Trump Unexpectedly Calls China's President To Discuss North Korea

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With the Carl Vinson carrier group steaming toward the Korean Penninsula (it is expected to arrive some time over the weekend), in an unexpected overnight development less than a week after his first meeting with China's president, Donald Trump called President Xi on the phone to discuss trade and the developing North Korean situation. According to China's state television, Xi stuck with his objective of "denuclearization" of the Korean Peninsula, and called for a peaceful resolution of rising tension.

“China insists on realizing the denuclearization of the peninsula, insists on maintaining peace and stability on the peninsula, and advocates resolving the problem through peaceful means,” Xi was quoted as saying in the call according to Chinese state broadcaster CCTV said.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang, who said Trump had initiated the call, urged everyone to lower the tension. "We hope that the relevant parties do not adopt irresponsible actions. Under the current circumstances, this is very dangerous," Lu told reporters at a regular press briefing.  Kang also said Wednesday at a regular briefing in Beijing that it was a “good thing” that the two leaders were in touch again days after meeting in Florida.

Translation: Trump is strongly urged not to launch a unilateral strike on North Korea as he did on Syria without express Chinese prior approval.

Trump had ordered the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier group to head to the Korean peninsula in an attempt to deter North Korea's nuclear and long-range missile ambitions, which it is developing in defiance of U.N. resolutions and sanctions.  Previously, Trump pressed Xi to do more to curb North Korea's nuclear programme when they held their first face-to-face meeting in Florida last week. He said on Twitter on Tuesday that North Korea was "looking for trouble" and the United States would "solve the problem" with or without China's help.

According to Reuters, the communication between the leaders underscores the increasing sense of urgency as tension escalates amid concern that reclusive North Korea could soon conduct a sixth nuclear test, or more missile launches, and Trump's threat of unilateral action to solve the problem.

As we reported yesterday, Trump's call with Xi came as an influential state-run Chinese newspaper warned that the Korean peninsula was the closest it has been to a "military clash" since North Korea's first nuclear test in 2006.  China's Global Times newspaper said in an editorial North Korea should halt any plan for nuclear and missile activities "for its own security". While widely read in China and run by the ruling Communist Party's official People's Daily, the Global Times does not represent government policy.

The newspaper noted Trump's recent decision to launch 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airfield in response to a deadly gas attack last week. "Not only is Washington brimming with confidence and arrogance following the missile attacks on Syria, but Trump is also willing to be regarded as a man who honours his promises," it said.

"The U.S. is making up its mind to stop the North from conducting further nuclear tests. It doesn't plan to co-exist with a nuclear-armed Pyongyang," it said. "Pyongyang should avoid making mistakes at this time."

The Global Times said if North Korea made another provocative move, "Chinese society" might be willing to back unprecedented sanctions, "such as restricting oil imports".

* * *

As also reported yesterday, North Korean state media warned on Tuesday of a nuclear attack on the United States at any sign of American aggression. Officials from the North, including leader Kim Jong Un, have indicated an intercontinental ballistic missile test or something similar could be coming. North Korea launched a long-range rocket carrying a satellite on April 13, 2012, marking the anniversary of the birth of North Korea's founding president Kim Il Sung. Saturday will be the 105th anniversary of his birth. Residents thronged Pyongyang's boulevards on a sunny spring morning, some practising for a parade to be held on the weekend, with no visible sign of the tension

"So long as we are with our supreme leader Marshall Kim Jong Un we are not afraid of anything," a woman who gave her name as Ri Hyon Sim told Reuters journalists, who were escorted by North Korean officials.

Regardless of the mood on the ground in North Korea, for now at least the entire region remains on edge:

Russia has said it is worried about the possibility of a U.S. attack on North Korea and it would raise the issue with visiting U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Russian media quoted Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov as saying.


Earlier on Wednesday, two sources in Tokyo said Japan's navy planned exercises with the Carl Vinson carrier group in a joint show of force. Japan's Maritime Self Defence Force and the U.S. Navy could conduct helicopter landings on each other's ships, as well as communication drills, they said. A senior Japanese diplomat said it appeared the U.S. position was to put maximum pressure on North Korea to reach a solution peacefully and diplomatically.


