Trump Warns North Korea Is "Looking For Trouble", Threatens To "Solve Problem Without China"

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After reports of 150,000 Chinese troops being deployed to the Korean border, President Trump has stepped up his own rhetoric...

Seems like the Trump-Xi meetings last week did nothing to improve relations, and Trump's newly-found neocon allies must be relishing the warmongery.

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And Mar A Lago ... does NK have Twitter? You'd think there's a more governmental channel to voice such a message. Faux and pediphiles has his attention for another couple hours.

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North Korea may not be able to stop him but if he tries that shit on Iran...

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looks like the makings of WWIII; NK, Syria, Russia. Who drops the first nuke?

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"Who drops the first nuke?"

My guess would be the only  country that has dropped nukes before (twice). 

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I feel so good that the POTUS tweeted this out. 

Jesus Harold Christ, this is embarassing. What a statesman!

Did he unlike the NORKS FB page too?


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NK was one of two places he repeatedly stated during the campaign that he had no problem with carpet bombing them into the stone age (the other was ISIS).  So if you voted for the Donald, you should have expected a harder line against NK.

I'm fine with removing Kim.  Works for me.  It's the one area of intervention that I support - unlike Syria, where I think we need to get the hell out.

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If you are okay with any "regime change" you lose the ability to bitch about ANY regime change.

If you agree they have that ability, then it is just a difference of opinion.


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That's as ridiculous as saying if you're okay with any particular "form of government" that you lose the ability to bitch about ANY "form of government" because if you agree that governments can be legitimate then it is just a difference of opinion.

The world ain't black and white.  Degree matters, which means that many decisions necessarily come down to opinion.

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Fuck Chicom & lap dog NK...a few cruise missles taking out decrepit NK electrical grid and import ban on all rubbish Chicom products...should give them plenty of night sweats...

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"I'm fine with removing Kim. "

Ok, say you do that. What comes next?

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China and S.K. get a whole lotta extra mouths to feed!

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U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A! I hope to God nobody on this site really believes this moron is directing the military to do anything. He's sent out to say a few crazy things to distract us then placed in a room with his safety helmet and blocks.

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Obviously Xi needs to put 150,000 PLA on the Mall in DC before Donald gets the message.

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God help our soliders if we mess with Iran. 

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"North Korea is looking for trouble. If China decides to help, that would be great. If not, we will solve the problem without them!"

I've met people with this approach to life. Normally the conversation is rather more "Are you looking at my pint?". It is reminiscent of a drunk, belligerent alcoholic in need of a beating.

So what prompted Trump to behave like this? Is it because he WANTS to destroy his voter base? Or is he not writing this stuff, and no longer in control? All very odd, and I'm not bright enough to work it out. 4D chess is way beyond me, apparently. There is a joke here about 40DD and getting sidetracked, but you will have to make it up for yourselves - I won't lower the tone twice on one thread.

Well, not much, anyway.

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Seeing as Iran and NK partner on mitary projects, maybe NK will be no walkover either.

We have no intelligence really on NK, we are going in blind.

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Americans will be slaughtered by the Iranians, Russians and everybody on the planet who hates the USA criminal cartel.

Iran, Russia and the ME have a lot more rage and heart in the fight.

Americans have none.

I hope to god the silent majority in the military opt out and work with the Russians and Iranians to topple the real 

terrorists in Washington, Luxembourg, London, Mar A Lago and bunkers in Hawaii and New Zealand.

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Lol, what the hell is Iran going to do? They have the same shitty Russian hardware that couldnt stop but a handful of Tomahawks if that is even the case at all that they shot some down.

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23 out of 59 isn't exactly a stellar record. 

You got big hands if 36 tomahawks are a "handful."


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Just take Putin's number uncritically, eh?  You are full of uncritical thought today.  Why not uncritically take the US number of 58 out of 59, with some targets hit multiple times?

The real answer is that we don't know how many hit.  Someone does, but not us.

Propoganda is propoganda, and all sides participate.

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They missed the airstrip entirely. Missed planes on the tarmac entirely. The base was operational less than 24 hours later. But they did hit some villages and kill some kids. And there were some undetonated warheads that landed in empty fields. There isn't evidence that 59 of anythings were hit, there is evidence that key, soft targets were missed entirely, and there is evidence that missiles did not make it to target operational. Should be pretty easy to show 59 impact sites if there were 59 impact sites. 

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Those airfield photos tell a thousand words.Not much damage for even 23k pounds of HE.

I believe my eyes and neither side telling me anything.

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Why not uncritically take the US number of 58 out of 59, with some targets hit multiple times?

Well, at least one hit the nearby village of Shairat...

...and at least one hit the village of Karto, in Tartous province, waaaaay off target... the claim of 58 of 59 being on target is, de facto, a lie.

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I know.

The US lied about the effectiveness.  Yep.  Understand totally.  That was part of my point.

The Russian side lies, too.

This is the way the game is played.

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Laughing the LOL of the ignorant:

Lol, what the hell is Iran going to do?

You really don't know, do you?

But hey, your kids won't be the ones dying, right?

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Washington will self implode on itself real soon. Just watch.

This is a distraction from THE major economic fallout to hit this country soon.

The zionists are in full hit mode, yet again, minions will pay the price.

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My bet is there will be a complete economic collapse first, then WW3.  World wars are easier to start when people are economically depressed.

And then Antarctica will start melting, causing the world ocean levels to rise,  which will cause all low lying areas in America to be under water.


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I keep clinging to better than hillary.  

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Hitlery was on board to bomb the world during the campaign. So, we vote and nothing changes.

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No, we should bomb you!  Or better yet, kick your mom in the jaw and cut off your dick!

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fucking dickcheese in chief

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"Speak softly but have a mean Twitter account." My God what an asshole.  

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Did he really just end a Tweet with 'USA'?  What a fucking retard

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Amerika, Fuck Yeah!  Warmongering puppets.

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He think's he's at a 'football game'! least he didn't go...USA!...USA!!...USA!!

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You think the outcome would have been different with Hillary?

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Kim needs to aim for the neocons. If he's successful, then the war is over. Nobody else wants the stinking war.

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Just look for the Red Sign.

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He's like an insecure kid who finally got the cool kids to show him some decency. They now know they can reward him with positive press, and he'll jump through any hoop they want.

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Let Rodman slam dunk the little bastard.  

How about making Rodman the new US ambassador to NK? Oh wait...

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trump misguided you yanks royally, I thought killary would be making these steps. but trump trumped the hate.

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Anyone with an I.Q over 80 knew trump was a bullshitter from the start, hell he's been a bullshitting con man since the 80s lol.

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I think it was the "it's all bullshit folks" that gained him quite a bit of street cred. I mean who didn't know that!? But to hear it come from the mouth of a national candidate, on tv and shit ...  Momma Mia !

Of course folks missed the part about him being a premier bullshitter himself, like his entite life, which you know, without all the overwhelming prior history and evidence, should have been rightly assumed ...

Awwww, fuck it, at least we can still laugh at ourselves ..

No hanging head in shame in this quarter .. I figured, why the fuck not, beats the Giant Meteor, Sampson solution ..

Come to find out, ...

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but hey Trump did say "I love the uneducated".....there's the 'disclaimer'

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The both were. We gave Trump a chance. No regrets. 

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but hey, with all due disrespect, they DID vote in George W Bush.....TWICE!!