Russia Slams "Absurd" Trump Demands, Warns Tillerson "Don't Strike Syria Again"

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Amid attempts to "clarify areas of sharp difference," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov blasted the Trump administration’s "ambiguous and contradictory" foreign policy at the start of talks with Tillerson in Moscow Wednesday calling the demand for the Kremlin to abandon Assad "absurd." Furthermore, he warned Tillerson that Russia "believes it’s fundamentally important not to let these actions happen again."

Russia pushed back against demands that it abandon Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad over a chemical-weapons attack as Bloomberg reports that the Kremlin said President Vladimir Putin is likely to meet with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Putin complained that relations with the U.S. are worse than under President Barack Obama, while Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov criticized the Trump administration’s “ambiguous and contradictory” foreign policy at the start of talks with Tillerson in Moscow Wednesday.

Trust between Russia and the U.S. under Trump “at the working level, especially at the military level, hasn’t improved; rather it’s deteriorated,” Putin said, according to a Kremlin transcript published Wednesday of an interview with the Mir TV channel.

There’s a “probability” that Putin and Tillerson will meet if the talks between the two top diplomats show a need to “report to the head of state,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on a conference call. It’s “quite absurd” to demand that Russia abandon Assad as this would mean ending support for his forces that are fighting against Islamic State and other terrorist groups in Syria, Peskov said.In remarks before a closed-door session,

as The Wall Street Journal reports,  Mr. Lavrov appeared to warn Washington not to strike Syria again.

Mr. Lavrov described the U.S. missile attack last week on a Syrian air base? as “an unlawful attack against Syria,” adding:


“We believe it’s fundamentally important not to let these actions happen again.”

?It was unclear whether Mr. Lavrov was referring to the U.S. strike on Friday or to what Russia says were rebel stockpiles of chemical weapons that were hit by Syrian government aircraft several days earlier in a town in Idlib province, killing at least 85 people and exposing hundreds of others to a toxic gas.

The Moscow meeting will “further clarify areas of sharp difference so that we can better understand why these differences exist and what prospects for narrowing those differences may be,” Tillerson told Lavrov.

“Putin has built his reputation on never conceding to any public pressure,” said Gleb Kuznetsov, a political expert and consultant to the Kremlin on domestic policies. “An ultimatum will lead to Putin strengthening his support for Assad and this will intensify the Syrian conflict, turning it into a conflict between the West and Russia.”

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Pentagon Cries Foul After Devious Russians Track US Warplanes Illegally Intruding in Syrian Airspace

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Shoot them down. The Turks and Israelis, too.

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I’m so glad that we’ve got a friend of Israel, Jared, at Trump’s side in every meeting, along with a host of trustworthy neocon advisers. It’s almost like having Hillary as president!

A Rap Song For The Victims Of Police Brutality

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TRUMP, @ 3 Months In... Transformer In Chief ...

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I heard hes called in the white house aisles, globalist prime.

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Trump is allowing the neocon/MSMS/Deep state to control the narrative. He should have just laughed off all the 'muh Russians' nonsense as soon as he won the election. Just make a quick public statement saying that everyone knows its nonsense, its just a story they came up with to try to deflect attention away rom Podesta and the DNC's emails contents. My constantly trying to prove himself not a 'Russian stooge' he ends up following the very policies of his opponents, allowing them to control his actions. He is being played like a child. He needs to stop worrying about what these people think or say and just do what he was elected to do.

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Trump did say the Russia collusion meme was nonsense. He did say Podesta and other Democrats communicated with Russia. The reason why you did not hear about it is because MSM censors the Trump Administration. 

Usually, US presidents get to use "the bully pulpit." Left Wing controlled MSM has prevented this from happening. 

"He needs to stop worrying..." What? Trump isn't worried. You will notice, the Trump Administration is using alternative media (Tweets, YouTube, etc.) to go around the Left controlled news establishment. Greenskeeper carl might want to ignore MSM too.

