G7 Fails To Agree On New Russian Sanctions: US, UK Push Rejected By Europe

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While eager to show a united front against Russia and Syria, G7 foreign ministers meeting in Italy again failed to reach an agreement over new sanctions against the two nations as a British plan to impose targeted sanctions on military personnel in Russia and Syria, supported by the US, was rejected by European allies.

"There is no consensus on additional new sanctions," Italian Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano said.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson spearheaded the drive at the G7 for punitive measures against Moscow, but could not win the full-throated backing he wanted from Germany, Italy or the wider European Union. Officials tried to play down the failure to win more vocal support for sanctions, saying gaining backing from the Germans and Italians was always likely to prove difficult.

According to the Independent, British officials insisted that targeted sanctions are still on the table, but that moving forward with them would have to wait for a full investigation into the attack which killed scores in the rebel-held village of Khan Sheikhoun.

Ahead of Rex Tillerson's trip to Russia to try to persuade Putin to abandon his Syrian ally Assad, foreign ministers were seeking a common position on the Syrian conflict.  And while the nations agreed there was no solution to the Syria crisis with President Assad in power, BBC reported that a UK proposal to target sanctions at senior military leaders were sidelined.

Italian foreign minister Angelino Alfano - hosting the G7 talks - said ministers wanted to engage with Russia to put pressure on President Assad, adding that "we must not push Russia into a corner". "We think the Russians have the leverage that is needed to put pressure on Assad and to get him to observe the commitments with regard to the ceasefire," he added.

Speaking after the meeting, Tillerson denounced Russia's "failure" to ensure the elimination of chemical weapons in Syria and said it had not made enough progress in peace talks.

Tillerson said that Russia had failed to uphold commitments it made in 2013 to guarantee the Syrian regime got rid of chemical weapons.

"These agreements stipulated Russia, as the guarantor of a Syria free of chemical weapons, would locate, secure, and destroy all such armaments in Syria. Stockpiles and continued use, demonstrate that Russia has failed in its responsibility to deliver on its 2013 commitment," he said. "It is unclear whether Russia failed to take this obligation seriously or Russia has been simply incompetent in its ability to deliver on its end of that agreement."

Tillerson also laid down an ultimatum for Russia, according to CNN, saying that Moscow must think about whether to remain an ally with the Assad regime, the Iranians and Hezbollah.

"Is that a long term alliance that serves Russia's interests? Or would Russia prefer to realign with the United States, with other Western countries and Middle East countries that are seeking to resolve the Syrian crisis?"

He also said that Russian-brokered talks in Astana had "not produced much progress," adding that he had hope that a process underway in Geneva over Syria's political future would be fruitful. "And our hope is Bashar al-Assad will not be part of that future," he said, without explicitly calling for Assad's removal.

"In terms of the future of Bashar al-Assad, it is important to us that we undertake a political process that leads to the final conclusion of how Syria will be governed. It is our policy for a unified Syria that is governed by the people of Syria. I think it is clear to all of us that the reign of the Assad family is coming to an end," he said.

* * *

After the meeting, Tillerson will head to Moscow for talks on Syria later on Tuesday, hoping to persuade the Russians that they have an unreliable ally in President Assad; he won't succeed.

Still, the fact that Rex Tillerson's visit to Moscow is happening at all is telling. Russia reacted angrily to last week's US missile strike on Syria, condemning it as an "act of aggression". Yet Moscow is happy to host the US secretary of state. He'll meet his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov and a meeting with President Putin cannot be ruled out.

That said, history shows that Moscow does not take well to threats or ultimatums, so if Tillerson thinks he can weaken Moscow's support for President Assad, he may need to re-think. The Syrian president is Russia's key military ally in the Middle East, and has been for generations. Russia has invested heavily - militarily, politically and financially - to keep him in power.

