Tucker Carlson Tackles the Dangerous Case of the Democratic War Party, Itching For a Fight With Russia

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During last night's Tucker Carlson show, he attempted to find out why the democratic party, the same people who prided themselves on being anti-war during the Bush administration, were so god damned eager to wage war with just about anyone they could find willing to participate.
Inside of their party is one sole source of reason, Tulsi Gabbard, Iraqi war veteran, and Congresswoman from Hawaii who sits on the Armed Services and Foreign Affairs committees. In response to Trump's actions in Syria, Gabbard issued the following statement.

“It angers and saddens me that President Trump has taken the advice of war hawks and escalated our illegal regime change war to overthrow the Syrian government. This escalation is short-sighted and will lead to more dead civilians, more refugees, the strengthening of al-Qaeda and other terrorists, and a direct confrontation between the United States and Russia—which could lead to nuclear war.
“This Administration has acted recklessly without care or consideration of the dire consequences of the United States attack on Syria without waiting for the collection of evidence from the scene of the chemical poisoning. If President Assad is indeed guilty of this horrible chemical attack on innocent civilians, I will be the first to call for his prosecution and execution by the International Criminal Court. However, because of our attack on Syria, this investigation may now not even be possible. And without such evidence, a successful prosecution will be much harder.”


The subsequent result of her seemingly rational position was leaders on the left calling for her to step down.

Carlson tackled the subject in an eloquent 1-minute monolog.

One of his guests last night was a Democratic strategist, Al Mattour, war hawk -- a man interested in overseeing the deaths of thousands.
In a nutshell, Al believes we should wage war with anyone who attempts to 'disrupt our elections.' Tucker asked Mattour, plainly, 'how does having a confrontation with Russia makes our country more safer and prosperous?'
Mattour replied 'it makes us safer in our democratic processes to make sure their integrity is preserved.'
When Tucker juxtaposed China's actions towards the United States against Russia, asking 'why aren't you pushing for confrontation with China? They're doing everything Russia is doing, and more,' Mattour agreed that we should be confronting them in a similar bellicose fashion.

Lastly, Stephen Cohen, Professor of Russian studies at Princeton and NYU, an actual expert on China, weighed in, saying 'Russia thinks we're crazy, completely crazy.'
He even took some time to express his 'disgust' with Al Mattour, saying 'your previous guest, I don't mean to be rude to him. First of all, he doesn't know what he's talking about. And, secondly, he excludes the reality that Russia has a politics. And the politics in Russia today as we talk is [...] the concern that America is preparing war against Russia. If not on Syria, then on the other two cold war fronts [...] where NATO is building up in an unprecedented way. This is not good because they have nuclear weapons and because accidents happen.'
He then theorized what the conversation between Putin and Tillerson was like, pointing to the two having a history of trust together from the time Tillerson led Exxon Mobile.

'Rex, says Putin, what in the world is going on in Washington?'

Professor Cohen, ominously, summed it up, 'I'm not young. I've been doing this 40 years, sometimes as a Professor, sometimes inside. I have never been as worried as I am today about the possibility of war with Russia.'

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goatrock's picture

Tucker Carlson is a little bitch. Fuck that sissy little punk!

IranContra's picture

As to Assad, this is what I have to say to him:

Bashar, you're the double-faced one without an iota of conscience: you are making excuses to keep the Iranians who hate and slaughter Syrians, and you must know first hand that Iran runs and maintains ISIS, but you're not telling. Instead, you are using the liberal/neocon/Iranian "wahhabis are ISIS" mantra. You know that the Saudis are not behind ISIS.

You criminal Shiites and Alawis (very special Shiites) who hate Arabs, why do you want to run Arab countries and slaughter Arabs? Go home.

It's about all the above, not just the fact that someone on your watch is creating and using chemical weapons. You never imprison the terrorists, you just bus them around, don't you. You need them to play your game.

Game over, buster.

