Wolfgang Schaeuble: "If Muslim Migrants Don't Like Europe, Go Elsewhere"

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Germany's finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble did everything in his power to infuriate three distinct groups of people today.

First, in a statement that may infuriate several million German immigrants, Schaeuble said that Muslims who migrate to Europe should understand that there are better places for them to live if they do not want to accept the European way of life.

Such migrants who do not accept Europe's way of living should be told "you have made the wrong decision", Schaeuble said during a round table discussion in Berlin. "There are better places in the world to live under Islamic law than Europe," he added. It was not clear if he was envisioning the US as one of the fallback plans for the millions of migrants Angela Merkel's open door policies greeted with open arms in 2015.

Then, taking a veiled swipe at some 7 million Greeks, Schauble said that if European countries want to keep the euro, they must implement the common currency's framework of joint responsibility.

Finally, taking a shot at a substantial portion of the French population, the finance minister said that Germany needs a strong, pro-European France to hold together the European project, veteran German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said on Wednesday, less than two weeks out from the first round of the French presidential election.

The comments from Schaeuble once again confirmed the German government's revulsion to National Front presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, who wants to abandon the euro currency and is expected to go through to a run-off vote. A success for Le Pen, and a redenomination of the French franc, would lead to disaster for the euro and likely result in a return to the Deutsche Mark, ending the cheap currency benefits Germany gets from participating in the common currency.

"We need a strong France ... we need a pro-European France," Schaeuble said during a round table discussion in Berlin quoted by Reuters. "We need France to hold together Europe."

"I hope Le Pen does not become French president," he added, seemingly unhappy with the democratic process in France.

It wasn't just Le Pen, however, as Schauble also took aim at the far left: "Le Pen, Melanchon in the second round would be a nightmare", the finance minister added.

On Tuesday, Schaeuble said that polls show French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron will likely to enter second round voting and win the presidency, and added that he would “probably” vote for former Rothschild banker.

No surprise there.

France votes in the first round of its presidential election in less than two weeks, on April 23, with the top two placed candidates going head-to-head on May 7. Earlier on Wednesday, an Ifop-Fiducial poll showed Le Pen leading narrowly in the first round, but likely to lose the run-off to centrist Emmanuel Macron.

Reiterating Berlin's need for France to play a full role in the European Union, which was stunned by Britain's vote last June to leave the bloc, Schaeuble added: "Germany cannot lead Europe alone."

"That doesn't work, that is completely clear," he said. "We need France at least as much as France needs us." Germany had a responsibility to lead in Europe due to its "geostrategic position", Schaeuble said, but added: "Some people expect too much of us ... politically, we are not as strong as France." To millions of European that may be the best news of the day.

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Grumbleduke's picture

elections coming up in September. That's all, folks!

After that open borders, war and chocolate cake.

Belrev's picture

Russian UN ambassador Safronkov slams UK's ambassador Rycroft

"Why are you turning your eyes away?! Look at me! Don't you dare insulting Russia again!"


philipat's picture

They should have been told that BEFORE they came!!

JuliaS's picture

That double exclamation made me read: "Before they camel". I guess you means to say "before they goat there".

Manthong's picture


“the finance minister said that Germany needs a strong, pro-European France”

Didn’t he really mean “Germany needs a strong, pro-German France”?

quax's picture

Newsflash: Even after Brexit there are more countrie in the EU than Germany and France.

NidStyles's picture

Not really.

Germany and France are what keep the EU afloat. Pull those two out and the whole con falls apart.


Ghordius's picture

nearly correct. in other words: France, Germany and Italy are the actual three core EU countries. and, indeed, those three make out half of nearly everything, from population to GDP to interest in "keeping together"

they are also the three countries that are culturally more attuned to each other, and draw the same conclusions on the world wars that they allowed to be staged in europe

the core key conclusion is: never again, just in case someone is doubting on this. not here, "do it somewhere else"

and, really, that's the whole "European Dream": no war pitting French, Germans and Italians against each other. instead... cooperation

all the rest is really just coping with the world as it is. like just recently the US and UK asking for more Russia bashing and sanctions, and those three... politely declining to do so

NidStyles's picture

Keep dreaming.


Want to know the surest way to have a war? Force people to comply to rules and reglations that didn't write themselves.

