The 'Smoking-Gun' Quote From The Postol Report On The Recent Syrian Gas-Attack

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Authored by Eric Zuesse,

After detailed decimation of President Trump’s ‘intelligence’ ‘justifying’ his invasion of Syria, the MIT specialist on such intelligence-analysis, Dr. Theodore Postol, concludes:

I have worked with the intelligence community in the past, and I have grave concerns about the politicization of intelligence that seems to be occurring with more frequency in recent times – but I know that the intelligence community has highly capable analysts in it. And if those analysts were properly consulted about the claims in the White House document they would have not approved the document going forward.


I am available to expand on these comments substantially. I have only had a few hours to quickly review the alleged White House intelligence report. But a quick perusal shows without a lot of analysis that this report cannot be correct, and it also appears that this report was not properly vetted by the intelligence community.


This is a very serious matter.


President Obama was initially misinformed about supposed intelligence evidence that Syria was the perpetrator of the August 21, 2013 nerve agent attack in Damascus. This is a matter of public record.


President Obama stated that his initially false understanding was that the intelligence clearly showed that Syria was the source of the nerve agent attack. This false information was corrected when the then Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, interrupted the President while he was in an intelligence briefing. According to President Obama, Mr. Clapper told the President that the intelligence that Syria was the perpetrator of the attack was “not a slamdunk.”


The question that needs to be answered by our nation is how was the president initially misled about such a profoundly important intelligence finding?

The U.S. ‘news’media hid from the public Dr. Postol’s disproof of the Obama regime’s still-continuing assertions that the 21 August 2013 sarin attack was from Syria’s government instead of from the ‘moderate rebels’ (jihadists) whom the U.S. supported. Will they hide from the U.S. public his disproof of the U.S. regime’s latest such scam backing the actual perpetrators of a war-crime — will they do now as they did then?

This issue presents a challenge to the U.S. ‘news’ media, to finally show some integrity, some honor, and expose the operations of the gang at the U.S. government’s top, instead of simply continuing to pump that gang’s propaganda. Without the continuing cooperation of America’s ‘news’media, we would not now be heading toward World War III — global nuclear war. What would be the time when these ‘news’media will do their job, instead of do what they’re being paid to do, if that time is not now.

If not now, then when?

Will this report by Dr. Postol receive the attention from America’s ‘news’ media that they denied to his previous report demonstrating the gangsterism at the top of America’s federal government? (It exposed Obama’s lie, which America’s ‘news’media simply continued to trumpet.)

This news report-and-commentary is being submitted free-of-charge for publication, to all of America’s major media. It is a challenge to all of them.

*  *  *

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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Is the Postol Report like some even shittier version of Snopes but for doom and gloom, USA-hating libertarians?

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daily westerner (not verified) X- x3 Apr 14, 2017 3:32 AM

Everything points to CIA-MOSSAD, their tool Soros and his band of merry men, the White Helmets: 

Startling Discovery by the ONLY American Investigators is Syria

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panther man (not verified) daily westerner Apr 14, 2017 3:39 AM

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A powerful analysis:

"...................In an interview with last year, author Sebastian Junger outlined why returning veterans are recalcitrant to adapting back to American society. When soldiers travel overseas, they tend to revert back to our ancient lifestyle of close-knit living and communal priorities. When they return, they have to assimilate back into to a “fragmented, alienated society.” Junger explains: “I wasn’t a soldier, I’m not a veteran, but the impression I get from talking to them is that their sense of purpose and their sense of devotion to a common good is foremost in their minds in combat.”

That sense of purpose is similarly felt by those enraptured by the pound of war drums. Thanks to mass media, you don’t have to pick up a gun and blast a few jihadists to experience the ennobling glories of battle. You can pontificate about it on TV, read about it in a book, and watch as your tax dollars fund a fusillade that levels a town.

Without an identity rooted in shared ethnicity, religion, or history, the next best thing that brings people together is a fight to the death. With no God to worship, men invariably worship the feeling of their own supremacy, reflected in their capacity for engineered extermination. This, I think, is at the heart of the bloodlust exhibited by the Washington class.

They have nothing to believe in but their own slaughter."

