$43 Million In Cash Found In Empty Nigerian Apartment

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It appears that at least one "Nigerian prince" had the cash to back his claims.

Nigeria's anti-corruption unit discovered more than $43 million in US dollars at an upscale apartment in Lagos, after receiving an anonymous tip. As CTV News reports, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission received a tip from a whistleblower who reported suspicious activity when they noticed someone moving bags in and out of the apartment, according to a Facebook post.

The anti-graft agency said in a statement it raided the apartment Tuesday after a tipoff about a "haggard" woman in "dirty clothes" taking bags in and out of the apartment.

 On Wednesday, the agency said it stormed the seventh floor of a residential building and entered into the apartment where they found three fireproof cabinets hidden inside a dresser. The cabinets were full of neatly packaged bills.

In total, they seized US$43 million in U.S. bills, US$35,000 in U.K. pounds and US$75,000 in Nigerian naira "neatly arranged" inside cabinets hidden behind wooden panels of a bedroom wardrobe.

Highlights from the Facebook post below:

EFCC Uncovers Another Massive Stash of Monies In Ikoyi: The whistle blowing policy of the Federal Government is paying off positively as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission today stormed a residential building in the 7th Floor of a four - bedroom apartment at Osborne Towers located at 16, Osborne road Ikoyi, Lagos, where a humongous find of foreign currencies and Naira notes to the tune of $43.4m, £27,800 and N23.2m was uncovered.


The operation followed a whistle blower's confidential alert received by the Commission's Lagos office this morning regarding some noticed suspicious movement of bags in and out of a particular apartment in the building. According to the source, the movers of the bags, make believe that they bring in bags of clothes.


Another source who is conversant with the apartment of interest indicated that a woman usually appeared on different occassions with Ghana Must Go bags. " She comes looking haggard, with dirty clothes but her skin didn't quite match her outward appearance, perhaps a disguise", the source said. 


On getting to the building, operatives met the entrance door locked. Inquiries from the guards at the gate explained that nobody resides in the apartment, but some persons come in and out once in a while. In compliance with the magisterial order contained in the warrant, the EFCC used minimum force to gain entrance into the apartment.


Monies were found in two of the four bedroom apartment. Further probe of the wardrobe by operatives in one of the rooms, was found to be warehousing three fire proof cabinents disguisedly hidden behind wooden panels of the wardrobe. Upon assessing the content of the cabinets, neatly arranged US Dollars, Pound Sterling and some Naira notes in sealed wrappers.

The anti-corruption unit redundantly added that according to "preliminary findings the funds are suspected to be proceeds of unlawful activity" although no arrest have been made yet.  Earlier in the week, the agency discovered around 250 million naira in cash ($817,000) in a Lagos market and a further 448 million naira cash ($1.5 million) at a shopping plaza.

These gains have been credited to a whistleblowing policies launched in December by Nigeria's finance minister. Whistleblowers can now anonymously provide information through a secure portal, if the information leads to the recovery of stolen public funds, the whistleblower is entitled to between 2.5%-5% of the total money recovered.

According to the website, people can report violations of financial regulations, mismanagement of public funds, financial malpractice and fraud or theft “deemed to be in the interest of the public.”

In February, the minister of information, Lai Muhammad, said the policy has led to the recovery of over $180 billion.

It was unclear how much of the funds were Saudi kickbacks to the Niger Delta Avengers for singlehandedly keeping the price of oil levitating for several months in 2016.

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I knew I should have responded to that email saying someone from Nigeria would send me $20 million if I just send him my personal info.....

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Not like it's real money, those are just FRNs

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Those craaaazy Nigers!

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Bricks of Toilet Paper.

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Dammit! I knew I should have picked another hiding place.

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Damn you ! I said leave it where nobody would look, like the Social security lockbox. 

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Like,.......who doesn't keep 43 million in file cabinets in their bedroom closets.

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Dude! Your $7k a month is a little anti climatic at the moment....

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Falso flago. Pictures of US $100 bills only helps the anti-money folks war on cash.

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Good call. Let's see if the MSM picks up this story.

