The Suspense Is Over: Putin Meets With Rex Tillerson At The Kremlin

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Despite numerous earlier reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin would not meet U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, moments ago the "breathless speculation" and suspense whether the Russian president would indeed skip the opportunity to meet with the top US diplomat - who has been repeatedly portrayed in the press as a friend of the Russian president - ended when Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Putin is currently meeting with Tillerson, together with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in the Kremlin.

The surprise meeting comes one day after Kremlin officials said the top American diplomat would not meet with the Russian leader during his first official trip to Moscow.

"Russian President Vladimir Putin is meeting with the US Secretary of State Tillerson and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov in the Kremlin," Peskov told Sputnik.

Peskov refrained from revealing what the President discussed with the diplomats. Earlier Tillerson met with Lavrov, when in a closed door meeting the Russian foreign minister warned Tillerson no to strike Syria again.

Tillerson met with Putin several times as chief executive of ExxonMobil. The Russian leader awarded Tillerson his country’s top honor for foreign nationals, the Order of Friendship, in 2013.  It was believed the secretary of State’s relationship with Putin would help Trump improve relations with Russia. So far that has not been the official case.

We will update this post following the media briefing on what was discussed in the meeting between the two. Details to follow.

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Putin has been too ambitious if he thought he could control someone with as much ego as Trump. He played himself. LOL

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Rex: "How'd you like them Tomahawks, bitch?"

Vlad: "We've already repaired the airstrips, replaced the damaged planes, and repaired the radar array. Faggot."

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Help a brother out:


Who can be trusted?


US Intel Agencies are in on the fix and can't be trusted.

Trump is too misinformed and/or getting disinformation and can't be trusted.

MSM is fake news and can't be trusted.

John McCain helped create ISIS on a secret trip to Syria, is inept and a war monger and can't be trusted.

Photos and videos released of terror attacks can't be trusted because they're false flags.  

US military accounts can't be trusted because they're blindly following orders from their masters.


Putin and/or Russian media can be trusted because ???

Tulsi Gabbard makes secret trip to Syria and apparently can be trusted but she's part of the Soros funded Democrat machine.

Assad can be trusted because ???

Online media analysts can be trusted because they somehow have access to and/or parse data better than others.  


I trust no one.

Although I'm inclined to trust Occam but he isn't readily available amid this sea of obfuscation.  

caconhma's picture

Trump is a "Fake" President and Prostitutin is a low-life thug and thief.

As for the trust between Trump and Putin, there is no honer between thieves.

Gorgeous's picture

The decades-old strategy remains the same.

Israel interests are priority #1

* US-backed Israel bleeds Hezbollah to death by drawing them into a prolonged war.  Let Syria off the hook when they are loosing (Obunganoid) and strike them when they are winning (Tramp) to prolong the the war of attrition.

* Work to destabilize then fractionate the regional secular states so Israel remains the unchallanged regional power.

* At minimum carve out of Syria a region that severs the military and technology pipeline from Iran/Russia into Syria/Lebanon.  Make sure no preemtive attack capability ever gets close to Israeli borders

Fringe benefits to entice others to partake in the madness:

* Pretext to cut off Russia from their naval base in the Med.

* Complete the Qatari and Saudi pipelines.

Unfortunately it seems to only have been a matter of time before Tramp got with the program. 

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Trust is EARNED.
Mr Putin once said that his dealing with other nations is about the INTERESTS of Russia, not feelings.
So if Assad-Syria is evaluated as not being worth the effort then that would be the end of Russian support for Assad.
However I think only Assad would permit the use of that port by Russia. So Assad may have a solid line with Putin. The second he becomes less than valuable he will be sold out.

Poison gas is just dandy providing its custodian is our bestest ally.

Netanyahu says international community should act to remove all chemical weapons from Syria, says it highlights Israel’s need to ‘protect itself’

Haaretz, Wednesday, April 05, 2017

That says enough who is behind this obvious false flag attack and why.

A reporter, Paul Antonopoulos, says that bodies of people killed by this particular chemical should not be handled with bare hands, yet at least in this photo, they were.

