The Last Country America "Liberated" From An "Evil" Dictator Is Now Openly Trading Slaves

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Authored by Carey Wedler via,

It is widely known that the U.S.-led NATO intervention to topple Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 resulted in a power vacuum that has allowed terror groups like ISIS to gain a foothold in the country.

Despite the destructive consequences of the 2011 invasion, the West is currently taking a similar trajectory with regard to Syria. Just as the Obama administration excoriated Gaddafi in 2011, highlighting his human rights abuses and insisting he must be removed from power to protect the Libyan people, the Trump administration is now pointing to the repressive policies of Bashar al-Assad in Syria and warning his regime will soon come to an end — all in the name of protecting Syrian civilians.

But as the U.S. and its allies fail to produce legal grounds for their recent air strike - let alone provide concrete evidence to back up their claims Assad was responsible for a deadly chemical attack last week - more hazards of invading foreign countries and removing their heads of state are emerging.

This week, new findings revealed another unintended consequence of “humanitarian intervention”: the growth of the human slave trade.

The Guardian reports that while “violence, extortion and slave labor” have been a reality for people trafficked through Libya in the past, the slave trade has recently expanded. Today, people are selling other human beings out in the open.

The latest reports of ‘slave markets’ for migrants can be added to a long list of outrages [in Libya],” said Mohammed Abdiker, head of operation and emergencies for the International Office of Migration, an intergovernmental organization that promotes “humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all,” according to its website. “The situation is dire. The more IOM engages inside Libya, the more we learn that it is a vale of tears for all too many migrants.”

The North African country is commonly used as a point of exit for refugees fleeing other parts of the continent. But since Gaddafi was overthrown in 2011, “the vast, sparsely populated country has slid into violent chaos and migrants with little cash and usually no papers are particularly vulnerable,” the Guardian explains.

One survivor from Senegal said he was passing through Libya from Niger with a group of other migrants attempting to flee their home countries. They had paid a smuggler to transport them via bus to the coast, where they would risk taking a boat to Europe. But rather than take them to the coast, the smuggler took them to a dusty lot in Sabha, Libya. According to Livia Manente, an IOM officer who interviews survivors, “their driver suddenly said middlemen had not passed on his fees and put his passengers up for sale.

Several other migrants confirmed his story, independently describing kinds of slave markets as well as kinds of private prisons all over in Libya,she said, adding IOM Italy had confirmed similar stories from migrants landing in southern Italy.

The Senegalese survivor said he was taken to a makeshift prison, which the Guardian notes are common in Libya.

“Those held inside are forced to work without pay, or on meager rations, and their captors regularly call family at home demanding a ransom. His captors asked for 300,000 west African francs (about £380), then sold him on to a larger jail where the demand doubled without explanation.”

When migrants were held too long without having a ransom paid for them, they were taken away and killed. “Some wasted away on meager rations in unsanitary conditions, dying of hunger and disease, but overall numbers never fell,” the Guardian reported.

“If the number of migrants goes down, because of death or someone is ransomed, the kidnappers just go to the market and buy one,” Manente said.

Giuseppe Loprete, IOM Niger’s chief of mission, confirmed these disturbing reports. “It’s very clear they see themselves as being treated as slaves,” he said. He arranged for the repatriation of 1,500 migrants just in the first three months of this year and is concerned more stories and incidents will emerge as more migrants return from Libya.

And conditions are worsening in Libya so I think we can also expect more in the coming months,” he added.

As the United States government continues to entertain regime change in Syria as a viable solution to the many crises in that country, it is becoming ever-more evident that ousting dictators — however detestable they may be —  is not effective. Toppling Saddam Hussein led not only to the deaths of civilians and radicalization within the population, but also the rise of ISIS.

As Libya, once a beacon of stability in the region, continues to devolve in the fallout from the Western “humanitarian” intervention – and as human beings are dragged into emerging slave trades while rapes and kidnappings plague the population - it is increasingly obvious that further war will only create even further suffering in unforeseen ways.

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Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Just one more scenery as West is trod path to serfdom, intellectually lazy and perpetually uncrious, distract by idevice and every butt wiggle of Kim Kardashian or surgical alteration of Bruce Gender.

earleflorida's picture

the agnostic has become the atheist,..and the blind faither has become the slayer of religious`justice

Xena fobe's picture

This is true.  Someone has to tell us.  Our lives are relatively easy and our history of struggle is forgotten.  Even if intellectually curious, it takes decades to aquire knowledge. 

