanuck's picture

Manipulated by fear of losing his empire of dirt maybe, but I doubt his daughters tears had much to do with it.

There was more behind the Dems McCarthyism than just unsubstantiated accusations methinks, but for the Dems to go for the throat many many bigs would get caught in the snare, including many of their own.  That's my theory anyway, and there's that Deutschbank special division under investigation for dealing in laundered  Russian money, some guy with no credit in the US and the whole sordid tale.  Wilbur conveniently popped up at the Bank of Cyprus along with one of the actors from said bank too.

Just good ole boys, never meanin no harm....

esum's picture

not with the muslim bendover bathhouse towelboy's ROE... and the faggot generals runnng the show...


the only real resistance left now is the haqqani network which is Pakistan's ISI (drug cartel) operatives... and notice most of the activity now is directed at them.. besides, outside of another pipeline route and rare earth minerals (which the Chinese have the rights to... thanks again obama) the 20 billion a year drugbiz is what afghanistan is all about ...oh... and supporting the military industrial complex...


Davidduke2000's picture

It is not on the drudge report, meaning fake news

fightapathy's picture

Whoops! Looks like another gamer "working" in the NSA forgot which program he was running whilst sucking down a McFlurry -- he got that Vault 7 secret program to "look Chinese" while hacking Chinese news sites, but unfortunately still sounds like a narcissistic millennial. Didn't take the PLA to figure out what happened, did it?

J Jason Djfmam's picture

The program that switches the R's and L's around?

Gallumhrasha's picture

It sounds like the military may just have a contingency plan if shit hits the fan and NK goes crazy. I mean what country wouldnt have a plan like that with a volatile neighbor. I dont think China wants to do it but thats like the last resort. NK still has many interests for China, like keeping the US out

Davidduke2000's picture

can't believe so many people still fall for fake news.

this is China's biggest internet news agency


Not a word about this so-called ultimatum.

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

The fact that it was so quickly "retracted" is a clue, as was the unprofessional use of the term "freak out."  Something aint passing the smell test here...

BigFatUglyBubble's picture
China Threatens To Bomb North Korea's Nuclear Facilities If It Crosses Beijing's "Bottom Line" = China threatens to bomb USA if they try and commandeer Kim's nukes.
Cutter's picture

Will wait and see on this one.  Seems aimed as much at us, to stay out, as it is at North Korea.  

Seems to be such glee, about the prospect of good "ol 'Merica kicking some North Korean ***." There is always enthusiasm for war in the beginning, especially from the unitiated, who think its glamorous.  At the first battle of Manassas, the rich and elite, took picnic lunches to the battlefield to enjoy the festivities.  Once the battle started, and the horror began, they fled for their lives back to Washington, shocked by what they had witnessed.  

If this baloon goes up, most think its just going to be a few bombs and all will end well, costing us very little in lives.  Far from it.  North Korea will not be a pushover for anyone.  She can put 5 million men==active and reserve forces--into the field, a higher number of personnel than South Korea, or even China. And she has the South outgunned in some categories of conventional weapons. Not to mention she has Seoul, a city of 10 million, ringed with conventional artillery.    

The outcome is certain, as the North is hopelessly beat technologically.  But it will still take boots in Pyongyang to claim victory, and its going to be very bloody for soldiers and civilians alike.  If this happens, todays generation of Americans will get a view of what a real war looks like, against a real army.

If so, hopefully it will be enough of a shock to bring us back to our senses and forego even bigger wars with the likes of Russia.  And hopefully, it will bury the Neocon's ideology forever.  Unfortunately, a lot of others will be buried for real as a result.  

johnnycanuck's picture

Speculate, speculate dance to the music..

Heh.. NK is China's pet Pit Bull which they use now and then to get the Imperialist dogs in the US barking at the moon.  They're not about to put their pet down, it's too useful.

Those 150,000 troops MSM reported moved to the border was later denied by Chinese media so who knows what's true?  If it was true they could be there to move quickly in case of a shit show between the North and South and it's American overlord. Precautionary positioning and show of force sort of thing.

That said, the Chinese are every bit as capable of a head fake as the US. Now back to the Last Trump 'sperts spurting Trump brand juice all over themselves again. 

Davidduke2000's picture

I agree on this one, the Chinese never talk about red lines it's a language from the yanks, the cia  picked a small obscure paper to insert this bullshit in it if it is true. I don't know where Tyler got this fake story from, just called the Chinese embassy in DC  tel : 202-495-2266 and was told they never got any new statement from the Government regarding NK.



johnnycanuck's picture

Misinformation and propaganda seem to be the preferred weapons of choice for the most part. 

