North Korea Shows Off New ICBM, Sub-Based Missiles As US Aircraft Carrier Approaches

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For all the expectations of a North Korean nuke test, the country's "Day of the sun" celebrations ended up being a relatively subdued affair, with Pyongyang marking the 105th anniversary of its founding leader Kim Il-sung with a military parade in Pyongyang, where it for the first time publicly showcased its submarine-launched ballistic missiles as well as what appears to be a new type of ICBM, even as a U.S. aircraft carrier group steamed towards the region.

Missiles appeared to be the main theme of a giant military parade, with Kim's grandson, leader Kim Jong Un, taking time to greet the commander of the Strategic Forces, the branch that oversees the missile arsenal. Wearing a black suit and white shirt and a tie and laughing with aides, the country’s hereditary leader oversaw the festivities on Pyongyang's main Kim Il Sung Square as he welcomed and addressed thousands of soldiers who took part in the parade honoring his grandfather.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un waves to people

As Reuters observes,, goose-stepping soldiers and marching bands filled the square, next to the Taedonggang River that flows through Pyongyang, in the hazy spring sunshine, followed by tanks, multiple-launch rocket systems and other weapons.

North Korean soldiers march during the "Day of the sun" military parade

Single-engine propeller-powered planes flew in a 105 formation overhead.

One notable difference: unlike some previous parades attended by Kim, there did not appear to be a senior Chinese official in attendance. China is North Korea's lone major ally but has spoken out against its missile and nuclear tests and has supported U.N. sanctions. China on Friday again called for talks to defuse the crisis.

North Korean State TV showed images of the Pukkuksong-2 submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs) on trucks for the first time as the country continues to pursue an aggressive military and nuclear deterrent policy.  North Korea in February claimed that it successfully test-fired a surface-to-surface “medium long-range ballistic missile” known as the Pukkuksong-2, which is potentially capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

Vehicles carry missiles with characters reading 'Pukkuksong' during a military parade
marking the 105th birth anniversary of country's founding father, Kim Il Sung

North Korea also showed off two new kinds of ICBM enclosed in canister launchers mounted on the back of trucks, suggesting Pyongyang was working towards a "new concept" of ICBM, said Melissa Hanham, a senior research associate at the U.S.-based Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, California. "It's presumed to be a new ICBM. It seems longer than the existing KN-08 or KN-14 ICBMs," South Korean military official told Yonhap.

"However, North Korea has a habit of showing off new concepts in parades before they ever test or launch them," Hanham said. "It is still early days for these missile designs."

A nes ICBM is driven past the stand with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

In his address to soldiers, Choe Ryong Hae, a close aide to Kim Jong Un, addressed the packed square with a characteristically bellicose warning to the United States. "If the United States wages reckless provocation against us, our revolutionary power will instantly counter with annihilating strike, and we will respond to full-out war with full-out war and to nuclear war with our style of nuclear strike warfare," he said.

Earlier, state news agency KCNA said the Trump administration's "serious military hysteria" had reached a "dangerous phase which can no longer be overlooked". The United States has warned that a policy of "strategic patience" with North Korea is over. U.S. Vice President Mike Pence travels to South Korea on Sunday on a long-planned 10-day trip to Asia.

China's Global Times newspaper also rattled some cages when it said North Korea must have felt the shockwave from the 11-ton "mother of all bombs" dropped by U.S. forces on Islamic State-linked fighters in Afghanistan on Thursday. "It would be nice if the bomb could frighten Pyongyang, but its actual impact may just be the opposite."

North Korea on Friday denounced the United States for bringing "huge nuclear strategic assets" to the region as the USS Carl Vinson strike group with a flag-ship nuclear-powered aircraft carrier steamed closer.

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Fireman's picture

Either sarcasm of the month award or you need some heavy psychotropical shit.



so-called "Forgotten War" more sordid episode of Pentacon genocide!

silverer's picture

It will be over, alright. Mostly for the US Treasury.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Meanwhile back in Damascus...

The Easter Bunny delivers his treats! Nothing like the Telegraph for the "unvarnished truth" and pretext to start WWIII...


I miss the old dayz of (3 buildings 2 planes) when the Zionist bankers did "Cecile B Demille" productions of "Casus Belli(s)" with enormous budgets for future invasions and occupation(s)...

