Facebook Scrambles to Shut Down Pro Le Pen Accounts Before Election

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The first round of French elections will be held on April 23rd, prompting Facebook to shut down pro Le Pen accounts, which they deem to be 'fake.'

In an effort to fight 'fake news' or misinformation, Facebook has targeted 30,000 'fake accounts' in order to control the information that its users consume.

In a statement to AFP, the company said they were trying to "reduce the spread of material generated through inauthentic activity, including spam, misinformation, or other deceptive content that is often shared by creators of fake accounts."

They are targeting accounts with the highest amount of traffic -- since they pose a grave threat to the croissant eating frog lovers in France.

In addition to outright bans, the company, in conjunction with French media, are running 'fact checking' programs -- designed to fight 'fake news', heightening their efforts around the elections -- which spans from 4/23-5/7.

All of this hysteria happened after Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump's twitter account this past November -- prompting officials to pressure Facebook and Twitter to do something about the brazen belittling and subversion of the main stream media. Last week, the company launched a tool to help its users identify 'fake news' in 14 countries -- including the U.S., France and Germany.

About a month ago, Facebook disabled our Facebook account, after we posted a picture of Chuck Schumer with Vlad Putin. This was a widely circulated news story at the time, which involved zero deception or any of the hallmarks that could be construed as being 'fake news.' Nevertheless, we lost access to the account and have ceased using the platform since then.

For those who publish independently and rely upon the 'socials' for traffic, heed the warnings given by Matt Drudge, founder of the Drudge Report, who compared them to ghettos -- corporate controlled denizens of propaganda.

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Can we air drop ZuckaBagOfDicks on the NORKS?

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So THE_REAL_FLY is a communist support like Le Pen.

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So liberating to no longer have a Facebook account.

FreedomWriter's picture

I still have mine, but only so I can post links like this one:




Heh heh......

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Cancelled my FB account about 7 yrs ago and never regretted it. Facebook sux balls.

HumanMan's picture

Signal and Protonmail; that's social enough.

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Zionists are going full throttle to avoid similar outcomes as is happening elsewhere in tthe world. To say that French people, for the most part, absolutely detest Jews is an understatement of the highest order You only need to keep up to date on the Quenelle saga or the widely underreported "anti semitic" attacks taking place against Jews on a daily basis across France.

Le Pen has the wrong bloodline, therefore she must be destroyed. 

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Vive le Pen!

Vive la France!!

natashav's picture

Le Pen is already chosen.

Zuckerberg is playing along.

Controlled Opposition.. attempting to make people believe there was some form of REAL opposition to Le Pen.

Just like they did with Trump.

The Triumvirate, who own Zuckerberg, and own the USA, have chosen Le Pen.

It's a done deal. 

The rest, including Facebook, is just theatre.

The Magazine of the Rulers, the Economist, told you who would be ruling France back in December:

thedespised's picture

playing along? He's one of the perpetrators.

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Zuckerburg.  Another member of The Tribe doing his part to thwart freedom and national independence anywhere on the planet.  Move along.  Nothing to see here, goy sheep.

Peterman333's picture

I'm making $7,000 per week working from home shutting down French Le Pen pages.

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and Fuck Zuck, the sooner Trump breaks up Facebook and Google information monopoly, the better chance he will have to end the world in a 2nd term if he doesn't accomplish that in his first

cui-bono's picture

It's best you address your concerns to Trump's handler, his son-in-law and Tribal member Jared Kushner.

Victory_Garden's picture

Oh how funny, just when one wants to believe that possibly jk is kinda OK suddenly it hits again...NOT!

Read on this article.

Steve Bannon Calls Jared Kushner a ‘Cuck’ and ‘Globalist’ Behind His Back:


Darn, how come those ziojews are always distracting away from what should really be looked at. Betcha there is no greater gang of colluding RICO racketerring gaggles of trash than the rothsichold owned ziojews, who can lie and deceive like the Devil can. They are always up to no good and stealing from the gulible so THEY can profit. WHY?

