Is This The End Of The Trump Presidency?

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Authored by Federico Pieraccini via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

On April 4 2017 in the Syrian city of Khan Shaykhun, a city controlled by western-backed terrorists, chemical weapons killed more than eighty civilians. Immediately, local and foreign sources (the White Helmets and Syrian Observatory, respectively, dubiously linked to Al Qaeda groups) blamed the Syrian Arab Army, accusing them of employing chemical agents. In the following forty-eight hours, the mainstream media flooded print media and the airwaves with information that alleged that Assad used chemical weapons. As is known, it is not the first time that the legitimate government of Syria has been accused of attacking its own people with weapons of mass destruction.

In all similar events in the past, it has been later discovered that the chemical agents in question were used by the Al Nusra Front and Al Qaeda terrorists. In 2013, Obama tacitly rejected the argument that the Syrian Army used chemical weapons in Ghouta, deciding not to succumb to internal pressure to bomb Syria in response. Donald Trump required little confirmation before taking the initiative to cross the red line, openly attacking the Syrian army, even though his same intelligence community strongly doubted that the chemical attack took place according to the narrative advanced by the media.

There are several hypotheses regarding what may have happened in Khan Shaykhun. The first one points to a false flag by rebels and terrorists supported by Israeli, British, Saudi and Qatari intelligence. Alternatively, it could have simply been an accident. Assad's forces could have hit a terrorist weapons cache without knowing that it was dedicated to the production and storage of chemical weapons. Another theory offers that foreign intelligence agents may have provided accurate information to the terrorists in Khan Shaykhun about what buildings were going to be targeted by Assad’s air force, thereby allowing them to move chemical weapons into the targeted locations in order to bring about a civilian massacre.

Whatever the case may be, it is unthinkable that Assad and the Syrian army would use chemical agents against their own civilians. There is no rational reason for them to use such weapons which do not guarantee any tactical advantage and which, besides, would incite an obvious, vehement reaction from the international community -- a counterproductive move from any way you look at it. This is not to mention that two days before the accident (?), Trump and Tillerson had publicly opened up to Assad, broaching a Syrian future with the president still in office. Once again, the use of chemical weapons proved to be of no tactical gain, spelling full-blown political suicide. From whatever perspective one observes the incident; an intentional chemical attack by Syrian forces is not credible and should be therefore ruled out. Furthermore, Russia saw its request for an independent investigation in the Khan Shaykhun chemical incident blocked by almost all nations belonging to the UN council, with the exception of Syria, Bolivia, China and Russia. What do the US and its allies have to hide? We all know the answer to that.

An important factor to consider in order to understand the events surrounding the incident with chemical gases concerns the immediate American response. The bombardment with cruise missile, which caused a dozen deaths and some slight damage to Shayrat Air Base, needed at least a couple of months of preparation. This consideration helps clarify the scope of the chemical attack along with the attendant rationale and motivations.

Notably, over the past two months, Trump has received all kinds of pressure to continue the neocon-inspired aggression against Syria. The main cheerleaders of this attack certainly fall into that category of players that includes the intelligence community, the military-industrial complex, neoconservatives, the Saudis, the Israelis, the Turks and the Qataris. It is not unthinkable that the chemical attack was an act needed in order to allow a US military response. One must not neglect to consider the very positive outcome of the meeting between Trump and the Saudi prince, the latter of whom is a major supporter of aggression against Syria. The summit between the King of Jordan and the American president the day after the events in Khan Shaykhun ought to be viewed in the same light. At the same time, other events look more than suspicious in terms of timing and motives, such as the permanent exclusion of Trump adviser Steve Bannon in favor of General H. R. McMaster (appointed by Trump). McMaster is a protégé of General Petraeus, a leading exponent of the interests of the neoconservatives. This is not to mention the exclusion of Flynn a month ago, another person who for years has advised against aggression against Syria, mainly thinking of the consequences that such a move would entail at the international level.

Much ambiguity also remains when one considers the absence of members of the American intelligence community in the war room during the bombing of Syria on April 6. Rumors suggest that these American agencies would have recommended that Trump not act on the basis of partial or false information regarding the chemical attack in Khan Shaykhun. Trump, contrary to what he stated during the presidential campaign, has dismissed the advice of his intelligence community, preferring instead to act unilaterally under pressure from McMaster and other neocons in the administration.

