Meet The Lawyer Who's Suing Saudi Arabia For Financing The 9/11 Attacks

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Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

I’ve stopped calling what our government has done a cover-up. Cover-up suggests a passive activity. What they’re doing now I call aggressive deception.


– Former Senator Bob Graham, co-chair of Congress’s 9/11 Joint Inquiry

With the recent arrival of our new baby daughter, free time for reading has been in extremely short supply as of late. That said, I did find some time yesterday while she was napping to read a fascinating and infuriating article published at Politico about a New York attorney’s mission to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for its role in financing the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Longtime readers will be aware of the fact that I’ve never accepted the U.S. government’s fairytale story about how the 9/11 attacks went down, and my suspicions of deep Saudi involvement were confirmed by last year’s release of the infamous “28 pages.” Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote at the time from the post, The 28-Pages Are Way Worse Than I Thought:

Shortly after the release of the infamous 28-pages earlier today, the White House issued a statement dismissing allegations of Saudi involvement in the attacks of 9/11. I believe such assurances are intended to prevent people from reading it in the first place, because if you actually read them, your mouth will be wide open the entire time in disbelief.


There are only two conclusions any thinking person can come to after reading the 28-pages.


1. Elements within the Saudi government ran the operations behind the 9/11 attack.

2. The U.S. government covered it up.


But don’t take my word for it. You should read it yourself.

If you missed that post the first time around, you should definitely check it out.

Moving along, a recently published Politico piece adds additional pieces to the puzzle, and makes it clear that the U.S. government continues to intentionally cover up Saudi Arabia’s increasingly obvious role in the terrorist attack. The following should make your blood boil, and lead you to wonder why the U.S. government continues to have such deep ties to this barbaric, terrorist-funding regime.

Here are excerpts from, One Man’s Quest to Prove Saudi Arabia Bankrolled 9/11:

When Jim Kreindler got to his midtown Manhattan office on Friday, July 15, 2016, he had a surprise waiting for him. Twice in the previous eight years, Kreindler had been in the room as then-President Barack Obama promised Kreindler’s clients he would declassify a batch of documents that had taken on near mythic importance to those seeking the full truth of who had helped plan and fund the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Now, Kreindler learned, “the 28 pages” as they were known, were open for inspection and it was up to his team to find something of value. It wasn’t long before they did—a single, vague line about a Somali charity in Southern California.


That obscure reference would soon become part of the backbone of an argument that Kreindler and his firm have been making for a long time: Without financial and logistical support from members of the government of Saudi Arabia, the 9/11 attacks would have never taken place.


Sometimes it seemed as though Kreindler’s own government were actively working against the firm; agencies denied Freedom of Information Act requests and shared information with the Saudis as often as with his team. “I’ve stopped calling what our government has done a cover-up,” says former Senator Bob Graham, the co-chair of Congress’s 9/11 Joint Inquiry and the most prominent voice alleging a connection between the Saudis and the hijackers. “Cover-up suggests a passive activity. What they’re doing now I call aggressive deception.”

It seems to me the very country in the Middle East the U.S. government should be bombing, is precisely the one it defends most aggressively.

Saudi Arabia was Kreindler’s focus because many, including well-placed people like Graham, had long suspected that it had played a role in the plot, a charge the Saudis had always vociferously denied. Suspicions were fueled, however, by what the U.S. government had chosen not to reveal after the attacks. The post-9/11 Joint Inquiry, the first U.S. investigation led by the House and Senate intelligence committees, had exposed nearly 1,000 pages of documentation and evidence to public scrutiny. But upon its release in 2002, President George W. Bush ordered a small portion—the 28 pages—to remain classified. They were allegedly full of unpursued leads that hinted at a relationship between the 19 hijackers—15 of whom were Saudi nationals—and people possibly linked to the Saudi government. Then came the later 9/11 Commission, whose own members protested drastic, last-minute edits that seemed to absolve the Saudi government of any responsibility.


On March 20, 2017, for the first time in the case’s long history, the firm named the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as its lead defendant. This was made possible because the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, a bill that allows U.S. nationals to sue countries even if those countries have not been deemed a state sponsor of terrorism, had passed in September and survived Obama’s veto.