Ghordius's picture

you would not be able to point out to even one of those rules and regulations even if your life depended from it

in fact, you won't even find that easily a British Brexiter able to do that. and... the UK is going to incorporate all of those "dreadful" regulations that all talk about but seldom really know the very first thing about... into British Law, with the so called "Great Repeal Act"

and that's really hilarious. I will be so happy to see which of those will be scrapped first... if any

seriously, no shame whatsover about this theme? is it really that simple, your worldview? Regs are bad... period? common regs and rules are even worse because they are common?

if you were a Brit, at least you'd be resorting to the old discussion if the metric system is a kind of "foreign imposition". or perhaps the rule on which side cars ought to drive? how about the regulations on how airplanes have to cross the Atlantic so that the airspace is not too crowded?

kellys_eye's picture

The UK is to "incorporate all of those "dreadful" regulations" purely to avoid having to deal with them in the immediacy - the UK is then FREE to discard or amend those 'dreadful regulations' as they see fit.  If any ruling or regulation is found to be detrimental to our business needs then it WILL be amended/discarded.  I don't see any EU initiative allowing such change - it's all 'do as we say'.

And that's the whole point about Brexit.

As for imperial/metric - leave it to the retailer/customer to decide.

Choice.  Not imposition.

Ghordius's picture

yes. and thanks for this British point of view, particularly since it's a moderate, sensible one

one caveat, though: "If any ruling or regulation is found to be detrimental to our business needs..."

has the search... started, yet? what is British business saying? do you know what British medium-sized business owners are saying about that, for example? or British big biz CEOs?

Canary Paint's picture

Yes, I kind of get this.

In a governmentless vacuum, once a market gets complex enough, the players themselves want regulations.

Imagine a commodities market. Once there are enough players and enough products, participants in the markets want the infrattructure to verify a trade and the identity of the counter-party. It cuts down on risk.

So the question becomes, what is GOOD regulation?

I also get the idea of the EU as a manifestation of NEVER AGAIN, and concrete examples of imposed regulations do seem somewhat sparse. At the same time, I do understand why people might worry about impositions on their country's sovereignty. I wish I had the time to look into this more deeply.

Ghordius's picture

fully correct. most businesses are the actual drivers and "crafters" of regulations. to put it in a snarky way, political critters could not even craft a regulation if their life depended on it

and in fact, this very moment the biggest "demanders" for regulation in the UK are those businesses that are already heavely regulated. for example everything that has to do with electricity, and it's trading

and what are they lobbying for? that the UK to keep the EU regulations in their sector

but from a UK point of view, continental businesses tend to ask for regulations that go beyond their way of doing business, generally speaking. continental businesses like the German industry sectors tend to do things like the German DIN, the "Deutsche Industrie Norm", and this is a bit of a... foreign approach

what is a good regulation... blast me, don't know, it's easier to pinpoint the idiotic ones, and they tend to be scrapped very early

I prefer to see Brexit as a citizen's concern, I think it's more realistic, this way. it is not business considerations that drive it, it is political considerations. up to a point, I even applaud that the English want to have their political system more directly accountable

Pinto Currency's picture

If Muslim migrants don't like Europe, everyone else needs to become Muslim or leave. That's how it works.

Troy Ounce's picture



Don't listen what politicians say! Instead, see what they do!!!!

"EU leasing vessels in Mediterranean to accomodate mass immigration of North Africans to Italy with the aim of slowly replacing the EU population in order to destroy the nation state."



Ghordius's picture

try to find a few more... facts. like those that point to NGOs doing that "job", instead of the lie that "it was the EU"

and while you are there, look who funds those NGOs

Troy Ounce's picture


The EU among others. Like György Schwartz 

It is Orwellian. Destruction of the nation state by replacing the population. Read the work of the spiritual father of the the EU, the Pan European von Coudenhove - Kalegry:


"The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today's races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals. [...]"


Troy Ounce's picture



"Hi Dad. Meet my new boyfriend. His name is Mohammed. I also have good news. I am pregnant".


Ghordius's picture

"The EU among others. Like György Schwartz "

you mean Soros. and what has Soros to do with the EU? in your world?

in my reality, Hungary is a member of the EU, and Victor Orban is it's Prime Minister, and so member of the all-powerful EU Council

and what is the "Eurocrat" Victor Orban doing, in regard to Soros? he is throwing out the CEU, the university in Hungary that Soros sponsored

now explain me that a bit more in detail. why is this "EuroCrat" against Soros' university?

Troy Ounce's picture


Soros' ideal is much larger than the Pan European ideal of von Couwenhove -Kalergy and although they both seek mixing of cultures and races, Soros is seen as a destabilising factor by both the nation states as well as entities like the EU. 

In Soros' future world, there will be no EU. Hence the problems Eurocrats have with Soros.

rondellio's picture

A complete fabrication.  The EU project is an imperial project using the peace fig leaf.   The best protection gainst war is prosperity and democracy.  The EU has destroyed the first and despises trhe second. 

Exactly how doe EU empire prevent war?  This is never explained.  It is assumed without evidence or argument.  You youreself Ghordius cannot explain this, can you?  But still you go along with the EU project. Why exactly?