Not helping the lack of a "united front", there have been mixed messages from the US on its priorities in Syria. Tillerson said on Sunday that there had been "no change to our military posture" in Syria following the US airbase strike and that Washington's "first priority" was to defeat so-called Islamic State (IS). Those comments came a day after the US's ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley spoke about the removal of President Assad, saying: "In no way do we see peace in that area with Assad as the head of the Syrian government."

There was further confusion on Monday when Tillerson spoke in public about an interventionist approach, saying: "We rededicate ourselves to holding to account any and all who commit crimes against the innocents anywhere in the world."

Hours later, White House press secretary Sean Spicer suggested Mr Trump would act against Syria not just if it used chemical munitions. "If you gas a baby, if you put a barrel bomb into innocent people, I think you will see a response from this president," Mr Spicer said in his daily briefing. The White House later said Mr Spicer had meant to refer to barrel bombs containing "industrial chemicals."

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AlbertthePudding's picture

Is that someone's spine showing?

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Get ready for more failures and not winning.

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The Shield won't be happy with this news, the EU should expect another attack or 6.

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I agree NO NEW Sanctions.

Drain the Swamp & ARREST ALL Pedophiles.


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----_- (not verified) USisCorrupt Apr 11, 2017 7:54 AM

"Drain the Swamp & ARREST ALL Pedophiles"


start with trump and kushner

jeff montanye's picture

as each administration is installed and does nothing, the complicity, the so-conspirator after the fact status, spreads, literally making vulnerable to treason and murder charges a somewhat different cast of characters.

zh: how about an update on the 9-11 saudi suits?

Déjà view's picture

UK...against Scottish & N.Éire wishes...England already in Washington/Tel Aviv camp...anyone else ready to join?

Killdo's picture

English people woudl gladly sell their own mothers and lick any fat ass as long as it's associated with some kind of power and influence. They are spineless, corrupt psychopaths without any meaningful social context. No wonder they drink so much and take so many drugs (often openly snorting coke in bars etc). A desparate psychopathic nation

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I,m English and I approve this message . Let this be a warning to the world , this is what happens when your people have been ruled by (((Rothschild))) for 0ver 200 years

Lea's picture

I am sorry to break it to you, but the first symptom of psychopathy is blaming your faults on others.

The British Empire was one of the most brutish, sadistic on Earth, and it didn't need any "Rothschild" for that. Your Parliament was full of swamp creatures, and what had brought that about was your own elitist culture, nothing else.

We're talking about a country were nearly the whole of the political Establishment comes from the same high-level pederastic schools. As a result, they are psychopaths. Come on, a country were schoolmasters and teachers were pedos, i.e, psychopaths with a liking for caning young boys!

Count the amount of pedophile scandals you have had within your political, academic and media circles. And you still think you need any external influence to make Great-Britain into a loony bin?

Sirius Wonderblast's picture

Do not go thinking that the English or Welsh (I can speak for both) want the war that the US deep state and/or it's sponsors so badly want. Do not try to posit any divergence within the UK, you can be sure "we the people " - irony intended - do not want this any more than the American people or the Russian people or any other people. Just a few stinking rich shitheads want it, and to quote Lemmy "eat the rich"  (not quite what he meant by it, or rather he no doubt meant it on more than one level, but there we are)

wildbad's picture

sanctions? who is pushing this olde mare up the hill?

Hey Donald, Ukraine is over, there was no Russian attack, they didn't shoot down the Nederland flight...

This was invention by your enemies in the deep state. Drop it will you? This is not what we hired you for.

jeff montanye's picture

think about it: the brightest spot on the world stage is the quality of the u.s.'s "enemies" russia and china.  can you imagine if putin were as hot-headed or stupid?  

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Trump is not what we thought he was, we were played.
The Wall is Under Attack!

The whole Trump agenda is being backpedaled at breakneck speed. I wouldn’t have expected that they would even go after Trump’s central and most iconic promise, however.

If the wall doesn’t get built, we’re going to be looking at a full-scale revolt from Trump’s base.