Now here’s the recent breakthrough in the case, which comes courtesy of information gleaned from a Somali man who was living in San Diego at the time of the attacks, Omar Abdi Mohamed.

By now, according to the agent’s later grand jury testimony, Schultz knew this to be untrue. As he and Mohamed were speaking, Schultz’s colleagues were rifling through that stucco home and finding deposit slips that told a very different story. Far from destitute, the Western Somali Relief Agency had received more than $370,000 in donations in less than three years. The vast majority of that money had come from the suburban Chicago branch of an international nonprofit called Global Relief, according to the indictment that the government would ultimately file against Mohamed. In the two years between Mohamed’s first interview and his second, Global Relief had been designated by the United States Treasury Department as a supporter of terrorism due to its alleged connections to Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda, according to Schultz’s grand jury testimony. What’s more, the agents discovered checks that showed Mohamed quickly moved the cash he had received from Global Relief to a money transfer service that operated throughout the Middle East. For a nonprofit allegedly created to provide humanitarian assistance, the series of events looked suspicious. So did the fact that Mohamed refused to tell the truth.


Schultz also knew something else. Mohamed had claimed that his one and only job was as a teacher’s aide. But ICE officials had just discovered that was also untrue. Even before his arrival in the United States, Mohamed had been employed as a “propagator” for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Islamic Affairs, an agency long suspected of ties to extremists. For nearly a decade, Mohamed had received $1,750 a month to provide written reports on the local Islamic community. Even Mohamed’s listed reason for obtaining a religious worker’s visa, that he was to assist a San Diego imam, had been untrue. That same imam had told Schultz that Mohamed didn’t actually do any work. The mosque where he was supposedly first employed was just a small apartment. The story had been a ruse meant to help him gain entry into the United States.


This might have been the last anyone ever heard of Mohamed if it hadn’t been for a member of Kreindler’s team who noticed that one vague line in the “28 pages.” It was a reference to a Somali nonprofit that, according to an FBI agent, “may allow the Saudi government to provide al Qaeda with funding through covert or indirect means.” They knew of only one Somali nonprofit with Saudi ties in San Diego—Mohamed’s Western Somali Relief.


In their 15 years on the case, Kreindler’s team hadn’t persuaded the U.S. government to provide them much of anything useful. And it certainly hadn’t had any success with the government’s Saudi counterparts. But they had spent more than a decade legally compelling some of the largest charities in the Middle East to hand over documents. Many individuals within the U.S. government knew these charities had provided financial and logistical support for the people and groups American officials labeled as terrorists. This trove of documents had grown into a database made up of terabytes worth of information—the firm’s well-organized haystack. And after Kreindler started looking more closely at Omar Abdi Mohamed, the firm found a needle.


During his 2004 interview with ICE, Mohamed said he once had been visited by an official from the Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs, the same department from which he was receiving a monthly check. Mohamed gave the man’s name as “Khaleid”, though the last name he offered was garbled. The ICE agent helpfully provided him with one: Sowailem.


Khaleid Sowailem was, at the time, the head of Da’Wah, a department within the ministry whose stated goal is proselytizing. It’s a mission the Saudis accomplish by spending more than anyone in the world to build, staff and support madrassas and mosques to spread Wahhabism, the ultraconservative form of Islam unique to the kingdom and embraced by Osama bin Laden. It’s the main reason why one analyst once described Saudi Arabia as “both the arsonist and the firefighter” when it comes to global terrorism. It only made sense, then, that a man like Mohamed, a “propagator,” would be of interest to Sowaleim, the bureaucrat in charge of propagation.


Bob Graham had long suspected that men like Sowailem working in the Ministry of Islamic Affairs were the strongest link between the hijackers and the Saudis. “I came to the conclusion that there was a support network by trying to assess how the 19 hijackers could pull it off with their significant limitations,” Graham told me recently. “Most couldn’t speak English, most had never been in the United States, and most were not well educated. How could they carry out such a complex task?” Graham’s suspicions were heightened by the connections between the ministry and two men in what had come to be known as the San Diego cell.