The bombardment, involving the use of 59 cruise missiles (23 hit the base, others went missing, according to the Russian ministry of defense), caused little damage to the Shayrat Air Base, thanks to the prompt evacuation of Syrian personnel, and no injuries were reported amongst the Russian contingent. The Pentagon claims to have warned the Russians of their intentions, but it is more likely that there were no alternatives, and that this act was mostly political and at no cost. Rather than reading this as a hypothetical US courtesy to the Russians (and the Syrians, because Moscow immediately warned Damascus), we must consider that a few seconds after the launch of the first cruise missile by the two destroyers in the Mediterranean, Russian forces in the area were already fully aware of the path and destination of the missiles, thereby alerting Damascus. It is also possible that the generals close to Trump advised him to alert Moscow because of the danger of a Russian reaction if hit by US missiles.

Some doubts still remain as to the intentions and purpose of the attacks. In recent days, a hypothesis has emerged implying some sort of connivance between Russia and the United States in these attacks, apparently staged to appease the interventionists of the US deep state. There is no evidence to support this hypothesis, and the relatively limited damage to the Shayrat military airport may rest either with the high defense capabilities of the Syrian and Russians, or to the marked inefficiency of Raytheon’s cruise missiles, rather than any purposeful intention to do limited damage. In coming days, with more information available, it will be important to analyze what exactly happened to the cruise missiles that did not hit their target. As many know, it is taboo in the United States to criticize the military-industry complex, given the importance and influence it enjoys. In this sense, it is no surprise that in the United States, the press has been talking about the complete success of the attack, with 58 out of 59 missiles apparently being advertised as hitting their targets.

For Trump it may well be the beginning of the end. The intention may have been to make a once-off attack to appease the deep state, lowering in the process the heat stemming from Russiagate, in order to allow for the implementation of national policies in line with the proclaimed America-First doctrine that has thus far been sabotaged by opponents and detractors. These same detractors now applaud Trump for what they see as his first presidential act, which involves killing civilians with missiles.

What Trump does not appear to understand is that he has opened up a Pandora's Box that implicitly encourages foreign intelligence and terrorists in Syria to rely on American help by simply playing the chemical-gas-attack card. Trump seems unaware that he is now under the complete control of the media, the intelligence agencies, Al Qaeda, and the neocons, who are all the time working towards the involvement of the United States in ever more wars, such as with the one in Syria. Trump has intentionally sold out to the deep state in the hope of saving his presidency. However, in so doing, he is doomed to becoming a puppet of the deep state. Now let us speculate for a moment about what may happen in the coming weeks.

In response to US aggression, Russia, Syria and Iran will increase cooperation against terrorists in Syria without any further cooperation with the United States. In this regard, we have already seen the suspension of channels of communication between Russia and the United States. The most likely reason for this is to avoid revealing to the United States the whereabouts of Russian troops in Syria. This hopefully causes huge concern for Washington, as the next American attack on Syria may impact on Russian troops. Regardless, it now seems clear that in the case of a new attack on Syria, there will be a firm and proportionate response from Moscow that could even lead to the sinking of the ships that launched the cruise missiles. It constitutes a dangerous escalation that could involve nuclear superpowers. Trump is probably betting that Moscow, in the case of another attack on Syria, would not dare attack American ships. Unfortunately for Trump and the rest of the world, his calculations are dead wrong, pushing the world to the brink of disaster in the event of another American bombardment of Syria. If Russia sinks American naval ships, and Trump does not respond, he is done. If he responds, then the world is done. Let us hope that the US does not do stupid shit (an Obama quote).

In case al Qaeda once again uses chemical weapons, Trump will be requested to answer with force, as he has already done. If he refuses to do so, he will be immediately pilloried as Obama was in 2013, thereby committing political suicide. Trump has already lost his most loyal supporters, who had voted for him to stop US military adventures abroad. By deciding to bomb Syria, he has opened the door to either an early termination of his presidency or for a large-scale conflict. Whatever the case may be, the United States begins a new phase of conflict in the Middle East, in direct contrast to the claims made by Trump throughout the presidential campaign. It represents a 180-degree reversal in policy that reveals the real intentions of the American presidency, namely continuing the preservation of the American unipolar world, in spite of lacking the necessary operational and military capabilities. After all, Obama resisted for six years the pressure to bomb Syria coming from the extremist wing of the deep state. Trump took only eighty days to voluntarily go along with plans to attack Syria. Whatever the hidden truth of these two events, it is clear that from now on that nothing will be as before.

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G-R-U-N-T's picture

Here's what an MIT professor says about the so called 'gas' attack:

-US report on Idlib attack ‘misinterprets evidence’, ‘politically motivated – professor-



rehypothecator's picture

Perhaps this is the deep state's way of taking Trump down.  

G-R-U-N-T's picture

Could be, if it's discovered it was a set up to blame Assad, then they'll blame Trump's impulsive response.