“We also have an obligation to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars.”
Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) and Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ)

Really? In 2003 the cost of Israel to US Taxpayers was THREE TRILLION DOLLARS!

Jewish Neocon Treason in Iraq and now in Syria supporting ISIS! April 10 2017 AUDIO

Mimir's picture

"Trump is not what we thought he was"

Sorry to mention it, but I think we were many, who told you so. 

jeff montanye's picture

let's see you make an opposition worthy of the name.

hillary sure wasn't it.

philipat's picture

Every single one of these clowns must know, one way or another, that the Syrian "incident", just like the last one, was a false flag. Hopefully, the Europeans, with the exception of lapdog BoJo and Daisy May have grown a pair and decided to stand up against the ongoing illegal agression by Washington. Even the existing sanctions on Russia have hurt nobody except Europe and are also for no reason other than American Imperialism. Isn't it time that Europe stood up to Washington and pursues an independent foreign policy which protects its own interests not those of the US Empire?

Syria presents NO security threat to the US and US involvement in Syria is illegal. Period. Might is not necessarily right.

keep the bastards honest's picture

yes re sanctions on Russia, I saw a post by a Russian who said that russian food production had soared since sanctions, that locals found it far better quality than the imports had been and everywhere there food was overflowing and being bought.  Very good for them and very healthy. Its non GMO.

jeff montanye's picture

essentially everything the u.s. has done since the clinton administration came to power has weakened and worsened it.  working on four administrations, the vast majority of u.s. actions have encouraged and hastened the downfall of the american empire, such as it was.  forcing the opponents to establish new alliances, payments systems, international agencies, not to mention defeat the u.s. deep state in ukraine and syria.  fewer and fewer global sheeple are buying it.

philipat's picture

Yes, Russia has a policy of being entirely GMO-free. It's Organic farming reniassance will, later, become a major export industry for Russia. In the meantime, it has become almost entirely self-sufficient.

HowdyDoody's picture

Russia want the sanctions to continue to encourage greater self-sufficiency. Good for them.

Ghordius's picture

funny that. when I was writing that those EU "sanctions" are not hurting Russia...

looks like some truth surfaces, after a while

keep the bastards honest's picture

The russian also wrote about Putin having tunnelling machines sufficient to build railways to other countries if the US calmed down. Clearly  they can deal. Have a GDP less than Aus and little debt. Unlike Aus with massive private debt.

Wahooo's picture

This country's done with winning. It's every psychopath for himself.

BorisTheBlade's picture

Stomach and a wallet. US or UK trade with Russia is almost immaterial, but US and UK run into dispute with Russia over Syria and Europe ends up bearing majority of the cost.

Ghordius's picture

hey, I feel cheated, today. I mean, I came here for the usual dosis of how evil the continental racket that is called "EU" is on let's say the poor, poor UK and what do I find here?

where is the usual "NATO is evil and globalist"? when most of NATO, with the exception of the US and the UK, says... no?

+1 BorisTheBlade. whatever happens, the majority of the costs have to be borne... by us

it happened after First Iraq, it happened after Second "Freedom Fries" Iraq, it happened in Afghanistan, whereas Baby Bush executed the "we are under attack, defend us" Art. 5 of the NATO Charter, and so on, and so on

meanwhile... the worst comes from Mr. Boris Johnson, UK's Foreign Minister. he claims he has evidence. is he showing that evidence? no

the "second worst" prize goes to Mr. Rex Tillerson. from "Good Friend of Russia" to "Russia Basher Supreme"

the third prize goes to the US "alt-right" "press": that thing in Sweden? about the postal service not going to service some "no-go" zones? completely fabricated. it's not even fake news, it's not even a hoax, it's just... carefully crafted lies

now, where are the "EU is evil" "news" of today? I have needs, too, you know? gimme that stuff I crave

BorisTheBlade's picture

I though Wednesday was EU bashing day.