Davidduke2000's picture

I know, the new generation does not know about propaganda, they grew up believing anything told to them, most of statements from the war bureau in WWII was propaganda, they even had cartoon propaganda , here are few, the first one is : DONALD GETS DRAFTED


johnnycanuck's picture

Yeah I know, and there was a whole array of propaganda posters that were just out of this world.

Was curious when I saw the DONALD GETS DRAFTED, thought it might be a joke about Trump and his multiple efforts NOT TO GET DRAFTED.   Draft dodging seems to be a winning formula to get your hands on the nuclear codes or least to be 1st runner up like Romney who bailed to France after his education deferments ran out.

Bemused Observer's picture

If they are massing troops there, it is to keep the North Koreans from stampeding the border. They don't need the troops for military strikes, and I doubt they want to occupy the place.

But they have real problems with that border now, and they don't want to have to deal with millions of famished refugees destabilizing NE China.

The same reason Seoul keeps troops on THEIR border with NK. It's not the nukes everyone is scared of, it's the people...all those starving, needy people, in their pathetic millions. They need food, medical care, de-programming (NK is a CULT) re-training, etc. There are also likely to be suicidal hard-cores who will be like a whole new wave of Jihadis...Any idea of what this would DO to the economy?


The nukes are the LEAST of their worries here. If Kim was treating them well enough that they didn't WANT to leave, we'd be fine with his little nukes...heck, we'd probably even help them out.

johnnycanuck's picture

Could be to contain the N Koreans, could be keeping their options open.  Could be fake news like I said already.

Remember the Chinese weren't very welcoming the last time an American marched an army to the outskirts of Pyongyang.  Things quickly went south after that, including the Nato troops.

hooligan2009's picture

ponders the logistics of 150,000 tropps trying to keep out what's left of 25 million people stampeding from a nuclear fall out zone.. along a 400 mile border (admittedly at least half with mountainous terrain)

assuming NK becomes a complete 50,000 square mile radiation zone (winds blow into china or sourh korea - what then?) and there are say 17 million North Koreans left who can walk, with 8 million dead or maimed sufficiently to not be able to walk or be carried, that would be over 100 NK'ers per chinese PLA soldier and each PLA soldier watching around 3 miles of border whilst desprately starving and terrified civilians make a break for it..

assuming south korea gets nuked, what happens then? end of an inhabitable north or south korea for 20 years?


exartizo's picture it just me?... or is there a lot of unbridled shit flowing around the world as of late?

Brazen Heist's picture

Propaganda and psyops are working themselves into a frenzy.

We are now firmly plugged into the matrix.

I strongly recommend unplugging and going outside to listen to the birds chirp.

J Jason Djfmam's picture

Perhaps you are floating around the world in a barrel of unbridled shit. Who knows?

Falconsixone's picture

Stealers Wheel (Stuck in the Middle) Kim's new favorite song...... (sigh)

BlueHorseShoeLovesDT's picture

We Bomb, we bulldoze, we build new Apple factory.

Brazen Heist's picture

China is pre-empting the US on NK?


JLee2027's picture

No No No. They are simply making sure they can contain the refugee flood issue in case the US takes out KIM...which is apparently what the Donald told them, that we are going to act period. Help if you want.

Fireman's picture

That's really funny. Surely you know better.

JLee2027's picture

Fat Boys time has come. The Donald is simply cleaning up the mess left over from WW2 when we allowed the commies to occupy Northern Korea.

J Jason Djfmam's picture

Maybe Kim will finally take a shit, because it is well known that he never has.

Anonymous IX's picture

Wow.  Trump must be a hell of a negotiator to have gotten this concession from Chinese Pres. Xi Jinping:

The report also said that "the DPRK must not fall into the turmoil to send a large number of refugees, it is not allowed to have a government that is hostile against China on the other side of the Yalu River, and the US military must not push forward its forces to the Yalu River.”

Of course, this kind of military conflict does not in the least serve the average American citizen.  What about the U.S. disengaging from worldwide conflict so that we can concentrate on providing a healthier economy and financial outlook for the average citizen?

Thinkpad's picture

Who says were not? The Reuters article pointed out that the US will fill the coal void left by outser of Nkorea making it a win win for both nations.

Thinkpad's picture

Who says were not? The Reuters article pointed out that the US will fill the coal void left by outser of Nkorea making it a win win for both nations.

