Has Trump Lost Control Of The Pentagon?

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Via The Saker,

The Pentagon’s more aggressive military approach

Here is a short timeline of the Pentagon taking the presidential commander-in-chief power from Trump.

The ultimatums came on March 1.

On March 1, 2017 the Atlantic’s article “Trump and the Generals”

announced that Trump’s military leaders “increasingly sound like they’re working for a different president altogether.

They complained about the lack of funding, even after Trump pledged to give them additional $54 billion that were cut from the budget of non-military agencies.  Right after the budget announcement, it became immediately obvious that the Pentagon considered this sum to be ridiculously small for their ambitions.

They also balked at Trump’s election promise to fire many “Obama’s generals.”

One of those generals openly voicing their opposition to Trump’s policies is General Tony Thomas of U.S. Special Operations Command. He reportedly said that “he wanted Americans to understand those elite counterterrorism operations are occurring nightly.” Meaning that they not just need more money, but more independence to operate.

As per the Atlantic, the “generals don’t much like to talk about “winning” against terrorism. They understand and tell the public and congress that the United States is in a 10-, 30-, 100- year battle against a multi-generational ideological war of ideas that goes far beyond the military battlefield.”

The article links to the Center for a New American Security’s publication: Virtual Caliphate – Defeating ISIL on the Physical Battlefield Is Not Enough.  

The same article in the Atlantic also went on listing some other problems that the Generals had with Trump.

“Over and over, Trump has heard his generals, then gone to the microphone or Twitter and ignored them—a pattern he began on the campaign trail. In September, Trump said he’d likely place new generals in charge of the ISIS war and that the ones in charge had been “embarrassing” under Obama, who he said had marginalized them.”

They complained about his “unpredictability” and even threaten that some of them will resign in protests.

"In the next few months, Trump will either order a way forward against ISIS that U.S. military leaders offer up (and likely is not much different from the war underway), or he’ll order some radical departure from what he’s offered this week, which may require that some generals resign their commissions.”

Either he’ll slash money from the State Department and pull back America’s diplomatic and development presence abroad—including money related to counter-terrorism—or he’ll expand it to help end this fight and prevent further conflict, as so many generals have suggested.”

Either he’ll tone down the anti-Muslim rhetoric, like McMaster wants, or he’ll keep it up.”

“Either he’ll proclaim to the world the importance of a free and adversarial press to democracy, exemplified nowhere better than in America, or he won’t.”

“Americans can pick their own metric, but one place to watch is Eastern Europe. In the last year, former President Barack Obama and NATO moved thousands of American troops to Russia’s border, with more tanks, aircraft, ships, and missiles. If Trump really wants to make nice with Putin, he could pull all of that back, or cut the U.S. nuclear arsenal.”

 “What “the generals” say matters, and what Trump says about them and their advice is confusing.”

If that sounded like an ultimatum, it was, because it was accompanied with an open threat of disobedience delivered via the Daily Beast.

On the same day, March 1, the Daily Beast published an article written by Kimberly Dozier, Generals May Launch New ISIS Raids Without Trump’s OK.

This article was published with updates and comments from Central Command, with the following statements:

“The White House is considering delegating more authority to the Pentagon”


President Donald Trump has signaled that he wants his defense secretary, retired Marine Gen. Jim Mattis, to have a freer hand to launch time-sensitive missions quickly, ending what U.S. officials say could be a long approval process under President Barack Obama that critics claimed stalled some missions by hours or days.”

As you have noticed the link to 2016 material titled “CALL OF DUTY: The Secret Movement to Draft General James Mattis for President"

Gen. James Mattis doesn’t necessarily want to be president—but that’s not stopping a group of billionaire donors from hatching a plan to get him there.”

It’s reminded us that Jim Mattis was endorsed by some ” anonymous group of conservative billionaires” to run in the presidential race “to confront Donald Trump.”

“Mattis, who is also nicknamed the “warrior monk” for his contemplative devotion to the military arts, would be a fallback option for anti-Trump forces.”

Now, this anti-Trump force man has taken an unelected position of the secretary of Defense. Let’s keep this very important detail in mind.

The article says that the Pentagon may start launching operations without the Presidential approval in “areas outside of the declared war zones.”

“In declared war zones, U.S. commanders have the authority to make such calls, but outside such war zones, ….  it can take permissions all the way up to the Oval Office to launch a drone strike or a special-operations team.”

“Despite the controversy, Trump has signaled that he wants to operate more like the CEO he was in the private sector in such matters, and delegate even more power to Mattis, which may mean rewriting one of President Barack Obama’s classified Presidential Policy Directives on potentially lethal operations in countries where the U.S. is not officially involved in combat.”

