Insider Roger Stone: "Trump Diplomacy Is Working... It's Really Working"

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President Trump has taken a lot of flack recently, first for his direct strike on a Syrian airfield using 59 Tomahawk missiles, then for responding to North Korean rhetoric and nuclear testing by deploying a Naval Strike Fleet to the region, and finally for dropping the world’s largest non-nuclear Mother Of All Bombs on a cave complex housing as many as 800 Islamic State fighters.

For many, it appears on the surface that Donald Trump, the military industrial complex and Deep State operatives behind the scenes have war on their minds.

The criticisms leveled at the President are certainly the result of real concern from his constituents, especially since as a candidate he promised to change the system and root out its corrupt and warlike culture, only to turn around and take three significant military actions within his first 100 days in office. Even if those who have railed against the President are wrong, at the very least one could argue that the criticisms are necessary in order to maintain a cross-check on the actions of the Executive Branch.

But political insider Roger Stone, who at one point was head of Trump’s campaign, says that the President’s recent decisions prove he is a man of action who is very much uprooting the strategies, tactics and geo-political machinations of the old guard.

According to Stone, who joined host Alex Jones in an interview over the weekend, President Trump is moving to permanently resolve the world’s most pressing conflicts, some of which have spanned decades:

Obviously you have a group in the White House who think they are puppeteers… and they’d like to have Trump be their puppet… Donald Trump is no man’s puppet… he works for the American people…


Whenever Donald trump has all the information he will almost invariably make the right decision… This is what’s happened here.. He elected to do a limited Syrian strike… His advisors immediately saw an opening to propose a full Vietnam-style ground war… 150,000 troops… The defense contractors were licking their chops they were so happy… the bad news for them was that so many Libertarians, so many non-interventionists, so many patriots, so many Trump supporters expressed their opposition or concern both publicly and privately that Trump now had the correct focus,.. Over the objections of his Defense Secretary Mattis… Over the objections of [National Security Advisor]  McMaster he has elected not to expand the war… to move on.


In the same breath, the President’s critics tried to say ‘oh, he’s flip-flopping on China… he didn’t break their arm about currency manipulation and our trade relationships… he’s obviously abandoned those things’.


No, he hasn’t abandoned those things at all… all he’s doing is prioritizing them… getting the nukes out of the hands of a maniac in North Korea and getting China’s help to do that, which appears to be happening, is a higher priority for the President right now than currency manipulation or trade… Believe me, the Chinese are going to hear about that from Trump but right now there’s a lot of good signs… If confirmed, this rejection of these enormous shipments of coal from North Korea and the replacement of these orders to purchase coal from U.S. companies by the Chinese is highly symbolic… The Chinese are trying to tell the North Koreans, ‘quit screwing around or we’re going to have to join the coalition to take you out.’


This is all Trump diplomacy… It’s working… It’s really working.



I think the Chinese have now agreed to work with us in a partnership to slow the North Koreans down and get them out of the nuclear business… That alone would be a major breakthrough because as you point out, in the past they have been unwilling to get involved.


As far as the MOAB bombing in Afghanistan… Donald Trump was very forthright in his campaign that he was going to crush ISIS.


ISIS is a loose end created by the foreign policy of the globalists, George Bush, George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Barrack Obama.


Trump doesn’t have the option of doing nothing… but with a non-interventionist foreign policy going forward we won’t be creating any new organizations like ISIS.

As both Jones and Stone suggest, Trump’s latest moves are actually a step in the right direction, as they are cleaning out the mess created by his predecessors.

Watch the full interview with Roger Stone:

What do you think?

Is President Donald Trump doing the bidding of the Deep State?

Or are his latest military actions a long-term strategy designed to finally and completely eliminate the decades’ long threats America has faced under previous globalist leaders?

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exartizo's picture

Yeah. No.

...this all looks like a really dangerous game of poker to me.

Perimetr's picture

Horseshit for the wishful thinkers who don't want to admit

that the new boss is the same as the old boss.

Winston Churchill's picture

Same shit, different pail is all.

Another session or two of ECT and Stone won't even remember the campaign promises.

But we will,turncoat scum.

Mr.Sono's picture

It will speed up dollar demise. That is all it is.

Winston Churchill's picture

I think DC, in all its hubris, may just have woken up to what we've been

seeing for years.The slow' steady plan to kill the petrodallar finally coming to fruition.

'All these sudden moves are panic not diplomacy.

Could they really be that incompetent ?

