Top Missile and Chemical Weapons Expert Debunks Trump’s Claims About Syrian Chemical Weapons

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The Trump administration claims that it has proof that the Syrian government dropped chemical weapons from an airplane on April 4th.

But a top missile and chemical weapons expert told Washington’s Blog today that the weapon was not delivered by an airplane at all …

Specifically, we called Dr. Theodore Postol, professor of science, technology, and national security policy at MIT.  Postol’s main expertise is in ballistic missiles. He has a substantial background in air dispersal, including how toxic plumes move in the air. Postol has taught courses on weapons of mass destruction – including chemical and biological threats – at MIT.

Before joining MIT, Postol worked as an analyst at the Office of Technology Assessment, as a science and policy adviser to the chief of naval operations, and as a researcher at Argonne National Laboratory.

He also helped build a program at Stanford University to train mid-career scientists to study weapons technology in relation to defense and arms control policy.

Postol is a highly-decorated scientist, receiving the Leo Szilard Prize from the American Physical Society, the Hilliard Roderick Prize from the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the Richard L. Garwin Award from the Federation of American Scientists.

Postol previously debunked the U.S. government’s claims about a 2013 chemical weapons attack in Syria, causing the New York Times to back away from one of the main arguments for Syrian government culpability.

Postol told Washington’s Blog that a chemical weapon dropped from a plane would have included an explosive on the inside of the tube containing the chemical agent.

But the photograph the U.S. government released to show the weapon which released the chemicals on April 4th shows that the explosive was placed outside of the tube containing the chemical weapon.

Postol illustrates this fact in a report he released today:

Postol 1Postol 2 Postol 3Postol also notes that the weapon is simply a section of a 122 mm artillery rocket, rather than any type of weapon that would be released from a plane:

Postol 4Postol also told us that – contrary to popular myth – chemical weapons are more effective when there’s no wind, as people are exposed to the chemical for a longer period than if it’s calm (wind lifts some of the chemical upward, so it’s not as concentrated at ground level. On the other hand, a chemical released at ground level on a calm day moves about the same speed as a person walking … 1 to 2 meters per second).

Postol looked up the weather for the area where the chemical incident occurred.  It was quite windy the day before and the day after the incident, but was calm when the chemical release occurred.  So reports by the Russian government that it was windy that day are inaccurate.

Postol believes this provides circumstantial evidence that the chemical was released from the ground, and that the perpetrator intentionally waited for a calm day to set it off.

But Postol also told us that he has evidence that the site has been tampered with.  Specifically, he’s reviewed photographs of the site over time, which show that it has been modified.  [Update: he just sent us his Addendum on evidence tampering.] So there’s really no evidence linking the Syrian government with the chemical incident.

Postol told us that the errors, inconsistencies and lack of facts in both the 2013 and 2017 U.S. reports on Syrian chemical weapons incidents show that the reports were not vetted by any experienced intelligence officials.  In other words, these were political rather than fact-based reports.

Postol notes concerning the U.S. government’s report:

[It] does not provide any evidence whatsoever that the US government has concrete knowledge that the government of Syria was the source of the chemical attack.




[Like the report on the 2013 Syrian chemical attack, the government’s new report is] obviously false, misleading and amateurish.




What the country is now being told by the White House cannot be true.

Many other experts have also expressed doubts about the Trump administration’s claims regarding the chemical incident.

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dizzyfingers's picture
US Death Squad Training To Assassinate Kim


April 12, 2017


However, I know of one crippled SEAL now in the US who landed with a hit squad in N. Korea, and was shot up.

Note: Hoppe argues if there is to be a war, leaders on both sides should be targeted rather than the people. No bombs, no sanctions, etc. Pols, shockingly, tend not to agree. They’d rather kill millions.


(Let's hope if ire were to be vented, it goes to those who are responsible--D.C.--and nowhere else.)

Bubbette's picture

When we knock over Assad and Iran takes over they will have open access to Israel.  We have learned nothing from when the Shah was overthrown and the crazies took over because Carter refused to support him to allow the Prince to take the Throne, the two Bush morons invaded Iraq and knocked off Saddam who was containing Iran, then Obama and Hillary knocked off Gaddafi and we have total chaos in Norther Africa.  Bring our troops home, we cannot continue to bomb Nations at a whim without consequences, not the least of which is the $20 Trillion debt we face. 

dizzyfingers's picture
Protecting Christians


Writes George Rizk:

Hi Lew,

It is a great thing to see you today addressing the Trump attack on Syria, and to hear you clearly say that Assad and Saddam protected The Christians.