Ignatius's picture

It works both ways.  Either they get away with it and move on while benefitting from the propaganda, or they get "caught" in the American mind, dump Trump, and get neocon Pence in his place.  What will not be discussed is that the neocons and their allies likely arranged the incident.

giovanni_f's picture

it is not the the end of Trump's presidency, under Trumps presidency America as we know it will end. This is merely a temporal coincidence, not a causative relation. The joke fiigure Trump and the rest of the gang of lawless, war-addict pedofiles in the media and the whole political system are just the non-ignorable, most visible manifestations of a deep, deep inner rot. 

My friends: It is GAME OVER and there won't be an American Revolution. I wish you all well and may God help you to keep in the swamp the rest of what is left from your DIGNITY.

BaBaBouy's picture

Pretty pathetic situation ...

Jim Sampson's picture

How many Trump voter cucks will downvote this?

Laowei Gweilo's picture

>>>  In 2013, Obama tacitly rejected the argument that the Syrian Army used chemical weapons in Ghouta, deciding not to succumb to internal pressure to bomb Syria in response.  <<<


shocking to see pro-Obama news from ZH lol

Perimetr's picture

End of Trump presidency will come 

with the arrival of a couple dozen thermonuclear weapons hitting Washington.

monk27's picture

No ! The FED will blow the economy. That will make Trump a one term loser. And, it's already started...

new game's picture

the sun is coming up here! good for another day, i hope.

dumpty trumpty sat on a imaginary wall, dumpty trumpty fell off a wall of

 promises and all the deep state players put him together, for another day of maor war.

GraveDancer's picture

The Road to World War III: Can the Dark forces of anti-Freedom trump Humanity? Kindle Edition

Troy Ounce's picture


As I said. Every country gets the leaders it deserves.

America is a country full of hustlers.  So there you go. 

Freddie's picture

Russia and Putin may be the only hope for humanity.

Russia has been Christian for 1100 years with the exception of 80 years of the Bolshevik non-Christians aka neocon/NWO types who murdered 25 millon Russian Christians.

Ponk's picture

They did that by manipulating Russian Christianity's deification of tyrannical tzars. In other words, it was Christianity's servile, obsequious relationship to the God-Tzar that allowed Stalin to behave they way he did. Christianity is a primitive peasant religion for illiterates, women and slaves.

Libtard's picture

It must be coincidence then that some of the most brilliant minds to ever live have been Christian. You sir are an idiot!

Grave's picture

the worst and darkest centuries people had to endure

intrusion of a foreign, malignant religion which is an opposite to native culture and society
invasion with inhuman cruelty which forced these vile concepts of mental and physical slavery into the heads of children

dont fall for the bland and bleak terror of abrahamic death cults (sub-cults christianity/islam and control-cult judaism)

Oldwood's picture

Russians have already called it on future chemical attacks which may actually make them hesitate on another false flag. all about "strategery".

herbivore's picture

They win either way, but I still don't understand how they think they survive a nuclear exchange. Do they ALL have confirmed reservations in the deep underground bunker near D.C.? Do they think they can emerge a few weeks later and their lives are back to normal? I really and truly don't understand. I'm not a religious person but I'm starting to think there really is an anti-Christ, or anti-Christs, and Trump, Kushner, and Hillary are among them. Or maybe it's the insanity of gigantic egos drunk with the power to destroy the world. If there was an anti-Christ, I could see him taking the form of Kushner, who looks like a choir boy. Who would ever imagine he was evil incarnate? Now Trump, if he's the anti-Christ, he's not trying to hide it.

Ignatius's picture

"I'm not a religious person but I'm starting to think there really is an anti-Christ..."

The saying goes that the devil's greatest trick is to convince the world that he doesn't exist.

In my mind you're asking the right questions. 

Kevin's picture

That has to be one of the most dumb and illogical sayings of all time. 

Assuming that the devil even exists: If that's the devil's 'greatest' trick, then he's done a piss-poor job as every religion throughout history has believed in his existence - only his name(s) change.

Surely, if he existed, then his greatest trick would be to have convinced the world that God exists.

Libtard's picture

May be a good time to read the bible eh? You can have faith in Yashua a.k.a Jesus and not be "religious." In fact He spent much of His ministry railing against the "religious" leaders of His time.

Freddie's picture

President JARED Kushner-Trump=Soros-Clinton.

Jared and his family have close business ties with Soros. Jared and Ivanka are close w Xhelsea and the Clintons.

Bannon was the only decent one.

McMaster and Petreaus are already moving lots of troops and equipment to stage for a Syrian invasion.

F the NeoCons and Kushner-Trump.