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After what Trump has done, I really don't see the point of having any future US election. Just let the Deep State/bankers and neocons run the nation!

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Such a shame he has a dipstick like Spicer as his press secretary...that bloke is an abject failure and an embarrassment in that position, though its lucky for Coulter and Ingraham that they didn't get the offer, given how things have turned out. If Bannon is removed, Trump's transition to "the dark side" is all but complete.

Great news that the Russians are painting trespassing US jets - if another incident like those 60 Syrian soldiers "accidently" killed in Aleppo the other month happens, I'm guessing whoever is responsible will get an S300/400 right up the arse - and justifiably. Just surprised Assad (Putin) hasn't declared the country a no-fly zone and told the uninvited US/UK/Turks/Saudis et al to get the fuck out.

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Spicer is ok. Spicer wants to tell the truth. It leaks out. Thats good.

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Bad news is Steve Bannon is with a foot out the White House

Goldmanites and Kushnerites (with some Soros backing) have taken over the White House.

That's all folks, the Trump VS Hillary was just circus , TPTB ALWAYS play at BOTH ENDS

Trump Indicates Steve Bannon is Indeed On the Chopping Block


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Meh. He hold up fine before against a hostile press. Accept the Godwin. Nobody should go there. Ignore that jew clap trap. It's a jew trap. Likud fuckers made sure of that. 

Funny though. Centuries of WOAR. Fuck, my nation and Brittain fought a lot! You don't hear us crying! Past is the past. We get a long.

But the "special" jews. Fuck em. As if everything started with WW2? Hello? Wake up!

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Nice summary Browncoat.  It never ceases to amaze how the media can gin up hysteria to the point were critical thinking is abolished.


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You missed the rest of my point, BrownCoat. He has the bully pulpit. If he holds a press conference. they show up. He could have said his piece, and left it at that, ignoring them the rest of the time. WHat he is doing right now is allowing others to control the narrative. He is striking Syria over false pretenses, because his fucking daughter got sad at those dead kids. Apparently she hasn't seen any of our hellfire burn victims. Anyways, he is allowing them to control him via his obsession over what people think of him. By allowing himself to still be wrapped up in the russian election tampering nonsense, he is making foreign policy mistakes, deadly ones, trying to prove to people who will never accept or like him regardless that he isn't 'controlled by Putin'. By letting them call the tune, we are now worse off than we were under Obama vis a vis the Russians. He is allowing the very people he defeated to control him. Its not a good look.


Also, I don't have cable. About the only MSM I watch is at the gym, when Fox or CNN is always on one of the TVs.

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Not that other presidents (and intelligence and diplomatic and military members) don't have personality problems, obsessions, weaknesses of character and dozens of other flaws, but the US military and the diplomats (with all their members with all their various flaws) outnumber those of most other countries, if not all, and there needs to be cooler more composed heads in charge, ones more capable of self-introspection so that the USA and other countries don't suddenly go up in mushroom clouds. 

This particular time seems one of the most dangerous to me, even beyond the Cuban missile crisis, because Trump himself is behaving so eratically, and has so many erratic-and-moody-seeming and agenda-driven people around him, along with intelligence and military (and their flaws) that Americans of a certain age (older than 20?) know from history and experience they cannot to believe or trust... and if WE can't believe or trust, what are others around the world thinking who have "nuclear capabilities" or might soon have them, especially considering the mixed messages, lies, distortions, and fist-to-the-head treatment from a president who has been in office for not even 100 days and seems, upon closer inspection, to be extremely unstable and very unwise?


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he is incapable of not reacting - and viewing data thru a lens of what is good for him personally


Trump is not a serious person

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He suffers from ADHD. He needs to take his Ritalin.

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Huh.  Where did all the "I'm with Trump" tards go...?  *crickets*




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An Exxon exec going as sec of state to talk about the future of a vital pipeline route (Syria) - - no conflict of interest there. What could possibly go wrong?

