North Korea Tells Foreign Journalists To Prepare For "Big" Event On Thursday

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In a potentially concerning geopolitical development, Reuters reports that foreign journalists visiting North Korea have been told to prepare for a "big and important event" on Thursday, although the wire service says there were "no indications it was directly linked to tensions in the region over the isolated state's nuclear weapons program."

According to Channel News Asia reported Jeremy Koh, "we've been told to be ready to move out at 620am, but no idea why. Also, no cell phones allowed."

As a reminder, April 15 marks the nation's 105th birthday of founding president Kim Il Sung, North Korea's biggest national day called "Day of the Sun", and around 200 foreign journalists are in Pyongyang to cover it, however why North korea would urge particular attention to a day that falls two days earlier was unclear, although there is precedent: In April, 2012, North Korea attempted to launch a long-range rocket ahead of the 100th Day of the Sun. State media later confirmed the launch had failed.

The mystery grew when officials gave no details as to the nature of the event or where it would take place. That said, similar announcements in the past have been linked to relatively low-key set pieces. In 2016, Reuters adds, foreign journalists underwent hours of investigation by North Korean officials ahead of what turned out to be a pop concert to mark the finale of a ruling Workers' Party congress.

Meanwhile, tensions are running high, with a U.S. Navy strike group steaming toward the western Pacific in a show of force and North Korea warning of a nuclear attack on the United States at any sign of American aggression.

Visits by foreign journalists to North Korea are rare and tightly coordinated, Reuters adds, and security checks at events attended by leader Kim Jong Un are especially rigorous. North Korea often uses such visits to showcase new construction projects. In recent weeks workers have been putting the finishing touches to the skyscraper-lined "Ryomyong" street in central Pyongyang.

Kim has made frequent visits to the street to inspect construction work there, according to state media. North Korea has in the past marked its April 15 holiday with tightly choreographed military parades.

Separately, in an unconfirmed report issued by, "Kim Jong-un has ordered 25 percent of Pyongyang residents to leave the city immediately."

In accordance with the order, 600,000 people should be urgently evacuated. Experts note that the evacuation will most likely be conducted due to extremely strained tensions in relations with the United States of America.


Reportedly, Pyongyang's bomb shelters will not be able to accommodate the entire population of the North Korean capital. Therefore, 600,000 people - mostly individuals with criminal records - will have to leave Pyongyang to let others use bomb shelters.

We would not give this particular report much credibility, although with the information blackout out of North Korea it is impossible to confirm either way.

With market liquidity already thin, and desks barely staffed ahead of Friday's holiday, will the market take the risk of another "irrational" demonstration of technological advancement by Kim over the next 24 hours, especially with Trump - and China - both making it abundantly clear any further provocations by North Korea's regime would be met with retaliation, and hold stocks overnight? The answer will be revealed shortly.

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Fat boy be sorry soon?  No man worries once dead.

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Note to self- "stock up on non-perishable food tonight".

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North Korea has started moving people out of Pyongyang.

There was an order to round up 600,000 residents, almost a quarter of the city’s population, and move them out.

Those are the people with criminal convictions, and those deemed “unreliable” by the government.

I guess the Norks are taking the page out of our playbook “Jap Internment Camps”.


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Franklin Mint Chip (not verified) Looney Apr 12, 2017 1:47 PM

I wouldn't worry about any of this. I never worry about anything. Kim Jong so cool...

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Chinese officials must have pre-ordered the new Galaxy phone, don't want SK getting blown up just yet.

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How do you say 'pull my finger' in Korean?

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Well, its Thursday morning over there right now so we should know soon enough.

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Takeaction2 (not verified) MANvsMACHINE Apr 12, 2017 8:26 PM

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My WAG is that, since China told the NOrks not to piss off the West this month, that Little Kim will nuke Shanghai...

After all, China is well within ALL of NOrk Missile Range.

Hell, after all of the threats that he has received, if he Nuked China, not only would it mean that he goes into the History Books, but it would prove that the Koreans were superior to the Chinese for the next 500 years...

After all, what does he have to lose? He life. his country? China and the US have both stated that those will probably be taken away from him soon anyways. So nuke a few Chinese Cities and 1 US Aircraft Carrier and become immortal...

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Western media make great hostage/human shield after Kim play rocketman.

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Well, I was hoping to go in my sleep... but we shall know before nightfall.

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Best start drinking heavily then. Lil Kim has no nuke capable missiles we are led to believe. Half his test launches fail. Kim Il Fucked.

Seoul will get leveled with conventional arty.

That 25% of the Pyongyang evacuees are swimming pulling a barge laden with a nuke towards the Vinson.

The PLA is gonna have a good time doing live fire with their toys.

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Kim relatives finally get to quit looking over their shoulder.


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Was thinking smaller, killing all the non state journalists.

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"North Korea has started moving people out of Pyongyang."

I'm sure you've seen it with your own eyes, so there is no doubt that it's not fake news like 99.9999% of what you watch on CNN. 

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looney, it is not  a move out plan, it is a prepping scenario in case of us army attack, to move 25% of the city.

found the info on spanish media.

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If the Norks were smart they would keep them close as moving K-rats... 

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