Giant Meteor's picture

"Whenever Donald trump has all the information he will almost invariably make the right decision." This is what’s happened here.. He elected to do a limited Syrian strike… 

Stone certainly makes a convincing argument, certainly a valiant effort at damage control. Everything sounds completely logical and on the up and up .. Advisors wanted him to go further, no way, Trump says ..

Certainly he quieted the other folks right down. Overnight he became presidential even.

Fuck if I know, Christ he may may well be a three dimensional grand chess master ...

On the other hand, no one has offered anything like convincing evidence of Assad using sarin on his peeps. Quite the contrary, it would seem not to be the case. And of course how exactly does the POTUS get all the right information in the first place? The intelligence community? The same deep state that manipulated intelligence, and lied the US into intractable war?

And that is just for openers ..

All of that is fixed in less than 100 days?

So the point is, if you make the start of your case, with an illogical fallacy, that pretty much washes out the rest of the argument.

Heh, you know, I want to believe in fairytales, sugar and spice and everything nice. Fuck, I want Trump to succeed even.

The thing is, one cannot convince others of a truth, by starting out with a lie.

Apparently, the American people cannot be trusted with the truth ..

They damn sure don't see anything resembling it in the regular press, and hell even Trump has pointed that out.


Edit, ooops,  "The thing is, one cannot convince others of a truth, by starting out with a lie." It appears I just lied so let me rephrase,

One SHOULDN'T attempt to convince others of truth, by starting out with a lie ..


new game's picture

no mention of the "fulcrum" of all this craziness- russia! wtf, another kolaider.

i have to believe putin is near his wits end and another bitch slap and it is gonna get real nasty fast.

russia is castleing on the upper tier and trump is acting like a "white knight" while eating chocolate cake on level one.

hubris smubris bullshit whilst head up ass. escalating in syria is a serious mistake with grave consequences...

n korea is another misstep in the making, pound your chest and tell that fucker "your fired" and watch the fireworks from another planet. nuking futs beyound my comprehension. and while rational world leaders try to warn him, sad...

I am trying to just do life with this shit  going on wondering if the shroomer is gonna happen or the mideast is gonna blow shy high. oh yea better than killary, thanks for that thought.

there is only one option left...


philipat's picture

So Trump is playing at being the alpha male in useless conflicts where there is NO threat to US security, that his base doesn't want and he promised to de-escalate. And is boosting military/Security Complex spending on a military that already spends more than the rest of the world combined (Although in fairness, Trillions do "go astray", never to be accounted for). Which his base doesn't want. He will be judged by his base on the basis of what he DOES not what he says. And not on the basis of the kind of BS in this article. It's already clear that he is going to be a one-term President (The Libtards and Media still hate him and now much of his base feels the same way) and could get ranked by history alongside Jimmy Carter.



tmosley's picture

>North Korea acquiring ICBMs capable of striking the continental US

>no threat to US security

Lots of people going full retard lately. SAD!

general ambivalent's picture

The biggest threat to America (and the world) is America. Too many conservatards like you willing to support Orange Zionism.

tmosley's picture

Sorry, but if you are too stupid to perceive my political leaning, then you are too stupid to understand international politics.

Last1Out's picture

Again, stop already. Your only 12 and it's past your bedtime. Go to sleep and let the big people talk.

tmosley's picture

Wow, didn't realize I signed up when I was five, person I have never heard of before that has only been here for 11 weeks. You have so much credibility, I am completely blown out of the water!

Future Jim's picture

" ... are his latest military actions a long-term strategy designed to finally and completely eliminate the decades’ long threats... "

Bullshit! Syria has never been a threat to the US. Israel has caused far more harm to the US, and will continue to do so, but Netanyahu says Israel has no greater friend than Trump. Trump is obviously NWO.

I was pretty sure that Trump was NWO (just like most leaders and governments) when I wrote:

03/03/16: Trump is a Ringer

11/19/16: The Globalists Chose Trump

Since then, it should have become clear to everyone that Trump is NWO as he has continued to tip his hand even more aggressively than before:

  1. Trump said he wants to be judged by the success of the stock market starting from the day he was elected. However, he knows that we are on the brink of economic collapse that could be triggered at any time and that the stock market has been rising since 2009 primarily as a result of inflation caused by money being printed out of thin air by the Federal Reserve and mostly finding its way into the stock market (what else would banks buy ... milk?). This unsustainable trend will be very embarrassing for everyone the media has tied to Trump when it collapses. The Federal Reserve will keep applying pressure for collapse by raising interest rates, which it has kept artificially low for an unusually long time. Trump is setting us up.
  2. Trump immediately met with the CIA, kissed their ass, and told them they would get another chance to get the oil in Iraq.
  3. Trump appeared on stage with Netanyahu, who said that he has known Trump a long time and that there is no greater friend to Israel than Donald Trump.
  4. Trump said the Republicans must figh??t the Freedom Caucus and the Democrats in 2018 elections. The Freedom Caucus could best be described as the Ron Paul Republicans. In other words, Trump wants to fight the good Republicans.
  5. Trump attacked Syria just like Hillary and Obama were determined to do (and based on the same kind of lie ), but in spite of weeks of propaganda by the media under Obama, everyone in America and around the world said, NO. I remember how we were hours from attacking Syria under Obama. CNN even had their drums of war music playing during commercials. It was hours away, but the world said, NO, so Trump did it fast, before the people had time to rebel.


tmosley's picture

Love how the peanut gallery here simply has no concept of "nuance". In his meeting with the CIA, he more or less told them that he was going to tear them down and rubuild them without the 5th column infiltration that they all knew was there and too powerful for anyone to do anything about. They gave him a standing ovation. Other points similarly miss the mark. He will always be best friends with the right people at the right time. That's all there is to it.

Future Jim's picture

At this point, it is more likely that Trump sees the 5th column in the CIA as those few honest people left in the CIA who like Ron Paul and who place America first before the NWO or Israel. Yes, he thinks the CIA will be more effective once those who are not on the same page are gone.

tmosley's picture

Your thoughts reveal you to be a simpleton then.

Siamo pazzi's picture

Agreed... Americans in the Freedom Caucus not his friends . But Israelis are!

aurum4040's picture

Lets start with this - Do you want Russia in and controlling Syria? And Iran/Russia right next door? While Iraq is in the middle in shambles? Does Saudia Arabia want Russia and Iran gaining additional ME infuence and power? No, they dont. 

Now, on to North Korea - any country that consistently threatens the US with nuclear attacks needs to be taken out immediately. We should never allow any country to make threats on that level. Its insanity.

Back to ME. The bottom line is this - at this point whoever ultimately controls the ME is in control of the world because of oil. Our control of ME oil (Saudis and Kissinger) since the Bretton Woods renege has ultimately allowed you to type dumb fuck comments and post them on zerohedge. Its sad in sense but true. Eat or be eaten. Especially when you are on the top of the food chain and everyone is gunning for you. Trump will hopefully do this in a more intelligent way than his predecessors. 


Billybullshit's picture

Yep, you have it right. Russia was winning the Middle east, North Korea was threatening the USA and its neighbours with nuclear strikes. That strike in syria seems to have focused the mind of the Chinese, and 800 pakis killed in a cave is a proper result.

evoila's picture

Yeah, all that stuff sounds good, because it will ultimately weaken the zionists, which are leading the charge at messing up the lot of the Middle East, and costing us a fortune in money and blood, all because they want to control the Golan Heights. If we let the Russians and Iranians in, we get to tell them, and the Saudis/Qataris, to F off. We don't get our energy from SA/Qatar anyways.

It would be a setback in Europe, but that can be reset with the Russians and there is more than 1 way to get energy into Europe than deciding to poke the Russians in the eyeball. It is called straightening out Libya, which is what we should be focused.

Lea's picture

North Korea DOES NOT threaten the USA. The USA keeps threatening North Korea and blaming North Korea for its justified responses, which is not quite the same.

Haven't you learned your lesson yet? When a country makes bellicose noises in the USA's direction, ALWAYS ask yourself what the USA is doing to that country.

Freddie's picture

Get the USA oUT of Syria.

Get Jared, Ivanka and McMaster out of the White House or give them one way tickets to Haifa or hell.

tmosley's picture

I think the real problem is people thinking with their doomboners instead of their brains.

exartizo's picture

lol no doubt.

i'm perplexed why the Chinese don't just offer Mr. Un an All Expense Paid Extended Vacation to Beijing, or some other ummmmmm... safe place?

Brazen Heist's picture

Lotsa bluffin, huffin and puffin.

Fake, false flag, staged events.

Somebody gonna screw up eventually.

RiverRoad's picture

If Trump ends these very profitable MIC endless wars by winning, he will be giving the Deep State a very big poke in the eye.  Be interesting to see if they actually let him win some...