"At least, if you consider overall things such as the fact that the U.S. government has not put out warnings to its citizens in South Korea, I think the risk at this point is not high," said the diplomat, who declined to be identified.


South Korea's acting president, Hwang Kyo-ahn, has warned of "greater provocations" by North Korea and ordered the military to intensify monitoring.

The North fired a liquid-fuelled Scud missile this month, the latest in a series of tests that have displayed its ability to launch attacks and use hard-to-detect solid-fuel rockets. North Korea remains technically at war with the United States and its ally South Korea after the 1950-1953 Korean conflict ended in a truce, not a peace treaty. It regularly threatens to destroy both countries.

The market's attention will now focus to developments in Moscow where Rext Tillerson is meeting with Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov at a very tense time for both countries.

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who is the source of this drivel? Deep State Intel Community, WH leakers, China media, Russian Hacker?

We are being played

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Isn't it time for your mommy to make you some toast with the crusts cut off?

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Yeee hawww! Here we go baby! Nuclear World War III at last!! This is so progressive! My blood is bubbling with excitement!

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Can you still remember the famous conversation between GW Bush and Condoleezza Rice?


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At least he didn't tweet them .. baby steps

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Donald Trump (not verified) FrozenGoodz Apr 12, 2017 7:21 AM

Trump is still reading the foreign policy book...

...but looks like he's skipping a lot of pages:

VIDEO – Trump: “We’re not Going into Syria” but “Assad is an Animal”


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It was in high-level Cold War "Jive" language, right?

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Actually, weakest statement by MDB ever. Not even clever anymore.

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Nukular combat toe to toe with the norkskies.

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I'm sure your mom will take your job flipping burgers for a day so you  can celebrate.

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Trump  mistakenly believes that acting like a spoilt BRAT is somehow akin to being an international statesman.

Being a thug as he is, is no match for Putin in the longer term. Even the G7 members yesterday told the US to fuck off an drefused to apply sanctions to RUssia.. they have lost respect for  the US

I saw  the US press today in MOSCOW display this type of  arrogant behaviour to LAVROV and TILLERSON, shouting questions like a

barking dog.. LAVROV put the US reporter (propogandist) down by saying "who teaches you manners".


Agasin, the Russian and chinese play chess, the  STUPID  americans play checkers.

wildbad's picture

wow!?! talk! imagine that.

part of a strategy? simple next step in his 4D chess match?

fake news? who can believe anything in these muddy waters but I'M cautiously optimistic that we have at least a day more before we all glow.

Paul Kersey's picture

"We are being played". That, my friend, is an understatement:


"1. He said he wouldn’t bomb Syria. You bought it. Then he bombed Syria.


2. He said he’d build a wall along the border with Mexico. You bought it. Now his secretary of homeland security says “It’s unlikely that we will build a wall.”


3. He said he’d clean the Washington swamp. You bought it. Then he brought into his administration more billionaires, CEOs, and Wall Street moguls than in any administration in history, to make laws that will enrich their businesses.


4. He said he’d repeal Obamacare and replace it with something “wonderful.” You bought it. Then he didn’t.


5. He said he’d use his business experience to whip the White House into shape. You bought it. Then he created the most chaotic, dysfunctional, back-stabbing White House in modern history, in which no one is in charge.


6. He said he’d release his tax returns, eventually. You bought it. He hasn’t, and says he never will.


7. He said he’d divest himself from his financial empire, to avoid any conflicts of interest. You bought it. He remains heavily involved in his businesses, makes money off of foreign dignitaries staying at his Washington hotel, gets China to give the Trump brand trademark and copyright rights, manipulates the stock market on a daily basis, and has more conflicts of interest than can even be counted.


8. He said Clinton was in the pockets of Goldman Sachs, and would do whatever they said. You bought it. Then he put half a dozen Goldman Sachs executives in positions of power in his administration.


