Watch Live: Erdogan Declares Victory In Turkey's Constitutional Referendum

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Live feed from Turkey via TRT World:

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With over 97% of ballots counted, Turkey's president Erdogan and soon, quasi dictator, declared victory in the Turkish referendum and called the leaders of three political parties supporting changes to the constitution to congratulate them on the victory, Anadolu news agency reported, and added rather comically that "many world leaders send congratulatory messages to President Erdogan." One wonders who exactly...

Absent some last minute fireworks, Turkey is now set to shift to a presidential system as the outcome of the referendum puts “Yes” votes at 51.3%, according to unofficial sources.

“Yes” votes were ahead at 51.3% or 24.598.880 votes, while “No” votes fell behind at 48.6% or 23,326,636 votes. “Yes” votes prevailed in four of Turkey’s seven regions, including southeastern Anatolia.

The reforms were approved by 339 deputies on January 21st, and Erdo?an signed the amendments on February 10th. Under the proposed changes, the post of prime minister is abolished and the president, vice president(s) and cabinet officials can be investigated by the parliament. The current system has no mechanism that monitors presidential conduct.

The new constitution proposes a streamlined legislative process. The post of prime minister will be abolished and the president will be able to issue laws by decree concerning specific areas of executive power. The parliament will be able to declare a decree void, and presidential decrees will be monitored by Parliament and the Constitutional Court.

The president will appoint four members to the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors, Turkey’s highest legal body responsible for the judicial system, which is the same number as the president appoints now, and the Parliament will appoint the remaining members. The number of members will be reduced from 17 to 15.

The new constitution would also abolish military commissions and courts, which were the remnants of an outdated constitution written by coup plotting generals. This is perhaps one of the most significant of the proposed changes, because for the first time in Turkey’s history the judiciary would be completely under civilian control. The Cabinet will also be abolished but ministers will remain.

The president will also be able to appoint presidential aides and ministers and also unseat them.

The age of candidacy for required for the Parliament would be lowered from 25 to 18, and the total number of parliamentarians will increase from 550 to 600, in order to better represent the growing population.

Meanwhile, AP reports that Turkey's main opposition party says it will challenge 37% of the votes counted in the referendum. Erdal Aksunger, deputy head of main opposition party CHP, tells reporters at televised press conference that there are about 2.5 million ‘problematic’ votes in the referendum.  Aksunger has called on supporters not to leave ballot boxes until the count is over; “The election isn’t over. We are going to get what is our right.” Bloomberg adds that the High Election Board YSK counted around 1.5 million votes that should have been considered invalid

Separately, pro-Kurdish HDP party, former members of nationalist MHP party also contesting results with election board.

That said, one doubts the protests would have any impact on the final outcome which was largely expected.

A press conference is scheduled for 6pm GMT, 2pm ET, when the Turkish prime minister is expected to make statement on the referendum.

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jm's picture

Outright short on the slow grind into the abyss.

bamawatson's picture

fantastic phrase -- "slow grind into the abyss"

debtor of last resort's picture

Turkey slaughtered halal style. They don't feel it, so what's the problem?

Implied Violins's picture

...and now, 23,326,636 have been scheduled for execution by decree in the name of unity.

eclectic syncretist's picture

If America was truly in a war on Terrorism Erdogan would be getting shut the fuck up or nail gunned pronto. Instead, we apparently are supporting his exportation of terrorism to Europe and the rest of the world. When will our leaders in the intelligence community find the moral courage to do the right thing and quit supporting terrorism?

Senduko's picture

well this was unexpected /s. 

popcorn's picture

humanity will be better off when the democracy meme dies 

Ignatius's picture

This would throw the whole "bombs of freedom" meme on its head. 

We'd have to back to the tried and true, "we're here to f#ck up your sh#t because we can," meme.

flaminratzazz's picture

agreed,, history proves a monarchy works best.

Brazen Heist's picture

History proves people are sheep who want to be lead to their slaughter. Doesn't matter what "ism" you call it.

The triumphalism of capitalism and democracy will be proven to be illusion.

I give humanity another few thousand years to evolve some more, assuming it doesn't destroy itself in the meanwhile over some false flags and headchoppers. Wouldn't want "civilisation" to go to waste over something like that, now do we?

johnnycanuck's picture

Yearns for the return of the Press Gang and Debtors Prison.


flaunt's picture

Europeans better get their shit together before this Neo-Ottoman shitbag formally invades Europe.

jet20's picture

He doesnt have to - his trojan horse army is already inside the gates. And recently he instructed them to outbreed us! This is all happening in plain sight, a Mein Kampf manifesto for the second coming of Muhammad!

Brazen Heist's picture
Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide. - John Adams


We live in times when Capitalism and Democracy are killing themselves, and the public still believes they are free.

Capitalism has become Socialism for the rich, and produces the same political result as Socialism - Plutocracy.

