"Mother Of All Bombs" Sends Stocks To 2-Month Lows Amid Safe-Haven Scramble

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Bank stocks down on earnings day... "inconceivable"


*  *  *

And all it took to break the Trump trade was the mother of all bombs...


The S&P and Dow closed the week at 2-month lows...


All the major indices are below their 50-day moving average...


Bank earnings were a bust - headlines looked good but hid a lot of ugliness - investors finally woke up...


And banks are down hard YTD..


Treasury yields lower for 4th straight day. This was the 5th straight week of declines in 10Y yields and the biggest weekly drop in 10Y yields since June 2016


It seems bonds just got too attractive relative to stocks once again...


The Dollar Index retraced over 50% of the Trump "Dollar too strong" plunge...


Yen was the biggest mover on the week...


As the Yuan strengthens against the dollar, Bitcoin has tumbled in the last few days...


Gold, silver, and crude (though the daily win streak is over) gained on the week, copper and the industrial metals were hammered...


*  *  *

As we head into the long weekend, here are a few charts to consider...

The 'real' data just isn't there...


But that doesn't matter... (yet)


The market also appears to be ignoring the panic-hedging...


Bond-Stock correlation has normalized after breaking last year... echoing very similar structural shifts from 2007's top...


Trumpflation trades are breaking down...


And banks are waking up to the Treasury Curve collapsing...


As is the VIX Term Structure...


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lester1's picture

AUY was up big again today. Easy $$$. 



FrozenGoodz's picture

Long bombs in gold terms

svayambhu108's picture

MOAB - Mighty Obama's Ass Blown

Ass. Manager's picture

The bomb should be renamed M.O.A.R.!

CheapBastard's picture

"Mother" of all bombs?!


Dats sexist!

panther man's picture
panther man (not verified) CheapBastard Apr 13, 2017 4:42 PM

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johngaltfla's picture

And my juniors collection thanks the MOAB. Can we drop about 300 more and get gold up above $4000?

Al Huxley's picture

Dogshit company in a dogshit sector.  Every last one of these things is a piece of shit, owned and operated by either criminals or idiots who couldn't cut it flipping burgers at McDonalds but don't object to blowing a banker and selling out their shareholders for a couple of bucks.

radio man's picture

I suppose Olin and DuPont are doing well too

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

The world will be all fixed by Monday.

BTFD (after hours)


Ausonius's picture

Defeating ISIS is our "highest priority."


Imagine: a president who just might mean what he says...at least now and then! :)



toady's picture

Isis is in Afghanistan since when? I'm pretty sure the Taliban would be fuckin them in the ass if they moved on their territory.

Seriously though, isis is a totally made up enemy to take the heat off the Saudis and al queda.... can't keep paying and arming the Saudis and al queda if they're the bad guys... gotta come up with a new boogeyman!

wmbz's picture

"Mother Of All Bombs"

I believe if you elected Jesus Christ to be President. Within a few months he would be bombing the hell out of somebody somewhere.

The cesspool is a sickness that gets in to all that enter.

InvestNoir's picture

Couldn't elect him president. He was born in Bethlehem. He'd be considered middle-eastern and all of these immigration trolls wouldn't let him in to the US.

booboo's picture

He was already offered up all the kingdoms of the world and declined

Bam_Man's picture

The West's corporate and political "leaders" have now shown themselves to be incompetent, psychopathic imbeciles.

Why is this not good for the stock market?


EuroPox's picture

Trump is certainly making sure America is first:
-first to fire 59 cruise missiles against a false flag

-first to drop the world’s biggest bomb

-first to sail an armada against the NOKs


Hope everyone's enjoying all this ‘firstness’. 

Implied Violins's picture

What I fear most is the lastness...because I might not be here to see it.

c2nnib2l's picture

are you tired of wining now ?

khnum's picture

You just dont understand the nuances of 4d global strategic chess,step1.grab sledgehammer

silverer's picture

Trump will make your stacks more valuable.

jamesmmu's picture
Is A Crash In The Auto Sector Inevitable To Happen; An Insight In To The Auto Market


Montani Semper Liberi's picture

 Suddenly jamesmmu you've started dropping off-topic comments and links to investmentswatchblog every day and in multiple threads here on ZH.

 Have you entered into a contract with them?

 IMHO there are much better investment sites out there, although I do use their charts occasionally.

 What gives?

mkhs's picture

Better sites?  Please elaborate.

TheSilentMajority's picture

Me thinks its a pimped-up barrel bomb.

toady's picture

I saw'em working it on "Pimp my Bomb".

Urban Roman's picture

I better drink up. I'll need this for Monday.

Baronneke's picture
"Mother Of All Bombs" Sends Stocks To 2-Month Lows Amid Safe-Haven Scramble"


I am very afraid this is just the beginning. Wait and see what happens when mushroomcloude appear in some countrys.  (lets hope this will never happen though) 

No Half Measure's picture

"I love the smell of plutonium in the morning!"


Donald J. Trump



NewHugh's picture


Mother of all Black-swan events? Naaahhh...

BlueHorseShoeLovesDT's picture

Wow, Vix smasher ALGO not happy today, he was running the table until 12



Maybe he just started his weekend early


swytt's picture

Could as well been a mininuke.Clinically sick people in D.C.

artvandalai's picture

Two month lows... Please... This guy can make a drop of rain sound like a flood.

wcvarones's picture

ISIS stands for "Islamic State in Iraq and Syria."

Trump thinks he's bombing them in Afghanistan?

booboo's picture

He's no more confused than the rest of our "leaders"

mkhs's picture

The correct term would be senile.

803Mastiff's picture

I would call it The Plow. It's John Deere green and yellow.

2_legs_bahhhhhd's picture

Nothing blows like a dear (leader)

Salsa Verde's picture

Gold is so shiny and pretty...

Fundies's picture

Safe-Haven........so where the fuck is that ?

Robert Trip's picture

That's a lot of bang for your buck.

42,000 goats wiped out in a second.

CheapBastard's picture

Grilled/Charred Goat Jerky will be the next big export from Afghanistan.

Robert Trip's picture

The Afghans are behaving badly.

Happy Easter assholes.