Religious zealots are easy to emotionally manipulate. The Anglo-American empire has been doing so for a very long time. They cannot have a secular government in the ME, in the same manner in which they cannot have real history and critical thinking skills taught in American schools.

AVmaster's picture


That was quick:


I'm already back in "Can't wait for the next election" mode....

And also back at wondering IF we will make it to the next election, or if it even matters...

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it would be better to eliminate the prez position along with the billion dolla reelection charade every four years. just have congress appoint the next dark state front man or woman.. at least it would be transparent who is running this country. then we could declare the country under rule of a one party tyranny instead of the current 2 party joke...

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The China model works.  They avoid all the billions in maintaining the illusion of choice.  They just wheel in the next guy in a dark suite. The US could learn from this. 

Shahna's picture

They did.... they just do it US-style.
A revolving dictatorship - the hairstyle changes.

exonomic halfbreed's picture

Hairstyle?..... You want Moe cut right?

11b40's picture

Yes, which is in effect what we have now.  Some politicians call themselves Democrats, while others say they are republicans.....but almost all of them work for special interests, and not the best interest of America.  

Since the the most powerful special interests are the MIC and Banks, we should give them a better, more descriptive Party of their own making.  The WANKER PARTY.


Regardless of which so-called Party is in charge, they always support the Bankers and they always support the MIC.....just a bunch of Wankers.



n. Chiefly British Vulgar Slang
1. person, especially a man, who masturbates. 2. foolish or detestable person.
buttmint's picture about if DJT bring backs Bathaus Barry as Ambassador to Russia?

Or maybe Syria?

Why not? Why should the US Congress and American leadership get to smoke all the good bud?

how_this_stuff_works's picture

"I'm already back in "Can't wait for the next election" mode...."

Have you seen any Rand Paul 2020 shirts yet?

Boy, wouldn't that make McCain's head spin.

11b40's picture

Probably a good way to get him killed.

N0TME's picture

Rand Paul/Trey Gowdy 2020!

I know, it will never happen . . . . .  wait, what?

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Only a potato would vote again.

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I thought we backed our secular buddy, NATO ally, Turkey.  Turkey sells oil for ISIS, attacks our partner fighting ISIS the Kurds, ships weapons to the anti-Assad forces, and are certainly not headed towards a free and secular country. We can sure pick em.

HardAssets's picture

Erdogan has been talking about establishing a new Muslim caliphate with himself as the head. Perhaps he sees 'going religion' as a good strategy.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Erdogan has been talking about establishing a new Muslim caliphate with himself as the head"


He is very close to attaining the Sultanate. As for the Caliphate, well, he will have to deal with Abu Bakir al Baghdadi. Then, things will get interesting whether they are working together or at odds. 

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

I will believe the Caliphate talk once Turkey targets Israel/Jordan/Saudi Arabia.  Kinda hard to have  a Caliphate with an apartheid state right in the middle of it, isn't it?

11b40's picture

Yes, but he has a good 'location' in real estate.  What are the top 3 things that make real estate valuable?  1.) Location, 2.) Location, 3.) Location.

Erdogan sits at the crossroads between East & West, a place all the big boys would like to control.

What I really hate is to hear politicians and media morons talking about America's "friends".  Nations do nt have friends.  Nations only have interests.  

The Wizard's picture

How many articles on Syria have discussed the gas pipelines. That is the bottom line and why the West wants to control the Mideast. It's been in the planning stages for years. General Wesley Clark on the Mideast

Pieczenik, a psy op expert, is talking about controlling the Mideast with more regime changes in order to install gas pipelines and fighting rogue See Eye Eh created ISIS. Also, talks about Kushner being a potential problem and should be stepping down. Why don't the politicians go over there and fight.
new game's picture

j perkins - econ hitmen moving to the last resort...

Shahna's picture

It's not "all about the oil and pipelines."
Look at the map - they could pipe oil to Europe thru' Jordan and undersea or thru Iraq and Turkey. Bypass Syria altogether. And it's not about "fighting See Eye Eh created ISIS" - ISIS is there to do a job - destabilise.

