Trump Preps New North Korea Sanctions As 'Armada' Continues Toward Peninsula

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As the world watches each new North Korean development with bated breath, the Trump administration is reportedly preparing new economic sanctions which could be used in lieu of military force to de-nuclearize the country.

According to Reuters, the sanctions could include a potential oil embargo, intercepting cargo ships headed to North Korea, a ban on the country's airline, Air Koryo, and punishments for Chinese banks doing business with Pyongyang.

Despite sending a naval force to the Korean peninsula, the Trump administration is focusing its North Korea strategy on tougher economic sanctions, possibly including an oil embargo, banning its airline, intercepting cargo ships and punishing Chinese banks doing business with Pyongyang, U.S. officials say.


U.S. President Donald Trump has approved a preliminary broad approach on North Korea and asked his national security team to craft a more detailed framework for new international sanctions and other actions to counter Pyongyang's nuclear and missile programs, one official said.


"There's a whole host of things that are possible, all the way up to what's essentially a trade quarantine on North Korea," the official told Reuters on Wednesday, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Of course, the U.N. could also impose economic sanctions that would include an embargo on oil supplies to North Korea; a global ban on Air Koryo; and interdiction of North Korean freighters on the high seas, a step that would go beyond an existing requirement for nations to inspect ships transiting their territory.  The United Nations could also prohibit the use of North Korean contracted labor abroad and expand the restrictions on coal exports to a total ban, officials told Reuters.

Another step could be a ban on North Korean seafood exports, Pyongyang's fourth-largest export to China, its main trading partner, and expanded efforts to seize assets of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his family.

Meanwhile, as a former U.S. State Department official points out, when it comes to economic sanctions, half measures rarely work.

Some analysts cautioned that targeting Chinese entities with so-called "secondary sanctions" could backfire and make Beijing less willing to cooperate, and that dealing with a country that already has nuclear weapons differs from dealing with one accused of trying acquire them.


"If you want to rely on sanctions to achieve your goal, you have to find a way to persuade or force the world into going all the way to a near full embargo or at least an embargo on key commodities like petroleum and on North Korean hard currency export earnings," said Joseph DeThomas, a former State Department official who worked on Iran and North Korea sanctions.


"Only if the regime sees continuation of sanctions as fatal will it consider change," he said.



Of course, news of economic sanctions comes as Trump's "armada" is still en route to the Korean peninsula.  And while the White House seems to be open to diplomatic measures, with the assistance of China, U.S. officials have confirmed that military options remain on the table with pre-emptive strikes on North Korea remaining a last resort....a threat which Trump seemingly confirmed personally over Twitter earlier this morning.


Meanwhile, China has already taken steps to cut off imports of North Korean coal shipments with customs data in Beijing on Thursday showing that imports had plunged 52% in the first three months in 2017.  But while China seems to be cooperating with diplomatic efforts to reign in North Korea's "crazy fat kid", as John McCain has described him, they've consistently warned the U.S. against the use of military force. 

China, North Korea's sole major ally and benefactor, which nevertheless opposes its weapons programme, has called for talks leading to a peaceful resolution and the denuclearisation of the peninsula.


"Military force cannot resolve the issue," Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told reporters in Beijing.


"Amid challenge there is opportunity. Amid tensions we will also find a kind of opportunity to return to talks."


"Whoever provokes the situation, whoever continues to make trouble in this place, they will have to assume historical responsibility," Wang said.


"As soon as North Korea complies with China's declared advice and suspends nuclear activities ... China will actively work to protect the security of a denuclearised North Korean nation and regime," said an editorial in the Global Times, which is published by the Communist party's People's Daily

So the only question now is: who will blink first?

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FrozenGoodz's picture

The warships are delivering sanctions?

BaBaBouy's picture

"Armada" seems Moving Slowly ...

Looney's picture


John McCain has been giggling like a 12-year-old girl lately.

One doesn’t have to be a Political Savant to know that if McCain smiles, let alone giggles, we’re all fucked.

I’d watch for Rex Tillerson. If/when he resigns, The End Is Nigh - start wrapping up your reproductive organs in Tinfoil, it might lessen the effect of radiation.  ;-)


froze25's picture

I have a feeling that the decision has been made, the "Crazy fat kid, is a dead man walking".

El Vaquero's picture

Probably so.  And China is in on it, it appears.  I don't even see Russia as being the wildcard, because even the Russian people view NK unfavorably.  

NoDebt's picture

Trump's approval rating up to 42%.  Just thought I'd point that out.


Jim Sampson's picture

How fast exactly can an armada travel?  And none of this knots shit...  give it to me in mph.

Dr. Engali's picture

I'll give you a hint. It's between 1 and 45 mph.

PrayingMantis's picture



... meanwhile, while Trump Preps New North Korea Sanctions,

... (in case you missed it), this is how the White House Intelligence report on the "chemical attack" went "Postol" ... read the full debunking by MIT Professor Theodore A. Postol ... "An emeritus MIT professor who challenged the 2013 claims of a chemical attack in Syria is now questioning the Trump administration’s narrative blaming the Assad government for the April 4 attack in the Idlib province town of Khan Sheikhoun."
... you can read more of his credentials here >>> ...

... read (or download) his scathing report (with pictures) and expose & ridicule the falseness, sham, and exaggerated claims of the "Assad-chemical-attack" narrative outlined in the WH Intelligence Report of April 11, 2017



... “Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive!” ~ Sir Walter Scott

Donald Trump's picture
Donald Trump (not verified) PrayingMantis Apr 13, 2017 12:21 PM

China has 2nd thoughts about Trump's plans:

Beijing Warns US Against Attacking North Korea: “Riskier than Striking Syria”


So much for Trump's wet dreams china will do the "cleaning" job for him.

john doeberg's picture

Listening to jews will get Trump only misery.

