India Claims 500 Pakistanis (Protecting ISIS) Killed In "Treasonous" US Bombing In Afghanistan

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While US officials have upped their death count from the Afghan MOAB drop to 94, Indian authorities are claiming that at least 500 Pakistani nationals (who had been protecting the ISIS operatives in this area) were killed in the US bombing in Nangarhar province.

One India reports that the area that was targetted was controlled by the Islamic State and protected by the Pakistan army, sources say.

The operation that was jointly coordinated by the 201 Selab Corps of the Afghanistan army targeted the caves and tunnels that were used as hiding places by the IS. It is now clear that the Pakistan army was backing these IS operatives in Afghanistan, official sources also confirmed.


Indian agencies who are coordinating withe counterparts in Afghanistan have learnt that there are no civilians living in the area. There were a large number of stooges of the Inter-Services intelligence who have been protecting the IS operatives in this area. The US action comes at a time when there was a huge build-up of IS forces in Afghanistan.


Indian agencies say that the Pakistan army and the ISI were nurturing these operatives. The entire area that was bombed was under the control of the ISI officials backing the IS, sources also said. The impact of the bomb was so huge that it blew up at least 500 Pakistanis and an equal number of IS operatives.

So, while India seems pleased with the result of the US bombing, not everyone else is. Reuters reports that former Afghan president Hamid Karzai accused his successor on Saturday of committing treason by allowing the U.S. military to drop the largest conventional bomb ever used in combat during an operation against Islamic State militants in Afghanistan.

Karzai, who also vowed to "stand against America", retains considerable influence within Afghanistan's majority Pashtun ethnic group, to which President Ashraf Ghani also belongs. His strong words could signal a broader political backlash that may endanger the U.S. military mission in Afghanistan.

"How could you permit Americans to bomb your country with a device equal to an atom bomb?" Karzai said at a public event in Kabul, questioning Ghani's decision. "If the government has permitted them to do this, that was wrong and it has committed a national treason."


"I decided to get America off my soil," he said. "This bomb wasn't only a violation of our sovereignty and a disrespect to our soil and environment, but will have bad effects for years."

Ghani's office said the strike had been closely coordinated between Afghan and U.S. forces and replied to Karzai's charges with a statement saying:

"Every Afghan has the right to speak their mind. This is a country of free speech."

Public reaction to Thursday's strike has been mixed, with some residents near the blast praising Afghan and U.S. troops for pushing back the Islamic State militants.

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Cognitive Dissonance's picture

So the US wasn't aware of the Pakistani's when they drop the bomb?

Where is the official denial so I know it's the truth?

<All I know is the truth won't be found in the MSM.>

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

Without a scorecard it's impossible to know who is on whose team

Promethus's picture

Kill them all. Let God sort them out.

macholatte's picture



How can you tell the difference between a vicious Muslim terrorist and an innocent Muslim civilian?

The civilian is the one who is dead.

toady's picture

They're gonna try to rebrande the Taliban as ISIS.

knukles's picture

Is that Ben Kingsley?  What's he doing here?

BullyBearish's picture

who's to say that the "moab" wasn't really a tactical nuke...I mean really...who would you believe?

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Ahmeexnal's picture

Why did Trump obliterate the Vimana hidden in A'stan? There are no ISIS in the region. All of them are now living in Europistan.

The_Juggernaut's picture

Fuck Karzai and the camel he rode in on.  

Manthong's picture

Pak it in, Karzai.

Maybe this makes up for all those Raytheon cruise missiles that missed in our illegal and immoral attack on Syria.

fleur de lis's picture

The CIA breeds and feeds ISIS, so they did it for some other reason.

Maybe too many of them were going rogue and up to something else, or they were too defiant, or simply too numerous in that area, perhaps threatened DC by cutting deals which some other group without permission, blackmail, talking to media, whatever.

Remember that iconic footage of the ISIS fighters in the white Toyotas headed by the thousands to Syria, all of them packed into the trucks and brandishing fancy weapons that were so generously donated by their DC handlers?