During the drive to invade Iraq, Saddam allowed CNN to report on his country from inside.  It was around Christmas time, and the CNN camera showed us a group of Christian Iraqis in a clean park in the center of Baghdad singing Christmas carols.  Today, in that same place, there is nothing but ugly unkept remnants of that park, and Christians Iraqis are either dead already, or afraid to admit that they are Christians lest they get beheaded.

There was a drive not too long ago to open Syria to Western tourists, and articles in the papers praised Syria as a great destination, its food, its modern secular people, and its ancient history.  The only drawback, as I remember is shortages of hotel rooms to accommodate the flood of American tourists.  Similarly, weeks before killing Qaddafi, he was pictured with many Western heads of states as a reformed leader ready to join the world community.  To these two specific reported instances in our fake media there can never be a readily available reason to turn 180 degree?  The unwashed are unable to ask why the sudden reversal?  What exactly took place behind closed door to anger our super lords?

If you remember, Baba Wawa ( Barbra Walter) went to Damascus to interview Assad and the super lords told her that she cannot broadcast her interview because it shows Assad a calm logical guy, not foaming at the mouth as other Muslims.

zazou pitts's picture

Somebody needs to contain Israel. They are the ones with expanisionist plans!

IranContra's picture

Trump in Same Predicament As Jesus

The Jewish high priest: "...Who was this son of Abraham?"
Jesus: "... the son of Abraham was Ishmael... that in him should all the tribes of the earth be blessed."
High priest: "Let us stone this impious fellow, for he is an Ishmaelite, and has spoken blasphemy against Moses and against the Law of God."
Gospel of Barnabas, Chapter 208

Trump: MAGA
Voters: Okay
Trump: I made an alliance with Arabs (Ishmaelites) against Iran which is the source of most terrorism.
Voters: Stone Trump, he has blasphemed against Iran!

Iran created terrorism in all directions: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyz Republic, ... and the rest of the world. The suicide bomber who hit Russia was Kyrgyz. If you are wondering why there is so little evidence against Iran's terrorism, how much clear evidence do we have against Israel's terrorism? Satan is hidden, and so is his work. We need to use our minds in this world where appearance and reality are total opposites.

Ace006's picture

Trump: I made an alliance with Arabs (liver eaters, head choppers, rapists, thieves, sadists) against Iran which is the source of most terrorism. I am soooo against terrorism. Those Iranian bastards!!

Hannibal's picture

Trump Uses Nukes: VT Teams Rush to Site of Nuclear Bunker Buster in Afghanistan

Will collect soil samples, witness statements as Trump's professed love of nukes becomes a reality

Trump’s first use of nuclear weapons, soon to be unleashed on Syria Arab Army, according to NSC sources:

For those within 15 miles of the blast area or downwind:  Please remove yourself from the area for 72 hours or up to 2 weeks.  Bring no food or water, wash throughly, wash clothing in water from well outside the blast area.  Wear a dust mask  More information to come:

highwaytoserfdom's picture

Dr. Theodore Postol, professor of science, technology, and national security policy at MIT Hey does he hang out with Noam the 911 science denier and gate keeper...


We are already in global government.


Moar War  MIT media labs keeping informed.  but also a verification system.   The fear is intelegent people..  I do not put myself in that position because I pay attention to "these those them that rule".   My thinking is count the money and FED and the "jobs" without morals is the Dot Plot of insanity.    Money in Freedom.

Ace006's picture

You give incoherence a bad name.

Bubbette's picture

Wasn't that a rock song?

Mariner33's picture

Dr. Postol reveals everything he knows, fully and openly, while the Trump Admin. says it cannot reveal how and what constitutes its opinion and findings that Syria was the operator of the gas attack from airplanes.  And the reason is...................beause it is CLASSIFIED!

It IS "classified".  It is classified as criminal, lying, deception, and disgraceful from the Deep State, which has taken over Trump, like the Borg took over Captain Piccard (played by the British metrosexual and hermaphrodite actor) in Star Trek.  He is now on remote and directed from a secure, remote, and secret location.  Donald Z.-for zombie-Trump.  It didnt' take long at all.  

The horror, the horror.

Reaper's picture

Nuremberg II:  Why did you move military assets in places to attack Syria before the gas was released?

Why did you promise to leave Assad alone two days earlier?