And to US also, god damn it.

They might be good with money, but lack proper understanding of Asian culture.


Trumpo, stop being an ASS !

new game's picture

depends on who is chasing you...

Dr. Engali's picture

48% and Drudge couldn't be happier.

quebecgold's picture

Is it possible that the nuclear bomb in the "tunnel" that NK is treatening to detonate on saturday is actually a lifeline by the North Korea's leadership? Is it possible for them to have build a small but deep 45km long tunnel that leads directly under Seoul. A nuclear blast like that would certainly level the city by causing a massive earthquake. What do you think?

Tiwin's picture

I think your understanding of earthquakes came from movies and comic books

quebecgold's picture

Nuclear blast has enough energy to cause a 8.0 earthquake. 

quebecgold's picture

Nuclear blast has enough energy to cause a 8.0 earthquake. 

Ricki13th's picture

His approval ratings are up because he gain the support of the establishment and even some liberals because of Kushner and Ivanka.

07564111's picture

I don't even see Russia as being the wildcard

You should probably think again, Russia is prepared for all eventualities and especially US/Japanese BS.


Son of Loki's picture

They can impose all the sanctions they want...the Fat Kid and top military generals and gubmint officals won't miss even one steak dinner.

It's the little peeples who will suffer.

Sadly, the shit falls on their backs.

caconhma's picture

Blockade and interception of ships of a sovereign state in international waters  are the acts of war. The orange-face POS apparently does not know this.

For the last 72 years, NK survived everything including beating shit out off the USA. I have no doubts that, if threatened, the fat boy will nuke the vital US assets and not only in Asia. What will shit-face buffoon do next? Remember that China will not tolerate a nuke-war on its own boarders!

Son of Loki's picture

Since we know sanctions have zero effect on these dictatorships, I would do the exact opposite---airlift tons of name brand sneakers, shirts, canned food (tuna fish, ham, etc), etc to the people and flood the country with really nice stuff from the air and enclose large pictuires adveritsing,..."this is what it's like outside your country..."

It would certainly do an end-run around the dictator who is starving his people there from what i've read. It would provoke some serious thought on the part of the people even if they are relatively helpless and unarmed.

Winston Churchill's picture

They did work on Rhodesia, only took 26 years.

So there is that.

Pliskin's picture

I wouldn't be so sure of that, POTUS is very well protected by his personal bodyguards AND the secret service.


bobbbny's picture

First McStain visits the rebels, then we get a gas attack & Tomahawks.

Now comes the armada. 

This is like Chistmas and a birthday all wrapped in one for the senile old reptile.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

If histroy is any indication of a predictor of the future, one would only have to look at the US oil blockade of Japan that resulted in the attack on Peral Harbor.  Fucking idiots...

new game's picture

dup thoughts. like trying to corner a female bear with cubs. very intelligent. plus one trumpty dumpty(where is that fuking wall?)

NoDecaf's picture

kick them out of SWIFT...oh wait nevermind

shut down their, google and facebook wonder twin powers activate!!!  oh well forget that too..

yeah just have the warships deliver the sanctions.

new game's picture

crazy fat kid from lump head. priceless...

RedBaron616's picture

Armadas are limited by the speed of their slowest ships. Also, they may be going slower than usual to allow other options, such as diplomatic, etc.

willy up the creek's picture

It's moving slowly on purpose.  To prolong and build the tension/pressure.  Don't you think?  

froze25's picture

I have always heard that N. Korea would be where WW3 starts. I hope that is wrong.

Winston Churchill's picture

I thought the Pentagram was in Virginia.

Raffie's picture

Think Syria is more logical where WW3 would start.

To me WW3 is started, but has not gone HOT yet. Lots of military pieces are in place on the board.

HRClinton's picture

We are doing our War Party best to strangle NK, until they lash out, and we have our Traditional pretext of leveling them.

It's the American way. Ask the NA Indians or Japanese. Or...

Tiwin's picture

the warships are delivering DIVERSION.

Diversion from the FACT that our military is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT ISRAEL OWNED.

Lookie lookie! We are somewhere besides in countries that Israel wants to take over!

See!!! fair and balanced world policing!!!!!!


HRClinton's picture

In that case, people who enlist should demand Dual US-Israeli citizenship, to realize the banking, tax and other benefits during and after their military service.

One of them is that the NSA and CIA are not allowed to spy on you.

You don't have to be Jewish to be a DC.

Sanity Bear's picture

I see through your calculated ruse to distract from the Snorlax invasion of our planet.

Raffie's picture

Time to buy Tomahawk stawks?

deplorable nation's picture

hahaha! Yes, crates and crates of "sanctions" are coming!!

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yeah Trump USA! USA now excuse my while I vomit in my mouth. 

aloha_snakbar's picture

Are the warships going to pick up Trumps new Peace Prize?

Winston Churchill's picture

Has ayone told Donald what happened to the last Armadas sent by  failng Empires, either Spain or the czars ?

juicy_bananas's picture

Let Kim save face and resign.   Give him unlimited free Big Macs and Disneyland tickets for life.  No one dies, everyone wins.  The art of the deal.

Trump will be credited with officially ending the Korean war and reunification.  Then he'll rightly earn a Nobel Peace Prize unlike the Kenyan.

J Jason Djfmam's picture

Lil' Kim will be like Napoleon a Water Lou's.