The first man was Fahad al-Thumairy, an imam at the King Fahad mosque in Los Angeles who was known for his virulently anti-American views. Thumairy was also an employee of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs. The second was Omar al-Bayoumi, a garrulous man who many in San Diego’s Islamic community assumed to be a spy, since he could often be found walking around with a video recorder, taping everyone he encountered. Bayoumi was also paid by the Saudis—he had been employed in a series of ghost jobs since the ‘70s, according to the complaint. He was also the man who had made a claim that many U.S. investigators still find too coincidental to be true.


In a post-9/11 interview with the FBI, Bayoumi had said that he was dining in a Middle Eastern restaurant in Los Angeles in early 2000 when he happened to strike up a conversation with two complete strangers with familiar accents. A friendship developed, based off that single encounter. Bayoumi helped the strangers find apartments in San Diego; threw them a large welcome party; co-signed their leases and provided them money for rent; let them borrow his cellphone; even introduced them to people who helped them obtain drivers licenses and contact flight schools. Those two men were hijackers Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi, the first plotters to enter the United States, whose lives would end when American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon.

Yep, it’s all just a coincidence, surely.

The FBI has long believed that Bayoumi’s chance encounter came immediately after meeting with Thumairy. Shortly after that meeting, Bayoumi’s $3,000-a-month Saudi salary was bumped up to $7,000. To people like Graham, the implication was clear: Thumairy, a Ministry of Islamic Affairs employee, had tasked Bayoumi with helping the hijackers settle into a foreign country, and his Saudi employers had provided him with extra cash to do so.

Doesn’t really take a detective to figure that one out.

Kreindler’s team knew all of this, as did any student of 9/11. What they didn’t know was whether there was any link to Mohamed, or to the man whom ICE agents had identified as his boss. So Kreindler’s team took Sowailem’s name and plugged it into their database. They got a hit. Years before, Kreindler had received hundreds of thousands of pages of documents from a Saudi-funded charity called World Assembly of Muslim Youth, which according to the complaint, was linked to Al Qaeda. There, at the top of a single page, it found a note from Khaleid Sowailem written on official letterhead from the ministry. On that note was Sowailem’s phone number at the Saudi Embassy in Washington, D.C. They then plugged that number into the database and, again, out came a hit—this time, one that linked back to the men Kreindler and the rest of the world had already heard of.


According to heavily redacted FBI records gathered after 9/11, in the three months after Bayoumi allegedly randomly ran into and befriended the two hijackers, he also made nearly 100 calls to Saudi officials in the U.S. Thirty of those calls went to the number that Kreindler had uncovered as Sowailem’s direct line. What’s more, Kreindler’s team knew that in December 2003 the U.S. State Department had quietly revoked the diplomatic credentials of two dozen Saudi personnel. Kreindler knew that the State Department published complete lists of diplomats every quarter. They checked the last listing in 2003—Sowailem’s name was on it. They then checked the first listing in 2004—Sowailem’s name was gone.


According to court documents filed in the case against him, starting in December 1998 and continuing until May 2001 Omar Abdi Mohamed wrote 65 checks—some as small as $370; others as large as $60,000—to Dahabshiil. The total amount, some $370,000, is roughly the same as what the 9/11 Commission estimated as the cost of the plot.


To the people at Kreindler, there’s something else suspicious about Mohamed’s money transfers. It’s not just that he lied about them to the government. Or lied about the fact that he conducted them while working for the Saudis. It’s also the timing. The transfers came just months after two massive truck bombs went off almost simultaneously in front of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. One of the statements issued by 9/11 Commission staff shows that in the aftermath of those bombings, Vice President Al Gore made a trip to Riyadh with the express purpose of getting the Saudis to give American investigators more access to people who could shed light on Al Qaeda’s financial backing—people who were already in Saudi custody. The Saudis, the 9/11 Commission staff wrote, were “reluctant or unable to provide much help … the United States never obtained this access.”


Similar attempts to reach ICE’s Schultz and the FBI agent who helped investigate Mohamed were also unsuccessful. During Mohamed’s immigration trial, the government successfully persuaded a judge to suppress the evidence it had gathered against him, citing matters of national security. In late March, Jim Kreindler’s firm received a formal notice from the Justice Department that its request to review that evidence would be denied.

Can you believe this crap? Americans knowing the truth about 9/11 is considered a risk to “national security.” What a joke.