How could you emote over Assad's supposed killed babies and not emote over your own killed babies in Iraq and Yemen?

Why did you falsely accuse Assad, when you knew in advance who used the gas?

Why did you not stop or hinder the use of the poison gas?

Do you claim the Office of US President gives you sovereign immunity, but not the same to Mr. Assad?

Hammer of Light's picture


Keep firing!

WTFUD's picture

A Huge Apology to you GW. Having been a big fan for several years, i called you out 4 months or so ago for an article criticising the then Presidential Candidate Trump.

In hindsight having respected your opinions & evidence to back up those opinions over such a long period, it was poor judgement on my behalf.

This current SHITFEST of an Administration is 10 fold worse than the Previous; A REAL CIRCUS; A Fucking Embarrassment!

WTFUD's picture

You can't have your chocolate cake and eat it . . . until you watch these cruise missiles land in Eyeraq.
You mean Syria, Mr President?
Don't tell me what i mean, bitch, it was the best chocolate cake in the world. Don't take my word for it ask the President of China, Shitsod Abe.
You mean President Xi?
There you go again, for the last time, the chocolate cake and i have it on record was out of this world.

GOD HELP US!!!!!!!!!

johnnycanuck's picture

It was the nonchalant attitude of the huckster Trump that really got me.  Like a psycho rambling incoherently about his latest evil escapade. While having a beautiful slice of chocolate cake??  MAD took on a new meaning.

Northern Flicker's picture

I'll just add that "I am officially expressing my doubts about the Trump administration’s claims regarding the chemical incident."

Reaper's picture

The sheeple were trained to emote, which empowers them to avoid logic.  Their chief shepherd claimed he emoted after being instructed by his daughter.  The sheeple were instructed that their shepherd's emoting sent a message of his dominance and strength.  The sheeple imagined Putin and Xi shook with awe and fear.

Logic, scientific forensics, and decency are impediments to Donald's chest thumping.   Some day, maybe soon, it'll be asked, did Donald know in advance of the gas usage?   

Mariner33's picture

I beleive that Ivanka is Trump's Wife No. 2, Melania is his Wife No. 3, and Huma Ah been ding is his secret Wife No. 1.

bardot63's picture

122's were used by NVA against US forward bases in Vietnam.  Upon explosion, they blew open and shredded.  My platoon recovered one large shrapnel piece with CCCP stamped on it.  Phu Bai, Quang Tri province, May 21, 1968.  I have pix. 

biker's picture
biker (not verified) Apr 13, 2017 5:55 PM

128,650 US total casualties Korean (three year war)

Vietnam War 1955–75 47,424
Korean War 1950–53 33,746

20 years Vietnam War
3 years Korean War

the shorter war stats say its six times as worse than the other

DuneCreature's picture

Sorry about the OT tirade. ... I was chasing CIA rats and those little suckers have some high speed bandwidth.

Exellcent work, GW. ...... First class as usual.

Live Hard, Someone Has To Constantly Counter The MSM/CIA Propaganda Machine And It's Mostly A Thankless Job Even When You Bust Them, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

alexcojones's picture

Dear Doc Postol: Avoid nail guns

DuneCreature's picture

Shit, IranContra isn't here yet?

If he stops by somebody give him this message for me.


I count over 15 times you have pasted that blather on ZH threads.

You can wear a message out ya know?

Are you getting paid bulk rate bonuses at the CIA, IC?

You guys sure do have a hard on for Iran.

So what you are suggesting is; We are getting ready to nuke Iran because your colleagues at CIA have figured it all out and how you can do it and get away with it. ...... This is the excuse you plan on using? ... What are you? The fucking trial-balloon guy?

What happened? ... Did you piss someone off up stairs and they sent you over to ZeroHedge to take a beating? .... Or are you here punishing us? ... If so, it's working like a charm.

You cretins at CIA need to up your game if you're going to peddle your bullshit here. .. Damn....few ...are ...buying...any...of

Did anyone clear your Pestilence Level Five behavior through Langley?

Live Hard, How Many Nukes And What Size Do You Morons Want Us Tax Payers To Spring For On This Misadventure You've Cooked Up?, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

IranContra's picture

The Alliance Against Satan's Greater Iran Project

World Wars I & II were shaped by Zionism. Jews worked for banksters, supposedly to create Greater Israel.