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The US needs to have false flag gas attacks all along the Saudi pipeline route.

Blame Syria, Russia and toss in Iran.

That'll make it easier to lay pipe and lies are cheap.

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If the Saudi petrodollars stopped, the US economy would collapse within weeks.

That's why the US won't touch Iran, they can easily stop most of Americas cash flow.

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~"The question that needs to be answered by our nation is how was the president initially misled about such a profoundly important intelligence finding?"~ 

No, the question isn't so much "How" but "who". The only "How" is in accountability going forward. A head needs rolling. Whose is it going to be?

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"Truth is the first casualty of war."

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The assumption being that Trump is being fooled. But what if he knows it is all lies?

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It's propaganda that Trump is being fooled. Just as it's propaganda that the Noble Bomb Them to Pieces Prize winner was initially mislead. They all knew upfront, whether by intelligence or they planned it, that Assad did not do it. The only thing that stopped Obama was the reaction of the American public. Even then Obama eventually got to bomb Syria even though most of the bombings were fake until the Russians showed up and proved the US effort was smoke and mirriors. Trump did the Tomahawk thing quickly before the public came to the conclusion they were being played for suckers again. This whole situation from gas to missiles complete with social media uploads happened too fast for it to be anything but planned in advance. Regime change in Syria is alive and well and was never off the table except in the propaganda for the masses.

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A first on ZH, a SPAMMER getting SPAMMED by yet another SPAMMER in the same thread.



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holy fuck that's funny

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No frickin kidding.  I've been reading articles from this site for YEARS.  I've only began commenting a touch within the last year.  However, it's been hijacked by bots and trolls.  If the Tylers seriously still owned and operated this site - they would actually care about it.  Clearly, it's degenerating.  It used to be filled with a lot of very bright people making incredibly insightful comments.  Now: it's cursing with no points, trolls, spammers, how to earn 7K a month with your butt buddies, MDB -  a person who doesn't even try to be an intelectual liberal, but rather a pathetic liberal provakatour - this all quickly devolves into finding other sites to get cutting edge news from.

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Lots of articles on this site. How much time and money to administer comments? Some trolls and spammers are funny, if you don't feed them. Whatever you think a troll is, you can never get rid of them. Get thicker skin and stop being so emotional. You don't want to end up like bob.

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Clicks are clicks, doesn't matter if they are from people or bots...

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You're kidding right?

It would be dead easy to get rid of them, as in, automatic dead easy - I've said it before: ban anyone posting duplicate or shortened/redirect links and ban anyone using multiple accounts (same ip). This can be automated; and it's fire and forget. Additionally, ban posting links to sites of known spammers altogether - just strip them from comments. What makes this worse is you can't block them, because comments aren't id'ed by user, so you can't filter them out, otherwise no one would bother about them.

But do they care?

No, they don't. They never did; they probably never will, since a pageview is a pageview, and that means ad revenue, as you can probably see (I can't...).

Here's a recap of some bugs/"features" I've encountered over time:

  • No Unicode support - ridiculous for a finantial site/*any* site, really;
  • Commenting requires opening a new window; and yet another one to post a link - ridiculous and annoying as fuck;
  • Broken text formatting - strikeout never worked for me;
  • Broken comments formatting - if first comment line is a blockquote, you can't vote the comment;
  • Broken article section formatting - can't select text on the left side;
  • Bad comment section layout - bad choices lead every one to offtopic piggybacking on the top most comments for visibility;
  • Terrible search engine - almost guaranteed you can't find an article even using tags (which, btw, are often pretty random, very "sparingly" used, and even misleading);
  • Inexistent reply support - made worse by the poor account management options;
  • etc.

Is that ridiculous or what? Yet, all of that and many other annoying/crippling "inconveniences" that are around since ever and that have been signaled multiple times over the years, remain without even being acknowledged. The only fix that I know of in all these years was the recent change for mobile users; that's all.

What, the latest comment system version (which hasn't been updated ever since) isn't worth the asking price? There's plenty free systems around (hopefully, no 3rd party snooping comment system from hell) that can be pasted into the code/adapted with little extra effort (after all if you put yourself to the trouble of coding a site when you already have wp/whatever).

