North Korea "May Be" Capable Of Sarin-Tipped Missiles, Japanese PM Warns

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If you weren't scared before, Japanese PM Abe just stepped up to the global fearmongery plate, announcing in parliament that "there is a possibility that North Korea already has a capability to deliver missiles with sarin as warheads."

As Reuters reports, North Korea may have the capacity to deliver missiles equipped with sarin nerve gas, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Thursday, amid concerns that the reclusive state could soon conduct its sixth nuclear test or more missile launches.

"There is a possibility that North Korea already has a capability to deliver missiles with sarin as warheads," Abe told a parliamentary session.

Of course, he offered no evidence, but in this new normal, it seems possibilities trump probabilities.

On many world leaders' minds is the fact that North Korea marks the 105th anniversary of the birth of state founder Kim Il Sung on Saturday, North Korea's biggest national day called "Day of the Sun". Leaders have in the past used the date to carry out weapons tests.

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Senduko's picture

FFS Syria or NK, who we bombing this weekend?

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

"There is a possibility that North Korea already has a capability to control Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidra, and coordinate their actions most destructively."

old naughty's picture

regime change with 59 THAAD.

GraveDancer's picture
The Road to World War III: Can the Dark forces of anti-Freedom trump Humanity? Kindle Edition 

wildbad's picture

don't worry about it, your paper houses will be a fine match for those.

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froze25's picture

Possibilities have Trumped Probabilities in the USA since Statutory law replaced common law. (with out a constitutional amendment). Used to be, no damaged party, no law broken. Now it is you might damage a party so you have broken a law.

Handful of Dust's picture

I'll wait for Meryl Streep and Rachel Madcow to tell me what to think before I jump to conclusions.

Giant Meteor's picture

March 7th, 2017

Ripped from "main stream"

"The plans to deploy the THAAD system within this year have angered not only North Korea, but China and Russia, which see the system’s powerful radars as a security threat."

"China responded quickly, saying it will take “necessary measures” to protect itself and warning that the U.S. and South Korea should be prepared to bear the consequences."

"Washington and Seoul insist the system is defensive and not meant as a threat to Beijing or Moscow."

Cognizant Millennial's picture

Needs moar explosions.


I've been reminded far too many times this week of the scene from South Park where they bring in Michael Bay for ideas on how to stop terrorists: 

StychoKiller's picture

In my movie, NK stuffs the warhead with "Hello Kitty" furbies, just to fsck with Japanese heads! :>D

MalteseFalcon's picture

Sorry to rain on the phony-baloney North Korea matrix propagandalooza, but has anyone noticed that Japan has surrounded it's islands with dirty nuclear bombs?

All North Korea would need to do is launch several conventional missiles at a typical Japanese-style "nukuloor" plant cluster.

Not hoping for this, as we are all paying for Fukushima, but the idea of talking about any kind of security from nukuloor weapons when your coastline is dotted with ancient nukuloor water boilers is absurd.

Anteater's picture

DPRK is atvthe Sputnik stage of rocketry, able to launch a satellite the size of a grapefruit, but otheewise doesn't have inertial guidance or GPS targeting ability, and their missiles tend to break up in flight, proving that assertion. Much more likely to sink a Japanese fishing boat by dragging it under with a submarine, like the US did to itself. Much more likely to hurt Japanese stawks, by closing their slave production factories along the DMZ. Much more likely to contaminate the northern hemisphere with radioactivity after ST6 does its illegal pre-emptive attack, like Israeli agents did at Fujushima, after Japan agreed to sell nuclear fuel to Iran. Too bad DPRK can't glass Tel Aviv, and save the world from MAD.

MalteseFalcon's picture

If NK's missiles can't hit the broad side of a barn, then tipping them with sarin gas is pointless.

The "story" is a purposeful lie that merely terrorizes the population.

Terrorists, for example terrorist politicians and terrorist media, need to have bullets placed in the back of their heads.

SoDamnMad's picture

NK will EMP Japan causing the pump electronics on the nuclear power plants to go haywire and shut down causing repeat Fukishima. The US is too stupid and cheap to harden our electrical system because we have to spend that money on F-35 that won't fight and can't fly in bad weather. 