Democracy has become a clown-show, where people vote to get fleeced and have their rights taken away - voluntarily!

It's probably worse to be complicit in your own demise...

Dealyer Turdin's picture

 This is a very concise comment, with an incredible quote.

There seems to be no prohibition against mind control but a definite design parameter demanding that prisoners voluntarily condemn and self incarcerate and then support the guards themselves.  They won't be happy until we wear the key to leave on our necks and never use it.  The genetic lobotomy involved invokes no ethical challenges, so pathological, alien or interdimensional origins of the prison rules are worth considering as sources. 

Brazen Heist's picture

Democracy is all but a social method to pacify the masses. Power relentlessly consolidates in the background. 

As Democracy kills itself, its back to where we were all along, without the pretenses.

Nobody has ever "voted" themselves to liberty. You fight for it.

A revolution is long overdue.

But values need to change. And the powers that be control alot of the information flow and the junk culture, which legitimizes the degeneracy and criminality of the elites in the eyes of the easily fooled public.

We actually haven't progressed as much as we'd like to think. It's just a more dangerous set of lies and illusions.

flaminratzazz's picture

Ya know ..I am starting to like you

johnnycanuck's picture

Actually the problem lies with the lazy electorate who can't be bothered to hold the .001% to account and to check their excesses.  Pokemon Go or whatever the flavor of the month is far more appealing than being politically astute and making an effort to create and support opposition to Citizens United  style  big money influence.

I see people raging on this site regularly about jews and their outsized influence in American poltics, economics and foreign policy but never ever see anyone write about how much that small minority invest in politics, both in terms of their time and money.

ie stats from 2012 US election cycle; 50% of Dem donations come from Jews. Approx? 30% of Repub donations from Jews.  As  published by an MSM source.

It isn't so much that the 2% are super smart, it's that they have a model developed over a very  long period of time and they stick to it. The 98% are splintered into such wide and desparate groups and interests, they can't even come together enough to take back control of their own country.  They are of course easily divided by, those with a tried and true model.


Brazen Heist's picture

Well yes what you say is true. Some say making voting not compulsory leads to apathy, which leads to a highly organized and very concerted minority pulling the levers. But if voting was made compulsory, would that lead to better outcomes?

I think the whole shit-show stinks and we need to overthrow this parasitic class from power. But who's in? 

As you say, why are people apathetic? The values have been corrupted by the elites and degeneracy and decadence has become the norm. This means people are too pre-occupied with themselves (narcissism, social media) and complacent to give a fuck. And most people are lazy to begin with and want the easy way out. An engineered shit show that repulses people, so the shit-dealers can keep milking the gravy train.

In the end, a population deserves the government they get.

Centerist's picture

Gruber was right when he spoke of the stupidity of the American voter.  Based on how long the careers of the worst politicians are, it is pretty obvious that voters have no idea about the fundamentals underlying the various socio-economic issues under debate.

Quite frankly, people should have to pass an annual extensive civics and current-events test in order to vote.  Those willing enough to study and take the test would be the ones who would cast the most intelligent votes, and the rest who normally get manipulated by idiotic celebrity endorsements won't bother.

If you read the Constitution, you'll see that there is no actual right for every citizen to vote.  Every citizen can be an elector, but they don't all have the given right to vote for or be in the selection process for electors.  That right is articulated nowhere.

I think that there was a reason for that.  Voter stupidity can only be mitigated through processes that allow only the most conscientious to vote.

just the tip's picture

maduro is so fucking jealous.

Internet-is-Beast's picture

Erdogan knows...he counted the votes.

Equinox's picture

Kick Turkey out of NATO

newworldorder's picture

Get all US nukes out of Turkey ASAP.

GotAFriendInBen's picture

Trump's getting some good ideas here

Dre4dwolf's picture

He was already a dictator, this just made it official.

I dont get why people are surprised, leftist democratic socialist governments always end in dictatorships, example: every leftists govt currently in the world, those that havent hit peak dictator yet are just behind schedule.


johnnycanuck's picture

And like Universal healthcare is just another evil socialist plot. Maybe a commie plot if the @REAL Donald Trump style truth was known.  Ask any Republican twit and they will tell you it's so.

Erdolf's appeal is with the far right Islamists, like Netanyahu's appeal is with the far right in Israel and Trump's appeal is with the thoroughly confused about what they are, and now  confused about what the he is, in America.

css1971's picture

Some people are as dumb as a box of rocks.


Who built America's Stazi?


Who has control of it now?


The idea that you can build a perfect totalitarian state and then make absolutely sure that only good things happpen is uniquely Leftist moronism.

Sadly you can't be told. You'll have to experience it for yourself.

johnnycanuck's picture

So you wanna trade American stazism for Cheeto Benitoism?

Qui bono?