Ghordius's picture

this thread started with "France falls out, the EU is broken". I corrected with "if any of the Big Three falls out, the EU is broken"

then, I proceded in explaining in detail what kind of war is a "no-no": A) a war here and B) a war among europeans

specifically fuelled by a peculiarity among those three: the conviction that WWI and WWII... were shit for all three and neighbours, too

so no, I brought some arguments, but you have to read them if you want to find them

prosperity? please point out your argument in more details

democracy? lol. are you willing to discuss facts? like the EU Parliament? like the fact that the EU Council is the actual driver of all things "EU", which is nothing else then the national governments, which are based on democracy, too?

I still go along the "EU Project" because of a lot of things that are based on reality. facts, you know? I can explain them... but are you willing to listen? that, I doubt

as a reminder, Nigel Farage pulled off Brexit. he was elected to his seat in the EU Parliament, remember? do you know that Marine Le Pen is an elected member of the EU Parliament, too? how long can you insist with this "the EU, not democratic"?

rondellio's picture

Your history is faulty.  WW2 did not result in a sudden realisation that European war was bad for the peoples of Europe.  That has been undestood for a long time and is part of, as an example, the classical liberal philosphy of 19C.

The EU project has been sold as a project for peace..  But neither you nor anyone else can explain why the polity known as the EU will be more successful in this regard than all its imperial predecessors.  You are reduced to arguing that only certain wars will be prevented.  Please tell us about the wars that the EU -and this is the implication of your post-will initiate.

Your political theory is as bad as your history.  There is universal sufffrage in Europe but so what?  How effective has it been in controlling the rulers?  As for democracy, in what sense is there a European demos?   And what is the purpose of a democracy, assuming there is a demos?   

When you can explain how the EU will prevent war then I will tell you why I say that the EU has destroyed prosperity.  You avoided this question the last time the issue was raised.  Will you do so a second time?

Ghordius's picture

Treaty of Rome, rondelio? besides, did World War Two look like "a realization that european war was bad for the peoples of europe"? seriously?

"There is universal sufffrage in Europe but so what?  How effective has it been in controlling the rulers?"

TTIP? it worked, didn't it? the treaty was trashed

one demos? I see the thing as an alliance of 27 demos, plural

and no, I really do not know how to tackle your question about prosperity. first, I know nothing about where you come from, from which perspective you are tackling this. and it is a question that can be only answered for each country for itself, imo

where did the EU "destroy prosperity", rondelio? where do you see that? in Scotland? in Sweden? in Portugal? in Bulgaria?

keep the bastards honest's picture

try the fkn foreign banks in Ireland, try the ECB refusing the debt hair cut on the tiny country  they set  set up to prey on.   Obama there at the ECB standing up for Goldman to stop a haircut on 'Irish debt'... debt the irish govt was tricked into taking on, bailing out, debt of BANKS whose banking models had failed. Ireland  refused 2 referenda on entering the EU and on the third gave in, who  provided the money, the propaganda and paid  the media ?

The EU whose banks STOLE the irish pension fund, I saw old women widowed, they and their husbands had paid in all their lives, left with 128 euros a MONTH to live on.

Yes the eu and their henchmen the ECB component banksters.

keep the bastards honest's picture

try the fkn foreign banks in Ireland, try the ECB refusing the debt hair cut on the tiny country  they set  set up to prey on.   Obama there at the ECB standing up for Goldman to stop a haircut on 'Irish debt'... debt the irish govt was tricked into taking on, bailing out, debt of BANKS whose banking models had failed. Ireland  refused 2 referenda on entering the EU and on the third gave in, who  provided the money, the propaganda and paid  the media ?

The EU whose banks STOLE the irish pension fund, I saw old women widowed, they and their husbands had paid in all their lives, left with 128 euros a MONTH to live on.

Yes the eu and their henchmen the ECB component banksters.

billpayer's picture

Why so many questions? Why don't you answer some questions about  what  the EU and its sacrosanct euro have done for prosperity in the south? What about inflation from 2003 to 2009?(Are you going to give me the official figures??) What about sovereign debt? What about ignoring referendums? What about the secrecy around the TTP negotiations in this "EU for the people"? What about target 2? Etc etc.

TeraByte's picture

Never again people are already running amok against Russia. WWII was not only about these three EU nations. Furthermore peace is also related former Soviet satellites security. These are risking to be left to battle ground by current EU confrontation policies. Why not leave instead those three named countries happily to kill each other, so that everybody else could have a chance to peace. A forced union, because of them is absurd.

Ghordius's picture

are you up to date? just recently the US and the UK asked for more anti-Russian measures

and those three (and nearly the whole rest of the EU in choir) said: "thanks, but no, thanks"

we don't want the eastern european countries to become a battleground. they are european, too. as the Russians, too

and to your "those three named countries happily to kill each other..."