StychoKiller's picture

You shouldn't look for fish amongst the treetops.

thunderchief's picture

They bomb Syria and the Russians  during the Chinese premiers visit to the USA. 

They push for more sactions during Tillersons visit to Russia. 

Real class.

keep the bastards honest's picture

And attacked that poor man on United Airlines, bashed his head, ended up on a stretcher. its all over the China version of twitter, 97,000 responses and viral worldwide. Millions. Chinese know its because he was asian.  So nay sign of US poking its nose on the China Seas will be very irritating

earleflorida's picture


there's a sick man in the atlantist, and the world is circling for a feast...

need i say moar!

back to basics's picture

When are these stupid fucks going to clue in that Syria is an existential issue for Russia?

keep the bastards honest's picture

Been at it since 1949. see the article at the top of the page.

Ghordius's picture

say that again? Syria an existential issue for Russia? since when?

is that one of those things that if you repeat it often enough, it becomes a fact?

the involvement of Russia in Syria began even before there was a Syria that was not a province of the O.-Empire

the key driver was the Russian Tsar. on his drive to expand his empire eventually to... Jerusalem

plenty of Franco-Russian debates later, but this theory... that's completely new

and it sounds even... silly, to be frank. but who knows, if you repeat that often enough...

you don't mean the Russo-Iranian alliance, do you?

Calculus99's picture

Good, tell that bumbling buffoon BoJo to go fuck himself. 

He may well be very well educated in the arts but I now think he;'s just another political moron. 

cossack55's picture

He will fit right in with the sociopaths

HowdyDoody's picture

His 'nonchalantly tousled hair' schtick is well past its sell-by date.

It worked well when he was pretending to be a clown. It
is not necessary now he has proved he actually is a clown.

cheech_wizard's picture

Apparently some people understand the "art of the deal" better than the man that wrote the book...

Standard Disclaimer: Is there a neocunt of the year award? I'd say Nikki Haley is truly deserving.

flapdoodle's picture

Ivanka is certainly veighing for the same prize...

NumNutt's picture

Sounds like it is time to turn off the monmey flow to some of our EU "partners". All the money the US spends to prop up the EU shit show and this is the response. Pathetic and funny at the same time.

jeff montanye's picture

the u.s. deep state far prefers the eu than individual countries to deal with.  imo it is helpful that the europeans are not the absolute flunkies they once were.  apparently having your countries be the blowback for the evil zionist escapades of the u.s. in the mideast is not the morale booster that was expected.

Ghordius's picture


"All the money the US spends to prop up the EU shit show and this is the response"

you really... believe that shit, do you?


StychoKiller's picture

What, you think all those tanks and ammo are FREE?  NATO protex yo'asses (any minute, vast herds of Finnish reindeer could be unleashed from the north, to sweep down and around and eat up all yer cabbages!)

chief's picture

so G7 foregin mins are smarter than the average america mass media consumer. what a relief...

gougeonit's picture

Wasn't the U.S. That didn't want to come to the peace talk last time. Glad to see some common sense on part of the Europeans, or was it that if they pushed they'd see a t-90 sitting on the front lawn.

charlie303's picture
charlie303 (not verified) Apr 11, 2017 7:42 AM

British politicians exhibit a superior quality of slime wouldn't you say?

EuroPox's picture

Trouble is they all think they are heavyweights and big-hitters - in truth, they are just lightweight, usless fuckers...

HowdyDoody's picture

Boris is not a lightweight. An overstuffed barrel of lard, maybe.

Killdo's picture

I think they know they are dumb idiots - it's all about pretending. English are such good actors because all tehy do is pretend they are from a higher 'class' than they actually are. What they say and what they feel are completely different. They say London, LA and NY are world's capitals of psychopathy - I've lived in all of them and I think London has more psychos than LA. 

Their former PM Theatcher used to say (and English sheeple loved it) that there is no society - only individuals. Only a psychopath coudl even think , let alone say such idocy.