What happens next in Kreindler’s case against Saudi Arabia is unclear. JASTA allowed him and his firm to name the country as a defendant, but the bill has come under serious attack since its passage. (Congress overrode Obama’s veto, the first of his two terms.) Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham have spent a considerable amount of time arguing against it, and continue to argue to water it down, saying that if other countries pass similar laws the nation hurt most by the trend may be our own. Then there is the Saudi lobbying apparatus, which at one point last fall numbered more than 10 firms and millions of dollars in fees per month. Just recently, the Daily Caller reported that U.S. military veterans were allegedly being offered what they thought were merely free trips to Washington, D.C., that were actually a Saudi-backed attempt by a lobbying firm to use former service members to argue against JASTA.

It’s always John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Always.

Least known of all is what might happen now that Donald Trump is president. During the campaign, Trump described Obama’s veto of JASTA as “shameful” and “one of the low points of his presidency.” Once in office, however, Trump has seemingly reverted to the status quo. He recently held a series of high-level meetings with Saudi deputies that the country’s delegates described optimistically as a “historic turning point” in the two allies’ relationship. Trump’s administration is now said to be weighing even greater involvement in Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen, which the Saudis see as a proxy battle with Iran, its primary Middle East antagonist. The Trump State Department has also approved a resumption of sales of precision-guided weapons to the Saudis, a measure that was suspended late in the Obama administration.

For a prior article I wrote on JASTA, see: U.S. Corporations Side With Saudi Arabia Against the American People Over 9/11 Victims Bill

It seems exceedingly unlikely that Kreindler’s firm will receive anything like the sort of treatment it got from the U.S. government during its two decades-long case against Libya. Back then, the firm worked hand in glove with high-ranking officials in the State Department in order to resolve the Lockerbie case—paying victims’ families their settlement money was one of the conditions Qadhafi had to satisfy in order to have key economic sanctions finally lifted. In lieu of that level of support, Kreindler has identified a series of smaller measures Trump could take that would still help his case and, just as important, paint a fuller picture of the years and months of stateside planning prior to 9/11. Key among those are FBI reports that might shed light on who, if anyone, was helping the terrorists in the many other American cities in which they lived. As Bob Graham points out, the only reason the evidence in San Diego is compelling is because we actually know it, a result of some good detective work by a member of his Joint Inquiry staff. “I believe if we knew all the facts,” Graham says, “We would find that there were people similar to al-Bayoumi and Mohamed in southeast Florida, Virginia and New Jersey.”


That we don’t have definitive answers is a testament to the enduring secrecy that persists almost 16 years later. It’s also a testament to the patience of people like Kreindler, whose team has been working that whole time to get what it needs to prove its case, and who believes that no matter who is in office, there will only be one conclusion.

Presidents come and go, but support for the Saudi terrorist state is timeless.

So who does U.S. government work for anyway? Hint, not U.S. citizens.

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knukles's picture

Maybe there is a method to this madness after all ......

Raffie's picture


NO.. all people involved be brought to America for trial then sentencing for crimes against humanity.

Then round up all the Americans involved as well, rinse and repeat.

junction's picture

"Suicide squad, we have a special assignment for you. stat!"

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Though he died in 2015, it's well worth it to read the books and online info. with expert insight of WWII Veteran and FAA inspector Rodney Stich is the main site which lead to others of his creation including this:

nmewn's picture

...yes indeedy. 

Omar al-Bayoumi, Osama Bassnan, Shayk Fahad al-Thumairy and Prince Bandar. 

Radical Marijuana's picture


I would agree with your proposition, IF

one expressed that in the past tense:

There WAS a method to the madness.

One of the features of Zero Hedge which I appreciate is that under various superficially correct articles regarding the events on 9/11 there are many insightful comments which I agree with, and which are overwhelmingly up-voted. But nevertheless, the ROOT of the "madness" continues to have its methods, that MAD Money As Debt is backed by MAD Mutual Assured Destruction.

While there surely were some sensible methods to the madness when metal money was backed by swords and spears, and that continued through the development of paper money backed by gunpowder weapons, the development of globalized electronic money, backed by atomic weapons, is MADNESS on such an astronomically amplified scale that the previous methods of social successfulness based on being able to back up lies with violence, and enforce frauds, is becoming more and more criminally insane, at about an exponentially increasing rate.



