WTF Chart Of The Day - European Investors Panic Hedging Ahead Of French Election

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The explosion in open interest across European VIX (VStoxx) options is unprecedented.

As the 4-way-tie in polls ahead of the French election looms, it appears everyone and their cat has piled into some kind of levered protection on the outcome...The number of VStoxx options outstanding has climbed to a record as investors increase hedging before the French presidential election, with polls indicating a close race.


and judging by the spike in VStoxx relative to VIX, it is buying protection, not selling.... (note the complacent collapse of Europe's risk premium over US as the Dutch Election did not see Wilders win - even though his support grew notably)

As Bloomberg reports, the shattering of market calm has pushed the CBOE Volatility Index to its highest level since the U.S. vote in November, but even more impressive is the jump in its European counterpart. The VStoxx Index, a measure of Euro Stoxx 50 Index options costs, has surged 39 percent this month through Tuesday, reaching a four-month high versus the VIX.

The question is - if Le Pen wins, is this fully-loaded hedged position enough to BTFD (see Brexit, Trump) or not this time?

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Gold jumps $20 on a grassfire at a Russian airport?

Just wait until something BIG happens.

Gold $5000 anyone?

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Pretty sure there is a rule that states all charts need to go back to 2001 for complete context

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Only if we're getting paid with dollars with Nixon's face on them...

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What Would Ladbrokes Say
Or Gartman for that same insight.

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within the next 20 year we'll see a gold price with four 0

question is when

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The CBO says at current spending levels our debt levels will be unmanageable by 2047.   LOOOOOLLLLLL.   So, aparently 2047 is the date.

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Yes, yes, the global casino is still open, place your bets. Just do NOT call this "investing" because it isn't.

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EU investors no longer trust the polls...