Pro-Trump and Antifa Factions Riot in Berkeley, During 'Free Speech' Rally

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For the record, I fully support these violent outbursts and will not be one of those people who, hypocritically, call for 'right wing goon squads' to sashay throughout the country, while putting down the left's right to 'express' their democratic freedoms.

Growing up in Brooklyn, pre-gentrification era, the way we settled disputes in my neighborhood was to punch each other in the face until both parties were exhausted. After the fight, we'd make up and go chase down an iced cream truck together and then see about a game of stickball.

Now today a bunch of Trumpsters descended upon Berkeley, in an effort to rally for 'free speech.' You and I both know they went there angling for a confrontation. Lucky for them, there were plenty of left-leaning scum, with enough time on their hands in between smoking legal marijuana at their local skateboarding parks, to oblige them.

On the right were genuine American heros, clad in capes and make shift armor -- adorned in the splendor of the American flag. They fought bravely and with honor.

The Bad Guys

The Good Guys

The Warriors on the right

The left


This photo just about sums it up. 'Merica.

And begin.

BONUS: The 'Based StickMan' made another appearance.


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John_Coltrane's picture

Humans are so predictable. Smile at a stranger they will smile back. Punch them and they'll punch back. Insult them (commenters pay attention) and they will insult back. You will never convince anyone of anything by insults and violence and no one ever has. That's why ideas are the most dangerous things-you cannot kill an idea (cue V is for vengence). And also why free speech is both so important and so often suppressed by those whose ideas cannot compete.

So what works? How about do unto others as ... (you know the rest). Like the golden ratio, the golden rule is in perfect proportion and the basis of all ethics. (No supernatural entities needed)

Prefer Newton? Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Reichstag Fire Dept.'s picture

Laughed my ass off when that Antifa bitch got punched in the face! LOL! (saw it in a video earlier)

I think 50% of the solution is to pull the friendlies out of California and NUKE that godamn fucking dump.

OCnStiggs's picture

There is no free speech in Berkley.

And if the Left gets its way, there will be no free speech anywhere in this country.

silverer's picture

It's just a "pick the elitist group you want to support" party.

AKKadian's picture

Its a wonderful day in the neighborhood. Every nut in the other 49 states head for Calicrazian, they are having a fight and you can join-up.!!!  

VWAndy's picture

 Some people walk right into shit. Others jump!

VWAndy's picture

Oaffkeepers were there too. lol front and center

Lost in translation's picture

Oaffkeepers ha... Good one! ^_^

djsmps's picture

Black shirt anti-facists. LOL! Losers.

Solio's picture

It is quite the problem. The people seem not to have the right to live without being poisoned, maimed or murdered.


What type of person would ever do this to their children, and others?

VWAndy's picture

 Someone made a killing on black hoodies and ski masks. Maybe a kegger party after?

GodSpeed_00's picture

From what I saw looks like Pro-Trump got their asses kicked and also don't back each other up. Disappointing, where are the bikers?

PresidentCamacho's picture

Give it time, this was the right wings "babies first riot"  The leftists have been rioting since the 60's and before that they were anarchists blowing shit up pre WWII.

Right Wing Death Squads Soon.

Righties will quickly master this shit and skirmishes like this one here will soon be turned into killing fields, and nothing of value will be lost.



PitBullsRule's picture

You mean the fat old guys on the Harleys?  I think the Harleys all broke down on the highway, so they took a bus home.  They would never have been able to compete in this event, you had to walk into the campus, they would tucker out.

goober's picture

"For the record, I fully support these violent outbursts and will not be one of those people who, hypocritically, call for 'right wing goon squads' to sashay throughout the country, while putting down the left's right to 'express' their democratic freedoms." this article has it exactly backasswards. The Pro Trumpers were attacked at the park and the Antifa people broke down their fence to seperate them and attacked them. The Antifas wear the black hoods for a reason. And they definitey got the worse end of the deal as the Trump people did not start the violence, they simply fiinshed it in self defense. Wake the eff up dip shits !  

VWAndy's picture

 Bankers fund both sides budy.

a Smudge by any other name's picture

For that matter where was Stuart? I saw some footage of him near the stage at the beginning. That was it. And I saw 0 organization on the ground.

(Edited to update: some of Luke Rudowski's footage shows Stuart making a speech and specifically rejecting white nationalists who he said had infiltrated the event.)