Everyone knew that they were going to start mass murder sprees, and yet DC never authorized a hit on the column of trucks.

It would have been a perfect hit to get rid of a long line of killers out in the wide open desert, far away from any civilians.

No one would have objected.

Yet the killers were allowed to travel for days unimpeded to Syrian towns and villages, spreading bloodshed everywhere.

So DC doesn't mind ISIS killers as long as they don't annoy their handlers.

The question is what did they do to get eliminated. 

This was personal between DC and them, not just simply killing off killers.

Something went sour.




nmewn's picture


"I decided to get America off my soil," he said. "This bomb wasn't only a violation of our sovereignty and a disrespect to our soil and environment, but will have bad effects for years."

...fuck you Karzai.

Did you notice "that environment" was a friggin moonscape before it was hit and is still a moonscape? Nothing has changed "environmentally". 

And speaking of "national sovereignty" were you as president in the habit of letting the ISI of Pakistan (the equivalent of the CIA & DHS rolled into one) and 500 Paki "nationals" hang out in your caves while receiving funding, direction and training for attacking your own people? It would seem your predecessor is not cool with that and you call that treason.

You can have them move back into those caves anytime, they'll just have to scrape the shit off the walls.

nmewn's picture

Multiple thoughts, one keyboard.

Karzai came before Ghani of course but it appears to me Karzai has no problem trading on others lives in trying to regain his political support. Treason? If anyone is treasonous it is Karzai himself.

911bodysnatchers322's picture

Google "Awan IT staff" then you'll know.


Or you can just go to reddit and read the sub I created and read the cliff notes on "hillary's hackers"

TLDR; Hillary is running several ratlines as the shadow sec of state (still) and is able to manage them through the liaison loophole of pakistani ISI who have infiltrated the entire US with prescription drug counterfeiters, heroin, guns, and human sex trafficking; she's able to continue to get away with this because of high level connections within the CIA that are working for her same weird / evil team.  They blackmail police, they blackmail intelilgence officers, NATO officers and various other politicians by luring them into sex and drug schemes.  They are truly nasty people.

There's a guy who has launched these islamic secular-leaning schools--fetullah Gulen--who is a runing a soft jihad against america, running ratlines around the world.  HRC and others are getting to topple countries on behalf of the UAE, and Saudi--they are ultimately fascist corporatists, but another word for them could be monarchists; only HRC wants to be queen as she practically worshipped and envied the late Pakistani Queen Benazir Bhutto.

Anyway that's what's hapening.  Hillary is ISIS; ISIS is various mercs with some al queda--who are nothing more than CIA mercs, also from Pakistan.  Al Queda are / have been since 1979 CIA' leave-behind Pakistani mercs placed in Afghanistan and Kashimri area to cockblock khazakstan and the other 'stans' from encroachment from Russian colonialsim.  That's isis.  And it is doing nothing more than trying to take over Syria to put in oil and natural gas pipelines to Turkey after Assad falls

Trump dropped tomahawks on a useless target as both a distraction and a way to show the public what frauds the media democrats are; but while they were gobbling on, he dropped a MOAB on a compound killing PK ISI. 

Sounds bad, but when you know who the Awan brothers are, and what they've done; and what these PK ISI are doing around our country and what they stole, then you will agree that they deserved it--they are runnign the whole fake drug biz and killing people with fentanyl



MrBoompi's picture

ISIS is whoever the US says it is, and India will play along accordingly.

EvilScientist's picture

If with the camel you mean the CIA and the US in general, better fuck yourself?

Oh regional Indian's picture

Good to see you back brother A.... it looks like the old guard is returning as we come to the end of some long enough timeline, whatever it is....


Bludklot's picture

MOAB is 11 tons, tactical nukes, even the smallest ones, are kilotons.