I reply with another "thanks, but no, thanks"... again

meanwhile, there is nothing forced to anything that features an exit door, like the one the UK is using

The_Dude's picture

Name one....Schengen...what did I win?

philipat's picture

It seems that they are happy to leave the camels and goats behind (No pun intended) in favor of those kafir white girls with blonde hair?

NidStyles's picture

More like anything with white skin. Those fuckers even rape old men in their hospital bed.

kellys_eye's picture

The key comment is: "There are better places in the world to live under Islamic law than Europe,"

There is NO Islamic Law in Europe (well, there shouldn't be....).  Europe is secular - take it or leave it.

But until .gov everywhere clamps down on such abuse of OUR legal systems then the rot continues its stench.

giovanni_f's picture

they won't leave, knowing full well that Turkey is a economic shithouse and corrupt beyond repair. They (with few exceptons that don't count) are accomplished opportunists and want both, German standard of life and Sharia. Polls clearly  show that Turks in Germany are pro-Green/Sociademocrat and pro-Erdogan at the same time. Pro Erdogan because they SUPPORT his vision of a backwards-oriented, salafist-leaning, sharia-law-abiding society and they are pro Green and pro SOCIALDEMOKRAT because these two parties support the TURKS in their right for having two passports and  all the free shit that comes along with promoting DIVERSITY.

keep the bastards honest's picture

When the ice sheets come over the hill from the north as they will in the next year or two, then they will go south.

Sonny Brakes's picture

Who leaves a goat country for a non-goat country? What kind of person does that?

keep the bastards honest's picture

Good words by Schnauble, plenty of others places to go if they dont like it here.  

Putin gave a very clear speech  re immigrants, if they come  they commit to be russians in the russian way. Australia needs that, not people who  see themselves as  belonging to other countries first, who are dual passport holders, who send their kids off to do  war training/killing in another country for example.

junction's picture

That lecturing ass-hole should worry more about a false flag attack next month in Berlin. The next major flash point in this on-going war by the NWO enemies of Western Civilization could occur then. A religious celebration will take place in Berlin on May 25 to mark the 500th anniversary of Protestantism, a crusader religion. You can't provide a greater temptation to the masterminds behind global attacks on western religions.

Piranha's picture

"Migrants"? I thought they were refugees 

XqWretch's picture

Open your borders, bomb the shit out of them, what could go wrong?

escapeefromOZ's picture

They are specimen of African and Middle Eastern fauna and as such cost money to maintain and they will never work and integrate . 

wildbad's picture

schäuble..the mean old cunt.

dissafected his glorious leader Ferkel too with that.

the communist paradise that both she and Schultz were hoping for under the €U umbrella has wheezed to a stop.

juncker calling for an €U army to hold it together so that he and his ilk can RULE THE WORLD from their Nazi gained castle keeps in Luxembourg.

let them be targeted first for destruction.

Sirius Wonderblast's picture

He does admit the notion of muslim law in Europe, notice. 

Ghordius's picture

he has to, because the discussion about Sharia Law exists, in Europe. it's called facing reality

do you know where the notion of Sharia Law is the strongest? in the UK. where even the Archbishop of Canterbury was expressing a mild support to the notion. and what the UK discusses, the UK exports into other contries' political discussions. that's the power of English as a language in it's fullest strenght, undeniable and a reality all for itself

(best seen in the fact that the fact-empty propagandistic rubbish-lies-deliverer Daily Mail has some 30m readers in the UK and... over 150m in the world)

from the perspective of nearly all continental european countries, it's actually a lack of secularism in the UK at the root of the whole. but hey, that's the discussion, and here is the CDU's view: "nope, and you might reconsider if you really want to stay here if that's important to you"

rondellio's picture

In 2008 the now ex AofC made a suggested that Sharia law may have to be accomodated.  1. He was heavily criticised and 2. Aof C is a political eunuch. So  "stongest" is a bad use of language.

quax's picture

"I hope Le Pen does not become French president," he added, seemingly unhappy with the democratic process in France.

So because he's a German pol the Tylers think he has no right to express his opinion in the matter? And they think he blames the democratic process for it?

European pols constantly comment on the races in other EU countries and quite often help each other out in campaigns.

Even the Nationalists do. For every Schäuble there are two AfD pols who cheer on Le Pen. The Tylers really need to get out more.

tuetenueggel's picture

If assholes could fly, Germoney would be world largest airport.

God is The Son's picture

The Jews should be told the same thing, if they don't want live under Christian Civilization, they should be asked to go else where.

1492 Happening again, but MARKETING is all on Muslims, yet the Jews are hiding. Europeans in 1492 came the CONCLUSION JEWS and MUSLIMS OUT. When will this occur 2018?