Just goes to show you what happens when your superpowers run out of money and must resort to a bought and paid for General(s) like "Tariq Aziz" that lives in a $10,000 taxpayer funded flat in Mayfair!

Hearsay is so WWIish!!!

Ignatius's picture

"We'll send out for some pillars

And Cecile B. Demille

We can all die happily ever after"

  --  Bob Dylan/Tombstone Blues

CTG_Sweden's picture





I´ve been thinking a little about the possible American attack on North Korea. I wonder whether Kim Jong-Un understands that retaliation against South Korea and Japan won´t be considered as a loss by those who rule the US? Maybe retaliation targeted against Brooklyn could matter to some extent but I´m not so sure that would be considered as the worst possible scenario.


In case those who tell Trump what he should do or not believe that Kim Jong-Un will nuke South Korea or Japan I guess that increases the risk for an American attack.


TheMagician's picture

A strike against North Korea will most probably return a biological weapon retaliatorily reaction from activated NC sleeper cells in the USA.

Biological agents will most probably be dropped or spread as aerosols in airports, central stations, and other places with dense populations. Once people start dropping off with a multitude signs of various deadly infections ppl will panic and above all politicians.

The spreading of a multitude of diseases will be way, way beyond the ability of FEMA and OPHEP to handle as ppl start dying by the tens of thousands and then exponentially by the hundreds of thousands.

Trump may eradicate NC, but in the process, his own country will die in the process. And said death will be one for the history books of Human stupidity and short-sightedness.

It didn't take the average US citizen long to decide and elect Trump, but it will even take a shorter time to watch his own family, friends and himself to die on the very decision he or she took having pushed that election booth button of NeoconRus. I really, really fear for this country coming to a very soon end and with it another "empire" that thought the last days of Rome was just some nice history from an ancient past,  impossible to repeat itself in these times of assumed US supreme military power.

MANvsMACHINE's picture

And for your next trick, Trump pulls off his mask and's Hillary!

Anarchyteez's picture

Fuckin A bro! The magic man is a little butt hurt and very confused. It would take Trump blowing shit up for two terms to to reach half the Clintons death numbers. What an ass.

TheLastTrump's picture

yeah OK so we're both grammar Nazi's hahahahaha

TheLastTrump's picture

That's NK not NC.


It's possible, sure. Cheapest bang for the buck is bio war.


Hilary was bound & determined to have a war with Russia, even to the point of risking blowback by bringing it up in the debates. Obama, Clinton, Kerry- from the Ukraine to Syria the direction was war with Russia. Trump was the only possible way out but the pieces were already on the chessboard.





You weren't watching. I was. It was an excruciating 1.5 years of the sold out media, politicians & MIC excoriating him & then it didn't end when he took office, it increased.


>> "It didn't take the average US citizen long to decide and elect Trump"

Golden Showers's picture

I doubt it. North Carolina isn't the real threat. I'd wager that while North Korea did pull off a sort of family style assination recently, I'd put it in quotations.

More likely the US would use some of it's bio warfare agents and blame N. Korea. North Carolina might have some problems but I think eradicating an entire US state is unlikely.

Are you alright? Pushing too many G's? Fucking Goose.

TwelveOhOne's picture

There's a simulation for this, although, it's part of the advertising for a video game.  (I can't find it in a quick search, although I think it was posted in a comment here in the past few months.)

Shoot_To_Thrill's picture

This Orange buffoon will get us all killed. Jeez! And I voted and lobbied against Hillary to get away from all this crap.

TheMagician's picture

When death comes through your door without knocking in the form of a nuclear heat blast, just take a look in the mirror to answer the question, whose fault is this?


Anarchyteez's picture

It's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll.

TheLastTrump's picture

yeah sure, in 3 months you're calling him orange buffoon


you may not be orange...

musimann's picture

Trump's nuke sniffer is not working right...

nathan1234's picture

So what happened to Kushner's premptive strike?

Kim Jong Un will conduct his test anyway at his leisure. For all one knows- maybe tomorrow !

thatthingcanfly's picture

Hey, I didn't see any African-Korean soldiers marching in those miliary formations. Clearly North Korea has a problem with diversity.

gatorengineer's picture

So a country that cant feed its own people can parade a few billion in military hardware?  Sum Ting Wierd..... Me thinks that all of this is on loan from China.