Take the time to explain to an American what you know about the world and correct us when we are wrong.  We are isolated by oceans.  We are fed BS in school.  We see no reason to care about world affairs. 

If more of us do not learn, we will have to repeat history. 

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Boris is repeat history several time, but is only because Boris was stubborn and would not accept revisionist version taught by statist educator in Moscow middle school.

keep the bastards honest's picture

onya Boris. My little mum the regional beauty in an outback school in Aus handed in a blank history exam with a smirk at her final school year in 1935. refused to bow to the story told by english historians, didnt know like you did, but her blood told her. 

keep the bastards honest's picture

Brains have shrunk in the last  few hundreds of years. US were illiterates when the irish slaves were imported  early on.. irish were literate  revenge: men died in  a year max. Women bred. US is Reverting.

If you get going and re-learn basic surival  skills, food making, growing in cold climates, health medicine  from natural you will grow.  If you look back your ancestors survived horrendous times, its a miracle you are alive Xena and its your duty to survive. 

Ignatius's picture

How fitting that this be Obummer's and Klinton's legacy.

clinically alive's picture

Overthrown? You mean killed... 

at the helm, your usual suspects: HRC, General Petreaus, etc...

political_proxy's picture

at the helm
No. The Banksters were at the helm in historical fashion.
The money changers are pure evil. 

 “History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance.”

-James Madison

Giant Meteor's picture

The US supported mob, sodomized him with some sharp instrument, a knife I believe. Cannot remember if this topper was before or after death. Memory doesn't serve me well on that point, and I have no desire to watch the re-run on that bad ass, see everything internet channel ...

But the most indelible image of the entire affair, was Shillary bearing her fangs in that big toothy grin, we came, we saw, he died, or some such thing .. I mean fuck, even if you hated the motherfucker, that seemed, well it seemed a bit inappropriate, reminscient of Mad, Madelines utterances on prime time, regarding massive deaths of children by sanction, and of course nodding, well yes, we think it was worth it ... 

Death murder and mayhem, is nothing to cheer about. Not to mention war crimes, illegal wars against other nations, and crimes against humanity. At the very fucking least, it disqualify's a nation of claiming any moral high ground, likely forever more ..

Fucking humans ..

holgerdanske's picture

Why does this surprise anyone?\

We are all slaves to US imperialism.

The Libiyans are just worse off, but in essence we are in the same boat.

Laddie's picture

Khaddafy was the sole man STOPPING the FLOOD of Europe with black immigrants, or invaders. He had even warned Europe that if he was toppled the floodgates would open. He was a bright man, but too innocent. He really thought the governments of Europe CARED about their people. His 4 year old daughter, Hana, was killed by a bombing strike authorized by Ronald Reagan.

Khaddafy accepted ONLY the Koran as God's message. He did a lot of good things for the people of Libya, and his book The GREEN something or other, which I read years ago, had some very good insights into "Democracy"

He was murdered by Hillary Clinton supported thugs who RAPED him with a bayonet, before finishing him off.

Jewish Neocon Treason in Iraq and now in Syria supporting ISIS! April 10 2017 AUDIO

HowdyDoody's picture

The murder was filmed by a US SF dude who was there at the time. There is circumstantial evidence that Clinton took in a live feed.

A modern version of the Medieval tradition of Kings (or Queens) stating 'bring me his head on a plate'.

RussianSniper's picture

Christopher Stevens, the US Ambassador to Libya, was moving weapons in and out of middle eastern nations on behalf of the obama/hillary clusterfuck the entire middle east strategy.


Stevens, a gay man, was also beaten, tortured, and raped, with cocks, broomhandles, rifle barrels, and bayonets, by those allegedly offended by a movie.


Mr Trump had best come to his senses, or he may soon find himself buns up squealing, while McCain and Lindsay Graham are dealing.


Where did his 143 metric tons of gold end up?

Giant Meteor's picture

Thats what I want to know. I could get by with probably one metric ton ..

adanata's picture


The Baron's vaults in Basel?

HRClinton's picture

Puh-lease!  All US Administrations and their SoS do the bidding of their International Masters.

I may have been an enthusiastic puppet, who was only thinking of the next promotion, but a puppet nonetheless. 

All wars are bankers' wars.

Giant Meteor's picture

Correct again Hillary. I think I am falling in love with you. By the way, what did you do with the real Hillary?

consider me gone's picture

Oh fucking please!  Saint Kaddafi, that's just too ignorant for words.

Salsa Verde's picture


Attach to some sappy depressing picture.