9. He said he’d surround himself with all the best and smartest people. You bought it. Then he put Betsy DeVos, opponent of public education, in charge of education; Jeff Sessions, opponent of the Voting Rights Act, in charge of voting rights; Ben Carson, opponent of the Fair Housing Act, in charge of fair housing; Scott Pruitt, climate change denier, in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency; and Russian quisling Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State.


10. He said he’d faithfully execute the law. You bought it. Then he said his predecessor, Barack Obama, spied on him, without any evidence of Obama ever doing so, in order to divert attention from the FBI’s investigation into collusion between his campaign and Russian operatives to win the election.


11. He said he knew more about strategy and terrorism than the generals did. You bought it. Then he green lighted a disastrous raid in Yemen- even though his generals said it would be a terrible idea. This raid resulted in the deaths of a Navy SEAL, an 8-year old American girl, and numerous civilians. The actual target of the raid escaped, and no useful intel was gained


12. He called Barack Obama “the vacationer-in-Chief” and accused him of playing more rounds of golf than Tiger Woods. He promised to never be the kind of president who took cushy vacations on the taxpayer’s dime, not when there was so much important work to be done. You bought it. He has by now spent more taxpayer money on vacations than Obama did in the first 3 years of his presidency. Not to mention all the money taxpayers are spending protecting his family, including his two sons who travel all over the world on Trump business. 13. He called CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times “fake news” and said they were his enemy. You bought it. Now he gets his information from Fox News, Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, and InfoWars."  


Perhaps it's time to get rid of President Kushner.

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Hey moron shall I compile a List Of Obama's promises and failures? Hey Tyler you have an extra page I can borrow its a long list...Get Soros dick outta your ass loser.

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can I help? I could compile a huge list of Baby Bush's promises and failures. but I do not think ZH's comment space is big enough

meanwhile, note, in this article, how much the Chinese "Global Times" is actually stealing "Trump's thunder"

all this pressure on NK is being characterized as Chinese pressure... only, or nearly so

another way for China to say: it's Our Affair, He is Our SOB, or, in a more antiquated way, "We shoot our own dogs, if necessary"

J Jason Djfmam's picture

Of Mice and Men.

Starring Donald Trump as Lenny, and Reince Priebus as George.

Paul Kersey's picture

"Hey moron shall I compile a List Of Obama's promises and failures? "

Hey moron, Obama is a Deep State shill and Trump is a Deep State shill. The biggest difference is that Obama hid his Goldmanites, while Trump puts them (Cohn, Bannon, Kushner, Clayton, Mnuchin, Donovan, Powell, and then there is Ross from the House of Rothschild) directly in charge of the U.S. economy.

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That dude will never get it.

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at this point, what does it matter?

obammy is gone, off to bali with his hotdog purveyors.

trump is now president.

list HIS failures.

that's what we have to live with now.

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Trump's message to his voters who have become disenfranchised since the election:

DirtySanchez's picture

It's a bit early to declare Trump a complete failure with no hope of any future accomplishments; unless you work for fake news.

If/when Trump finally loses his base, the jew son in law will be Trump's undoing.

Once the base that believed in him stops, the establishment and leftists will impeach, imprison, and pin the failings of the past 20+ years on Trump.

I do not believe the man is stupid.

He will soon figure out the no good jew banging his daughter has to go.

peterk's picture

Trump  mistakenly believes that acting like a spoilt BRAT is somehow akin to being an international statesman.

Being a thug as he is, is no match for Putin in the longer term. Even the G7 members yesterday told the US to fuck off an drefused to apply sanctions to RUssia.. they have lost respect for  the US

I saw  the US press today in MOSCOW display this type of  arrogant behaviour to LAVROV and TILLERSON, shouting questions like a

barking dog.. LAVROV put the US reporter (propogandist) down by saying "who teaches you manners".


Agasin, the Russian and chinese play chess, the  STUPID  americans play checkers.

