Trump Reverses On NATO: "It's No Longer Obsolete"

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In a 'yuge' victory for the new administration, after spending less than 100 days in office no less, Trump has apparently managed to solve the issue of NATO's obsolescence after just declaring in a joint press conference with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg that "I said it was obsolete.  It's no longer obsolete."

"The Secretary General and I had a productive discussion about what more NATO could do in the fight against terrorism.  I complained about that a long time ago and they made a change.  And now they do fight terrorism.  I said it was obsolete.  It's no longer obsolete."

At a joint press conference with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, Trump said that he will continue to work closely with NATO allies, particularly when it comes to fighting terrorism.

During the 2016 campaign and after his election, Trump frequently criticized NATO as “obsolete” and knocked allies for not paying their “fair share.”  At Wednesday’s press conference, Trump reiterated his call that NATO allies “meet their financial obligations and pay what they owe.” 

He said he discussed with Stoltenberg his desire that allies fulfill their responsibility to spent 2 percent of their gross domestic product on defense by 2024, which is basically what former President Obama also demanded from NATO for much of his tenure.

And with that, Trump is one more major policy reversal closer to becoming just another mainstream politician.

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Lmao Kushner and Ivanka have their hands so far up his ass now. Lyin' Trump has a nice ring to it.

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I prefer lyin' assed cocksucker

NugginFuts's picture

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Wow the whiplash from a 180 would hurt if he had a neck.

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Trump's message to his voters that have become disenfranchised since the election:

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Trump has become obsolete since becomming president. 

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It's a POS. Shit will never be obsolete. It's an unavoidable by-product of an elitist / fascists / bankster run planet.

It is pretty clear that nothing changes with these people without blood. So keep standing around complaining. 

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"President Swamp fires Tillerson, appoints Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State"

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Trump has been emmasculated. He is Hillary's beyotch now. How sad.

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I don't want to say, "I told you so," but...


"I don't care who does the electing, so long as I get to do the nominating."



- Boss Tweed

As a side note, mostly because of the way the electoral college works, I do not currently subscribe to the idea of voting for anyone except candidate X.  Voting for the Libertarian candidate, such as Gary Johnson, and not voting for any candidate at all, are both rational options.  The candidate that represents me may not be able to win this election, but my vote will encourage him or her and others to continue to be a voice crying out in the wilderness.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

NATO not obsolete?

NATO Sees Russian Humor Contest as Kremlin Tool

Russian Comedians Howl With Laughter Over NATO Claim

...and the best one:

NATO burning money studying Russian jokes

Manthong's picture

Not my president amymoar.

decon's picture

Yep, one term at best.

tmosley's picture

I was against the alliance before I was for the alliance.

Better pull some real world changing magic out of his ass, and soon.

Cruel Joke's picture

Tomahawk, for the childrun'... you know.

Mr 9x19's picture

2nd amendment, go kill all those sons of bitches. nothing else count and would change the futur.


i will post this sentence once per week until i die.


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What Trump meant to say was "Amerika First"

11b40's picture

Well how about cleaning up the spelling and punctuation if you plan to keep re-posting.

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[...] he discussed with Stoltenberg his desire that allies fulfill their responsibility to spent 2 percent of their gross domestic product on defense by 2024

Inb4 "allies" take a leaf off his book and go...

"Yeah, yeah, first thing in the morning, promise... we'll fulfill them bigly; it will be YUGE!..."

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Regarding the whole Trump phenomenon, and voting in general:

HRClinton's picture

For the more hope-driven folks, the shoe dropped at the 0:47 mark of this 2017 Inauguration Lunch clip

"I don't want to hurt them. They're good people"

I'm Good People.  Did you get that?  No Swamp Draining this month or this year.  Not next one either.

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Then ask yourselves if it's possible that Trump's always cherished those feelings for the Klingons, but for political reasons he had to campaign against them.

Fool me once...

doomchild's picture

dude, don't get so cocky. don't rub this shit in people's faces. none of your predictions will matter when the nukes start flying. 

people tend to be optimistic regardless of their circumstances and all the shit that they have to face every day. The battered middle class of America cast their chips with Donald hoping he will give back some of the wealth that was stolen from them. There was a statistical probability that Donald, being the weak minded fool he turned out to be, would turn out to be a turncoat. Unfortunately this is what happened. He promised jobs, security, immigration control etc., turns out he might be setting up the entire population to be used a war material in combat with the Russians. 

I am sure all of us at ZeroHedge had an odd feeling at the back of our minds that something like this would happen. This is turning out to be one of the worst possible outcomes for this country. So don't get so cocky.