From Netanyahu’s infamous “Fink’s Bar diatribe” of 1990:

“If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it does not matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

And, why is america always being coaxed and hoaxed into going to woar for the globalist ziojewbanksters of babylon?

It has been going on for so long. It is disgusting, and wares on the temperance level of sanity. Everybody sees the evil satanic ziocorruption. It beats the world into slavery as the head zionazi says above. No one does a thing to arrest it..the evil...money-god freaks that start woars so their bankster masters will profit...and whole independent populations can be eliminated.

What happened to the Suzi Rice treason case?

Get rid of the corrupted ziocriminals in the American govt like Russia did in theirs. Might be a better world without them.


Zer0head's picture

meanwhile in Justin Trudeau's CANADA and the flood of illegals crossing the northern border to escape the Donald, this headline from Canada's version of NPR

Nearly half of recent illegal border crossers have criminal records, CBSA union says


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The more of this nonsense that happens--the better her odds of winning.  Thanks Zuck, Vive Le Pen!

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Social Networking = Social Engineering


lakecity55's picture


Fuckbook was always a scam. Get people on, feed them what you want them to think, take down posts that express other viewpoints.

Zuckerberg, another crook-legged jew.

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Stronger dictatorships than the Nazis or the Comrades. These are the dictatorships of the boy kings who know nothing about freedom and the costs it took to make them billionaires. A pox on all of them.

Sudden Debt's picture

America is yet again medling with other democratic western elections... no Russia... America...

Americans should realize they are living in a Nazi state and by keeping silent, they are all guilty of acts of war.



uhland62's picture

And not feeding the FB machine by not being a member there would also go a long way.

Election influencing operation - that's how the elites stay in power.

A Président Le Pen  wouldn't buy NATO compatible weapons from America any more , so business in the arms race would go down. Facebook directors probably have shares in Raytheon. In France herself a NATO exit would most likely result in fewer t_errorist attacks. 

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Kudos to you TB.  Only a few have the intellect to recognize their lucrative con game and its actual purpose.

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Destroy the MSM. Destroy the fake news media. Destroy all media. We don't need anyone or anything telling us what we should or should not know. We don't need or want to know anything. Leave us alone to figure it out. I don't want anyone telling me what to know or not know. Enough already! I('m mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore. I'm ready to drop out of misinformation overload...red flags, black flags. white flags. Stop the world. I want to get off. 


grizfish's picture

Facebook and twitter have always been social con organizations.  I never joined either.

Zero-Hegemon's picture


Go on and vote, maybe something will change. Perhaps not.

Hammer of Light's picture

Afternoon RANT! ~

We just removed all monetization of FACECUCK - YOU FUCKERS ARE DEAD TO OUR COMPANY - I will not give you cocksucking YEW bag fucks one THIN DIME EVER intentionally again.

I don't care if I lose ALL the money from a site that is simply DEAD TO ME> NOT EVEN A BILLION DO I CARE!

In fact, I'm offering a fat giveaway to anyone who leaves FACEBOOK! We're setting this up NOW. Leave facebook, reap rewards.

It's time to go to war with FACEBOOK and the CIA who built them. STARVE THIS FUCKING BEAST DEAD!

This goes the same for Google, Alphabet - and any company they own. We just killed every social  - GONE> TWITTER GONE too! It's time to start eliminating them, they will not survive without US motherfuckers but we will survive without THEM!

Kill the creature, kill it now and kill that fucking Zuckercuck zio-jew bag fucking dead where it hurts the most. HIT THAT WALLET!


It's time to go to war with anyone or any agency willing to turn on our own using our money they fucking slave from us. KILL THEM ALL - KILL THEIR MONEY!

If you insist upon drinking their poison... it's going to kill you. Stop drinking the poison! STOP USING THEM ~

goober's picture

I use FB but I do not monetize anything for them . I literally use them and beat tem a their own game.