BobEore's picture

The willing naivete of Amerikans = to stay blind to their own greatest peril, is the singlemost dangerous element in the toxic mess which faces the world at large. Unwilling to ever move beyond the choice of x vs y., careening from "team to team" in never ending search of white knights and their antithesis, the victims of the TRUMP DECEPTION scorned all voices of caution in order to indulge in an orgy of hopeychange of the same magnitude as their ideological opposites had with the Kenyan.

Bannon=Srael. Kushner=Srael. Goldman=Srael. MIC=Srael.....

there are no good guys in this mess. There are no exits from the maze. You will turn back upon your torturers and slay them... or be slain. This ain't about Trump, anymore.

Welcome to the real world, Exceptionalists. We stand ready to fight together with you, for your own survival/// or against your, for ours. Please choose wisely.


2_legs_bahhhhhd's picture

This whole fiasco from the last 18 months thru the election has been a gaint setup, with the western press complicant in spreading fake news, following the playbook of the PNAC. A lot of intelligent people hoping for some real leadership we sucked into believing that something historical was in the making. Make things shitty enough, and people will be desperate to believe almost any lie. Get over it, we've all been had. All the bluster and bullshit was just that, liberty has been subverted along time ago. No more tweets, no more snarky opinions, no contact with real voters. He is now useing the very press he accused of being fake. I had my doubts all along that this is anything more than a giant plutocracy masqueradeing as democracy. This guy is a real estate huckster turned CEO of the largest bankruptcy proceeding in the history of business.

George Carlin fucking nailed it

Aristofani's picture

cheney's bum boy, pence is waiting down the corridor to take over, whatever happens.

small towel's picture

Alternatively, it may be Trump's way of taking The Deep State down.

curbjob's picture

"Alternatively, it may be Trump's way of taking The Deep State down."

It simply has to be, right ?

I mean the ship is unsinkable and the heavy list is part of the design, right ? A way to slide past the next iceberg ?


Freddie's picture

Trump-Kushner-Soros.  We have been conned.

Is-Be's picture


The entire Nation is (or should be) now united against the NeoCons

I don't visit sites that offer an opposing view. (I have a queasy stomach), so I am not sure of how anyone could approve of current events. But I am prepared to be astounded.

If Trump goes, expect Hitler.

Seig Heil.

GooseShtepping Moron's picture

Yes, you're right. Normies just can't fathom the hyper-dimensional Hungry Hungry Hippos that Trump plays with his opponents.

Al Gophilia's picture

If he's that fucking  stupid so as to be lured into a trap, then he deserves all that he gets. He promised us our government back and all he has achieved is more of the same. 

francis scott falseflag's picture


                  lured into a trap


If the deep state lured Trump, it was before he announced 

for the nomination.  The deep state would have told Hill and

Bill the presidency was theirs.  She was running against a

Clown Prince.  So her campaign slacked off.  Then the deep

state hacked the emails and blamed Russia.


Another double play.  The deep state makes a lot of those.


All because the deep state needs the rest of the oil on the

planet.  'Ours is not to reason why' 


(You must know, that's my rant)

francis scott falseflag's picture


On the other hand, this is the way the deep state firmly ensconces him in office.


All the same facts, but seen from a different point of view and rumors with

opposite suggestions. 


This may be only the end of Trump's beginning. Transiting into the middle

period, which is much longer than the beginning or the end.

Gonzogal's picture

Some are already calling for his impeachement as this was against International AND US law!  Pelosi told congress that they have to dabate the strike in Syria when they get back from break....and she has said she wants to get rid of him many times.


Badsamm's picture

Hey Donnie, you've got MCCain's cum still on your face. Not a good look fuckwad!

GUS100CORRINA's picture





1980XLS's picture

I'm no longer with Trump

The central planners's picture

Trump is making America great again (for the swamp)

mosfet's picture

Voted for the orange assclown soley to crash the fake markets but never have and never will support him.  While the effect he had on markets & Gold was a suprise, Trump's behavior has been entirely predictable.

3/18 But, but Trump is using banksters to make America great again

2/15 Anyone who makes him look bad will be fired so no surprise here

1/20 The fix is in.  Trump's gonna talk down the Dollar while Janet hikes.

11/10 No chance Trump favors Glass Steagal


Chupacabra-322's picture

Some would argue it was over before it even stated.

dasein211's picture

Out gaming trump is easy. He has no game theory training. It's way deeper than just business training.

WALLST8MY8BALL's picture

He Paves Paradise and then Bombs a Parking Lot

Giant Meteor's picture

You bastards, I'm dyin here ...

Shit, tears even ..


francis scott falseflag's picture


Dude, just take off again and don't turn till you hit Pluto.

biker's picture
biker (not verified) Apr 12, 2017 10:18 PM

Affiliated with such crimes
and liability,
is bad for business;
today and in the future,
for any organization/company.