SoDamnMad's picture

Ben has been accepting those pallet loads of hundred dollar bills to keep the CIa heroin flowing to poison the children and taking both sides of the trade (he is not ex-Goldman but has learned quickly-perhaps this is part of the training we given them).  OK, so next time we will use a real nuc.

moneylover3's picture

All muslims are jihadis and/or supporters. So kill all motherfucking muzzies. allah hu fuckbar

lurker since 2012's picture

Yes, one has a head and the other doesn't.

Hans-Zandvliet's picture

I suppose that includes you? Using that kind of language, believing in that kind of 'justice', you shouldn't exclude yourself either

carlnpa's picture

I have another idea.

Why don't we let them kill each other - and we just go home.

These shitheads are not worth ONE precious American life.

Sudden Debt's picture

a year from now, half the truth will come out and it will only be mentioned as a footnote as the goldfish won't even remember it happened.

My bet is that it's a refund to India who's helping out America with it's gold shortage.

It will only be clear if there are now bigger border conflicts between pakistan and India

XOFnews's picture

It will be clear(er) when the Indians and Paks start up their nuke threats again...Trump's plan for world-wide chaos for obvious reasons to us ZHeaders. And my wife's punk heroin addicted son stole a crap load of my PMs last year. 

Socratic Dog's picture

Is he sleeping with the fishes now?

rtb61's picture

With out a score card, no, with out a cheque book it is impossible to tell who is on whose side. All down to who paid the most when. Captialism as war, straight up, with the entire planet as a battlefield, the wet dream of the neo-cons and the neo-libs or is that just the neos (why differentiate, there is no difference just different branding).

rtb61's picture

With out a score card, no, with out a cheque book it is impossible to tell who is on whose side. All down to who paid the most when. Captialism as war, straigh up, with the entire planet as a battlefield, the wet dream of the neo-cons and the neo-libs or is that just the neos (why differentiate, there is no difference just different branding).

flaminratzazz's picture

Paki muslim terrorists helping ISIS in the home of the taliban?

  Ok sure.. more bullshit. same bomb

Arnold's picture

Ikilled Osama bin Laden (in Pakistan ).


flaminratzazz's picture

if it comes from a war zone anyone with three cells left should call bullshit. Why do the sheeptards keep falling for it?

over and over and over and over and....

I see stupid people

Arnold's picture

I killed Osama bin Laden (in Pakistan ).


bruno_the's picture

Slow day fishy sources. Tyler on vacation.

Here is one better on google news

Companies controlled by Israeli mining magnate Beny Steinmetz sued fellow billionaire George Soros, claiming he cost them at least $10 billion

Here Moris says good shit

Raffie's picture

They got killed protecting terrorist and are upset?

I'm confused about this.

An the bomb was not environmentally friendly? I'm sure the bomb was GMO/GLUTEN FREE....

BurningFuld's picture

AND the calories really don't stick around.

Raffie's picture

MOAB is a great calorie burner.

Ghost Writer's picture

The US was aware unless the Pakistani's have found a way to blind recognisance satellites.  Which is doubtful. 

It's a message - would be a waste of effort for 90 terrorist trainees.

BlindMonkey's picture

I've heard "MOAB is a message.  TLAMs are a message.  Carriers, B-2, THAAD etc are messages."



Doesn't the state Department do emails and meetings anymore?

greenskeeper carl's picture

Apparently now that killery's server is gone they forgot how.

I Write Code's picture

You should see their equivalent of PowerPoint.


E-mail to Kharzai, and the Head Paki - 

Tough shit.

Yours truly, the CIA. 

"Building global instability since the beginning" 

The_Juggernaut's picture

Terror Distribution: We deliver

land_of_the_few's picture

Does this mean they killed some Saudis too?

icedoc's picture

I don't know. Brown goat humpers all look the same to me.


Winston Churchill's picture

Its BS Cog.

The effective blast radius of the MOAB, for all its size, is only 900ft, and thats on an open plain.

Of course they could all have been attending a wedding party, or funeral, to get them all that bunched

together.The again it may have been a hospital.All the prefered targets of the USSA.