In the worst case if the nukes fly I would like to be one of the first ones to die in the arms of my loving wife rather than try to be a survivor in a post-apocalytic world. So be my guest, and keep digging that bunker and keep on piling that silver, gold and bitcoin hoping that the worst possible outcome will happen and you will be able to prove you point to whoever or whatever is left to listen to you. 

hedgeless_horseman's picture


Lighten up. 

It's just politcs.

All politicians lie, except maybe Ron Paul.

There is nothing new under the sun.

Be your own instrument of change.

Et cetera and so forth.



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On the topic of electoral college, the winner-takes-all approach gives States more voting influence for the total outcome, but also allows urban gamification, vis-a-vis propoganda, manipulation, corruption, and other influencing means (e.g. social welfare) to essentially have urban centers of high-population States, like California, New York, and Illinois, be the deciding vote rather than holistically reflecting the voting will of the State's populace. In the previous election, the D-team won all of those major urban centers, hence the States with large EC-vote allocation, but lost all of the small fries that they felt wasn't necessary to win (or influence) the election. Had the D-team won in 2016, then this urban gamification would have voted in a candidate primarily based on the populace (likely misinformed) of these major U.S. cities. Personally, the approach taken by Maine and Nebraska, where there is EC-vote allocation per congressional districts, allows for a more balanced election process where said voice crying out in the wilderness of your preferred candidate can actually compete and have a greater chance of having his/her earned EC vote show up in the final tally (and hence receive national recognition and possibly incremental or major momentum toward the following election). In this scenario, perhaps Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich or whoever your outlier candidate of choice at the time (previously), may have had a greater chance in their follow-up elections. 

As a side note, you haven't posted any pics of the de-lish home-cooked grub from Mrs. H_H in a while. It was nice to see at times to have a lighter touch to the comments section, versus the lately politically-driven drivel or the battles between spammers (and anti-spammers). Hope you're still eating well!

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The best way to fight terrorism is to stop overthrowing governments and generating hate through bombing. There will always be terrorists, but peace through death kinda generates hate.

new game's picture

wondering how much is spent per year on military, nato ect. world wide. imagine if that money was not spent. then imagine that about 1/2 the debt acculated is atributable to this madness. then imagine no fiat fraud money. nuf said, dot connect tyme...

MsCreant's picture

Orange you pissed off? I am.

I did not vote for him. I did support him by defending him when the media was blatantly unfair to him. I did say to people, "Wait and see what he does before you judge." Man oh fucking man....

I've waited. I have judged. 

Small hands after all.

HenryHall's picture

>> "President Swamp fires Tillerson, appoints Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State"


President Swamp.

Sounds good, a nice ring to it.

I hope it catches on.

winged's picture

Trump's new name:


Orc from Mordor's picture

Trump, if you want someone to remind you of chemical weapon and of beasts who used it much oftener than Hitler did, I will tell you just one word: Agent Orange. You know what I mean, motherfucker.

Cynicles II's picture

"I will tell you just one word: Agent Orange."

Orc from Mordor's picture

You are damn right. It's difficult to say all US crimes in one word even if we mean just one type of crime. Another example: you can't say in one word all nuclear crimes, because there are at least two words: Hiroshima, Nagasaki. Make America a great criminal again!

frank further's picture

He would have no clue.  There were no real estate opportunities there in Nam.

MsCreant's picture

Flip-flopping Trump-peter.

Ineffectual, limp dicked, fake assed, bankrupt, bitch...

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

They call him Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning,
no one, you see, is smarter than he...

Croesus's picture

I'm calling him President Chump.

BUT, 1 good thing comes out of all of this -

American voters realize that voting doesn't matter.

Wake me up when it's time to start marching.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ JRobby,

Way ahead of you. Outside of a Bloody Revolution, the World will never be rid of the Oligarch Global Elite Pure Evil Psychopaths & their Minions.

There is absolutely No More Peace.

new game's picture

a bloody revolution is the ONLY solution. history says so. i agree...

2_legs_bahhhhhd's picture

This is turning into a really bad is with this guy. At 70 years old you don't just change all your values, unless of course he never had any in the first place. This is in your face, a huge fuck you to the American people.

Surely someone here on the hedge has a twitter account, get on there and call this guy out.....WTF

NugginFuts's picture

"At 70 years old you don't just change all your values, unless of course he never had any in the first place."


Truthful hyperbole, bitchez! Enjoy the #Winning!

Insurrector's picture

Winning seems contagious!

Err, I mean whining is contagious!

OverTheHedge's picture

Strange - all those smug posts about "Winning!" seem to have vanished.....

(I feel your pain, by the way)

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You must be new
Billionaires are not generated through honesty and kindness.