MaKe AMeRiCa GReaT AGaiN...

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May Faith be our shield...and hope be our helmet.

With all due respecto mundos to you dear Sir William, God has chosen your Art Museum of History here as a repository for what may to some, be good Light to embrace. Light/knowledge that perhaps might serve as a template for future generations to better understand the past and learn from it. Quite unlike modern monkey-man, and only if the world lasts that long to see a few moar generations.

Sir Bill, what will be forever real is your art, and these well recorded words for future scholars to research and see how these important and historic times were formed. How the chatter formed the matrix. For any and all, pick the pebbles that look best on yer mental beach. Always follow your heart.


Whose god is money? Sadly, men and women are taught that money is god and one has to live like a corporate slave all their lives to attain what they never owned in the first place. Stupid does, what stupid is. Woar is supported and propagated only by those who profit from it. Have compassion for those who were not properly instructed, or given the righteous Word. Kinda hard to pet their little pointed heads.

We the souls we all are, are only temporary custodians of the earthly material things we use as tools to help the soul grow with. This includes the human body...the temple of we the soul/spirit we are. We the soul are only here to learn the lessons of the Soul and then we advance after death, or not. The scales of MA AT are not cheated. It is truly about how we correctly use these tools that we are here to learn. Old stinky arse rockofeller is finding out how harsh that inescapable karma is now. He is roasting away in the hottest sauna he has ever been in, begging for another chance to get it right in another life time on earth. Yeah sure, maybe in thousand earth years he'll get another chance as a poor woman to get the right-up walk on the path correct. He will not have a choice as to who and what he will be when incarnated again. The righteous that were judged to be good learners and advancers on the souls path of evolution to the Highest Vibrational plane to exist on, get a choice to incarnate into the kind of life that will offer greater opportunities to grow the soul we are. Choice! What a deal, eh?

Has anyone ever noticed that zioisreal has a long record of causing chaos, or destruction, or death on Easter Sunday? Look back in history to see how many bad things happened on Easter. It is always ziosatanic/luceferic evil in nature and always done to continue the destruction of the Christian Way.

That Way of course being, Peace. Look at the rothschild satanists have already done bad things in Egypt. Laughable if it were not so sad to see the repetitive evil in ziosatanicisreal saying they are sorry. They do that to their victims just to taunt them. A criminal always returns to the scene of the crime. the master puppet master rothschild laughs at the stupid isrealli slaves doing the dirty work worldwide.

The right tool for understanding what energy is being foisted upon ye is here now presented .:. simply ask, if it is not Love, what is it? Go figure from there. Any pea brain knows the truth...the stupid try to hide it from those who see...and hear.

As this Holy Weekend approaches, please, all crew, please pray for peace and an easy resolution to all the woar banter. As PM states so well above in his parable, IT IS ONLY ABOUT A CENTRAL BANK AND THE MONEY-GOD. Unfortunately, man has lost the way to God, the Ways of Peace and Love, and instead embraced the evil money-god that keeps the 99.9% on a leash and lets them out to go take a pee-pee once a year year, or so. Little lap doggies to the evil energy of the money-god is never free. Sad to see the mislead slaves to the wickedness and murder associated with keeping it on the alter of mankind.

Things are gonna change sum day. Soon? Who but God only knows. All one can do is live each day in the best quality of pureness as possible. Member, only YOU can prevent forest fires. That includes political forest fires of which more woar propagations is certainly causing.

 Yay, pray hard for a peaceful resolution to the distractions al la carte, and that the evil mercenary agents of death and destruction paid by the rotten dirty nasty wicked smelly rothschild satanic/luciferic banksters, do no harm this weekend to further the rothschild agenda of world dominance using the money-god to do that. Praying helps keep the peace.

You can only serve one master. The master of the flesh, or the master of the Spirit. Choose well the master you want to serve. You cannot serve both. Each carries a heavy measure of karmic retribution. Be it good or bad, no one escapes the Law of Cause and Effect. All things are precisely calculated. No one derides the Grand Calculations, and Knowledge of God(Love.) Sooner or later, every soul pays the piper and ALL ARE JUDGED BY THEIR OWN WORDS, DEEDS, AND ACTIONS WHILE INCARNATE ON THE 3-D EARTH PLANE.

(WB7 art in the Highest House)

And another thing, does mankind realize the earth is only a nuke or two away from pushing the pole shift into full gear? Two ticks away from upsetting the off balance in coming earth changes. She's already wobbling and shifting due to the melting polar caps due to the heating of the core from extra proton radiations. Earth is coming to that Great Shift, again. Could be years or decades away but one thing is for sure, we are just a tick-tock away from doing something that may be irreversible and then, universal law will have its way. Man may control man using the money-god, but they do not control the Laws of the Universe. Only the stupid attempt to. Only the stupid deny them own hearts in the face of making history.

Give thanks and blessings for the peace you enjoy today, for it may not be so peaceful for others somewhere else. Member what Granny used to say, "no matter how bad you think you got it, some one somewhere else has it worse than you." Speaking to our life situations. Happiness in not something you find outside, it is embedded in you. Simply follow your heart to find it.