TheLastTrump's picture

The wealth of the nation, such as it is, gets poured into the military. That is a military brain washing nation state. Half their population is on the unapproved list so they starve. The ones sent to internment camps are brutally starved, raped, tortured, killed. There's Youtubes of a famous Nork escapee.

Baronneke's picture

Looks like the US to me, with it's tens of millions of unemployed, hundreds of thousands homeless, prisons fully loaded,  650 Billion $$ for the military while having 20 Trillion in debt, and so on and so on. 

Anarchyteez's picture

Me tinks you right.

NK couldn't make a pair of shoe laces. All China.

tmosley's picture

Russia/China was unwilling to sell them advanced weaponry, but were all too happy to sell them decoys of advanced weaponry.

U4 eee aaa's picture

It was said that after the fall of the Soviet Union, even with the Russian people bartering things like coffins to trade for basic necessities, Russia's military capability was at 80% of what it was before the fall.

Governments always take care of their military first. When the ability to do that runs out, that is usually when they go to war

America will be no different when it crashes. The military is always like a hungry beast in the cage with you. It gets fed first with your food or you. Take your pick

Wahooo's picture

Why does the Deep State even give a damn about North Korea? Let it be.

tmosley's picture

That sounds good, until they develop ICBMs, then collapse, and actions involving those ICBMs get harder to predict.

07564111's picture

Location, Location, Location ;)

Take a look at a map and see the possibilities, imagine being able to park a 'Defensive Missile System' so close to Bejing. The US is in jizz mode thinking about that every day.

Thom Paine's picture

This is why there are Russian nuclear armed subs constantly roaming the ocean. Two of the modern ones enough firepower to wipe out the entire USA.

Thats why they call this shit MAD.

Now NK is in the MAD club, like it or not.

07564111's picture

Hi :)

The 3rd Borei for the Pacific Fleet is testing now. That will give us 16 SLBMs - 6 MIRVs per missile per boat, so total for 3 boats 288 warheads. Even with an expected 20% launch failure rate it's more than enough to cause multiple problems for the US.

RiverRoad's picture

Target practice for Iran to mull over.

U4 eee aaa's picture

1. because it makes money on making weapons and then blowing them up. If they don't blow them up there is not much need for more now is there?

2. America the brave chooses enemies that it can beat in a fight like the classic bully it is. It won't go after someone though enough to fight back. It will pick on the weakest kid in the room even though they have a black belt in MA

The ironic thing is they can't even seem to win fights against weak kids any more and if this next fight causes NK to lay a few good licks on the American populace via sleeper cells or nuke subs, the US is going to cement itself and the laughingstock bully for a long, long time

Pasadena Phil's picture

New ICBM missiles? Cruise missiles? Please. Anyone can build props and parade them in public. So far, all they have managed is to reach the ocean barely offshore, when their test launches don't blow up on the launch pad. They are a bigger threat to themselves than anyone else. So why would any new, untested weapons (even if not just empty props) be a threat? If they want to maximize their "squeak", why don't these dickless mice show test THOSE weapons? Seriously....

And if those 70 Korean War-era subs ever started launching torpedos or "cruise" missiles, where does anyone think would they land? Half of them would probably detonate in the tube. And the rest? Bottle rockets?

This little display changes nothing and the China news agency headline cannot possibly have been taken seriously by anyone. The "concern" by "experts" over NorKo progress is just propaganda. This is a war of nerves and we are dealing with a madman who may yet prove to be acting at the direction of China. It never should have been allowed to get to this point.

MANvsMACHINE's picture

Baghdad Bob attended the parade dressed up as a Nork.

Anarchyteez's picture

And if Mac Arthur had had his way it wouldn't have! This would not be an issue.

Even before the Korean War had begun Mac told an old friend of mine, "if you truly want to do you country a service, find out who in DC is knifing America in the back!"

Pasadena Phil's picture

MacArthur DID have his way! He was completely insubordinate and was so narcissistic and smug that he ended up surrounding himself with mostly kiss-ass subordinates. So relationships among his subordinates during his command were poor which led to many very serious mistakes.