It's about geostrategic control, removing Russia's foothold and Mediterranean naval base. (Their only warm water base.) It's also about the little publicised fact that only 4 countries are left that do not have US private conglomerate owned or controlled central banks - those 4 countries are ... Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria.

>In 2000 there were eight - but Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Sudan --- have seen the light and converted.

You need to think bigger than just oil and pipelines. It's about that euphemism:"Making America Great Again."
AKA "The Leader of the World" regaining its dollar hegemonic control 'cos Russia 'n China have been digging deep into it.  Very it's-a-real-problem-now deep into it.

perkunas's picture


No....Russia has a warm water port, its in Crimea. Yes it's always about oil, Europe's the market, and Russia and the US are battling it out, for control. For Russia the stakes are high, most of its economy is based on selling oil to Europe. China was suppose to be Russia’s big saviour but has turned out a turd. They demand bellow market prices, and are busy trying to be independent of everyone.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

If you take down Syria, you can take down Iran.  If you can take down Iran you can take down Russia.  If you can take down Russia, Syria and Iran, you can take down China (invade China like the Mongols did, from the northwest, rather than by sea/via the coast).

Isolate them from allying meaningfully with each other and you can pick them off one by one.  That is why it would be IDIOCY for Russia, China, Iran, to step away from Syria at this point in time. 

Consuelo's picture



There is actually quite a bit of 'religion' regarding the forming of this nation.   Whether or not they were 'zealots' by your definition is another discussion altogether.

Athiests tend to have more pragmatic thinking skills however - I will grant you that, given of course a fully belly, stable living environment and insulation from witnessing their relatives tortured and/murdered in front of them, but I digress...

keep the bastards honest's picture

Larov is strong and clear now. Before with Kerry it was confused because  there were half promises and then asking for more info and discussions and such, wasting Russias time and energy, then cancelling, or breaking agreements so Russia knows now not to bother. Rt got clear too.

Laddie's picture

Breitbart Writers Told to Stop Criticizing Jared Kushner

Andrew Anglin April 8, 2017

But regrettably, everything points to exactly what it looks like: that there has been a coup inside of the Trump administration, presumably based on some kind of blackmail, and we are now on course for… for a lot of really bad stuff.

I don’t know that for a fact, and I hesitate to even write it because I am trying to be the voice of calm here, but I have to report what I am seeing and that is what I am seeing.

We are just going to have to wait and see what happens.

Until we get some kind of sign as to where this is going, we need to remain calm.

There is some kind of outside possibility that this is merely an isolated event, designed to take the focus off of the Trump-Russia conspiracy. It certainly coincided with a lot of developments on that front.

But look, bro:
Kushner is at the table, Bannon is over by the lamp in the corner.

Here’s the deal: the most likely sign coming next is going to be something to do with Bannon. That’s what you want to look for. Statements coming from Russia are not really relevant as they are obligatory, and the Trump administration and the official Jewish media is going with the line that Trump did this because pictures of gassed children made him feel sad.

If some kind of big move against Syria/Russia is coming, it will be preceded by a removal of Steve Bannon.

If he is fired or resigns, that’s when you really need to start worrying.

Trump Refuses to Confirm Confidence in Bannon – Looks Like He’s Gone Andrew Anglin April 12, 2017

Roger Stone Tells AJ Jared Kushner Leaking Anti-Bannon Information to MSNBC
Start at about 9:00

Stranahan: Kushner Forcing Out Bannon?

Why Jared Kushner is a huge threat to the Trump revolution April 3, 2017 AUDIO

sleigher's picture

Bannon gone = Trump 1 term president.  Simple as that and Trump needs to be made aware of that fact.

Hell, it might already be too late and Trump is done.  He has lost a lot with this Syria crap and with N Korea, fuggetaboutit.

Creepy_Azz_Crackaah's picture

He will probably have no interest in a second term, either way.