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meanwhile more woar distracts...anti-christo is making big moves to fulfill Rev.2,13,17 KJ

God Bless all the souls from the Roman Inquisition & the Refomation Saints, read what Sir Isaac Newton or Charles Spurgeon had to say about the vatican...all roads lead to Rome, this is the big time spiritual battle, time to choose Lord Jesus as your Savior!

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WB, I wrote about this energy fiasco a couple of years ago and have followed the trail for 17 years. Caffyn has an office in Hong Kong and Miami. Operates in most AQ/ISIS territory exclusively with the blessing of the intel and banking community.  Here is some background.



This was brought to my attention a few moments ago.


Sorry to bother you all with this but after what happened in my case, I do not trust the authorities here in the US and may be inclined to provide the info to another entity that has proven to be effective in dealing with this shit. 

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Very nice.

I bet President Trump would look great again on a MOAB - waving a cowboy hat.  (Maybe I should send him a cowboy hat.)

Sarah Palin: I can see President Trump from my bedroom window.

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.....because killing people for no good reason is a good thing.

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Making America Sick Again,,,,,,,,,,,sicker than eating at a McDonalds.

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Making America Sick Again,,,,,,,,,,,sicker than eating at a McDonalds.

Your all tofu diet is causing personality changes.

And not for the better, I might add.


I betcha Trump got a big woodie when he learned

about the MOAB from his generals who have been itching

to use it.

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It's a bit weird that you care about the size of his genitaila.

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I still say Trump is unknown, we don't know his coordinates on his GPS. If the alternative bullcrap I'm reading is accurate, things are still going OK on the important stuff. USCORP is bankrupt, Yellen, if renominated,, will only be Queen for a Day over navigating the counterclockwise flow down the fiat sewer. If Dunford and Mattis are keys in the mop up duty, I feel better.

I'm deeply pissed for Trump's magpieing and driving the price of gold up when I was adding to my stack. I wish he would STFU!!!

Has Sessions been gagged? Pizza and drug lords have gotta be put down!!!!

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Sessions was making good progress rounding up the pizza fucks... did he stop???

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Even my wife noticed that Trump did an uncharacteristic 180 degree turn and does not seem like the real Trump.

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My feeling is that Trump has handed much of the military decision-making to the military, and will be focusing more on domestic concerns going forward. He will be trotted out to make the big announcements of what was done and where, but I have a feeling there was an agreement to support his Presidency in return for leaving the military decisions to 'others'...

That's why he sounds different. These aren't his words anymore, not on anything military. He has been relegated to the 'Sean Spicer' role in his own Presidency. They'll likely allow him to be himself on a few, unimportant domestic matters, maybe throw him a bone on the 'wall' thing, but he's not in charge anymore, I'll tell you that.

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I understand that the boarder with Canada is backed up for miles and miles with Hollywood stars that want to move back to the USA.  Now that is an indorsement of Mr. Trump's new cloths.

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Trump is fully owned by Israel, period.

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Make America great again. Impeach Trump at once.

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Make America great again.  Arrest Hillary.  And Bill....

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"Make America great again. Impeach Trump at once"

1. Trump was in danger of impeachment when he was dissagreeing with the Establishment in Congress. Now that he is on the war-wagon, Congress is backing him, Thus no impeachment likely unless he does another 180 and reverts back to his campaign promises.

2. America was never really great to begin with. It had a few brief periods, followed by long periods of "bull in China shop" progress.

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Umm.  Hillary Clinton?  No wait.

Ya, then what?

John Kerry? Umm. No.

Al Gore?  Un uh.

Tim Kaine? Nah

Liz Warren? Heap big NO.

Dianne Feinstein?

Barbara Boxer?

Chuck Schumer?

Bernie Bolshevik? Hah!

Chelsea Clinton? 

. . . .


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Any of them is going to get the Howard Beale Money Speech, and from then on is going to wear the Purple and toe the line.

Nevertheless, if they draft me to serve as President, I am still going to announce, on Day One, that everybody has 365 days to pump out any babies they want me to pay for, and any baby born after that 365th day is not going to get one penny of taxpayers' money for food, clothing, housing, or medical treatment.  If they want babies, they can pay for their babies.  A nation is not a charity.  Nobody owes you anything.

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Notice how the Susan Rice story has disappeared? The Soft Coup has succeeded beyond expectations.

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Yes, everyone notices. There is nothing subtle about has happened. The only big surprise will be for those little shit weasels down in DC who have no clue what they have unleashed. A monster that doesn't forget.

I am think it is fair to say, no matter what happens, Trump is a guy who is underestimated to the peril of his adversaries.

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"Banzai speaks wisely" -- Yoda

I am think it is fair to say, no matter what happens, Trump is a guy who is underestimated to the peril of his adversaries.

"You betcha!"  -- Sarah Palin

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I'm trying to figure out what to compare this situation to. The Incredible Hulk comes to mind.

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I am thinking of Ronald Reagan, after the truck bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon, needing a big victory fast, and therefore sending the fleet to crush Grenada, whose entire army, navy, and air force apparently consisted of a 50-caliber machine gun, a fishing boat, and a parrot.  He Man!