And don't bring the "free shit army"/"costly administration" bullshit; the site was made and remains (public) because it serves the authors' goals, first and foremost, not because some "crybabies" "demanded" it. Otherwise they'd have shut it down, sold it (which they did...), or gone paid a long time ago. In fact, IIRC, there was people suggesting a paid subscription years ago.

So yeah, site is as it is, trolls, shills and spammers alike, because: a) they're doing "jus' fine" as it is b) they really don't care that much about it, if at all c) that's exactly how they want it.

Bottom line? IMV this site will sooner be sold to a major outlet, with the usual "bullish" pr in such operations, than actually being fixed in any way.

Does that bother me? Sure, it would be much better without any of these annoyances, but, in the end, we can always filter out the comments section...

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It's up to you to decide to read this stuff or not. Use your brain, that's what you're here for. How fast do we go from banning trolls to outright censorship because their info is contrary like what's going on with ShitFacebook and others.

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Deja vu?  Didn't I read this thread earlier?  Exzactly the same posters and comments.

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Nobody nowhere, as I've observed, has mentioned BB Nutandyahoo's *Israel Defense Forces Unit 8200* supplying Trump with the 'info' about the gas attack last week in Khan Shaykhun Syria.

Make a bet (((Jared))) convinced the Donald that (((Nutandyahoo))) is only tryin' to help (((Ivanka))) not gettin' totally hysterical about 'beautiful dead blonde babies'.


Anyway, You know*Israel Defense Forces Unit 8200* , the same intelligence unit that was immediately quoted in August 2013 as having evidence in the Ghouta Gas Attack;

"Israeli intelligence can tie the recent gas attack against the Syrian rebels to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, the German publication Focus reports.

“According to the findings of Israeli intelligence community, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is responsible for the gas attack in Damascus,” reports the publication.

According to FOCUS, the Israel Defense Forces Unit 8200, the IDF’s signals intelligence unit, intercepted communications of the Syrian army during the attack.

“A former Mossad officer told FOCUS the analysis has clearly shown that the bombardment with poison gas missiles was made by Syrian government forces,” reports the publication."

land_of_the_few's picture

Also, blonde babies are more than a little creepy, like an Aryan "Boys from Brazil" stunt, and totally not representative of all the largely dark haired Syrian children that have been killed by the West's beardy Snackbar-ing shock-troops.

What they going to use next, Albinos? For the Vogue and  Huffpost audience demographic, natch.


DuneCreature's picture

Trump is under the thumb of someone.

It's really not too tough to figure this out.

Live Hard, Parasites In Mass Always End Up Killing The Host, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

X- x3's picture

What is very clear to me D_C_ is, Trump is no longer in control.

All policy decisions benefit only the MIC-Golmanite-Zionazi Cabal. Brother Nathanael was right: Brother Nathanael  Be Prepared, It' Over. Meaning *America*. Watch-out West Virginia, the Fallout is Gonna Surround You.

Good Luck.  X-

ps, suggested up-to-date info >>>>>


  • 16 hours ago
Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner - Dark Days Ahead
  • 12 hours ago
  • 18 hours ago
DuneCreature's picture

Thanks, good links one and all, X -x3

Live Hard, ZH Seems To Be A Lonely Little Island Of Reason In A Big Sea Of Rising Horse Shit, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

silvercity's picture

Of coarse he is. Trump is Satan's main man in America, and he is driven to be the greatist of Satan's main men.

francis scott falseflag's picture


On this topic, Doon, I am your expert witness.

The deep state, from the day after the election, has been tutoring Trump

on the topic of the tragic and future shortfall in Texas Intermediate Crude.


Trump correctly bought their line, along with their ill-planned remedy:

           Taking Over The World


This whole thing stinks of desperation and, like a giant zit on your forehead, it will

soon be squeezed out on the bathroom mirror.  I advise that you continue to feign

stupidity.  The Thought Police are still buying that act.   Over and out.


TheLastTrump's picture

I stand with Benjamin Netanyahu, President Trump & Jared & Ivanka Kushner.


People of character & grace, as opposed to the internet scum I see around here.