Globalized Neolithic Civilization is currently dominated by the people who could stage the events on 9/11/2001 as a successful inside job, false flag attack, which would enable them to carry through the rest of their agenda. Indeed, 9/11 was the most spectacular symbol, so far, of the ways that the combined money/murder systems actually operate. HOWEVER, the methods in the madness of excessively successful organized crime have become runaway criminal insanities. Various aspects of progress in physical science and technology are channeled through political systems based on being able to back up lies with violence, which are therefore done on ever greater orders of magnitude, which results in Civilization as a whole becoming exponentially more psychotic.

Paul Craig Roberts Asks "Is That Armageddon Over The Horizon?"

"When you watch the president and government in Washington, the European governments, especially the idiots in London, the Canadian and Australian governments, you can only marvel at the total stupidity of “Western leadership.” They are begging for the end of the world. And the presstitutes are at work driving toward the end of life. Huge numbers of Western peoples are being prepared for their demise, and they are protected from the realization by their insouciance."

Although the majority of people who bother to comment and vote on Zero Hedge appear to better understand that 9/11 must have been some kind of inside job, false flag attack (although exactly how that was done is open to reasonable debate, since the physical evidence was summarily destroyed, rather than properly examined, at that time) the degree to which the political puppets and masses of muppets can NOT publicly express reasonable doubts regarding the official story surrounding 9/11 indicates the tragic trajectory that Paul Craig Roberts expresses.

"When you watch the president and government in Washington, the European governments, especially the idiots in London, the Canadian and Australian governments, you can only marvel at the total stupidity of “Western leadership.”

They are "not really in charge, just a tool of the Anglo-Zionist Empire ..."

The historically successful methods in the madness were the ways that the money systems paid for the murder systems, which backed up the money systems in return. The essence of the Anglo-Zionist Empire is who controls the public "money" supplies, such that the "money" is made out of nothing as debts, while those frauds by private banks are enforced by public governments. Furthermore, the vicious spirals of the funding of all aspects of the political processes have resulted in sociopolitical institutions, such as the schools and mass media, necessarily operating within the overwhelmingly dominate financial accounting systems, despite that those accounting systems are not only based on enforcing frauds, but also becoming exponentially more fraudulent, due to those being powered up and UP by prodigious advancing physical science and technology.

Inside of those fundamentally fraudulent financial accounting systems are the presstitutes, whose personal careers were based on them making "money" within the MAD Money As Debt systems. Indeed, to the degree that people's lives are dominated by the public "money" supplies, which degree has become more than 99%, there are NO politically possible ways to prevent the runaway criminal insanities from heading towards PEAK INSANITIES. Globalized electronic monkey money frauds, backed by the threat of force from apes with atomic bombs, no longer have the slightest shred of any still sane methods being applied to their runaway MADNESS!

Hurricane Baby's picture

"Saudi Arabia"?
Is that what we're calling that shitty little country these days?

Mr T's picture

Mr Krieger I don't want to diminish this work especially when you probably have better things to do. However while the Saudis may have provided Petro dollars and Patsies.


ChaoKrungThep's picture

Certainly the Israelis were part of the game but who staged the NORAD shutdown, hijack "exercises", withheld the interceptors after the "hijackings"? That required US military and intelligence involvement. Maybe the Saudis financed it and supplied the patsies, who were never on the flights and turned up later protesting their innocence. McCain, traitor and coward, Graham, homosexual pedophile, both blackmailed into supporting any cause set before them (as was Earl Warren at the JFK Commission). It wreaks of greed, power lust - and plain old money.  

acetinker's picture

*Wreaks* is a word, but not the one you should have used here.  Often pronounced wrecks, it means cause or allow, as in, "His alcoholism wreaked havoc on his career".

I think *reeks* is what you meant; which implies a foul or offensive odor.

Since you took the time to comment, I ass/u/me that you care.

Just put this tip under your cap, and as always; my advice is worth exactly what you paid for it.

Akzed's picture

Good get, from a fellow English Nazi.

Koba the Dread's picture

Exactly! There was no air defense over Washington, D. C. on September 11, 2001. No one--no one--but the highest officials in the government of the United States could have made that happen. Everything else is theater.

