USDJPY Tumbles To 5-Month Lows After Dismal US Data

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More indications that the US economy is not doing anything like as well as the soft survey data would suggest has sparked a fresh round of selling in USDJPY...


Sending Yen to its strongest since just after the Trump election.


This is the biggest weekly drop for USDJPY since July 2016

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Those that don't should.


The real problem emerging is the loss of the last peaceful hope for political change in the US.  There can't be productive investment and small business, entrepreneur-led growth as long a corruption, tyranny and the rule of the few continues to poison markets.

It's back to complete stagnation.  And as the globalists get back on the Clinton/McCain/neoTrump war wagon, with no ideas, no reforms, and nothing but a death spiral in prospect, it seems obvious that many more quiet optimists will now finally give up.

Retrench, expect net zero returns across all asset classes, increase savings, reduce consumption and above all GET OUT OF DEBT.  That is no guarantee, but the best chance. 

10% gold in an overall asset portfolio is the minimum.   I bet fewer than 5% of US households have anything like that.


Good luck and may God Bless our fair Republic this Good Friday.

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"...and may God Bless our fair Republic this Good Friday."


My guess would be that He's about to snatch the rug right out from underneath us.

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Truth about North Korea and Western Propaganda. Interesting ! Including many interviews with North Koreans and FAKENEWS stories created by BBC & CNN

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This would have pushed Gold through $1300 and Silver through the critical $18.54 level. But because the paper markets are closed for Easter, Gold cannot respond. Ridiculous eh?

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Yeah, I though it was a slow trading day, no volume!  LOL. showed a spike up to 1288 but didn't hold.  Paper markets are open somewhere.

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So buy physical gold while the price is suppressed. You'll be rewarded Monday morning.


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Forget about 'these markets'...


They have long been captured.   What remains for gold is what/when Russia and China decide to do with their own interbank systems for trade, and gold as an integral/functional part of their monetary systems.    All else is noise from here on in the West regarding gold.

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Just exactly what Orange Don wanted.

That pinko plastic is going to get too expensive to throw into the ocean.

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And Mother Fellen.....not so much?

flaminratzazz's picture

fvk mr fellen

just another bag of dicks suckin jew kike fvk.

Fake Trump's picture

America will be great again. No way. Trump is fully aware of his own bullshits therefore he is diverting the American people attention by having wars. 

FreeShitter's picture

The fed is using trump....fixed for ya.

Consuelo's picture



Trump is 'fully aware' of the wagon load of slime the Deep Shit has on him.

End of Story.



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locked in bitchez, enjoy your sweaty weekend.

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  I'm so glad I got out of that trade 2 weeks ago. KRUDola must be falling on his sword right about now.

  It's going to be ugly on Sunday.


      S&P 500 Futures

2,327.25 -13.50 -0.58%       Nasdaq Futures 5,357.38 -15.37 -0.29%    


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Be right, sit tight.

Laugh at all the assholes who bought the other side of the trade.

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Yeah, but it will all be back to happy times by Monday at 3:30.

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Forex Kong killed this trade having been short for weeks now.

He's now aggressively buying Canadian Pot Stocks, and has an email list for trade alerts.




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I thought it was Shemp-wave...?

medium giraffe's picture

something like that... sheep shave maybe


Games Without Frontiers's picture

America the Great...........Ponzi. The long dollar unwind is going to be delicious.

SMD's picture

Face it, Trump Trash- you've been Jewed.


Trump is Netanyahu's plant in the White House. A cabinet 100% of Goldman Sachs Jews at the critical posts.

Trump has reneged on every single campaign promise. Well, excepting to cut taxes on the rich.

Bannon, ex-Goldman Sachs but goy, was needed to write the script for The Jew to read to The Goy to get the votes.

Bannon is no longer needed, well until the re-election campaign.

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Netty even said he will suck the u.s dry so it can blow away...

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Other than Bannon, how's this different from any other president?

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USD/JPY high 109.221  low 108.561 so far today.  11 pips from support as of 18.30 BST

That should have given all the Crooked Comex shorts a very unenjoyable holiday.

Couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch of master manipulators.

Hope you're not short Au and Ag.

Al Huxley's picture

Betcha it's the crooked Comex shorts behind this holiday move.  Don't think they're going to get short-squeezed.  That only happens when

- you don't own the market and make all the fucking rules AND

- you don't have access to literally infinite funds to take the short side of the trade until you decide to fuck over the longs.


There may be a little gold party coming up here, but I'll be standing close to the fucking fire exits for the duration.