“Trump officials believe loosening the permissions process can help turn up the heat against ISIS—and counterterrorist-focused agencies like the military’s Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) are lining up new targets in anticipation of more numerous and more rapid approvals.”

 The new model of command is “pre-delegating authority to Mattis, that authority could be pushed much further down the chain of command—all the way down to the three-star general who runs JSOC.” The result will be “the elite force will be able to move into action, informing the national-security apparatus of the operation but not having to wait for permission.

Cutting through this heavy bureaucratic American doublespeak, the White House will be informed, but would have no commanding authority over the US military.

News in Brief

March 14th, the US National Nuclear Security Administration field tested the modernized B61-12  gravity nuclear bomb in Nevada.

April 7, Liberty Passion, loaded with US military vehicles, moored at Aqaba Main Port, Jordan

On April 7th the Pentagon US bombed Syria’s main command center in fight against terrorists

April 10, United States Deploying Forces At Syrian-Jordanian Border

April 11, The US Air Force might start forcing pilots to stay in the service against their will, according to the chief of the military unit’s Air Mobility Command.

April 12, President Donald Trump has signed the US approval for Montenegro to join NATO

April 13, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg announced the alliance’s increased deployment in Eastern Europe

On April 13th, the Pentagon bombed Afghanistan. The US military has bombed Afghanistan with its GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB)

April 13, the US-led coalition bombed the IS munitions and chemical weapons depot in Deir ez-Zor killing hundreds of people

April 14, The Arleigh Burke-class, guided-missile destroyer USS Stethem (DDG 63) has been deployed to the South China Sea

April 14, the US sent F-35 jets to Europe

April 14, Washington failed to attend the latest international conference hosted by Moscow, where 11 nations discussed ways of bringing peace to Afghanistan. The US branded it a “unilateral Russian attempt to assert influence in the region.”

April14, the US has positioned two destroyers armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles close enough to the North Korean nuclear test site to act preemptively

On April 16th, the US army makes largest deployment of troops to Somalia since the 90s.

On Saturday April 15, FoxNews posted an article titled, Trump gives generals more freedom to make decisions in ISIS fight, Trump reiterates confidence in US troops after MOAB strike.

It’s important to realize that this Trump’s decision to give more freedom to the US generals to decide where to start a war, or as it’s been dubbed “the New Approach” had come after the fact that was “on display this week in Afghanistan, where Gen. John Nicholson, head of the U.S.-led coalition there, decided to use one of the military’s biggest nonnuclear bombs—a Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb, or MOAB.”

After the MOAB was dropped, repeating without the presidential approval, the Media came out heralding this bombing of Afghanistan as “America’s top military commanders are implementing the vision articulated by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis: U.S. military commanders to make more battlefield decisions on their own.”

A senior administration official said Mr. Trump didn’t know about the weapon’s use until it had been dropped.”


“Mr. Mattis “is telling them, ‘It’s not the same as it was, you don’t have to ask us before you drop a MOAB,’” the senior defense official said. “Technically there’s no piece of paper that says you have to ask the president to drop a MOAB. But last year this time, the way [things were] meant, ‘I’m going to drop a MOAB, better let the White House know.’”


“There’s nothing formal, but it is beginning to take shape,” a senior U.S. defense official said Friday. “There is a sense among these commanders that they are able to do a bit more—and so they are.”


“While military commanders complained about White House micromanagement under former President Barack Obama, they are now being told they have more freedom to make decisions without consulting Mr. Trump. Military commanders around the world are being encouraged to stretch the limits of their existing authorities when needed, but to think seriously about the consequences of their decisions.”


“The more muscular military approach is expanding…”


“Mr. Mattis has sketched out such a global plan, but the administration has yet to agree on it. While the political debate continues, the military is being encouraged to take more aggressive steps … around the world.”

In conclusion:

While the situation is taking its shape, I encourage you to research and to think over the following questions.

This incoming information sounds like a proof of what I have been suspecting all along that the US military has been run by the groups of non-governmental private organizations. My suspicions were confirmed by Rosa Brooks‘ book “How Everything Became War and the Military Became Everything.”

It also helped when in February of this year the Washington Post posted her opinion about an ongoing military coup. “A former Defense Department official under the Obama administration has raised the specter of a military coup to remove President Donald Trump from power.

“In an editorial penned for Foreign Policy, senior Pentagon policy official Rosa Brooks publicly suggested a military insurrection against the Trump administration may be the only option to oust one of the most divisive presidents in American history.”

If memory serves me right, in 2011 was a distinct threat issued by Steve Pieczenik on YouTube to Obama and his administration that the military and intelligence stopped considering the presidential power to be legitimate and went on  making themselves to be the real government.

This tells me that no matter who takes the presidency, the US armed forces and the intelligence community refuse to recognize the country’s civilian government.