Video: This Is What Betrayal By The Cuckold King Looks Like April 7, 2017

Trump Refrains From Supporting Bannon, Termination Thought Imminent
April 12, 2017 Marcus Cicero

Bashar al-Assad, an innocent and good man, his fate is now in God's hands.

Bashar al-Assad & Family Photo

Globalists and Neocons: Two potent forces opposing the Assad government in Syria Dr. Kevin MacDonald July 21, 2012

Bigern's picture

You can trust in Christ. The systems of this world cannot be trusted, because they are in the hands of the accuser, Lucifer. Events will continue to spiral, in space and geophysically. The spiritual war is going to manifest for all to see. Things are coming upon the earth that will cause men's hearts to fail from fear. Humanity's wars will continue alongside, as they serve Satan's purposes. Israel must be trampled for 42 months, for their disobedience. The beasts are rising. They are already here. The revealing is very close. The long night is coming in earnest. Have your oil on hand, and your lamp ready.

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You just need to look harder... Occam is sitting on the US dollar - and he's shaving it with his fancy razor.

Sheesh - but I hope this is a meeting between old pals - and not because Lavrov told Tillerson "You will not do it again and you shove your no-fly zone where the sun don't shine."
Oh well - we wait 'n see.

Shahna's picture

sorry - didn't mean to post twice.

logicalman's picture

Occam was surely onto something, but with the 'reliability' of the information available to Joe Public, it's hard to know where to apply it.

StychoKiller's picture

"Well, I know my Momma luv me, but she could be jivin' too!"

slammin_dude's picture

Probably was more like.... " you guys were lucky to even hit the 4 scrap planes we left for you and marked with laser designators.... how's having half your missiles malfunction and the other half miss everything?..."

Seriously? People still think this shit works out like on TV and Movies? We're fed that garbage propaganda for a reason, entertaining as it is....

roadhazard's picture

How about those planes. Ready to go... heh.

chunga's picture

I just like this Lavrov. Here he is with Andrea Mitchell shouting out fake newz questions.

Russia: 'Who is giving you your manners?' Lavrov scolds shouting US reporter

GUS100CORRINA's picture

If GOD be for it, who can be against it?

RUSSIA - US CONFLICT will NOT occur because this is not the time according to GOD's prophetic roadmap.

I expect a very constructive meeting and maybe a mending of issues.

For all you DOOMSAYERS on ZH, US - RUSSIA/IRAN conflict is NOT, I repeat NOT, on GOD's calandar at this time.

Squid Viscous's picture

she married that kike Greenspan, so she lost whatever manners she had years ago

robertocarlos's picture

How do you know the electricity is shut off?

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Boris is deploy mother-in-law with volt meter.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Boris is many time to suggest, if only for ancillary benefit of diminishing yap of mother-in-law, but she is too quick recall acid battery torture from Soviet Era.

SomethingSomethingDarkSide's picture

"Hello and go fuck yourself.  Now, let's get down to business." - Putin

nonclaim's picture

Nah. Most likely they are high-fiving. The reality is that puppet dictators Assad and Kim are expensive and no longer useful to Russia and China.

The current world order Trump-Putin-Xi are more nationalists than globalists and have better things to do internally. The EU is falling apart, no one cares.

Of course posturing and chest thumping will continue everywhere, but that is for entertaining the local masses only.

[down-votes from neocons/eurasians are expected; don't care]

Cognizant Millennial's picture

This will probably end up being a whole lot of nothing, but one can still picture Putin powerbombing Tillerson from the top rope for some entertainment. 

Ecclesia Militans's picture

Trump doesn't drink alcohol, just an occasional Diet Coke, some guava juice with a little sphritz, and the tears wept by his enemies.

Dr. Engali's picture

All the world is a stage.....

yttirum's picture

And the USA is becoming the fucking clown car.

khnum's picture

true but Boris Johnson of the UK is in the front seat

// //
logicalman's picture

When you are born you get a ticket to the Freak Show.

When you're born in America, you get a front row seat."