Let me repeat: Andrews Air Force Base is charged with the air defense of greater Washington, D. C. Andrews Air Force Base had no, repeat, no fighter-interceptors on site on September 11, 2001. QED

nevertheless's picture

in 1994 Bill Clinton our first Zionist President gave the Israelis full control over the system that routes ALL our phones, giving them a unique position to spy on us all, and gain access to black mail material we are all sure they use regularly.  


Bill clinton also helped get rid of glass-stegal, allowing wall street to goble up banking


Clinton also in his 1996 telecommunications act allowed Zionist Jewish entertainment to consolidate a buy up all the competition...


and on and on, yet the media plays this traitor to be the best president since JFK...

WillyGroper's picture

"in 1994 Bill Clinton our first Zionist President gave the Israelis full control over the system that routes ALL our phones, giving them a unique position to spy on us all, and gain access to black mail material we are all sure they use regularly."

routing no...that has everything to do with network capacity & equipment routing the traffic.

interception would be a better word.  they've always had access to the billing records for decades if not forever.

Akzed's picture

I think Truman might qualify as our first Zio-Prez. He redcognized "Israel" about four seconds after it announced it was a thing.

Radical Marijuana's picture

YES, Mr T!

It is due to the degree to which the Saudis have become integrated within petrodollars that they would provide some of the publicly significant patsies for 9/11.

Sinnedi's picture



The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the 'agentur' of the 'Illuminati' between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion 

We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.4 bots spewing propaganda on both sides arguing for both IF SOMEONE FROM THE ELITE WOULD TALK ABOUT THESE THINGS THEN I WOULD SUPPORT THEM MORE BUT THEY REFUSE TO 
WillyGroper's picture

thank you.

said it over & over.

folks feed their personal bias & bigotry/hatred to focus on every group but the perps.

flaminratzazz's picture

So let me get this straight..

The Jews, not satisfied with the 7 billion insurance payout, is now suing for another 4.5 billion b/c 7 was so inadequate?

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Meet The Lawyer Who's Suing Saudi Arabia For Financing The 9/11 Attacks

Wake me when the headline reads ..

Meet The Lawyer Who Successfully Sued Saudi Arabia For Financing The 9/11 Attacks.

napper's picture

doubt that you can raise from the grave to meet the lawyer.

onwisconsinbadger's picture

We need a lawyer who will sue US of A for waging illegal wars on Iraq, Afghanistan,Somalia, Libya and so on...

Is this name taken's picture

Shit. We need a lawyer who will sue US of A for waging illegal wars on the US of A.

rejected's picture


The bullshit continues unabated...

Non-Corporate Entity's picture

How about a class action suit for oil shares?


Son of Captain Nemo's picture

I'm sure "Tex" Tillerson would enjoy that one!

Where is "J.F.K." (The last American President who put Big Oil in it's place) when you need him!

VWAndy's picture

 Stopped reading at 28 pages.  Those were BS from the start. That dog wont hunt.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Not even worthwhile if he doesn't hook this effort up with Architects & Engineers for 911Truth!


The buck stop at Ground Zero in Manhattan and Arlington Virginia that covered both their interests and the Zionist/Wahhabi "asses" that funded it!!!

Akzed's picture

E&A is controlled opposition from day one, focusing on explosives rather than a directed energy weapon - which the preponderance of evidence supports. There were explosions designed to leave evidence of explosives but that's as far as it goes.That does not explain how the towers were disintegrated from the top down leaving almost no rubble.

Pilots for 911 Truth has consistently focused on the impossibility of the maneuvers performed by passenger jets in the hands un untrained Neanderthals. Before we determine who did it we must determine how they did it. See

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

"Energy Weapon" aside...

You're saying that "near free fall acceleration" didn't happen?...

Or for that matter somehow that (3 buildings 2 planes) doesn't somehow matter that much and that after nearly 16 years of cover up we still need MORE TIME to "investigate"!!!

I smell stinking Israeli Jew!!!

Occams_Razor_Trader's picture

The house of Saud has been running our politics for a long long time- read up on Abedin's brother and mother working for the publicity arm of the Saudi Government- and tell me how in the hell Huma gets a top secret security clearance as the right hand (wo)Man of the Secretary of State???