However, Satan's plot for World War III involved both Jews and Shiites. Those Jews who really wanted to create Greater Israel were not told that Satan's ultimate goal was to create Greater Iran, not Greater Israel. Greater Iran's job is to slaughter Arabs and sabotage the return of Jesus Christ.

Arabs accept Jesus Christ as the only True Messiah and await his return. Shiites believe in a different messiah who speaks Hebrew and kills all Arabs before ruling the whole world.

Zionists did 9/11 for the sake of Greater Israel (Yenon plan). They thought that Arab countries would be balkanized and given to Israel. Instead, Rothschild canceled Yenon and turned his attention to the Greater Iran project.

Within few years of Iraq's invasion with Iran's help, the Arab Spring put Iranians (or crypto-Iranians) in power in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen. Obama almost had Iranians take Bahrain, and if Hillary had won, all the Arab states and much of North Africa would be under Iranian rule in collaboration with the Muslim Brotherhood.

When Obama put the Muslim Brotherhood in charge of Egypt, Iran helped massively. Iran helped the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, too. Leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood are on record despising Arabs and praising Iran. Iran is on record that the best Shiites are the Muslim Brotherhood. In people's experience with the MB, MB acts like Shiites indeed. MB are not Sunnis.

The Almighty created the Arab-American alliance under Trump in order to destroy the Greater Iran project. This explains Trump's priorities. He wants to save America and the world from the Greater Iran project. MB and Hezbollah are here, all over America, supported by liberals, neocons, and many Jews. They can drown America in real terrorism, not staged terrorism, unless their masterminds in Iran are knocked out.

Jared Kushner may have Zionist background, but his loyalty is to Trump who is running the project. Zionism is no longer being pursued with the goal of creating Greater Israel. Instead, Israel hopes to be safe in its current borders from Greater Iran.  Still, Israeli cooperation is seen with limitation by Trump. His main allies are Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and other Arabs.

Update: Tillerson explained this to Putin. All indications are that Putin will cooperate. Trump explained this to NATO's Stoltenberg and turned him around. NATO will no longer tolerate Iran and its Muslim Brotherhood.

East Indian's picture

Instead, Israel hopes to be safe in its current borders from Greater Iran.


Had a very good, belly-shaking, Bu-dai type laughter, for ten full minutes, rolling on the floor all the way to the door; it washed off all the negativity that seeps into my soul from this site, but it became impossible to stop the laughter. I had to hold my breath for twenty seconds to come to chortle level.

Thanks anyway.

DuneCreature's picture

I should have known you were pasting while I was typing.

Please tell me you're not a bot. ..... Bots are impossible to get rid of without resulting to IT virus warfare.

Live Hard, You Can't Make Bots Cry Either, Damn It, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

Northern Flicker's picture

Hey Dune,
I don't know if anyone can even read that crap, I could hardly get halfway thru it. Imagine the Muslim Brotherhood taking over the world - that's a job for Maxwell Smart. You might be right about the bot though - I am getting some new script on my screen.

DuneCreature's picture

Yes he/she/it might actually be a bot. ... The message is pretty incoherent. ... Bots don't have to make perfect sense to plant memes in your head.

Iran bad, CIA good, Muzzie Bros worse than Israel but not as bad as Russia, Turkey Ok, and we need to kick Iran's ass for Jesus and the poor underdog Sunnies, seems to be the meme being pushed here.

When things get too complicated people tend to think in sound bites and memes anyway.

"Killary For Prison" probably cost the wicked witch the election.

Live Hard, "Dump The Trump" Could Cost The Donald A Short Stay In The WH Too, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

Northern Flicker's picture

I am getting an "untrusted" script message.

:16 | :2 Came up after I opened this article I think. Never seen it before on ZH - see what happens now, if I can get rid of it.
DuneCreature's picture

The electronic warfare thing is only going to get worse, I'm afraid.

I would give you advice, but what it all boils down to is money and experience.

Me, I'm lucky I've been at this a while and have an arsenal of computer gear built up. .. I use Fed model Panasonic Toughbooks with removable hard drives I can pop out and replace when the crud gets too thick. .......I F-disk the dirty one and reload my whole set up depending on what I will use the laptop for. Something I can do on the side, while I'm skating around with the fresh one. I have an off line network 'they' can't get in (I think, LOL!) to store data and mirror drives.

'They' (the NSA, or hell, anyone with the right gear and software) can get into any network they want IF they devote enough resources, time and manpower (Hi, Donnie!) to the task.