BrownCoat's picture

@ Anonymous IX,

Having grown up during the Cold War, I understand the concept of "balance of power." If the US pulls out of the area, those trade routes get compromised. China WILL NOT allow "free access" to those shipping lanes as practiced today. I happen to believe that trade and communication are vital to peace. (My opinion is NOT isolationist although the warmongers will describe me with such a word.) Mutually beneficial trade will help avoid military conflict. 

The noise coming from NK is really a tertiary communication link from China. China can release their frustration using FatBoy as a mouth piece. The US is just responding to China. China wants total control over the shipping lanes and the US says "no." It's only the MIC that wants war for their own profit.

marcusfenix's picture

Who writes this shit? 

Something must have gotten lost in Google translation.

Why would China wast the time, money and effort when they can just have Trump do it for them? 

He is quickly developing a taste for blowing shit up isn't he? Must be all that positive feedback. 

If you don't blow something up, we will. USA.

China probably put that out just to fuck with Washington. At least it's good to know they have a sense of humor after all.

BitchesBetterRecognize's picture

Chinese don't want any motherfucking American ships & missiles build-up in South Korea & Japan shooting at Beijing if one the crazies in Washington feels like blowing up shit - so they rather clean up that NK mess themselves while keeping the USA far away. 

BrownCoat's picture

Yeah. China has said it would do something for decades. The great and powerful China has done almost nothing to NK. [/sarc] I'm not holding by breath this time around either. Just more talk, BS talk from China.

Putting a carrier fleet near NK has definitely upped the ante. A strong US naval presence is the last thing China wants in an area that China intends to dominate. 

From the US perspective, the carrier fleet has the capability to carry out many different military options including the deployment and rescue of Seal Teams.


Fireman's picture

Fat Boy is China's child. That this crap gets passed along as "news" cracks me up totally. Xi is dicking Bilge Pump Don, the swamp guy.

BitchesBetterRecognize's picture

Chinese will blow that motherfucking NK house up simply to annoy the shit out Washington. 


Things ain't seem to be as they appear- the Chinese are playing along the Trump bullying bullshit knowingly he's lost his support already.    

UndertheDRADIS's picture

Has The Donald reminded The Fat Kid that technically he is at war with a country that can turn his into a parking lot?

In.Sip.ient's picture

I appreciate, that english comprehension

may be a little weak, when trying to figure

out chinese translations, but...


The Chinese military either thinks or knows that

NKs next test will be a lot bigger than 4kt.  And

since NK is practically a postage stamp, it almost

certainly implies adverse consequences on Chinese

territory.  So China is telling NK to kindly F___Off

with THAT idea.


They are also making it CRYSTAL clear to the US

that ANY action against NK will result in the PLA moving

south of the Yalu river, to mow down any "unfirendly"

forces ( say the US one ) ... 


...and we needed to be told this because... ???



Fireman's picture

China owns Korea as it does much of the USSAN "economy". China is dicking Bilge Pump Don.

Fireman's picture

USSANS already did the Korean slaughter thing. Guess what folks...your ongoing poverty is one of the causes of that lost war almost 70 years ago. Imagine how bad this is going to be when all the anglozionazi bouts of slaughter tabs come home and KARMA bites US all on the fat cellulite a$$.

Pretty it aint gonna be,´.


Prep or starve.

BrownCoat's picture

Not news. China qualified their first statement saying *if* northeast China was threatened. So, NK could attack every country on the planet with the exception of China and China would DO NOTHING. The fact that the article was pulled indicates that China is waffling on the subject. 

IMO, China wanted the article to sooth Western/US worries while saying absolutely nothing. The rest of the article basically says China has the ability to squash NK like a bug. No change in attitude. China has for thousands of years considered itself the supreme country on the planet. Everyone must KowTow to China. 

Thinkpad's picture

a truce has been called on bash America and Israel today's whipping boy is China.

quesnay's picture

Not only that, but how would they determine if they were threatened. It's so vague it's only a small step to go full cicular logic.

"If North Korea crosses our red lines [threatens us in an totally unspecified way], that would cross a red line and we would take them out".

LKG's picture

Wow the psyops are in full swing this week.

Trump is blowing up his chest but he can't start a war without congressional approval. He can't place the lives of Americans in Danger by attacking another nation without our approval.

Let everyone keep their thinking cap on when reading all of these articles

Extra Oink's picture

Why not? Does'nt Trump have a phone and a pen?

FreeEarCandy's picture

Well well well!

Trump and China are about to settle what many before couldn't or refused to do. 


We are finally winning!!!

Thank you Trump!!!

You are the president. Glad I voted for you.

Thinkpad's picture

Somebody has to neutralize his nuclear capabilty if he won't do so willing.