What does this actually mean for the rest of us?

It means that any negotiations and agreements with the US president and the Secretary of State  are useless. That would explain the complete lack on interest of Putin to talk to any of them. The Kremlin didn’t even release a statement about Putin’s meeting with Tillerson, and there are rumors that it was nothing, but an exchange of strong language on both sides.

So, the US military takes hostage an entire planet by positioning themselves near China, NK and Russia in the Far East, and near Russia in Europe and threatening to start a nuclear conflict with many nuclear countries at once, if they don’t get something.

What do they actually want, and from whom? Do they blackmail Russia and China? Do they also blackmail the EU? Or, do they blackmail someone in the US? Are they looking for money? Are they looking for gold? Do they want the official dejure recognition of the military government?  Or, are they demanding the write off the US debt?

How are they going to get away with this?

Two days ago the Wall Street Journal made an announcement that the Pentagon was granted the “freedom of initiative.”

This announcement was noticed in Russia.

If the US armed forces went rogue and the wsj just announced this, would it be the legal reason for the UN members to neutralize their bases around the world?

Who are now in control of  NATO?

Are they keeping Trump hostage and not allowing him to leave the territory of the US?

What about “neuchtenka” like the PMCs, the Special Forces, (GRS)/OGA, SADs, and others?

Does this mean that the US has no civilian government, and that’s why they are going to shut the government down at the end of April?

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07564111's picture

did the strumpet ever have any control ?

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UK Dads Army TV phrase comes to mind. "We're doomed."

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Gringo Military Junta coming out.


07564111's picture

It looks very much as if that's the direction America is headed.

I don't think that trump ever had control of anything in government, given inability to make any changes with all his legislations being blocked.

sushi's picture

United States is in a 10-, 30-, 100- year battle against a multi-generational ideological war of ideas that goes far beyond the military battlefield.”


If you have different ideas, we send out a nightly kill team.

Sounds like an effective method of developing 100 - 300 - 1,000 years of blowback.

AVmaster's picture

I voted for trump with the understanding that we were going to pretty much bomb isis to hell then...


Adopt what was essentially an isolationist policy...


NOT a mad-bomber-in-chief...


Already can't wait for the next elections...

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Never expected the humping to come so hard and fast.....

never expected clown poster boy to fold like a soiled napkin....

definitely did not expect blood thirsty joos to "win" this quickly with this pretend Xtian in charge....

fvcked all around :-)

JohninMK's picture

There is no apparent way out of this.

We will have to wait and see if the Russians and Chinese try the 'peaceful' approach and crash the US$ so removing the US Militaries unlimited source of finance.

Looks like we have a problem Houston.

y3maxx's picture

-Began with JFK's assasination?

""This tells me that no matter who takes the presidency, the US armed forces and the intelligence community refuse to recognize the country’s civilian government."" "' are they demanding the write off the US debt?""

-If the above is true, then I'm moving to Canada...ooops, wait a minute.

AVmaster's picture

Why in the hell would you want to go to canada for?

beemasters's picture

Have the people absolutely lost control of the nation?

sleigher's picture

If the elected president has lost control of the military, then civilian control of the military is lost.  If this is true then there is only one thing left to do.

ThirteenthFloor's picture

Most likely with JFK assassination. Recall the military performed the autopsy after 'stealing' the body from texas illegally. Admiral Burkley JFKs doctor helped in the coverup riding with the coffin. The Operation Northwoods plan the precursor to 9/11 plan was written by a general and presented to JFK.

And here we are once again at mutual destruction odds with Russia.

moneybots's picture

"Recall the military performed the autopsy after 'stealing' the body from texas illegally. Admiral Burkley JFKs doctor helped in the coverup riding with the coffin."


There was nothing covered up. The body may have been taken against Texas law, but there was nothing nefarius about it. Jackie chose the autopsy site, as JFK had been in the Navy. The autopsists were simply not experienced with gunshot wounds and they were not aware of what the doctors did in Dallas. As a result, the autopsy was not as thorough as it should have been.

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Bomb our own proxy army??


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Draft, Rationing, Victory Gardens, Scrap Metal Drives & Bomb Shelters on horizon...

Pentagon is adding another wing...Hexagram/Sexagram/Magen David...take your pick...

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need moar money, said the blood thir$ty psychopathic general, moar MOAR! MOAR!!!


A return to the days of "Dr. Strangelove"

herbivore's picture

Actually, according to this article, we"re way beyond Dr. Strangelove/ In that superb film, the president was still in charge and he was a reasonable man who desperately wanted to avoid nuclear war. This article suggests the president has lost control of the military. It suggests that Trump is okay with all his generals adopting the rogue tactic of Gen. Jack D. Ripper. Every general is now free to do whatever he thinks best. 

just the tip's picture

and which proxy army would that be?  you'll have to be more specific.  are you speaking of the proxy army the CIA supports?  are you speaking of the proxy army the pentagram supports?  sometimes they fight each other, and change their names by the month.  so you will need to be more specific.