All better now.

wisefool's picture

Thanks Obama! (and hillary). You enslaved us with your utterly corrupt IRS to fund the direct slavery of humans in failed states. All statists/satanists are cowards so you had to use our tax money to pay mercs to destabilize nations on the other side of the world, and enforce the tax code domestically.

adanata's picture


Obummer/Hilda work for the Barons de Rothschild; the BIS owns the Fed [and owns/controls virtually every other bank on the planet right down to your local credit union]. Never forget the proper chain of command. The CIA led Libyan "rebels" did something never done before in the heat of battle; they established a Rothschild led Libyan Central Bank almost before firing a shot... that's why I assume the gold hoard is in Basel.

I fear we are now observing President Kushner 'Rothschild' and First Lady Ivanka...  lazing around the Oval office "advising" dear old dad.

DirtySanchez's picture

I dream this slave trade happens to each and every blood relative  of the bush, clinton, bozo, mccain, graham, kerry, reid, families.

I can think of no more deserving punishment than to be sold as a commodity, because your corrupt, power hungry, relative decided your fate.

Segestan's picture

Khaddafy was a POS just like the little chip munk.....

jm's picture

We're all SOBs, just some have the bombs.

I've tried to think through the rationale behind the US approach to the middle east, to find a ration core to what has transpired.

I think the idea truly was and is to mnage the implosion of a destabilizing region.  Saudis export their toxic human waste into foreign ecosystems to shore up a dying religion called Islam.  Every day thousands of muslims become ex-muslims because they started learning how to read critically and they see how ridiculous belief in Mohammad really is.  The malls in the gulf don't sudden stop during the call to prayer.  Their daughters watch South Korean soap operas and fap.  We are living in the great Sunni unwind, which one of those once in a century events that unfold slow. There is a reaction of violence from the unemployed, unmarried, 25ish testosterone crowd because like all young losers they want to break the system.  

The idea is to draw in these hardcore sunni islamic murderers that think ISIS is the right solution, keep them occupied in their home turf and not our side of the field, then kill or use them against team Shiite.  This is shockingly cynical and basically assumes that the people there are pretty much inedible cattle. It is also absolute hubris to think that the US or anyone else can control and shape how a whole civilization will implode. It is a vile sausage but what this is what every country does insofar as they are able when in its prime. It explains Iraq, Syria, MENA.  Doesn't explain Egypt, Turkey.  Lebanon was the spark to the bonfire.

Obama actively supports the Muslim Brotherhood even when they were slaughtering Copts and trying to cement a caliphate.  And he turned a blind eye to the despotic moves of Erdoyan in Turkey to the point that Obama was dismissed in total disgust.  Then Obama displayed such animosity to al-Sisi when he restored order that Egypt and the US couldn't even talk until Trump came in. Then Obama just forced us to watch in horror as he wallowed in excrement.

Bush believed in democracy as a cure, which was stupid.  Doesn't work when voters are intimidated into silence by bearded manics who think it is cool that their prophet tried to genocide all the unbelievers when he had the advantage and grovelled when they didn't. Bush left a steamed bag of crap for Obama, and Obama was so inferior to the task that he rubbed himself in the contents. I remain nauseated by his trail of epic fails.

So Trump is making some clear moves.  He is using force.  He is killing who he wants to kill.  This is the natural order of the world, sad as it is: the strong rule the weak.  In a past world we would have shipped the conquered Pashtuns into the Iraq to keep them in line. in exchange for letting them do their worst.  Then shipped in Iraqis to Libya to keep them in line in exchange for you kno what.

MENA... it sucks to be you.  The sooner the unwind runs its course the better.  Thucydides is rolling over in his unmarked grave somewhere by the shimmering inefficiency and nonsense.



Giant Meteor's picture

Good stuff here, thoughts.

I'm thinking it all comes down to negative return on dying resources and bling. It's all about propping up vaunted, time and true, "way's of life" at the expense to the pawns and serfs, .. and as history has repeatedly demonstrated, time, and time again.

So the Saudi princes, and of course their allies, team murika and Israel, conspire and fight to stay on top.

It seems however, other's may have another clue, and may not allow idefinitely this "arrangement" to rule the planet. Not to mention the facts on the ground, which say's, three card monty ain't gonna work forever ..



jm's picture

Most on this planet surfs these gigantic waves and thinks somebody is in control of it all. they may not like who they think is in control, and be angry they are not in control, but they have their article of faith that someobody runs this show.  

There is no control on something as big as a billion or so people waking to the fact that they used to believe in a pedophile.  Just growing, dying, and evolution. Islam is dead if it can't evolve into something better than a 7th century relic that promises you 72 virgin humps in the afterlife.  