Tulsi means well, but she has met the creeps face to face. They infected her mind with their false claim of good will. The subject is too complex for her, anyway. Thank God we have a president who is not confused by complexity.

DuneCreature's picture

Well imagine catching you on this thread too.

So what you are suggesting is; We are getting ready to nuke Iran because your colleagues at CIA have figured it all out and how we (you) can do it and get away with it?

This is the excuse you plan on using? ... What are you? .... The fucking trial balloon guy?

What happened? ... Did you piss someone off up stairs and they sent you over to ZeroHedge to take a beating?

You cretins at CIA need to up your game if you're going to peddle your bullshit here.

Live Hard, How Many Nukes And What Size Are They Do You Morons Want Us Tax Payers To Spring For On This Misadventure You've Cooked Up For USSA 'Us's?, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

grizfish's picture

Tulsi Gabbard has a mindset like one of the authors of the Declaration of Independence.

"He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemies from oppression.  

For if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself."    

Thomas Paine

IranContra's picture

Trump will not start a war with Russia. For the first time in history, Christian Russia and Christian America are communicating about world affairs and resolving issues in good will.

Just remember what Tillerson's wife said as to why he should take the job. Putin and his men, and Trump and his men are acting for the benefit of humanity as best they can do it, and the Almighty is running the events.

Forget the headlines and the speculations. Look at the mid-term and long-term results.

Posa's picture

One mopre stunt like the false flag retaliation bombing... and Putin will strike... whether it's taking out an aircraft or destroyer or a US base... Putin will act... and then Dump gets to escalate or pull a Dutch Reagan in Lebanon deal.

DuneCreature's picture

So God sent a message to Tillerson huh?

More like the Mosaad as a cover letter on a blackmail video CD.


Live Hard, Or Maybe It Was You And Your Pals At Langley, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

the edge of chaos's picture

those who die are justified by wearing the badge of the chosen whites.....

Beans's picture

Silly question - Is that dipshit prick Al Mattour by any chance Jewish?

Neochrome's picture

Rational people like Tucker give me hope that not all is lost but it is definitively an uphill battle. 

oncemore's picture

U understand why nobody likes J3ws?

aloha_snakbar's picture

Mattour replied 'it makes us safer in our democratic processes to make sure their integrity is preserved.'

That is some funny ass shit, right there...

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Trump approval numbers up of late.


Libertarians outnumbered by the warhawks, who are on both the left and right.

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The important part of Trump's approval ratings is who they are. I'm sure a lot od Democrat voters are following the positive Liberal Media's praise of his bombings. But these guys wont be voting for Trump.

The statistic to know is - the Trump base that got him over the line, how are the voting. AND the Trump vote that got him over the line, will they bother to get out and vote at all next time.

Have no doubt that Trump has dissapointed many of his supporters and first time voters.

AND what seems to be a sweet 'victory' now might become an albatros for Trump later. The Syrian conflict is never going to be resolved the way the US Israel and Saudis want it, so it is going to be a continuing quagmire and stories of trying to defeat ISIS (actually they mean Syria). Trumps actions are going to seem like Obama's except with added stupidity.

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 The left likes to think of themselves as the anti war party.

 The right likes to think of themselves as the law and order party.

   Both of them have ditched their base in favor of greed.

  The good guys will keep right on getting shafted until we start looking out for each other. If we took half as much time watching each others backs as they do we might have a chance.

JesusUp's picture

if we are not willing to hold their feet to the fire,
to make them honor their promises,
to provide consequences for malfeasance,
this will not end
we will remain slaves in our own country,
assuming the world is not destroyed shortly.
this either/or stuff is for dummies

Mustafa Kemal's picture

Waiting for some confirmation on Steele's assertions. 

SRV's picture

Just a reminder... this incredibly dangerous and irresponsible act is all to save face for that piece of scum Clinton!