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In terms of behaviour the US is just a bigger version of North Korea 

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Unexpectedly bitchez ;-)

shimmy's picture

Maybe Ivanka saw some pictures of shit going on in north korea and told the great pumpkin to send the fleet. According to Eric Trump, Ivanka factored into the missle strike in Syria. 

Kaiser Wilhelm II's picture

What if someone shows to (((Ivanka))) pictures of Palestinians killed by white phosphorus? Do you think that she'll ask to daddy to launch missiles at IAF bases?

Fake Trump's picture

She also saw a Jewish's cock last night. That is good enough to convince her father to strike North Korea. 

Bill of Rights's picture

So which was it you were looking at? Ivanka or the Jewish cock...

Ghordius's picture

there are other, more relevant assets in the Trump Clan, which even you might see if you get your mind off pornography for a moment

for example Trump grandchildren able to sing in Mandarin wonderful Chinese Patriotic Songs in honour of Mrs. Xi, who famously made a career in China by singing them

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trailerpark prick got scared... 

IridiumRebel's picture

Hey! ChIner! Wanna join us in beating up a fat kid?

Fake Trump's picture

Sorry that fat kid is not my baby. I am just a baby sitter.

Fake Trump's picture

No need to get an "approval" from.Xi to strke North Korea. Get Ivank's or Kushner's approval will do. Save that phone call. IDD charges are expensive. 

lakecity55's picture

Trump cannot do anything without permission from Tel Aviv.

The US is just a puppet state of the Zionists.

Why should Xi or Putin have any respect for a kike-ridden government controlled by Zionists?

FranSix's picture

This was expected because the rollover of terrorist Arab states is nearing completion and the next step is the nuclear flashpoint in the world, North Korea, which has also been supplying terrorist states with arms.

Able Ape's picture

If we had shut down the government for the past 24 years, America would be a thriving, prosperous, and largely debt-free country...What does that say 'bout gubernmint?...

peterk's picture

Trump  mistakenly believes that acting like a spoilt BRAT is somehow akin to being an international statesman.

Being a thug as he is, is no match for Putin in the loger term.

I saw  the US press today in MOSCOW display this type of  arrogant behaviour to LAVROV and TILLERSON, shouting questions like a

barking dog.. LAVROV put the US reporter (propogandist) down by saying "who teaches you manners".


Agasin, the Russian and chinese play chess, the  STUPID  americans play checkers.


Fireman's picture

This is funny to all other than those drunk and retarded after too much USSAN hubris. Imagine Xi consulting Bilge Pump Don about the "Mexico situation".


China owns North Korea. USSA can and will do nothing to the Fat Boy as long as China exists.


Apart from that, North Korea has a very legitimate and sharp axe to grind with the anglozionazi empire of carnage; the not so small matter of 3 million slaughtered by USSAN hordes in the last genocidal onslaught against that sovereign nation.

so-called "Forgotten War" more sordid episode of Pentacon genocide!

lakecity55's picture

Fatboy is a real asshole, but hey, he sees the West take out Libya, Iraq and so forth, do you blame the butthead for wanting deterrence?

He needs to back off threatening his neighbors with all these missile launches, however.

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This is classic 69 dimension checker game being played by our leader and the bestest president of US of A, Donald Trump. Most of you cannot even wrap your head around what his moves are intended for. With the Venison carrier group headed towards North Korea, he will send the Veal carrier group to Syria. Next, a surprise attack from the Venison carrier group will take out the entire NK's army, navy and air force and force the North Korean midget to surrender. Then the unstoppable US army will knock out the PLA and capture Beijing, forcing China to capitulate.

The Veal carrier group will take out Assad and with NATO's help march towards Moscow from the South. The great US army, just like Hitler and Napoleon, will capture Moscow in a few days, forcing Putin to hand over charge to Trump.

Finally, Trump will declare himself as the supreme leader of the World and peace shall finally descend on this planet and everybody will live happily ever after.

God bless Trump!

gunzeon's picture

kinda obvious what'll happen here; china's cuban missile crisis; red line; back the fuck off or it's MAD.

add: dare you camp your fucken army on our dorrstep !