Former Afghan President Accuses Current Regime of 'Treason' For Permitting America to Drop MOAB

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Remember Hamid Karzai? That was Bush's puppet in Afghanistan, post Taliban. Thanks to Karzai, Afghanistan's opium production rose an impressive 20x under his rule -- fulfilling an insatiable appetite for drug addled Americans in need of firm opiate-laced needles in their necks.

Now retired, he's pissed off that the current Afghan ruler, Ashraf Ghani, permitted the United States to drop the MOAB on their ISIS loving asses, saying, "How could you permit Americans to bomb your country with a device equal to an atom bomb? If the government has permitted them to do this, that was wrong and it has committed a national treason."

Ghani's  answer to Karzai's charges was, err, freedom: "Every Afghan has the right to speak their mind. This is a country of free speech."

Clearly, Karzai doesn't agree with Fox and Friends assertion that the MOAB is equal to freedom.

More from the former Afghan leader, calling the bomb 'poison' and bad for the environment -- because ISIS is all about preserving a low carbon footprint.

Local villagers said they thought the end of the world was upon them, after the U.S. dropped a MOAB on the terrorists traversing underneath the ground in elaborate tunnels.

Via Daily Caller:
“The earth felt like a boat in a storm,” one villager told The Guardian. He continued, “My ears were deaf for a while. My windows and doors are broken. There are cracks in the walls.” Achin’s Mayor Naweed Shinwari said “my relatives thought the end of the world had come.”
“Last night’s bomb was really huge, when it dropped, everywhere, it was shaking,” one resident told Reuters. He characterized the strike as a “positive move” to rid the village of ISIS fighters. One man who lived two miles from the blast area told CNN “we were all scared and my children and my wife were crying. We thought it had happened right in front of our house.”


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I guess the War Party planned to stay there forever pecking at them with small arms?

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So... the heroin epidemic in the US and poppy fields being guarded by US military in Afghanistan. Make America Withdraw Again? Doesn't look like it.

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American prescence in Afganistan will make sense when they target poppy fields to.

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All the Bin laden tunnels are gone

and the sky is yellow, orange and gray

I've been for a walk

around the pentagon on a spring day

I'd be safe and warm in Thailand or Bombay.

la la la lala      MOAB dreamin and watching Trump's Play....

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Calling treason is laughable coming from Karzai.

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Dropping the MOAB "mother of all bombs" to distract from the MOAB "mother of all bubbles".

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Who wrote this?  Military-loving propaganda.  Trump: yet another war criminal "leader".

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"Iran based" ....????? Realy?

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Kazem Alonezan, leader of the clans council of Southern Iraq said this: "I went to a hospital in Tehran (Iran) to visit a wounded relative of mine from Badr (pro-Iranian Iraqi shiite militia fighting against ISIS in Iraq). I entered the wrong hospital floor, and I was shocked to see an ISIS man in every bed! How dare they treat ISIS and our soldiers who are fighting them in the same hospital?"

ISIS is Iranian militia

These patients are not prisoners. The article lists many proofs that Iran runs ISIS. Iranian militias in Mosul share the same Iraqi territories with ISIS. ISIS are Iranian militias. Iran is Rothschild's last war toy.

For a long time, the FBI has warned that Iranian terror cells are all over Europe and the US, waiting for orders. Recently on ZH, an Iranian terrorist outed herself, praising Hezbollah and cursing Americans.

To explain the conflicts in Persian culture, a British diplomat wrote a famous novel:

"HAJJI BABA OF ISPAHAN, hero of The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan by James Justinian Morier (3 vols., London, 1824), the most popular Oriental novel in the English language and a highly influential stereotype of the so-called “Persian national character” in modern times. Morier (1782-1849), a former diplomat who had resided in Persia for nearly six years (1808-1809 and 1810-1814) at a critical juncture during diplomatic entanglements with European powers, fashioned his novel on his personal observations and direct knowledge about Persia, but with a decidedly hostile and satirical overtone. An Orientalist project parexcellence, Hajji Baba lampoons Persians as rascals, cowards, puerile villains, and downright fools, depicting their culture as scandalously dishonest and decadent, and their society as violent."

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This clearly refutes those who think Trump is under the influence of the Deep State. He is really wiping ISIS out. The Deep State spent billions creating ISIS. Karzai is of Iranian origins by the way, like ISIS.

Karzai says Iran gave ‘bags’ of cash as aid

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Naivety can be dangerously stupid...

Trump is a puppet doll with string in the hands of his Neo-con masters... keep dreaming that he made 1 objective decision the last weeks.

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Trump: "Every story is badly slanted. We have to hold them to the truth!"

True, even here on ZH very often. I do my best to hold them to the truth.

Trump is not out to win a popularity contest. Only 1/1000 can see through false appearances and propaganda.

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The Taliban oppose the CIA's opium/heroin networks.

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USA using WMDs -again. What else is new? The rules do not apply to us. Very sad. 

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Why did US Gov. / USAF bomb US Gov./ CIA?

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Hamid the Capt. Moab of Afghanistan.

Only a miracle stopped his spearing the white whale of Afghanistan in favor of his Taliban.

He's got a nerve complaining about America's MOAB.

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Shocking, unnecessary, unilateral vandalism. Had another nation dropped such a weapon the USA would be demanding UN sanctions, investigation and intervention.

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The Unied States is at war against Taliban/ISIS, whatever they call themselves, in Afghanistan.

It is incumbent upon us warrirors to fight with the best we have, troops and hardware, to win.

You need to tune in to repeats of the 'discussions' by Bolivia and retort by USA's Ambassador Haley for a learing experience on exactly who the vandals are.

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Some odd footage in the last video, the building is rubble, but the spindly tree next to it still has all its leaves?  I'm calling fake on that one.

Sirdirkfan's picture

What you saw is not fake but the anomaly of the trees that survived in A-bombed Hiroshima.

Many of the trees were replaced in Hiroshima but most of the original trees survived the atomic bomb.

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I had a friend at bagram watching live feeds of this drop..SF major, they lost 2 SF KIA in that area last month..his video feed was much better than the public one..

He only wished it was a bigger bomb..

if you fight wars, maybe we should do it to win..

I am not for this war, nor syria..but I am for ruthless killers running the war effort if we do go to war..  Gen Patton was right.

obumanation made sure our wars were never won, his aim to bleed us dry.

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Maybe Drump Morons didn´t paye the price he demanded for a new treason of his people.

He´s an even 100 times more criminal as the most evil warlord.

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So you're basically admitting that we got Hillary Clinton after all?

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How an event like this looks in the eyes of an artist...

America's Guernica.

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Karzai still commands significant popular support and he's quite right - if any ISIS personnel were in that area, they were enabled by America and the Saudis.

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If you notice the aftermath video, the guy who was taking the video was around 6930 feet  (2100 meters) away from the blast and was throw away after the second BIG BLAST happened, it happens around the 13th second and continues till 20th second and then the BOOM (about 7 seconds before the sound was heard). WoW that was one huge Shockwave