Here is more we can all do easily to defeat PRAVDA/MSM and be done with them once and for all !



And here are two very important issues that need everybodies attention ASAP. Realize DOJ stopped the insane law suit for transgender bathorooms today so we do have power if we will simply use it ! Take these actions all for FREE !




Come on ZHers make it all viral ! I can't get enough winning after the past 8 yers of insanity. And if any want to donate simply conatct me at the site and I will show you how easily ! Should be obvius I am doing something quite right .


WhackoWarner's picture

Majority of people simply do not care about any of this spying.

Long as everything is SMART they will gobble it up.

But anyone even i/8 savy who cares about their rights to privacy will get off all this social media garbage.

I manage to be minimally content without any Facefuck, Twitter, Snappy chit, etc.  All of this has made me suspicious so I never joined; nor Googled, or used Cloud, or Hitmail etc.  None of it.

And keep my W 7 and only install updates I have checked out.  This month's updates are apparently a disaster.  (check Woody on this every month on every update offered).


oromae's picture

I'm fully confident heavy handedness like this would backfire big in the US of A. Let's hope the French feel the same way.

Hammer of Light's picture

Believe - It Has Begun! Semper Fi

Madcow's picture

FB is censoring and shutting down all content that is not directly related to pedophiles or terrorists. 

rjdsaldanha's picture


hustler etiquette's picture

Facebook is a type of Narrative Police eh? Their platform, their laws. Try Mastodon. Only recently learned of it, maybe from zerohedge or another site while binging on info

Hikikomori's picture

Facebook "All your data is belong to Zuck".

hustler etiquette's picture

Now there is a T-shirt. I'd rock it. Hikikomori want to go into the T-Shirt business?

Al Bondiga's picture

I hope Le Pen wins as well. Kill the fucking EU already.
Also, I deactivated my fucking Faceborg account. I'll miss keeping up with friends all over the world, but Faceborg is pure evil.

44magnum's picture

I'll miss keeping up with friends all over the world

Did you ever hear of e-mail?

FIAT CON's picture

I am surprised we the people, have not started a new crowd funded by the people, replacements for you tube and F*k book. 


philipat's picture

Yes, I have been wondering exactly the same thing myself. Surely the disenfranchised Youtube and Facefuck account holders in the alt media could seed a new alternative. It wouldn't cost a fortune to start because it could start small; it just has to be scaleable. I for one would be one of the first to crowd fund the development of such tamper-proof alternatives. So, back to your question, why not?

FreedomWriter's picture

Try existing alternatives like Duck Duck Go for search. Encrypt your DNS traffic and use anonymous proxies if you really hate being monitored. So many workarounds, so little time.

And be happy that there are multitudes of alternate platforms for social networking (like this one).

The nice thing about internet technology is it can be replicated almost anywhere by almost anyone. Darpa did a great job here ensuring that corporate-financed news ghettos would not be our only future. Probably the last time the military spent tax dollars on a perceptible social good. The choice is still ours, for now.

To help in this peaceful disruption process, be sure to post links to fun articles and truth bombs on all MSM comment sites, blogs, facebook pages, etc.

Streisand effect good, censorship bad. Your "friends" and friends will thank you later.

It will become increasingly difficult to keep 3.7 billion internet users penned-in. But we should certainly give the 0.1 %  points for trying.

FIAT CON's picture

The internet is still quite new to us sheeple, in the sense that we haven't replaced you tube, FK book, although the MSM is well on it's way to being replaced.

 A few more years with the right people, Maybe some from this very site, hence there are a lot of smart people on this site.

I definitely see it as the only way forward, I would also like to see all of us running open source Operating Sytems on our computers, with no proprietary BS.

cheka's picture

nationalize that crap - make it a utility

Posa's picture

What goes round comes round... If Penny does win she and her governmemnt can go to town with reprisals and effectively shut down FB, for say, tax evasion... antitrust monopoly, predatory behavior... etc...