SgtShaftoe's picture

So you stand with mass murderers and war criminals then? At least you're comfortable with yourself in your own lizard skin.

fleur de lis's picture

TLT --

Not interested in your support of BN and DJT, but why are you standing so strongly behind Jared and Ivanka?

They are only learning geopolitics as they go along.

At least Ivanka is focusing on womens' issues where she has considerable experience.

But what does Jared bring to the NSC?

How do you stand with him if he has no experience? 




not dead yet's picture

They took phone calls and intepreted them as proof. Not one conversation outright said the Syrians did it. In one conversation offered it could have been interpreted as one military party assumed the government did it. I'd believe MIT and their analysis before I'd believe a Mossad officer with an agenda. Same goes for the conversations where rebels "admitted" they shot down MH17. Someone speculated that they could have done it but no confession was offered and no proof was offered.

TheLastTrump's picture



These guys didn't read what was written, no surprise. The tool that wrote this said that the report couldn't be proven without lots of analysis, meaning it can't be disproven either.


Typical mentally ill conspiracy theorist bullshit. 9-11, Truther, Birther, Pizzagate, Jews, Z.O.G....when one gets tired or discredited, make up another one. 


There were WMD in Iraq as recently as 2014. But none of these clowns wants to talk about their pet iconic theory being proven WRONG.

detached.amusement's picture

LOL, 911... well pal, if you had any credibility left whatsoever, there it went

wildbad's picture

casting aspersions is not an argument nor evidence.

painting with a broad brush is also neither of those things.

your verbal linking of the discredited and partisan snopes is also a logical fallacy.

your troll education was pretty thorough...was that at soros U or david brock's academy or langley?

francis scott falseflag's picture


Wasn't he 6 years at Choate?

chubbyjjfong's picture

The report will be buried away where no one can see it. Same as it ever was. Towards war we hurtle.

Codwell's picture

We don't want to whack Assad because we found a reason for it, we found a reason for it because we want to whack Assad.

sinbad2's picture

It's about saving face, the US is obsessed with saving face, and cannot deal with defeat, and rewrites history to hide defeat.

During the Vietnam war, we were soundly defeated, but now I hear Americans say that the US was not defeated, it chose to leave Vietnam.

Same thing in Korea, US troops were on the verge of being overrun, and only troops from Turkey and other nations saved the US, but most Americans think they won, and did it on their own.

Afghanistan is another defeat the US refuses to accept, the Taliban control most of Afghanistan, and US troops shelter in forts.

Now it's Assad, or really Syria, Assad is just one man, it's the Syrian people who refuse to submit to American control.


Foolish pride is what is dragging America down.

crazzziecanuck's picture

You forgot a bunch of interventions, notably Iraq.  I wont bring up Iraq because it's so obvious, nothing will be accomplished by droning on about it.

The USA/NATO also lost in Libya, unless the goal there was to take Libyan oil offline, which seems to be more of a predictor of American intervention and desires.  Remember when Clark spoke of the seven nations Bush wanted to Invade?  All but one were oil exporters.  Take those exporting nations "offline" and suddenly American shale production has few competitors in the market.

But another less discussed "failure" is Kosovo.  Again, unless the goal was to create the largest American military base in the world, Kosovo has been a failure.  Or if using NATO forces like KFOR to illegally sieze assets from the defeated on behalf of Western billionaires.  But this kind of interventionism is the basis for why Putin knew that he could get away with siezing Crimea.  In both cases, each had agitated populations that desired to separate from the larger host nation and both were carved out by military force.  But today, Kosovo's two largest exports to the EU are: people (both unemployed and sex slaves) and heroin.  The only difference is that Crimeans may have gotten what they desired whereas Kosovars are in a worse position now than when they were when governed by Belgrade.  Another major difference is that Crimea just became another oblast in the Russian Federation while the Kosovars got the illusion of independence and a hair away from being a narco-mafia failed state.

Just to add a quick point here, I was one of the few who pointed out that George W. Bush's war of Iraq was not the first American war predicated on totally false intelligence and MSM-drive mass hysteria.  Kosovo was.  Kosovo set really bad precedents and the full impact is starting to occur.

sleigher's picture

"Remember when Clark spoke of the seven nations Bush wanted to Invade?  All but one were oil exporters."