Once China entered the war,

MacArthur could not regain the initiative and dug in his heels being even more insubordinate to the CINC. That is why Truman sacked him and had to fight off the Curtis "Bombs Away" Lemay faction that wanted to nuke the Chinese.

MacArthur may have often been a brilliant tactician, but he was a terrible strategist. An insufferable egotistic wind bag hopelessly captivated by his grossly over-inflated perception of his own greatness. Like Patton, a man who saw himself as a re-incarnation of former great historical characters. We call people like that "crazy".

We were losing the war BECAUSE of MacArthur and had a peace treaty been signed instead of a truce, we would have gone down in history as having lost that war. Our first grand police action failed in utter embarrassment.  That is why there were no Korean War veteran memorial or parades. The forgotten war.

Apparently, those in DC "knifing America in the back" were well-known to most in command. But MacArthur was not refering to the same "America". By America, he was saying that they were stabbing HIM in the back. Ike, on the other hand, warned us about the military-industrial complex, the backbone of the New World Order advocated by the non-elected elites since at least Woodrow Wilson. JFK did too. But that's another story.

RiverRoad's picture

Ike wisely warned us about the MIC before they could give him, a general-president, the fake credit for creating it. 

Pasadena Phil's picture

Ike was truly one of the greatest Americans ever.

Boomberg's picture

MacArthur was an incompetent fool in WWII also. He employed legions of press corps to make sure his image was portrayed as the great one back home, in a time with limited access to information by the public. He was notified 6 hours in advance of impending Japanese attack on the Philippines and did absolutely nothing. Any normal general would have been court-martialed and possibly executed. The Phillipines was just one of many incompetent blunders he committed in WWII.

Stinkytofu's picture

"we are dealing with a madman who may yet prove to be acting at the direction of China."


but, we were told trump was colluding with RUSSIA.

you know they are lying because they are talking's picture

"It never should have been allowed to get to this point."

Your right, America should have removed its troops from South Korea many years ago. We should not be doing military exercises every year planning and practicing for an invasion of North Korea.

If we had not driven them to believe we were going to attack them for many decades, they would not be so paranoid.

The North and South would have settled their differences a LONG time ago.

monad's picture

Props work everywhere. The trick is to hypnotize the farm animals as cheap as possible. Herds of Norks march and stand in formation. In countries with reliable electricity fluorides, HFCs, tv and monitored communications is the norm. OBEY. MARRY AND REPRODUCE. CONSUME. SLEEP.


Archduke's picture

the target is not the US navy. it's not too hard to hit a barn the size of an island nation state. the oversea targets are japan. much closer to home is south korea. aim south - can't miss. with the population density and high technological and economic importance of those states, the risks are real. that would cause serious damage to the western hegemony, and open the door for chicom rule.

Pasadena Phil's picture

That's not what Un is saying and is contrary to the reason China gave in their threat to Un. China is NOT going to tolerate an enemy regime south of their border and if Un doesn't back off with the nuke nonsense, they will take him our and if the US does it first, China will take out his military resources to disable any chance of retaliation. China is every bit worried that those missiles will end up in China than in SoKo or Japan. That NorKo navy is a joke. They can't even move from where they are to be a threat to Japan.

It is NOT in China's interests to have a war and only they can contain Un (with our cooperation). I believe THAT is what is going to happen. Pay attention to how the rhetoric evolves over the next few days. China's just took on yet another big chunk of debt (as opposed to reducing it as they had claimed). They import more oil from the US than from anyone else while their relationship with Russia, their historical chief rival,  is very tenuous again. Their house of cards economy is toppling as wealth keeps evading their capital controls to end up anywhere else but China.

Believe me, China cannot afford ignoring NorKo's nukes any more. Their current options are the best they will ever get.

TwelveOhOne's picture

Weird, since you only used his last name I just noticed some ambiguity between "Un" and "UN" (I was initially reading your comment as if it was "UN" and was temporarily confused).

ThanksIwillHaveAnother's picture

With global economy going south the insiders are scared worse than 2008 so false-flag it and get the NK war started.

Anarchyteez's picture

If a war starts on that peninsula it will crash the world economy immediately.

Undecided's picture

Don't worry the world isn't ending this year happy easter.