Freddie's picture

16 years in Afghanistan.  What a waste.  How much does the CIA make a year on heroin/opium there?  $400 billion?

junction's picture

Gimme a piece of that mighty fine chocolate cake!

rubiconsolutions's picture

<- Sally Fields - "You Like Me, You Really Like Me"

<- Roger Stone - "Trump Diplomacy Is Working... It's Really Working"

jmack's picture

ummm, sally Field  (not fields, mandela affect) never said that (mandela effect).  according to our new spacetime continuum she said "you like, right now you like me".


  I dont know what roger stone said or didnt say.

Freddie's picture

I like Roger Stone.  He worked for Nixon, Reagan and he hates the scum Bushes.  I liked Trump but he appears tp be a NeoConn scum who is run Jared Kushner-Soros and Ivanka.  

Jared and Ivanka are also close pals with the Clintons so don't expect any investigations into PizzaGate or the evil Clinton Foundation.

CPL's picture

Yeah, considering the army they've got has planes that can't fly, subs that don't sink properly and guns that don't fire.  All done by the lowest bidder of course, the obvious effect remains that people should understand.

You are unarmed, defenseless and have no hope of winning.  Either surrender or die.  Summer time theatre is coming up and you bunch haven't got a snowflake's chance in hell.  You've got no one in your corner anymore.

Anteater's picture

His white tux photo with the pistol is just so retro gay, it's hard not laugh outloud at every other absurd assertion. Stone must have taken over for Miko as Trump's right-wing psyop spox.

"Over the objections of [National Security Advisor]  McMaster he (Trump) has elected not to expand the war… beyond 50,000 troops, instead of the requested 150,000, precisely repeating Rumsfeld's error in Iraq.

But who cares, in for a penny, in for a $T, the Pentagon gets paid  their $T tithe whether they win or lose, or just play golf on the base golfcourse.

AttilaTheGun's picture

Life is a game of poker. You won't get Kim Jong Un to abandon his nukes without taking any risks. We've tried for 20 years. Sanctions don't help.

jaketfs's picture

Stone is full of shit! He is just another dirty tricks operative fron the nixon years.

FreeShitter's picture

Anyone on Alex Jones' show is full of shit. 

Paul Kersey's picture

"But political insider Roger Stone, who at one point was head of Trump’s campaign"

So why was Stone cut loose from the Trump campaign? Between the time he was cut loose, and the time he landed the "job" with Alex Jones, whose payroll was Stone on? Can't help but notice that Stone as become more vocal as Bannon has been almost silent. Infowars seems to have replaced Breitbart as Trump's internet champion.

techpriest's picture

Yet, wasn't he the guy behind the expose of the Clintons?

"6 months from now" will get here sooner than we think, so his assessment will be proven or disproven soon enough.

FreeShitter's picture

That might have been him or larry summers...another nutcase who said once on a.j's show that the clintons were going to bring the economy down if she wasnt elected lol......

tmosley's picture

Ron Paul too, huh?

Use your brain. The real one, not the one in your doomboner.

benb's picture

"Anyone on Alex Jones' show is full of shit. "

Like Dr. Steve Pieczenik?

Like Hamid Gul  former head if the Pakistani ISI?

Like Dr. Jerome Corsi?

Like every expert worth a damn that debunked the puppet governments 9-11 story?... Their fucked-up Oklahoma City Bombing story? Their monsterous eugenics operation?

Those guests?

FreeShitter - change your screen name to Know-it-nothing Bullshitter.

AttilaTheGun's picture

I guess Ron, Rand and Trump himself are all full of shit.

AttilaTheGun's picture

I guess Ron, Rand and Trump himself are all full of shit.

AttilaTheGun's picture

He's been the most accurate news host the past 2 years. And now he's talking about the things happening in the Trump Administration a day before they happen. Anyone who isn't taking Alex Jones seriously at this point is forever lost to the echo chamber of MSM for good.

Embrey's picture

Your statement in and of itself is true but it does not speak to the content included in the article. Your attempt to characterize the man does not refute his assessment of the goings on during the Trump administration.

Your inference is that he is full of shit so his assessment is full of shit. What does him being a dirty tricks actor from the Nixon years have to do with the validity of his assessment? AD HOMINEM

Which tends to lead one to believe it is you who are full of shit.

flaminratzazz's picture

He is about to shed his skin and go full reptilian. what a weird looking sumbiatch

subversion's picture

Agreed. Stone (who is dying of AIDS not polonium) is just another swamp dweller.

FreeShitter's picture

Roger stone gets better drugs than me.....