16 Injured In New York Train Station Stampede After "Gunshots" Heard

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Crowds fled New York's Penn Station Friday night after an Amtrak police officer deploying a Taser was mistaken for gunshots, causing a stampede that left 16 injured.

NBC New York reported that tourists, commuters and New Yorkers alike were hiding behind garbage cans, diving behind pillars and leaving belongings as they scrambled to escape the calamity. Rumors of a shooter spread to nearby Macy's at Herald Square, where people were seen rushing from the exits. At a press conference Friday night, the FDNY said 16 people were treated for non-life-threatening injuries after the Penn Station stampede. The NYPD said police received dozens of 911 calls to report shots fired at Penn Station, reports that were ultimately unfounded. Tensions were already high at the busy station after power problems caused a NJ Transit train carrying 1,200 passengers to get stuck in a Hudson River tunnel, leading to cancellations and delays for NJ Transit, Amtrak and LIRR trains just a week after a minor derailment led to days of service disruptions.

The stuck train spent three hours in the tunnel before it returned to Penn Station, where six people were treated for minor medical issues, officials said. As people were leaving the train they witnessed what one person described as a "wave of screaming and falling people."

A man near the Amtrak waiting area of the station had become belligerent and Amtrak police used a Taser on him, authorities said. News 4 video shows the man being led away in handcuffs.

The pop of the Taser and the reactions of people nearby spread fear through the Amtrak waiting area. Some people thought there was a shooter and ran. Others followed, unsure why hordes of people were fleeing.

"People were dropping luggage, kids, everybody was just running," one witness said. "Everybody was really scared. It was a stampede."

People were seen crying and screaming as they ran out of the station. Those still inside the waiting area stood around in shock or disbelief as the mayhem began to subside.

Mission Accomplished American politicians... your citizenry is terrified!

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New Yorkers must be getting weak.

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Guns are illegal in NYC.

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Democracy rules. Fucking animals.

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Here is a photo of the local citizens' vastly different reaction when the exact thing happened recently at a train station in Texas...



  • Personal security: Brian Hoffner, When seconds count, the police are only minutes away
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In Austin, I believe they recently held a 'cocks not glocks' rally.  Dildos galore.

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Jesus Christ.  The snowflake that triggered the avalanche. 

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That photo has clearly been doctored by the spooks from the deep state. No way King Solomon could get his hands on a rifle. Gun powder wasn't even invented until hundreds of years after his death.

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Idiot moron. People r animals and scared ppl r scared animals - dumbass.


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At the end of the video, the most coward of them all are seen hiding: NYC finest cops!


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Has anyone here ever heard a Taser discharged? I'm having a hard time imagining that it's anywhere near as loud as a gunshot.

The sound was probably amplified by the building itself, but even still...NYC's turned into a bunch of ninnies, apparently.

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What do you mean..Turned...?

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Actually, the cops in Detroit and Chicago do it right. They let the shooting stop, which usually means the niggers have all shot each other or they fled the scene. Then they go in sirens blazing. Why should a cop risk his life for some stupid gang banging street nigger who probably see 30, anyway?!?

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I've met a fair number of people packing heat in NYC. Illegal doesn't mean non-existent.

Arnold's picture

In Brighten Beach, ve are stronk.

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generational change coupled with perhaps majority now are from "outside" of Greater NYC - didnt grow up in the city   - real NYorkers dont act like this

DingleBarryObummer's picture

NYC: A beacon of "Progress"

Stronger, Together


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Okay, if it was anyplace else but the Big Crapple, I would say, gee, that is sort of sad...

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biker (not verified) Apr 15, 2017 1:53 PM

Run yankee, run!


~meanwhile guy flapping with 10 thousand volts gushing through his brain while mother is crying screaming at nypd cops.

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The upside, he prolly shit and pissed himself.

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People thought Shots rang out eh? Wonder who was involved in it???? Youfs? Teens? Toddlers? Infants? Or the newest one...... Fetus. Perhaps we need more programs fo dem folks

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Home of the Brave. Ha Ha !!!

Squid Viscous's picture

a stampede of sheeple!


serotonindumptruck's picture

A bunch of frightened little mice who collectively shit themselves in sheer terror if somebody pops a balloon in public.


bobbbny's picture

That's just the way they like them to be.

Very, very afraid.

PhilofOz's picture

Must be why I burst out laughing when I hear the US national anthem sung and these words come up.... O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

williambanzai7's picture

Somebody ate a cheese dog and a taco...

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For those who like reading, you may want to pick up a copy of "The World Conquerors" by Louis Marschalko (1958).

As a Hungarian, he saw firsthand how the Jews are, once they take off their masks.

The Jew's only loyalties lie with Judaism. They are loyal to a nation only as long as that nation's interests are in line with those of World Jewry.

As proof of that statement, I encourage any doubters to read about the atomic weapons program in the 40's, and the subsequent espionage trials that followed, once Jews gave the bomb to their co-religionists in the Soviet Union.

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What a shame. The NYPD should release Weiner's laptop. #pizzagate

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Looks like I caught my train out east in the nick of time .


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Civilization pivots on urban culture. Shameful NYC's time is past.

Other than women nursing children, Americans worthy of the name, holy and righteous, run toward the guns that Justice be done, not away.

Reform shall be coming to America one way or another, the actual prophesied "nation of unwalled villages":  Zion now under attack by (((Gog))) and Babylon.

Smelled NYC's sickness forty years ago and put down roots' building Atlanta instead. Praise God.

A sifting approaches.

Stu Elsample's picture

hahahaha....NYC is a cesspool of snowflake faggot liberals.....who are unarmed BY CHOICE''....and out of control armed nigger thugs who have total control of the weak and vulnerable (BY CHOICE) liberal idiots.....awesome combination!!!!

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And you MFs do not know how an ICBM sounds. 

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I am 200 miles away and I'm still running

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think of your gas bill april 2017

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Yep, every single one of them instantly thought, "hmmm, Muzzies?"

GotAFriendInBen's picture

WTF was that running into the CNN video at 10 seconds??

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American, home of the brave! hahahaha


tuetenueggel's picture

former God´s own country (he lost it to FED) and land of the free..........

better say land of the flees.

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Less-than-lethan weapons issued to be used ONLY for self-defense are being openly used as tools to elicit compliance.

It is time for juries and voters to demand accountability for aggression, no matter the office.

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More retards... wait till the real thing starts and fun shots are the norm. These sad cucks have no cloue.

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New Yorkers are on the Subways .. weak ass Long Islanders and NJ mice

Occams_Razor_Trader's picture

Most Long Islanders would kick your ass with one arm.

(I'm talking Gumbas not Juice.)

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these fucktard sheeple were running so hard they ended up in jersey....kinda running...most kinda waddled. i like the lady that yells 'why are we running' and another lady yells ' i dont know!'.....hahahahaha