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    Le Chiffre promised his client, “no risk in the portfolio."

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Where is the Nigerian lost and found? I seemed to have misplaced my 43,000,000 dollars and was wndering if anyone found it.

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"It was unclear how much of the funds were Saudi kickbacks to the Niger Delta Avengers for singlehandedly keeping the price of oil levitating for several months in 2016."

Why does our media insist in calling them the "Niger Delta Avengers" when they should be called the "Saudi's Nigerian Oil Price Control Mafia"?


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"after receiving an anonymous tip"

Oh, oh. Somebody did not get his cut.

Greed always does them in.

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"after a tipoff about a "haggard" woman in "dirty clothes" taking bags in and out of the apartment."

I knew Hillary was involved. She's out of the woods.

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No arrests because they can't do that to Bill and Hill.  Now if only they can find the missing pizza.

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...unless he stashed it in Nigeria.

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Well Well Well.. 3 holes in the ground.. Did none of you think? , This is Nigeria, the most corrupt, depraved, bribed and fucked up malaria infected shit hole this side of Hillarys ass cheeks and they are all new circulated notes.. Go figure??? this has got legs if you have the Barefaced Balls but in reality Z Hedge has gone off of late and has become a pussy.

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Just think: provided you can find a way of reducing your expenses to zero, then at $7,000 a month it will take you only 512 years to save $43 million.


Whew! Lucky they only found the petty cash.

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when nigerians say there is 100 on the table, you can be sure there was at least 130 in fact.

sunra's picture

and when 'police' fouind 43m without arrest, some gangsta now has the other 43m safe and his buddies @ the police get a fat promotion and 'the state' has some cash to spend.

everybody happy system...

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It is Obama's on the lam stash 

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Is that a 3 lock lockbox?

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The US army has deployed dozens of troops to Somalia to train forces fighting Al-Shabab Islamist militant group in the largest deployment of troops to the country since 1993, when 18 US soldiers died in a battle dramatized in the movie Black Hawk Down.





Somalia, Ethiopia, Nigeria...cash, guns, bombs, drugs...whatever it takes.

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They have to train/create the next enemies after ISIS.

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From thelocal.se article:


"They have invested considerable resources in re-profiling the Group and making it more socially acceptable.

"They have started a philanthropic operation - Lundin for Africa, and have also donated $100 million to the Clinton Foundation." 


Guess $100,000,000 doesn't buy as many Marines as it used to ...

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sounds like Nigeria's anti-corruption unit will be shopping for a bunch of new tactical gear. and maybe a couple of MRAPs

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nah, it will magically disappear...

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Is that  the New Hampshire Shaheen's?

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Thanks for picking that one up. Need to research that. +100

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But...but...but, I had a boating accident.  Really!

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Thank God Maxine Waters hasn't caught wind of your post.Spelling ability could well be yet another hurdle for her.

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It's mine, I have a message from a Nigerian Prince who promised it to me.

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Despite millions of emails pleading for help, Mariam Abacha, the widow of the late dictator of Nigeria, General Sanni Abacha, was unable to get all of her money out of the country.

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Did anybody check Obama's bags before he boarded the plane to pedophile island in the South Pacific?

Probably billions stashed in the cargo hold of the plane.

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Right now, the filthy Muslim Trump is raping children in the basement of a certain pizza parlor while Kushner films it.


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Better be behind a VPN if you are going to commit civil libel against a man who is famous for suing, and collecting, from defamors.
His wife just raked in 3 million for exactly that.

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You're right, but it's also true that you can't get blood from a stone.

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From suggested videos I learned they had an earlier self-released album, Amore (1983).  It included four songs that were on later albums, including Blood From a Stone.  Neat find!  It's here:  https://youtu.be/D3IiJbcZI-Y (the full album)

https://youtu.be/D3IiJbcZI-Y?t=3m31s is Blood From a Stone, which has a really different feel to it than the one I'm used to.  Enjoy!

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You don't get it, do you? Now we all live in a post-truth society where anyone can say anything without any consequences, starting with the president.