This poor little Esquire will wind up on the conspiracy mill pile- or worse in an insane asylum with the real demented.

nevertheless's picture

You name one bitch who might be associated with Saudi Arabia, yet all of us can name a thousand evil Zionist fucks deep with all aspects of our government.


Israel/zionist runs US, Saudis are just useful idiots. 

WillyGroper's picture

they're doing the dirty work.  iow, visible.

you're missing the top of the pyramid/hidden hand.

Occams_Razor_Trader's picture

That doesn't dispute my post and I agree.

MrBoompi's picture

I don't believe Saudi Arabia planted exposives in the WTC buildings or fired the missile that struck the Pentagon.  If we can sue Saudi Arabia, we should be able to sue the US and Israeli governments as well.  

Davidduke2000's picture

They simply paid for their buddies the israelis to do it.

dogismycopilot's picture

Read "Mystery Babylon" by Joel Richardson

Hint: The Saudis and Mecca are Mystery Babylon. 

Think about it: the Kings of the Bush family were balls deep in the House of Saud and the world has been drinking her oil for decades.

Revelation 17-18New International Version (NIV) Babylon, the Prostitute on the Beast

17 One of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and said to me, “Come, I will show you the punishment of the great prostitute, who sits by many waters. With her the kings of the earth committed adultery, and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries.”

Then the angel carried me away in the Spirit into a wilderness. There I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns. The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls. She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries. The name written on her forehead was a mystery:

babylon the great

the mother of prostitutes

and of the abominations of the earth.

Akzed's picture

The Whore of Babylon was Jerusalem, she met her end in AD 70. What does "shortly" mean in Rev. 1:1?

WillyGroper's picture

"Hint: The Saudis and Mecca are Mystery Babylon. "

Rev. 2:9

rupert murdick owns the copyright to the NIV & you'd be shocked at how it's being rewritten.  you can find it on yt.

common threads here that all participants are engaging in.  immigration/invasion, pedophilia & religion.

what religion refers to lucifer aka venus in their liturgy?

look up the ecliptic.  you'll see the path of a 5 pointed star.

what was that about graven images?  have a gander at the feet of st. peter statue in the vatiCON.  the feet are completely worn.  the statue is representative of jupitar.  ever hear piter pater?  look up the etymology...that's our father who art in heaven. jupitar.

who visited on hitlers bd after 9/11?  there's another creepy in your face factoid on that day, can't recall at the moment.

they wear the same D cup's on their heads along with the mitre...dagon.

i have a friend that translates for immigrants.  arrangements/housing are being done thru catholic charities.

read rulers of evil & the 2 babylons.

Games Without Frontiers's picture

HEY LOOK! Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction and is hiding them in the desert!!!!! That, my friends, is what people in some parts call "the switcheroo".

Davidduke2000's picture

the scary part are the people who believed this shit and were hyped up like now against KIM with alex jones spreading the propaganda that soldiers kick pregnant mother is the belly to crush the babies , like the Iraqis did in Kuwait incubators propaganda.

makinbacon's picture

The Pentagon should learn from the financial genius of the Saudi's for pulling off 9/11 for the price a nicely equipped  Bentley....

SoDamnMad's picture

And the wingless, tail-less "what-cha-ma-call-it" that struck only the auditing section of the Pentagon who was looking for hundreds of millions of dollars of missing money.  The Pentagon, one of the most secret and classified complexs of our military, and not one stinking photo of the THING which flew in over a populated city and took out those people.  


I won't go into a certain field in Pennsylvaniathat sucked up the entire remains of another huge jet (cough, cough)

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the more they make it about the Saudis, the more In know its just distraction to keep from talking about the real villains. In notice the same thing with the JFK assassination, each time THE PEOPLE, start to put the pieces together about Israel's involvement, we see Hollywood and the media swing into action to muddy the waters. 


and now a "NYC Lawyer" is taking up the cause, you know what that is about. 


Same with Trump, the idea that a NYC casino mogul who owed some $4 billion to jewish banks, is now going put "America first", is just laughable. 

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Saudis and israelis are the same, they are best buddies the saudis believe because they are the sons of ishmael and from the seed of abraham they are brothers in terrorism both religious book order them to kill Christians , how much more you need to learn????