And ALL of them did NOT have a Rothschild central bank. 

pine_marten's picture

Arrest those reponsible for the fake intelligence and clean out your cabinet of warmongers President Trump.

lakecity55's picture

It's the same now as when Bush 1 was CiC.

TPTB set up a policy, then create the intelligence report they want out of the available information. That information is then reported by the PTB Press as factual and thus used to justify whatever aggressive action they wish to take.

I believe the Zionists, both "jew" and "goy" supporters, are at the top of the pecking order. Other financial interests are accommodated if it meets their approval.

The Goal is the same as the disputed Zionist Protocols. You can look at it as a conspiracy or as a policy, but time has shown it is an actual plan being implemented: deconstruct Nationalism, Self-Determination, Voluntary Association. Globalist Trade is the end result. Massive infiltration of dissimilar ethnic groups serve to weaken Nationalism. The destruction of Middle East nations also prevents them from organizing against Israel. Once the Zionists knock out Iran, they will have their Lebensraum. Iran is the strongest regional power capable of thwarting Israel, and the path to Iran lies through Syria.

All the noise we hear about the Pipelines is a distraction to the real goal: the destruction of Iran as a regional competitor and the assumption of Supremacy by the Zionist State.

None of this began with Bush 1. It began with Truman recognizing the Zionist Entity in 1948. 1948 itself represented the inceptual moment the Zionists had pursued at least since the mid 19th century.

They have succeeded in three important areas: owning the dominant media. Owning the controlling banking houses. Lastly, creating Bolshevism, an assault upon respect for and obeyance of a Supreme Being.

detached.amusement's picture

I got news for ya, they were talking about how to take palestine on paper as early as 1870

DuneCreature's picture

Trump is under the thumb of someone.

I wonder who that could be?

I don't care what the history of these assholes are. Or what god they pay homage to. ...... If we don't pry them off of our face the parasites will kill us all. .. And NOW they have an AI computer system that tracks everyone, all the time, everywhere you go and everything you do (and think,....almost).

They might not be divine but they have 'God like' powers of 24/7 surveillance and enforcement might.

Live Hard, AND The AI AL System Has The 'Divide And Conquer' Drill Down To A Science, Die Free

~ DC 5.0

francis scott falseflag's picture


Doon. I really like your new avatar.  It reeks with class.


But I've got an even better one for you. Class, Looks. and GENIUS.

and a stylish new 'do' for your many, many devoted fans.

I call it the "Sir Isaac"


Nice, huh?

TheLastTrump's picture

Wow, you sure did go off the rails.  


The intel was not proven fake...but your post has been.

BritBob's picture

But the Russians will never believe it. What do you expect from a country that believes in fairy tale sovereignty claims?

Russia tells Britain give back Gibraltar & Falklands before telling US what to do.

RUSSIA has told Britain it should "clean its conscience" and give back Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands before it criticises them over their involvement in Ukraine. Moscow's ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin made the shocking remarks when responding to his British counterpart Matthew Rycroft at a UN security council meeting in New York. (Daily Express 4 Feb 2017)

Do the Spanish have a claim to the Rock? Gibraltar - Some Relevant International Law:

Perhaps not.

Funny thing to say when Argentina has never legally owned the Falklands. So how can they 'be returned' ?

Falklands- Never Belonged to Argentina:


BitchezGonnaBitch's picture

Bob, believe me when I tell you, we ARE biased to see our own greatness everywhere and putting others down is in our blood. I came to realise some time ago that Brits simply cannot fathom other peoples being equal, except those that maybe gave us a good hiding back in the day, i.e. France and the US (however grudgingly).

We simply do not accept that Spain, or Argentina, are deserving of custody. We, somehow, are. They're just too corrupt and lazy; we fixed that at home through the divine genius of two taps, The Archers and jellied eel and we're ready again to carry that torch into the Latin darkness. How dare they resist!

And even if they're too stupid to understand how we're doing them a favour by being so very close, so what. We matter, they don't. Ain't that right, Bob?

MiTasol's picture

Fucking Normans own Britain, the British were dispossesed 1000 years ago.