- George Carlin

Fake Trump's picture

Go back to tell Trump to fuck off

Ecclesia Militans's picture

"Like we say in Texas there Vladimir, all hat, and no cattle.  Now tell your boy Assad to chose between Geneva or London and I gotta roll so y'all take care now!"

- Rex

Boogity's picture

That's before old Stump Tillerson, the pot-bellied Texas drugstore cowboy, gets a wedgie up to his eyeballs courtesy of Vlad.  

Ecclesia Militans's picture

Yeah that really jives with the facts that are playing out.  Old Rex is telling Putin "See, we will walk the walk, good buddy...."  Putin's inner monolog right now is along the lines of "How am I gonna spin this?"

GlassHouse101's picture

All Trump wanted to do was to change the media narrative away from the 'RUSSIA COLLUSION!' . . so he bombed a deserted air base in Syria, and now the media loves him. . Watch nothing else will happen in Syria. Trump wins, again.

Victor999's picture

I guess that's why American military forces are building up all around Syria lately?  The Americans belive that when push comes to shove, Russia will back off, and America can then have its way.


They are so wrong.

GlassHouse101's picture

you're right, and I'm sure Trump ordered that FF to happen.

Is-Be's picture

I don't know who is running the show but it would appear that the NeoCons are the mark at the poker table.

Hurricane Baby's picture

Spare us that 4D chess horseshit.

If Trump was a real leader he would have told the media, democrats, and assorted Never-Trumpers to take that Russia collusion fairy tale and shove it up their joint and several asses.

If Trump was a real leader he would have refrained from a knee-jerk, trigger-happy response to allegations of chemical weapons use by Assad until evidence surfaced that could pass the straight-face test.

Oh, well. I have to keep reminding myself that Trump was only Plan B.

GlassHouse101's picture

You are living in fantasy land. Americans take the MSM's bait hook line and sinker, every day . . Trump knows this, that why he saw it so critical to flip their narrative on them. 

WHERE are you seeing on any of the main news channels they are still saying Trump is still colluding with the Russians? Trump had to do something to flip them. The globalists committed their false flag, and Trump saw his chance to toss them a bone. Now he's DONE  in Syria. 

Hurricane Baby's picture

Trump lied, and people died. That's the problem.

Go read the Art of War. Trump is now playing by the enemies' rules. He has already lost.

Soul Glow's picture

Putin doesn't give a shit about any of this.  That's the story!  Trump isn't his puppet, that wasn't news, and Trump isn't going to do shit in Syria, which is why he beta tested the scenario and bombed some dirt roads.

Putin is going to laugh at Tillerson and say, "If you think that was a show of force, you are wrong.  And if you ever try a show of force we and our allies will fuck you so hard you will feel it in the ass for years!"

And how will they fuck the USA?  Well by dumping dollar holdings of cash and bonds, and taking them towards gold.  It's an easy trade, when in which the East has prepared itself to do in a moments notice.  If Trump tries anything again, it will be that giant sucking sound everyone talks about, but it will be a super nova black hole that will swallow the entire fucking universe.

GlassHouse101's picture

" Trump isn't his puppet, that wasn't news, and Trump isn't going to do shit in SYria, which is why he beta tested the scenario and bombed some dirt roads." 


gunzeon's picture

Betcha that sounds sweet to the jilted faithful ...

TheMeatTrapper's picture

The simple fact of the matter is that there is a huge differerence between Syria and Ukraine as far as Russia is concerned. The Russians went all in in Ukraine. So far they've stood by and done nothing when the US has acted in Syria. When the US struck the airfield in Syria, it was the equivalent of a Russian attack on an airfield in South Vietnam during that war. If people would stop with the silly hashtags and memes and look at things objectively, it's pretty easy to see where the true red lines are. 


khnum's picture

Anyone conversant with strategy should know you always in negotiations provide an escape route,my way or the highway doesn't cut it,Russia does not want war but it is ready for it as are its citizens have done live drills etc recently with 40 million going to shelters is Tillerson so stupid he would risk nuclear war and all life on earth for some oil and gas.