Dre4dwolf's picture

Lol the idea that a "Far Right Islamist" can even exist is idiotic, If by "Far Right" you men, almost center left.....maybe

People do this thing where they take socialists , ignore everything that is socialist about them and then label them "far right", I have seen people try and label Hitler as "far right", its idiotic.

you see it all the time, Democrats for example love to accuse the right of doing what they themselves are really guilty of... the examples are numerous.

Fascism and Conservatism are not compatible ideals.

You cant have a Free Market economy under Fascism or Dictatorships, it doesn't function because the very existence of a Free Market (which is conservatism at its core) ensures that a dictatorship CANT EXIST.

In order to have a dictatorship you have to first destroy conservative values and the free market of goods, services and ideas in a society.


The left play this game all over the world, which is why most of these STAZI STYLE LEFTIST DICTATORSHIPS try and BRAND themselves as "DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICS", they label themselves the opposite of what they are.



You can name something a republic all you want, labels dont matter, what matters is substance.

I'm not the one confused here.

Centerist's picture

+1 Dre4dwolf.  The concept of "Left" and "Right" has been deliberately muddled by those who would see totalitarianism and Socialism rise.

There are those who are pro-Constitution and pro-individual liberty, and there are those who are anti-Constitution and anti-individual liberty.  There are also those who are anti-capitalism/pro-Socialism, and there are those who are pro-capitalism/anti-Socialism.

The "Left" is that group that is against the Constitution, capitalism and individual liberty.  The "Right" is for those things.  It's pretty simple.

nachochan's picture

Democracy is obsolete has been for 100 years even in the west

flaminratzazz's picture

absolutely.. we have been ruled by the bush cartel ever since they smoked JFK

logicalman's picture

Another fucking madman cementing his power.

When the fuck will humanity wake up???? Or should I say will humanity ever wake up.


johnnycanuck's picture

He threatened, jailed, fired, lied and was Washington's conduit of terror, and his reward is Sultanhood.

And apparently he is Trump approved as I've never heard New yawk Don criticize him once.  Mobsters of a feather, stick together?

artichoke's picture

It would not make sense for Trump to weaken himself in advance with such criticism.  Politicians who blather and blather just create more friction.

jet20's picture

It's 1933 all over again!

OliverAnd's picture

The referendum simply showed a divided Turkey.  The western part of Turkey is very different from the mid-eastern area.  This difference will be exploited by internal and external forces, some which will be based on religion that will lead Turkey into civil war where the end result will be Turkey being divided into 3 to 5 areas; Kurdistan is just the tip of the pyramid.  The Turks organized by the Mongols to form the Ottoman Empire are no different than what ISIS/ISIL is today.  Back then the raped and pillaged their way throughout the Middle East and Europe.  Turks want to lay claim as being the nation that safe harbors Islam of the extreme doctrine.  They went as far as to build as many Minarets surround the Blue Mosque as in Mecca only to later claim that the architect was deaf.  The Ottoman Empire enslaved many Arabs from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt all the way to Iraq.  Back then the majority of the Arab populations were Christians but they made no exceptions even for Muslims that withstood their brutal barbaric rule; by the time Lawrence of Arabia freed many Arabs from Ottoman rule, most Arabs were Muslims.  Many conflicts of recent past from Yugoslavia to Iraq are a direct consequence of Ottoman rule.  The areas that voted in favor for the referendum are those that dream of the rebirth of the Ottoman Empire, something humanity irrelevant of religion cannot afford anymore.      

SpanishGoop's picture

How long before the US and allies to bomb this "dictaorship" into a "democaratie" ?

O wait, NATO member.....


newworldorder's picture

Another Dictator is acknowledged in NATO. Thats the way the CIA liles it.

Jdhank's picture

Anyone else notice how most, if not all, Islamic countries are ruled by dictators.  And as we all know, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Western democracy just doesn't work (for very long) there.  They only respect brutality.

JimmyRainbow's picture

do i hear allahu akbar erdogan?

G-R-U-N-T's picture

Another putz full of himself!

G-R-U-N-T's picture

What is it about people that are compelled to be subjugate under a brutal tyrant?

BarkingCat's picture

So just from reading the summary of the changes I really do not see a problem.

Looks like the president gets the combined powers of president and prime minister but now has oversight to keep him in check.

Frankly the systems that have president and prime minister seem rather stupid. Most have the post of president, but that position lacks any power.

Most of Europe has such a system and look how fucked up they are. So Erdog might become a tyrant. Big fucking deal. Europe has hundreds of little faceless tyrants working in unison like some Borg collective.


artichoke's picture

I think the idea is that nobody would dare check Erdogan even if they have the formal authority to do it.  And Turkey is a huge country with a big history of conquest.  And they have at least medium tech and some nerdy people, although I would think not many of the best.

YHWH is greater's picture

Make Turdokistan Goat fucking Again !