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Trump in Same Predicament As Jesus

The Jewish high priest: "...Who was this son of Abraham?"
Jesus: "... the son of Abraham was Ishmael... that in him should all the tribes of the earth be blessed."
High priest: "Let us stone this impious fellow, for he is an Ishmaelite, and has spoken blasphemy against Moses and against the Law of God."
Gospel of Barnabas, Chapter 208

Trump: MAGA
Voters: Okay
Trump: I made an alliance with Arabs (Ishmaelites) against Iran which is the source of most terrorism.
Voters: Stone Trump, he has blasphemed against Iran!

Iran created terrorism in all directions: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyz Republic, ... and the rest of the world. The suicide bomber who hit Russia was Kyrgyz. If you are wondering why there is so little evidence against Iran's terrorism, how much clear evidence do we have against Israel's terrorism? Satan is hidden, and so is his work. We need to use our minds in this world where appearance and reality are total opposites.

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The beginning of the end times is when the great bear comes down from the North and enteres the land of the prophets.

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You got that all wrong. Russia is NOT Gog-Magog Rosh of the old testament. It is Turkey and environs.


You just keep your eyes on Damascus, the Sunni/Wahhabi Arab Coalition, and Turkey. When Damascus goes, then Iran is next.


There IS A REASON why US-NATO is encircling Russia. Not to prevent Russia from going into the ME/Persia then on to Israel. But to prevent Russia from interfering with future plans... the Greater economic/cultural/religion Unit... of Units... the NWO renewed Turkey Caliphate.


Stop looking at a flat map. Turkey is directly NORTH of Israel.

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Yes. The Russians (originally Eastern Rome) are now in Damascus where Jesus was, and Abraham was also elsewhere in Syria (Aleppo).

Even what happened in Iraq with Saddam is a sign of the end times. According to the Koran, the Antichrist is in Iran and he wants to come to Jerusalem to face Jesus (and die).

Gog and Magog are basically the Khazars and those who cooperate with them (most people).

What people don't know is that the first Khazars to enter the Middle East are the Iranians. They slipped south before Alexander the Great blocked the Caucasus mountain pass (now Georgia military highway near Tblisi).

Either Putin will be with Christ or against him. Currently, Putin is too close to the Antichrist. I wrote to Putin and warned him about Iran before he entered Syria. He didn't take heed. Hope he will redeem himself. He cannot play with the Antichrist (Iran). It's not a safe game.

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Wag the Dog. 

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With the world seemingly on the edge of war, moar good newz from Half-A-Day Farm. "Poops", our little Silver Laced Wyandotte, who was on death's doorstep just a few days ago, now refuses to eat my mix of ACV, electrolites, and yogurt from the dropper. She's just too excited to hop around the brooder like a banshee with her mates.

Poops is celebrating her one week birthday today and told me she's very happy to be hiding out in the mountains of Tennessee.

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Ha, thanks. We named her Poops because she dropped a turd in Lovey's hand when we were cleaning her vent. She's still bopping around like a girl possessed! The little things in life....

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With blood on his hands in two instances already,

so much for the Trump label in the hospitality business.

I wouldn't now go within miles of any of his labeled hotels or properties.

Pity the poor people who are now stuck working there.

In business, the Trump name has now been Frumped.

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Oh well done Wikileaks...lmao!...from Jake Sullivan's fingertips (to?) Queen Hillary's ears ;-)

From: Sullivan, JacobJ <> Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2012 4:01 PM To:  Subject: Fw:SPOTREPORT02/12/11(SBU) See last item - AQ is on our side in Syria. Otherwise, things have basically turned out as expected.

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Trump has become incredibly dangerous, and trust me I was no fan of the Clinton option.  However Trump is narcistic to the extreme, and he has learnt (via bombinb airport) that war makes him popular.  He has very quickly escalated by dropping bigger bomb, and next is North Korea, and he wont care what South Korea wants.

China is smart, it will let U.S do the dirty work and then move troops in to ensure it gets the govt it wants.  This is all playing into China's hands.

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Weakness is incredibly dangersous.  Incompetence is incredibly dangersous.  Obama was a two-fer.

Trump has become incredibly dangerous,

Trump will be fine.

He ACTUALLY talked to Xi.  They completely understand that they need to stay out of each other's way.

He talked with Putin (via Tillerson).  They completely understand that they need to stay out of each others way.

Obungle never talked to Xi.  Obungle only talked to Putun via Medved:

"Tell Vladimir I'll have more flexibility after the election."

VLAD: "In other words, Barry, I HAVE MORE FLEXIBILITY NOW.  Thanks for pointing this out for me, little guy."

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Ohomo had to rappel out of AF ONE when he deplaned in China for the G-20. They wouldn't even let him use the wheel-around stairs and would not let that sack of shit dare drip on the tthrow down red carpet.

I, American, took umbrage to that, but only for a millisecond, then back to fuck him!

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"war makes him popular"

And that is the great failing of the American people. They seem to love wars as long as there are no American casualties.

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Somebody pulled out the pin...

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Is that a dud Tomahawk?