But the apex predators will go on playing the fools nd pretending it is all peachy... until those aircraft carriers become floating coffins. The US has got some time left, I should think. Trump got his education on who's who and it looks like he plays a little rough.  Everybody else is still trying to punch bove their weight.  Thankfully Oama is gone. 

Der Mentsh trakht und Gott lakht.




Giant Meteor's picture

Yes indeed, indeed ..

Man plans and God laughs.

I was schooled on this very thing some many years ago. A wonderful realization, and in my own case, a long time coming.

Although even in that statement (mine) demonstrates a good deal of arrogance, and pride. Things happen when they are suppose to happen, and not a moment sooner .. no regrets.

My sage friend had another way of saying it. "Wanna give God a good chuckle?" - "Go ahead and tell him YOUR plans and designs for living.." Then of course we would broaden the conversation from there ....

Good hearing from you, and not that it matters much, but the upvote is mine, ;)

Good day to you fellow traveler,

Well done.

earleflorida's picture

? " Bush believed in democracy as a cure which was stupid " ?

This sir, is exactly how disinformation is disseminated--- so subtle, so subliminal, so esoteric until it blackens one heart...where rational thought morphs into a 'grey`mass so deep the shadows seem like beacons from hades?

  Baby Bush was behind the whole '911' and World dominance, having nothing to do with democracy or his god and flag dress`rehearsals. His war for democracy was put in motion as far back as April/1998  

Bay Area Guy's picture

He kept the various factions, both religious and secular from exterminating each other. In other words, he did what was best for the people of his country. He may have, from time to time, had to take brutal measures to prevent genocide on behalf of those various factions, but the bloodshed in Libya would have been orders of magnitude higher, had he not.....very much like what Libya has descended into now. He did a hell of a lot better for the common people in Libya than any of the so-called leaders of the US have done over the last several decades.

Giant Meteor's picture

Good and often overlooked point. 

The other is, one cannot cry about killin, murder and terrorism, when one engages in it themselves, as already pointed out, in magnitudes and degrees higher, or, the highest. I mean hell, this isn't even about the "blame game" , which is of course part and parcel of the "human condition." It is about who is to control, rule the world, it's resources, and for who's benefit.

Murder and genocide, merely a means to an end.

The end ..


JLee2027's picture

Gaddafi had rejected terrorism.  Still had other problems, but was no longer the evil dictator he was in the 1980's.

Wahooo's picture

But he was brown and had no central bank,

earleflorida's picture

gaddafi: the pan-am lockerbie (1988) flight 103, was orchestrated by a syrian terrorist group inside syria!

gaddafi: his so-called nuclear program was BS-- he did purchased from A Q Khan's, 'Nuclear Supermarket' a small starter kit, as a dozen other nations had, but never pursued the technology. it was warehoused and never opened. 

gaddafi: had done moar for the regional poor countries neighboring libya than egypt, algeria,tunisia, and morroco combined.

Wahooo's picture

Meanwhile the Deep State global elote move on. They don't care about the slave trade. I don't understand why the media and the public think they would.

VWAndy's picture

 Well it does solve a few economic isuues. Like paying people for the fruits of their labor.

Omega_Man's picture

merica should be destroyed for it's evil... along with israel.... total shitheads

lie_to_me's picture

Only the government and elites please. The citizens can't stop the Deep State.

Internet-is-Beast's picture

What is the biggest sin? Feeling justified

oldguyonBMXbike's picture

Call me a sinner, because I feel justified in hanging traitors and pedophiles.

Internet-is-Beast's picture

Hang them with your own hands instead of waiting, like a coward, for others or the state to do it.

atthelake's picture

Why is anyone surprised? You know the intent is to destroy, depopulate, kill, steal and harm, every way possible. 

Vlad, first DC.

wiser's picture

peace and stabiliy in the world don't pay the military complex... 

djrichard's picture

"We came, we saw, he died".

Dabooda's picture

You left out the giggle at the end. 

Rjh's picture

Who cares. It's a muslim country. Let them kill each other off, and we can help with a nuke or two, or twenty.

Rufus Temblor's picture

George Bush, Obama and Hillary Clinton tried to "liberate" Libya, Egypt and Syria. Libya is a total failure, but maybe it's a success in Obama's eyes. The Egyptians were smarter than Obama predicted, so they're safe for now. In Syria, we have a great opportunity to maintain at least a modicum of stability, by getting the hell outta there.