Has David Brock's prints all over it... the Russia collusion meme was rolled out the day after Assange released the DNC/Podesta emails that exposed the DNC effort to cheat Bernie and the horrors (never once reported in the corporate media) in the thousands of Podesta emails (including clear and surprisingly frequent pedo references... shhh, secret).

So the world sits in fear of WWIII because Hillary Clinton lost the election to the man the left did everything they could do to promote cause "NO WAY" she could ever lose to a clown like Trump!

Funny how the corporate media never shuts up about Trump/Putin collusion (without a single piece of hard evidence) while never discussing how the whole thing got started (it was first thing the monday morning before the DN Convention when Robbie Mook used the Russia hacked excuse on Morning Joe... neither one could stop laughing it was so preposterous... proving the big lie theory as it's now spoken of as fact on the corp media).

Hillary Clinton is prepared to continue these lies to save face and disrupt the man she lost the election to... and the hell with the other 7 billion on the planet.

SHE needs to go! 

roadhazard's picture

Yes, it's the DEMOCRAPS ! making Trump do stupid shit. And McCain and his little butt boy are repubicans doing all the yelling.  How about war monger FAUX NOOZE and the rest of the media. Democraps come in third or fourth.

barysenter's picture

Fake cold war 2.0. Bend over farther gringos.

manofthenorth's picture

When you are in the business of war.....

peace will make you poor.

Reaper's picture

Morons, believing themselves Exceptionals, demand to rule the world.   Morons ueber alles.

Pasadena Phil's picture

It's much more than the Democratic War Party. McCain and his girlfriend Grahamnesty are the leaders of this coalition of crazy war mongers. I prefer calling them the WWIII Caucus.

GunnyG's picture

McStain, Grahamnesty, RINOs and the Democrats are the War Party. As long as THEIR kids don't have to go that is.

nunyabidnez's picture

Too bad our president doesn't have a set of balls....what a lying piece of shit, no different than Obama.

Son of Loki's picture

Peace is not profitable to the MIC.

medium giraffe's picture

The party line or the unemployment line. 

Remember to wear breathing apparatus in DC, lest you be overcome by the stench of weaponised groupthink.

Consuelo's picture



Regarding the sentiments of Mr. Mattour:


We spoke yesterday of (26) years.   It has been 26 years since the $plundering of the defunct Soviet Union.   It has been a long stretch of being '#1' on the global stage, having your way, doing anything and everything you choose, without pushback.    That length of time has a tendency to make one arrogant and over-confident in his abilities...    Mr. Mattour - like legions of other full-bellied, well-clothed, well-sheltered individuals, have no idea of what awaits should this sort of arrogant behaviour persist.

moneybots's picture

Mattour replied 'it makes us safer in our democratic processes to make sure their integrity is preserved.'


What integrity is there when the mainstream media colludes with the democratic party?

Honest Sam's picture




wolf pup's picture

The DNC has loathed Tulsi since she stood up to Wasserman Schultz and HRC herself.

atthelake's picture

Our options are diminishing by the minute. All that are left are a tall oak and a rope.

Winston Churchill's picture

Plenty of cherry tree's in DC.

Will cover the smell of rotting carrion as well.

Just a shorter drop, so they may have to dance for a while as they


nachochan's picture

I don't usually post links in here but I feel this is some much needed information from professor cohen for all of us.  


I don't recall everything that was in this specific podcast but I do know he has pointed to several examples of what is wrong with the democrats mccarthyism and war push which I will list below: 

1.Democrats and Neocons say that Russia is to blame for not removing the chemical weapons when it was the UN that removed the weapons not Russia. 

2. Democrats say that the Russians hacked the election when the FBI director admitted that the DNC didn't allow its servers to be investigated. 

3. Democrats say that the fingerprints were shown to be from a Russian server.  The Russian man whos server has been charged to be the hacker has testified to this false narrative and proven it wasnt from him. 

4. During the campaign Trump only said two things about Putin #1 He seems like a guy who acts in the best interest of his country #2 It would be good if we could get along. Democrats and neocons alike have taken these two statements from the campaign to mean that Trump is in collusion with Russia and that somehow those two very reasonable and factually irrefutable statements make you crazy.  

