5 Months Of Wasted Time

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'Hope' may create asset bubbles but it doesn't buy cars, put shoes on kids feet, or food on the family table...

5 months of hope... any day now the 'real' economy will catch up to the fantasy? Today alone we had disappointment in Retail Sales, Real Earnigs, and CPI!!


But it seems while 'hope' doesn't pay the bills (stagnating incomes), it certainly fuels the stock market...


Tick Tock Mr. Trump.

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It ain't wasted if you get paid to wait.

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Tax amnesty on repatriated overseas profits and with a flick of a pen Trump can summon DOW 30,000.

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Hope only goes so far. We need real solutions to get us back on the right path. Even then we are not good, but at least its moving in the right direction.

Layoff List: http://www.dailyjobcuts.com


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Message to Yellen, early AM - 11/9/2016:

THEM: "Looks like Trump is in, begin unwinding QE and crash this fucker right in his lap!"

YELLEN: "Yes My Master"

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There's four more years left of hope for healthcare, tax reform, wall, et al 

JRobby's picture

When are you going to drop dead you POS scumbag troll?

froze25's picture

When Hillary gets elected, so you know, never.

FrozenGoodz's picture

When all this winning starts, so you know, never.

kirby420's picture

improper use of et al. retard

Implied Violins's picture

I think he meant E.T. AI. In which case, he's right. Unfortunately.

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

And yet there are millions of people stupid enough to think that 'hope' is all it takes ... look at all of the people who bought into Obama's 'hope and change' bullsh*t.

cheka's picture

note the wiretapping has gone poof with the two non event bombings

corporatewhore's picture

making a deal no one could refuse, like the horsehead in the bed in The Godfather

NugginFuts's picture

Are you saying conservatives are as gullible as liberals?

Thank God I'm neither. 

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

I don't believe in 'hope,' I believe in working hard and getting results.  'Hope' never got anyone anywhere or improved anyone's life.

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Tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick

Tock tock tock tock tock tock tock tock

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Two more rate hikes

Moar QE

NugginFuts's picture

I say more rate hikes first; cuz ya gotta raise'm to lower'm, right? /sarc

JRobby's picture

There will be no more QE. If that Hitler gal had gotten in, there would have been MOAR. Now, no.

The Real Tony's picture

Same old story just a different cast with the change in the presidentcy. The old line of bullshit in America about interest rates going up next year (and every year until the universe finally ends) we may hear for the next 10,000 years or so. Fact is interest rates are never going up only down.

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We need another "clean, articulate" negro, "without a hint of a negro dialect", in charge.

That will fix everything.

JRobby's picture

"clean, articulate Manchurian negro, from Kenya "

Conax's picture


Blow flies liked to land on His Cleanness.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

I was trying to warn people.

JRobby's picture

Yes, we heard you but could not understand what you were saying because of your ether habit.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

The only thing that really worried me was the ether. There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a man in the depths of an ether binge. And I knew we'd get into that rotten stuff pretty soon.

H.S. Thompson

froze25's picture

Fear and Loathing, great movie.

Hongcha's picture

Good movie, great book.

Yukon Cornholius's picture

Except that the guy was a fucking pedo.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

Real Earnigs,

das rayciss

JRobby's picture

Back to Jack & Benzo's again?

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

So you didn't read the article?

JRobby's picture

Just some Friday fun. Thanks for joining in.

The disconnect and "searching" is historic. 5 months of a rising stock market with deteriorating fundementals. Very deteriorating.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

We don't need to eat, let's just sniff Trump's farts for sustenance.

froze25's picture

Think we will get super powers like the toxic avenger, or just puke?

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

no super powers, just stupor powers.

flaminratzazz's picture

Squirrels .. FVKIn Squirrels everywhere!!

.. there must be a hundred of em..

0valueleft's picture

Hope makes nothing happen.

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It's sad to see people arguing about Hillary or Trump or Obama or Bush or Reagan---none of it matters....the President and Congress are nothing more than middle management...they are the visible face that Americans see and wrongfully believe that their votes meant something.  You could vote a dead person for every seat in Congress and a grey bellied squirrel for the Presidency and nothing would change in this country.  Actually, that is wrong, there would be a lot less people talking and arguing senseless bullshit on TV.  The Prez don't mean dick!  get it in yer head----Trump is a puppet as any president is and ever will be in the good ol' USofA.

Canadianbacon's picture

Agreed, It took Obama a little longer to figure out he don't run shit. Trump just got the memo sooner cause he tried to make shit happen. Now Merica is the war machine it has always been.

IranContra's picture


Trump in Same Predicament As Jesus

The Jewish high priest: "...Who was this son of Abraham?"
Jesus: "... the son of Abraham was Ishmael... that in him should all the tribes of the earth be blessed."
High priest: "Let us stone this impious fellow, for he is an Ishmaelite, and has spoken blasphemy against Moses and against the Law of God."
Gospel of Barnabas, Chapter 208

Trump: MAGA
Voters: Okay
Trump: I made an alliance with Arabs (Ishmaelites) against Iran which is the source of most terrorism.
Voters: Stone Trump, he has blasphemed against Iran!

Iran created terrorism in all directions: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyz Republic, ... and the rest of the world. The suicide bomber who hit Russia was Kyrgyz. If you are wondering why there is so little evidence against Iran's terrorism, how much clear evidence do we have against Israel's terrorism? Satan is hidden, and so is his work. We need to use our minds in this world where appearance and reality are total opposites.

Snaffew's picture

Satan is visible everywhere in the form of humans---religion is the weapon of the satanistic human.  Animals do not destroy everything they touch...nor do they believe in a higher power.  

gdpetti's picture

You're dealing with a bunch of falsehoods.... Jewish 'religion' is essentially Satanism... which is why, in the leadup to WW2 when Hitler's Germany wanted to send their 'Jews' out to the world, no one wanted them.... why not? because they've been known for their past actions working against the govt/king/empire.. they don't integrate.... any group that doesn't assimulate is a problem... same with all 'elite' groups/clubs... they don't assimulate either, they keep us divided.

Trump is no Jesus... aka Julius Ceasar... the Christed, the Forgiver, etc etc... the names have been changed, but the program is the same... 'divide and conquer' the masses in order to maintain control of them... the history books are burnt to prevent the masses from learning the truth... it was called 'dumbing down' here in the States when Rockefeller and friends, backed by the Rothschilds, setup the system of society we know today... from medicine to public schools.. intended to keep the sheep uniformed and ignorant, thus less likely to protest and strike.... unless encouraged to do so by their masters.... of the universe... same story everytime. Iran, like Russia and CHina is blamed for being independent... for not 'sitting down, shutting up and following orders' like the rest of the herd, many of which are itching to step up but their local 'leaders' have sold them out long ago, same here in the States, EU etc. Trump is just another puppet, a excessive ego, but no brains... just the instincts to work the system... thus once in office, he brought in like minded egos to help him get his share of the spoils... and he's the best that can get through the system.... others that are really independent like Ron/Rand Paul, Jesse Ventura, Cynthia McKinney, Dennis Krucinich et al.. aren't allowed to get any press... no coverage, thus no awareness by the herd.. not that their votes really count.... didn't that detroit recount prove that with all that ballot stuffing?

zagzigga's picture

Who needs reality when fantasy works fantastically? Look at TSLA, AMZN etc. 

silverer's picture

Zeroes and ones are hard to hug. Go with something real.

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What would Hillary do... what would Obama do... so will Trump...