I just read an old Defense News 2004 article about the Boeing blockage of the Air Force tanker program. It is now 2017 and they are saying we might have some tankers in 2018.  14 years to bring an aircraft to operation (maybe). Real sad.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

What's that called when people make things up and say them publicly to promote their own interests?  O yea, Propaganda

booboo's picture

He see's how well it plays in 'Merica, Home the Whopper.

Megaton Jim's picture

Maybe we can allow them to test it on Detroit, South Chicago, Baltimore, etc....

Jersey_Mountaineer's picture

Nah man.  The world still needs deep dish and crabs.

Ecclesia Militans's picture

Taking the contents of your Italian grandmother's refrigerator and dumping it in some silly pie crust shell to create a wierd casserole does not a pizza make.

NYC, Exit 17N off Belt Parkway (Crossbay Blvd.) in Howard Beach, Queens.  New Park Pizza.  Bonano Family stomping ground (Gotti's old house is just down the road a bit.)  That's pizza.  You're welcome.

RealityCheque's picture

Abe must be shitting himself............slightly more than usual.

bluez's picture

Any war with North Korea will probably cost at least 10 million lives. It will go far beyond "bad karma".

And what about the (~100, I recall) nuke power plants in japan with elevated fuel pools? Goodbye, Japan, Pacific Ocean, et al.

old naughty's picture

I thought 311 already did the job, no?

booboo's picture

no reason to scare the children, we still have Superman. He's real right?

SubjectivObject's picture

Trump possibilities trump probabilities.


Sirius Wonderblast's picture

Teepee, gimme teepee. Must have tp for my bungholio.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Fake flag.......screw it anyway.

Testudo321's picture

I am shure the sarin is/was supplied by Assad to his buddy Kim...

DEMIZEN's picture

::)) who he thinks he is talking to? boys brigade? nukes tipped in sarin lol fuck me stupid this is really going medieval on my brain.

BarkingCat's picture

>>>fuck me stupid..<<<


Too late.

Missiles can carry any type of payload in its tip.

So he says North Korea can put sarin as a payload even if they cannot do a nuke.

DEMIZEN's picture

how many sarin tips has he deployed so far? what code of law do you apply here i am not sure if get your argument?

Is not him deploying his strike fleet in san francisco bay. we went to poke him on his turf for something we do every fucking day.  My skies are pink every  time it drizzles. nobody tells me what it is in the tips I dont get to ask whats in the tips and i am paying for it. what gives you the right to mind what is in their tips unless you paid for the payload.

BarkingCat's picture

You still miss my point.

You called them nukes. Not every missile is a nuke, so arming missiles with a nerve agent probably means that the missile is not nuclear.

Abe is probably selling the sarin gas tipped missiles because most experts say that North Korea is not capable of creating a working nuclear payload that can be carried on missile.

DEMIZEN's picture

I apologize for misuderstanding. regardless, what gives him right to scaremonger based on farfetched speculations. there are several other countries with capability of destroying the world within an hour, perhaps he should mention those first. 

beijing expat's picture

They could do that in the 50s. I think it's the hydrogen bomb Abe should be staining his shorts over.

Anyway, ask any Korean what would happen if Japan attacked the North.

Abe can posture all he wants but he can't do shit.

Davidduke2000's picture

One would think the Japanese learned their lesson that ameica destroyed them, they seem more interested in sucking uncle sam's dick than their own survival. 

Fundies's picture

Nukes are so passe.

IridiumRebel's picture

Missiles tipped with Sharks with frickin laser beams!?!?

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Bottom shelf......on the right.

Giant Meteor's picture

Damn, just sprayed the monitor again !

Jersey_Mountaineer's picture

And it's got a range of up to 500 feet.

Robert Trip's picture

The Klingons have nothing on the Koreans.

The Koreans have the most sophisticated weapons and delivery systems in the world according to sources close to the situation but who are unwilling to reveal their identities at this time.