Proffesor Cohen is probably the foremost expert in the US on Russia its history and our cold war history and he needs to be listened too!

DirtySanchez's picture

Establishment is willing to kill all of us simply to cover up the crime campaign perpetrated on the world, for God only knows how long.

The USA is the evil empire.

Trump swore he'd fix it.

Less than 3 months into his term, he is indistinguishable from bozo, w, hillbilly, and hw bush.

Sounds to me, this nation is FUBAR; and those establishment/deep state/neocon/neoliberal maniacs have something to hide.

nachochan's picture

Its about time they put Stephen Cohen on a msm network I've been listening to his astute knowledge of russia for years on the John Batchelor show and his own party of democrats hate him because he speaks truth.  4 minutes isn't enough for this man he needs to speaking out for hours about how todays mccarthyism is on par with his time living in the Soviet Union and the fake news networks and print media that the Soviets employed to decieve the public.  How scary that the roles have reversed and we are now the Soviets and they are the ones pushing for open markets.    

Truth is treason in the empire of lies.  

Bigern's picture

Roles have in many ways reversed as the flow of communist agitators into the US from the USSR was not prevented. Cleon Skoussen detailed in pretty well in his report to Congress on the matter in the sixties. Yuri Bezmenev, a KGB defector to the US, also detailed quite thoroughly what the strategy of the USSR was for suberting the US. War was impossible to win, impossible to fund, and impossible to survive, therefore they decided to infect and change us from within. 

From careful examination of the past six decades, with the condition of our education system, moral character, and governing ethics, they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

Dark star's picture

American "Policy" appears to be to play nicey nicey with the Chinese and be their bestest friend, whilst poking Russia in the eye as often as possible.

The aim of course is to break up the duality between Russia and China  which leaves USA in the cold, and turn it into a duality between USA and China, leaving Russia in the cold.

This has all the grace and subtlety of  13yo girls in a school playground, which appears to be about the USA policy level. Anyone who thinks the Chinese will be taken in by this charade is a clueless idiot.

The added disadvantage is that Trump has demonstrated to the entire world that his word is worthless and his promises have the sort of value associated with chocolate teapots and lace toilet paper.

No one can or will trust America's word on anything, until Trump is gone, and probably not even then, and the consequences of that are immeasurable. No one can make trade deals with a proven liar.

What I really cannot understand is why other Western leaders are supporting the USA's "Assad did it" accusations without question, thereby revealing to their own citizens their duplicity,and total absence of moral values. They need to be far more concerned to ensure that their own citizens trust and respect them, and less concerned about preserving an alliance with a USA which has clearly lost the plot and has become a danger to the entire world.

I did by the way, support Trump, until he broke every campaign pledge he ever made in the space of 24 hrs. I won't ever believe anything he says again.

Winston Churchill's picture

The good cop/bad cop routine they've run has bought them time.

The Russians have borne the brunt, and now want Xi to give them active support.

Its put up or shut up time for Xi.

Zero-Hegemon's picture

I like popcorn, but not burnt popcorn. If they have their way, that's all we'll have left.

Northern Flicker's picture

Seeing the US congress and leadership reacting to initiating agressive war on such flimsy reasoning suggests to me the "exceptional people" are exceptionally batshit crazy, or on somebody's payroll - take your pick (maybe both).

DuneCreature's picture

I'll let Clif give you his thoughts on this subject:

"These people (TPTB) are wackos. .. They're batshit. ..They're crazy. They don't behave like normal regular humans. People at the top are pedophiles. .. Many of them are being blackmailed. ........Probably most of them at the top are constantly stoned out of their minds on bazaar drugs we've never even heard of. ... Annnnd that's our world." ~ Clif High at halfpasthuman.com

In short, we are not really dealing with rational human beings, so who knows if we can stop them in time.