YHWH is greater's picture

Antifa is a code name for anti Whites.

Race traitors, all of them, (all the "black ninjas" are white), they will be dealt with accordingly, long on lamp posts & rope.

Xena fobe's picture

Soros could be funding both sides to control the narrative.  It helps his side when liberty supporters appear to be violent white supremicists.  There is nothing to be found on line about the "pro-Trump" event organizers except two brief you tube videos.  Neither video states what they stand for or anything else about their organization.

goober's picture

The Trump people had a plastic fence up to seperate the two groups and th Antifas tore it down to be aggressive toward the Trumpites . You have it exactly  backasswards as well. At least tell the truth or shut the eff up ! The only real issue is free speech and the Trumpites do not disallow anybody free speech or are they first attackers or aggressors. Soros is not funding the Trumpites or Oath Keepers or 3%ers, that I can tell you for a certainty. Leave it to ZHers to come up with such horseshit these days, when they used to be the thinkers and all about truth, no matter where it was found ? Again, wake the fuck up people and grow a pair !

a Smudge by any other name's picture

It's an interesting question. I'll be asking that one around.

YHWH is greater's picture

Fuck you and your goat mistress.

Xena fobe's picture

Try to find anything on the group Liberty Alliance. It could be legit.  Just doesn't look grassroots to me.

Reaper's picture

Another team to support to offset MSM loss of viewers for football.

Old Hippie Patriot's picture

Rioting will probably continue for only a short while longer. It takes time to penetrate an organization with undercover agents and get the evidence that will lead all the way up to the perpetrator- George Soros. Soros' model is what he did in the Ukraine. It shouldn't be too difficult to penetrate Soros' organization, which relies on hiring to fill the ranks of rioters. It would probably not be a surprise that the masks are there to conceal that the ringleaders are from out of state, which violates Federal law. It is Federal crime to transport people across state lines to create riots and mayhem.

Scuba Steve's picture

hmm, then riddle me this batman:

 Since we saw busses with the slogans right on the side of the busses why arent federal agents there enmasse to arrest any and everyone affiliated with that bus ... those that try to get back on, driver, organization that hired the bus driver, etc, etc, etc.

HardAssets's picture

Question - - and not trying to be a smart azz in asking this : What was the purpose of this 'demonstration' ? Does anyone really think politicians are listening or care (not that they are in control) ? Does anyone think they'll convince someone to change their 'minds' ? The pro Trump crowd does know he did a 180 flip-flop on many of his campaign promises, don't they ? As for the leftist side, they already live in a socialist state (except in name) and that will further destroy their futures. Though most couldn't explain what socialism & communism is.

More of this on a grander scale is the perfect excuse for martial law (called something else) in the future.

PitBullsRule's picture

Both sides think they are right.  The Democrats don't want their friends and families deported, and they worry that we are going to nuke North Korea (which we definately should).  The Republicans want to support the billionaire they voted for, so they show up to support Trump.  In reality they are both wrong, but young people need something to believe in, they want something to fight for, and they probably don't want to study and do homework.  

It doesn't matter if YOU believe politicians are worth fighting for (obviously they are not), what matters is DO the people fight for them?  And we see here, that YES, the people will fight for their politicians.  

Takeaction2's picture
Takeaction2 (not verified) HardAssets Apr 16, 2017 1:34 PM

I agree with makes for a good show.  And when they fight...what would it be for them to "Win".  Kill the other side?  Beat them to a bloddy mess....what is the goal?

a Smudge by any other name's picture

I imagine the elites are delighted with this outcome. Soros and his ilk just got exactly what they wanted (albeit on a small scale) and they'll be looking to repeat this success everywhere. This is their program: inflate and distort social conflice, inspire war, step in as "peacekeepers", run the nation into destitution, liquidate it's assets. Permanent vassal state.

Scuba Steve's picture

you forgot to add,

Soros will then trade of the chaos that unfolds ...

PresidentCamacho's picture

I want to infiltrate antif fa then make a BOOBOO and teargas my entire group of rioters


Xena fobe's picture

I watched the videos.  Antifa and SJWs have nothing intelligent to say. All they have is "racist" "nazi", etc.  They are suceeding in convincing the public that they are deluded psychos. 

The liberty supporters are worse and just look like thugs.

saldulilem's picture

Can't we all just get along?