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We've been at war for 90% of our existence. ...move on 

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there is no logic in accepting a fraudulent act merely because it happened some time ago

detached.amusement's picture

I voted for Trump knowing the "intel" he was going to be receiving was necessarily compromised and bent towards the woar-st possible outcomes

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Talk about the art of the deal...

Either way, it became clear as a day Trump's "administration" is on a totalitarian path the very moment (retired) generals took control of military and intelligence departments (and War Party chickenhawks like The Atlantic rushed to attack The 'Civilian Control of the Military' Falacy).

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Deep state controls the Prez, not the other way around.

Trump is no different. He's been shown the Zapruder film.

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Anyone who thought they can control the all-powerful military-industrial complex has it wrong.

The military-industrial complex controls them. Maybe subtle threats to ones family changes their mind.

Evil people are in control. 

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Curtis LeMay

AF General WW II - advised JFK nuclear war was winnable
The same mentality is there now difference is there is no one to push back

They want total annilation everywhere

It will come

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So ZH readers are believing the MSM now?  Boo hoo, Trump is so scary dangerous.  Must vote Hillary.  Haven't we heard this for over a year?

How are articles like this not just more propaganda???

The country IS FUCKED.  Not because deep state, nor Trump, nor the fed, nor jews.  It is fucked because THE SHEEPLE, like I am reading here, are so gullible and batshit stupid it's a wonder they even tie their own shoes.

Ruling over you guys is too easy.  Not even a challenge.

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Only just realised how close Russia's Vladivostok is to N. Korea.
Trump should ask Putin if his fleet can make a courtesy call.

07564111's picture

Not such a good idea. There's very high probability that US navy guys would misbehave with Russian girls and so need to be taught manners ;)

HowdyDoody's picture

The Russian missile cruiser Varyag made a courtesy visit to Bosan, arriving on 12 April. Has the US got there yet?




joeyman9's picture

Probablility?????  It's a certainty. What do you think a good chunk of young men on an overseas assignment do and think about when they are free to circulate in the local culture?  (Of course with women integrated into the armed forces, perhaps the sperm levels coming into port aren't so high as they were decades ago.)

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Wait for the pictures of the Carl Vinson listing to one side, smoke pouring from multiple sites and the destroyers along side taking off causualties.

Then you can run the column of tanks north to Pyongyang (if you so desire death).

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i say this saddly bigly, hope it fuken happens. slap these fukers so hard their heads come off...

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A choice of 3 is possible ;)

In addition to the Carl Vinson, next week the Ronald Reagan and the Nimitz will be in the Sea of Japan.

Smorgasbord or fish in a barrel ? ;)

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Says the ruskii whose ships take to sea followed by sea-going tugs to haul 'em back. lol.

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I notice Russian Destroyers and their A/C Carrier somehow, made it to the Med without those tugs; once there they launch numerous effective strikes (unlike two years of US Strikes) against the anti-Assad Forces.   Underestimating an "enemy" is a loser strategy.

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That is the Radioactive USS Ronald Reagan that stupidly went through the radioactive Fukishima Gas Cloud.

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You sorry bastrd. You want thousands of US sailors to die to prove your little leftist point?

Die painfully, kvck suckr.

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How does it feel beeing gagged by your own political correctness bullshit?

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Maybe people should make better life choices,,signing up and dying for Zion is the stupidest career choice I can think of.

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Most are so young, they would not know better.  Few of us would have known better at 18 years old.   If your choice is a part time Wal Mart job or the military, the military looks good

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Dying for minimum wage is better than a walmart job?  You must be smokin' some powerful shit.

When has the US been threatened in the last 70 years?  Young kids are smart enough to know Syria and North Korea ain't states.

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The Ginger Puppet.

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da stupid fucking nigga

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wrong ppl were picked for the cabbinet. now the swamp is closing the circle

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Trump was searching for the plug when he got stuck inside the swamp.

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swamped in the swamp. swamp always wins. the swamp is a swamp. go try to change one...

mother nature can with a severe drought, otherwise,  NOT   ....

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Trump could drain the swamp only by declaring himself dictator. 

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I would like to thank Mr. Soros for bailing out Trump to the tune of 160 million dollars, being a joint hotel owner with him and giving his son-in-law 250 million to start his own business. What a generous man. I wonder why he hasn't been arrested? oh were we talking about military....well Soros has nothing to do with that....just ask Ukraine.