Live Hard, But We Listen To Them Tell Us What To Do?... That Makes Us As Crazy As They Are And We Don't Get The Bazaar Meds aND dAZzLInG vISuALS, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

Victory_Garden's picture

 "..They're crazy."

The entirety of satanisim/luciferianisim is all about everything not normal, or insane. To the evil ones, rationality is for the other people, not them. Chaos is the lubricant between all the idiotic efforts and actions of the satanist/luciferian to cause insanity and chaos in the 3-d world. No matter what mask or zoot suit they are waring, it is all the same shat. Evil. Many colored ties hide the wickedness behind the gentle smiles. Many of these types of evil things hide in today's modern churches. Every tree is known by its fruit and as long as people choose to eat the shit fruits, nothing will change until there are no fruits to eat at all.

The insanity of satanisim/luciferianisim/zionisim is all the same. Self destructive at best, and totally awful and horrid at worst. It is only the fake stream media that keeps these asshats in power. Evil could barely exist if it were not for the complicit fake stream media propaganda that goes hand and hand with the liars at large hiding it in plain view of the world's people.

Truth is life, untruth is death. 

People have to wake up and stop calling these evil things anything but what they are. EVIL! Why can't that be understood? Why can't people simply easily make the choice to live in an evil world or a good one, and then FIX what's wrong. How can this idiocy of the satanic/luciferic/zionist insanity continue day after freaking day unabated? Stop farking around, and TCB!

Meanwhile, the distractions will keep coming. Some pointed headed wacko sits in a room 24/7/365 just thinking up the craziest stupid arse things to pull off as the next distraction. Distractions from the distractions is the call of the day. Television is the evil hypodermic needle to inject the poisonous drug of dis/mis-information into the gullible minds of the people.

The latest example of this agenda is a false flag chemical weapons attack to start a distraction woar so people will not even be around for the Return Of The Lord. Try to imagine a world of people who suddenly look up and see it. The babylonian empire of dust does not want that to happen causing a total loss of their power over mankind. They want to create massive chaos to cover up what is happening in the heavens. One person goes so far as to suggest that THIS, is what is causing so much disharmony in the WH. Should the President make the Nibiru disclosure before a world woar, or not? What if all the zillions wasted on woar mongring were better spent to prepare the people for what comes? Russia has the best civil defense in the world. What ever happened to America's Civil Defense program?

For ships and grins, check this out.:



As moar and noar evidence comes in indicatiing that there are greater thingss happening up there, one is constantly reminded of what level to work on. A mundane material bassed one, or a higher vibrational spritual one? Choose well what you want to apply your vital life towards.. Why stack gold if you can not swim wil pockets full of it?

Time to plant carrots, beets, potatoes, radishes, and some flowers.

Live well and comfortable in the last days of Pompeii.







Anarchyteez's picture

I remember that DC. Cliff knocked it out of the park.

DuneCreature's picture

I heard Clif saying that and for a minute there our two brains synced up and I was talking out loud saying word for word exactly what he was. ....... It was like in music on stage in a jam when you connect with the drummer and lead guitar player as the bassist. You've never rehearsed the jam a lick but everyone is playing as one.

It doesn't happen too often on the Internet but when it does you know you have found cosmic truth.

I had to transcribe that truth ditty.

Live Hard, Scary Truth Granted, But Uncomfortable Truth Is Still Truth,... Play it, Clif! .. Get It, Bro!, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

nukes have lost their power, war using them is now the lefts only option..insane

drag these bastards out in the street and hang them...

shimmy's picture

I like Tucker for the most part but does he call out the republitards as well over this? They want this shit just as much as the dumbocrats and I fail to see why only one party of clowns should be criticized for it and not the other.

I think a big reason why the dumbocrats are pushing so much for this is because they know it will be a disaster and Trump will have to own it and they want him to look even worse. 

Winston Churchill's picture

He did the same to Lady Graham last week, made him look like the maniac he is.