Lost in translation's picture

Wow - I'm at a loss for words.

How long before ARs show up?

And where did the term "Antifa" come from? Is that like, "antifada" in Israel?

a Smudge by any other name's picture

They may have consciously evoked antifada with antifa many of them are over 30 and remember that name. This Antifa is a contraction of "anti fascist".

Xena fobe's picture

Antifaschiste. Some communist crap from Europe.  I had to look it up.  Still can't find any manifesto on line.  The group on Reddit is just throwing insults back and forth.  They are no threat to anyone. Sound like ignorant teens and illegals mainly. 

techpriest's picture

Like I said in a post above, it's the left half of a group of young guys who want to rally around a flag and kick some ass with relatively little risk. I don't think they will have the same resolve if it came to an actual SHTF with actual fighting, same for the guys on the right half of this.

Lost in translation's picture

^ thanks for the information, Gentlemen ^

IranContra's picture

Catch Up With Fast Paradigm Switches Or Be Confused

The nature of cognition requires two things: faith in the Almighty without any false gods, and the ability to perform dynamic interpretation based on that faith.

The last few decades gave us multiple paradigm shifts (frame of reference switches). Paradigm switching is only becoming more frequent as time goes by.

Liberals, those capable of godless abstract thinking, lying, and deceiving, remain the leaders of the Deep State. Their plots are simple and transparent. However, if you are not fast enough in catching up with their frequent paradigm shifts, then you will be fooled, and you will get stuck in confusion.

It's really simple: Satan simply wants people to lose faith and die, it's not about oil or power. It's not about controlling countries or regions. It's about chaos and war. Israel doesn't matter. Iran doesn't matter.

For example, 9/11 was done by Rothschild agents who included many Israelis. However, for most Israelis, it is just a place to hide from justice, not a country. It can be abandoned and replaced at the drop of a hat.

Soon after 9/11, Iranian Jew Shaul Mofaz (Israeli chief of staff who works for Rothschild) presided over the neocons in the Pentagon (Mofaz at Pentagon) and told them: It is an obvious controlled demolition, we didn't really want to hide it. Let them focus on Israel as "the enemy" while we now focus on more important things: The Greater Iran Project. Our hit list is Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and "Iran." Of course we will not hit Iran, but let Wesley Clark say that for the sake of obfuscation. They all grinned. No problem.

Bush Jr liked the idea. He said: Those Iranian "Shia Fellas" are just great partners in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama was recruited from the very beginning to love Iran. His middle name "Hussein" bonds him spiritually to Iran. As a Jew who works for Rothschild, Hillary didn't mind spilling Arab blood either.

If you feel confused, then you are not catching up with the quick paradigm shifts of evil. Trump and his team may sound confused and shallow, but they are way ahead of you. No, no, no, they are not under any influence from the Deep State. If you think that, then the Deep State has got to you.

YHWH is greater's picture

First thing to do is pull off their mask so their Mommy will see them on TV.

roadhazard's picture

What are the Pro Trumpsters defending. He's done burned them.

techpriest's picture

I doubt it has much to do with Trump. Look at the ages of the guys there - this is about picking out people who you think are societal misfits, and beating them because you want to.

Berkeley has branded itself as the new Fight Club - want to get in a fight without too much risk, get a free speech rally hosted at Berkeley. If they want the stigma gone they will have to get the Antifa under control.

laomei's picture

We were always just using him to get to the next step, and we are well on our way

highwaytoserfdom's picture

 How does this deserve coverage?   Does anyone believe the left right divide put up in Hegelian dialect of problem reaction solution.


The disaster of force and information spinning is mind numbing..  Excuse me while  I go Orewelian

War is peace

Freedom is Slavery

ignorance is strength

Anti human principles existed since beginning of time...     The information revolution  kind defines Ignorance is strength.


Not giving up hope..     Joyous Easter..   this economic thief and dislocation  sick...    



HardAssets's picture

Ya talk too much buddy, and ask too many questions

Sometimes folks jess wanna rumble !

VWAndy's picture

 We should be laughing at this shitshow from home.

VWAndy's picture

 Big ol piles of stupid just waiting to fall over on us all.

   What side of the stupid do you want to be on. The war mongering right? Or the war mongering left.

  Im kinda leaning to the sitting on my front porch striking with beer and a rifle in case stupid decides to show up at my door.