Trump About To Kneecap Obamacare Life Support? Threatens To Tomahawk Illegal GSE Sweeps

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Less than two weeks after iBankCoin published an article suggesting President Trump could threaten to withhold billions in (probably) illegal dividend sweeps from Fannie / Freddie, set up in 2012 to prop up Obamacare by paying insurers to remain in the program - lo and behold, Trump is doing just that!

Now that the President has gotten those pesky bipartisan neocons off his back by launching a few dozen Tomahawks into Syria on behalf of the deep state, he can get back to business as usual - namely, dismantling Obamacare (pending approval of course).

Recall Trump's previous tweets on the matter:

And as former Blackrock portfolio manager Ed Dowd suggested - Trump could accomplish this by simply stopping the GSE dividend sweep Obama set up to siphon funds into an Obamacare triage mechanism to pay off insurers which would otherwise leave the program:

Well - looks like that's exactly what Trump is planning to do...

WASHINGTON—Almost three weeks after canceling a vote on his health-care package over infighting among his fellow Republicans and opposition from Democrats, President Donald Trump dug back into the fight on Wednesday, threatening to withhold payments to insurers to force Democrats to the negotiating table. -WSJ

Touching on the legal aspect - WSJ reports the following:

In an interview in the Oval Office, Mr. Trump said the executive branch may lack legal authority to make the payments established under his predecessor

“I don’t want people to get hurt,” Mr. Trump said. “What I think should happen—and will happen—is the Democrats will start calling me and negotiating.”

So there you have it - President Trump is willing to play nice over #Fanniegate, while telegraphing the "legal authority" angle he'll use to cut off payments if Democrats don't come to the table right now.

Let's see if he goes with Rand's plan...

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truthalwayswinsout's picture

If you have children you know that this is the kind of bs excuse you get from kids who have upside down logic.

Health care is extremely easy to fix if you just want to fix healthcare.  It becomes impossible when you want to give something for nothing, and make sure all your buddies in the insurance and health care business keep making fortunes.

New_Meat's picture

Threatens to "Tomahawk?"

Fauxahontas and Jayne Fonda won't like that.  It may Trigger them.

Why, they could go on the warpath!

barysenter's picture

I like it when Trump exercises his options.

Pasadena Phil's picture

But is it repeal or just taking yet another shot at recycling RomneyCare? We rejected that twice already, in 2012 and a month ago because it actually gives the government MORE power. Let's GUT RomBamaCare once and for all and go with the free market solution we voted for last November. We don't need the Dems for that. The Republicans are the only team on the field. Just score!

Honest Sam's picture

First you have to find republicans.  Too many of them are, as you well know, RINOs, no more republican than Maxine Watters.

The NEOCONs are in the majority, creating an unstoppable force, because the NEOs are comprised of members of the Incumbency, whose deals---- made behind the curtain---- are more corrupt than Tammany Hall at its Zenith. 

Would that it were as simple as D vs R.  

That is just for the dog and pony show every 4 years. 


DuneCreature's picture

What if everyone got the reminder call for their annual health check-up and no one showed up at the doctor's office.

No visit, no bill, right?

There's always Mexico for emergencies. ... The border is wide open.

Live Hard, What If The Parasites In The Healthcare Industry All Starved To Death In About 18 Months?, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

Handful of Dust's picture

The middle class i ssuffering and Trump needs to do something to stop the bull shit tax penalty for not buying Obama's Unaffordable insurance that most doctors do not even accept.

Obama really hated the middle class as do just about every democrat since every democrat blocked the chance to fix it.

Accidental anal's picture

Do it, do it, do it and make it hurt baby.

Carpe Tutti Bastardi's picture

If I am understanding the negotiating tactic (ala "the art of the deal") is that 

it is more advantageous to threaten stopping 'dividend sweeps' than actually

stopping them. (for now)!

wide angle tree's picture

Take more pills, die young. That's the plan.

BandGap's picture

If it is ILLEGAL then why even discuss DOING/NOT DOING IT?

Does the administration understand what i-l-l-e-g-a-l means? Fuckin' A.

SummerSausage's picture

Congress got itself ILLEGALLY EXEMPTED from Obamacare.  They are specifically written into the law as being required to purchase Obamacare like ordinary citizens.  They balked and Obama asked the Office of Personel Management - which has absolutely no authority in Obamacare - to make a determination.  OPM decided the 20,000+ Congress was a "small business". This way they get you to pay $12,000 toward their healthcare premiums every year instead of paying in full the way you do.

That's outright illegal but nobody - not even the media - brings it up.

urhotdogs's picture

All Trump had to do is take out that exemption for Congress and watch them squeal.  Than you'll get the bill passed by both parties and quickly.  Mess with them instead of the rest of the country

rex-lacrymarum's picture

What makes you think the legality of their actions is actually seriously considered by governments?

This is like saying that a gang of highway robbers is misbehaving. 

detached.amusement's picture

what makes you think that...the legislative democracy, inside DC....that represents the interests of the corporation of the united states and its owners....actually adheres to the original Constitution For the United States of America?

 the bill of rights doesnt exist, civil rights may be withdrawn upon executive or congressional decree.


philipat's picture

Or, for instance all the ME wars and the latest attack on Syria, a Sovereign State which has not done any harm or threatened in any way the US.

philipat's picture

In fact, it's even easier than described. The Courts ALREADY ruled the GSE Dividend scam was illegal after Congress sued the Executive Branch but the Obozo Administration went to the Appelate Court. All Trump has to do, as "The Administration" is to drop the appeal. Period.

nmewn's picture


"Ya know Jeff, I just don't feel like continuing Obama's appeal. Take your family to the beach. Have a nice weekend." ;-)