If you're on just one machine it is tough to keep anyone (hackers) off of it. .. They have built in so many back doors PCs are a sieve.

We just have to be clever and keep changing up lines of comm and ways to stay ahead of AI AL. ... He's sluggish and not very creative but once 'it' is onto your methods it is lightening fast at messing with you.

Live Hard, Don't Put Anything You Don't Want The Whole World To Know On A Harddrive. ..... Especially One On The WWW, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

TheReplacement's picture

Use old hardware with a bootable CD for the OS.

DuneCreature's picture

Yes, you do get a clean fresh boot that way.

You probably heard the latest on the Mac OS and machines. The NSA had a preboot exploit built into the WiFi adapter firmware that loads before the OS goes into RAM.

I'll bet they have one in PC WiFi or bios gear too. ........ But like you said, use the old stuff. .... I'm keeping my Panasonics as long as they will still warm up and rock and roll. (upgraded with SSHDs, of course, and memory to the max :) ). ... The things are Tiger Tanks with 88mmers, so they don't die easy or quick.

Live Hard, In A War Like We Are In, Have Enemy Built 'Go To War' Computers, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

Spanky's picture

Live Hard, Don't Put Anything You Don't Want The Whole World To Know On A Harddrive. ..... Especially One On The WWW, Die Free -- DC v5.0

Had to login and up vote you just for that comment...


DuneCreature's picture

Thanks, Spank.

Something we should have all figured out post Snowden and now WikiLeaks Vault 7 and Montgomery, but I figured it was worth stating out loud for the less tech savvy or sleepy.

Live Hard, A Reminder Never Hurts, A Word To The Wise And All That Other Techie Mumbo Jumbo, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

Kyddyl's picture

So the American people are being terrorized by lies upon lies and stupidity upon stupidity by a frumpy orange buffoon who feels it necessary to drop MOAB in a God forsaken hole to show how big his balls are? I have had enough! 

perkunas's picture

"I have had enough!" you have seen nothing yet, the show is just starting.

Laddie's picture

I want to thank you for posting this. I had heard about this fellow yesterday but it is good that you gave a fuller explanation.
If you have a chance watch the interview from today that Assad had with Agence France Presse. Assad is INNOCENT, and TRUMP is a Zio-con, at the very least.


“President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner is micromanaging the National Security Council (NSC), according to a Wednesday report from the Washington Free Beacon.

The NSC advises the president on foreign policy and defense, and Kushner’s heavy involvement in causing trouble for the young administration, sources told the Free Beacon. Kushner, who has no foreign policy or military experience, has been saddled with a lot of responsibility in the Trump administration.

The 36-year old is reportedly tasked with achieving Middle East peace and serving as a liaison to China and Mexico. He also recently visited Iraq to be updated on the fight against ISIS. New York magazine reported that Kushner was instrumental in last week’s airstrikes on a Syrian airfield.

“Jared has been pegged as the ‘shadow secretary of state.’ But in a way he’s kind of also the shadow national security adviser and secretary of defense,” a White House official told the Free Beacon.

NSC staffers reportedly have to go through Kushner before putting out talking points or statements.

A National Security Council official said to the Free Beacon: “Such direct control of foreign policy from the West Wing has never happened before. It just creates a lot of drama. People just don’t know how to deal with it. We’re respectful of his position, but it’s confusing the policymaking process.”

Source : The Daily Caller

johnnyBoy's picture

Besides being son-in-law to the Prez, what has Kushner accomplished in his life thus far?  What has he started and finished successfully that would allow him to be advising the Prez on anything?  He is too young to be at the pinnacle of power with that much influence.

zazou pitts's picture

This is a psyop by Trump to make Ivanka and Jared world religious figures.

Check out this forum from 2008, written by someone handling Jared named babablacksheep.

It will blow your mind.

Page 1:  
Page 2: 
Page 3:
Page 4:

fleur de lis's picture

Trump had no professional reason to put Kushner in such a critical position.

And Kushner was just as bad to think he could step into the NSC and learn everything as he goes along.

Kushner will cause unnecessary trouble yet.

Just wait.

johnnycanuck's picture

It's been on many other sites already. 

barysenter's picture

MIT has zero cred. CIA has zero cred. MSM has zero cred.

We Are There.

johnnycanuck's picture

You prefer Elliot Higgins maybe.  Kerry and Davey Cameron seemed real fond of his non expert blogger's opinions back in 2013. Until this MIT guy picked his gibberish apart