North Korea's "Big And Important Event" - A Street Opening!

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Amid social media chatter of Pyongyang evacuations, North Korea told foreign journalists to prepare for a "big  and important event" on Thursday (ahead of The Day of The Sun) - conjuring images of nuclear missile tests or Supreme-leader-led military drills. However, the "big and important event" turned out to be... a street opening!

After much secrecy, Beijing Correspondent for Channel News Asia Jeremy Koh reports that foreign reporters in Pyongyang watch Kim Jong Un preside over opening of the skyscraper-lined Ryomyong street...

In fact, as Reuters noted, North Korea often uses such visits to showcase new construction projects.

In recent weeks workers have been putting the finishing touches to the skyscraper-lined "Ryomyong" street in central Pyongyang.

Kim has made frequent visits to the street to inspect construction work there, according to state media. North Korea has in the past marked its April 15 holiday with tightly choreographed military parades.

Is Kim lulling America into a false sense of security?

Or are the skyscrapers a clever ruse to hide ICBM launchpads in clear sight?

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lo2hi's picture

Pretty clever if that's what the skyscrapers are for.

MANvsMACHINE's picture

I can imagine sitting on the crapper while they launch some missiles from the silo beneath the apartment building and asking myself whether those super hot buffalo chicken wings were worth it.

Tarzan's picture

So, like everything else, the scaremongering of a nuke test was propaganda. 

Our "intelligence" agencies didn't know they were preparing to celebrate a new street, like the ratings agencies didn't know Lehman was about to crash. 

All the world has gone madd, swooned to war by Bankers

JRobby's picture

Bomb his ass anyway!

Who does he think he is painting buildings like He's in Miami? Like Oh sure!, He's in Miami!

Joe Sichs Pach's picture

Maybe there's a nuke in a tunnel under that new road.

Just don't, by any means, use one of those barrel bombs!

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

It was an incredible sight for many of the citizenry to behold as they had never seen tarvia before

Stuck on Zero's picture

Has anything useful ever come out of a skyscraper?

Motasaurus's picture

I've always suspected that best Korea was not the shithole our media made it out to be.
Now it turns out they're full on masters of the troll. The entire world was watching their "big announcement" - 7.5Billion people get to watch the opening of a street.

When was the last time a Western country built a new street, let alone one lined with gorgeous buildings like those? 

Ramesees's picture

I suggest you go on over to Pyonyang and see for yourself whether or not it's a shithole.  

giovanni_f's picture

go there but be warned: you won't find obese face-tattoed snowflakes protesting for diversity paid by Soros.

PrayingMantis's picture



... and Kim declared all his loyal troops would only march to the left ... because, apparently, they have no rights ... ;)


Sanity Bear's picture

There's never been a better technology to launch a bankster.

Common_Law's picture

They can be pretty useful if they fall down and you need a reason to start a dozen wars...

J Jason Djfmam's picture

Only when distraught wallstreet types jump from them.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



the "big and important event" turned out to be... a street opening!


Soooo....if I want to get to there from here.....I can just cross the street.


Pretty cool!

nmewn's picture

A new street in a communist dictatorship is a very important event!  

And look at all the smiling faces! They look very happy and content in their servitude!

reebomber's picture

They would be much happier if they were filming a Pepsi commercial, I am sure.

nmewn's picture

LMAO! the one they shot in Thailand with the cheap labor and "American looking cops" that the snowflakes went batshit crazy over for all the wrong reasons?

They are precious, absolutely precious  ;-)

cstu7011's picture
Sure looks oppressive!! Better spend 10T to civilize these savages ...
nmewn's picture

Relax, the Chi-Com's will do it.

That's right, you heard it here first  ;-)

Mtnrunnr's picture

"Or are the skyscrapers a clever ruse to hide ICBM launchpads in clear sight?"

Zh forgot to take their pills today

ThirdWorldDude's picture

North Korea successfully trolling the Empire = priceless!

giovanni_f's picture

NK: Brother Nr. 1 with adipositas, level 1, rest with severe - light underweight. US: Brother Nr. 1 with overweight, rest with adipositas level 1-3.

Both with a totally run-down and corrupt media apparatus.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I wonder how the construction quality is. 

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


Is Kim lulling America into a false sense of security?

Kim is LOLing America into a frenzied state of paranoia.

E.F. Mutton's picture

Amazing.  An entire nation conned into believing their leader is a beneficent godlike figure, instead of the skeevy shitbag he is.

Hillary only managed 50%.  She must be green with envy.

Pliskin's picture

'An entire nation conned into believing their leader is a beneficent godlike figure, instead of the skeevy shitbag he is.'

Agreed, but he did say he would build a wall and MAGA!

Dutti's picture

Well done Pliskin - made me laugh!

Bernie would have been a good "beneficent figure" too - he would have given us everything for free.

Dark star's picture

Probably pretty good, given that everyone knows what will happen to anyone found responsible for things going wrong.

Vageling's picture

All of that was built in little over a year. I have my doubts. Mega projects like that take a few years.

floosy's picture

Only if you have things like government bureaucracy, workers unions and health and safety in the way.


If you just let people who know how to get on and build stuff they can actually do it quite quickly and quite well.

Truther's picture

The future Mar-a-Lago or something? Future Trump brothel?

panther man's picture
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happyfrog's picture

Wait, wasn't World War 3 suppose to start today?  Isn't that that everyone buying VIX products was betting on ?  ;)

SubjectivObject's picture

The place looks .... clean.

Fake Trump's picture

Playing hide and seek with Trump. LOL.

----_-'s picture
----_- (not verified) Apr 13, 2017 7:07 AM

looks better than the trump tower and survives 10 nuclear wars and 2 israeli boooings 707 terrorist attacks

NoDebt's picture

The entire world has become one big article in 'The Onion'.


silverer's picture

It's gotten close. Very close.

DieselChadron's picture

Pretty nice buildings.  I had no idea those guys could build something so nice.

Nick Jihad's picture

Yeah, i was expecting a more "soviet" look, too.

cstu7011's picture

Maybe we can trade with them? Or spend 10T bringing them civility? hmmm

Nesbiteme's picture

Kim Jong Un is just trolling all of us right now. He still has nukes, but he's trolling us.