Norwegian Police Fear Rising "Threat Of Jihad From Islamist Immigration"

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Authored by Judith Bergmann via The Gatestone Institute,

  • Norway seems to be making the same poorly thought-out choices as Britain.
  • It has apparently not occurred to these authorities that encouraging Muslims in prison to study the Quran and hadiths, with their exhortations to jihad against the "infidels", may in itself serve to radicalize the inmates.

The Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) just published in February its yearly threat assessment. It concluded -- as did its threat assessment for 2016 -- that Norway might experience an Islamic terrorist attack from Islamic State (ISIS) sympathizers acting upon ISIS's call to carry out independent attacks. The PST explains:

"These calls to action are one reason why we have seen an increase over the last few years in the number of lone terrorist attacks in the West. The likeliest scenario for a terrorist attack in a Western country is an ISIL-/AQ-inspired attack carried out with a simple weapon against a target with little or no protection".

"Lone wolf" attacks are rightly described as an actual terrorist strategy, rather than what the media likes to describe as random "mental illness". In addition, this threat assessment now fits all of Europe.

The PST goes on to warn:

"Immigration to Europe will influence the terrorist threat in various ways in the coming year. One of the problems we expect to face is the radicalization of asylum-seekers, migrants and illegal immigrants in Norway. Attempts may be made to radicalize members of these groups by other migrants at reception centers or by visitors. As in previous years, individuals who support and sympathize with extreme Islamist organizations will arrive in Norway in 2017".

The security risks inherent in unvetted migration are clearly spelled out by the PST. Migration to Norway in 2016 was at a record low of 3,460 asylum seekers -- the lowest since 1997. The reason, according to Norway's Directorate of Immigration, is that "... border and ID checks in Europe have had a decisive effect on numbers of arrivals in Norway". Even so, the Directorate of Immigration estimates that double that number, or around 7,000 asylum seekers, will arrive in Norway in both 2017 and 2018.

The PST mentions another source of future jihadist attacks:

"Radicalization in prisons is a phenomenon that will become more common in Norway in 2017. There are a number of individuals currently in prison as a result of national investigations of travelers to Syria, and in 2017 more of them will be prosecuted for violation of the terror provisions in Norwegian law. This means that there will be an increasing number of prisoners in Norway who have played a role in extreme Islamist groups here and who also have operational experience gained abroad. It is likely that extreme Islamists will retain their convictions in prison and attempt to radicalize others. Attempts have already been made to radicalize other prisoners, including individuals sentenced for gross violence".

Radicalization happens on a large scale in prisons, amply illustrated by experience in British prisons. The most recent example was Khalid Masood, who targeted the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge, murdering four people and injuring at least 50 others in a stabbing- and car-ramming attack. Masood is thought to have been radicalized while serving time in prison. This trend is likely in Norwegian prisons as well.

The PST, however, perhaps out of a lack of experience with imams in Norwegian prisons, appears to overlook an important source of radicalization. The British government review of extremism in British prisons, for example, revealed that Muslim chaplains, who are appointed by the Ministry of Justice, were distributing radicalizing literature -- misogynistic and anti-gay pamphlets and tracts endorsing the killing of apostates -- to inmates. The author of the review, Ian Acheson, said that he found staff lacked the training to confront and deter Islamist extremist ideology, and were often fearful that if they did, they would be accused of racism.

Norway, nevertheless, seems to be making the same poorly thought-out choices as Britain. In 2015, Ringerike prison said it planned to introduce imams into the prison. "We are now about to enter into a partnership with an imam who will conduct seminars for Muslims," prison governor Håkon Melvold told VG newspaper. "In addition, we will create philosophy groups with participation from various faiths."

Terje Auli, prison chaplain at Oslo prison, said that prisons should help Muslims to practice their religion. "It is obvious that we counteract extremism when we facilitate the practice of religion in prison," he said. It has apparently not occurred to these authorities that encouraging Muslims in prison to study the Quran and hadiths, with their exhortations to jihad against the "infidels", may in itself serve to radicalize the inmates. Why should Islam play any role in prisons to begin with?

Norway recently appointed a Pakistani-educated imam, Najeeb ur Rehman Naz, to be the first Muslim chaplain of the Norwegian military. Before the appointment, Norwegian military chaplains were exclusively Christian. In 2012, the military itself suggested the introduction of chaplains representing "other religions and life philosophies". There was a small uproar when it came to light that a year earlier, Najeeb ur Rehman Naz had given online advice to a woman in a forced marriage to the effect that although he considered forced marriage wrong, once she was in the marriage it was her obligation to respect the duties and responsibilities of the marriage. He backed up this view with a reference to the Quran -- which, oddly, some Norwegian politicians found to be surprising. Why should an imam educated in Pakistan not cite the Quran when giving advice? Moreover, the idea that imams might tell women to stay with their husbands, regardless of whether or not their marriages were forced, should not startle anyone who has even the most rudimentary knowledge of women's subjugated position within Islam.

Najeeb ur Rehman Naz, recently appointed the first Muslim chaplain of the Norwegian military, gave advice to a woman in a forced marriage that it was her obligation to respect the duties and responsibilities of the marriage. Pictured: Head military chaplain Brigadier Alf Petter Hagesæther (left) congratulates Naz (right) on his appointment as military chaplain, March 1, 2017. (Image source: Norwegian Armed Forces/Torbjørn Kjosvold)

Repeatedly, Western societies seem "surprised" by their own willful blindness when it comes to Islam. In the case of Norway, the Police Security Service has laid out clearly the dangers of radicalization and the extant risks of jihadist terror against Norway. But is anybody listening?

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Dilluminati's picture

This is a headline?

Religion of peace imported means violence?

Surely you jest


BigJim's picture

Perhaps it's time for the Gatestone Institute to "investigate" some of the organisations and individuals pushing for European "open doors" immigration policies.

Barbara Lerner Spectre and George Soros spring to mind. For some reason.

Ace006's picture

Now you're talking crazy talk.

wee-weed up's picture



It's very simple really...

Welcome backward religious fanatics into your home...

And they will cut your throat in the name of their "god!"

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

Shabbos Goy Bergman - again?

look at their board - just about all ZioJuice.

surprise surprise:

Way to control both sides eh? Lead the advocacy for open borders and muzzie immivasion, then sponsor Islamopsycho terrorists and saturate the media with hate of all muslims and islam.

worth considering the Jewish/Zionist rhetoric on 'terrorism'.

Israel was founded via terrorism, and expands via state terrorism.

Without Jewish money, organization, and media influence (or de facto control) throughoit White countries, there would be a halt to the western support for:


I have said before - learn about 1) and 2) and understand a great deal of why the US and EU are acting against its own people.

But fuck Gatestone and their shabbos goyim.

Normalcy Bias's picture

If Soros isn't checked by the current Administration, we'll know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the fix is in.

I'm not holding my breath.

Ignatius's picture

The people fear the immigration, yet they continue to take immigrants.

This is what we might term, "an agenda."

Secondly, most all of the terror events are false and/or constructed theatre events, so the establishment wants to create the terror tension.  This shit is just evil.

CheapBastard's picture

Soros will sponsor another million rapefugees into Europe.

Trucker Glock's picture

I wouldn't agree with freeing Breivik and I don't agree with his actions.  But, his manifesto is an interesting read and well annotated.  He joined a movement, he didn't try to start one.  He must be disgusted that his actions didn't provoke others to act.  Crazy story.

Sabibaby's picture

"Religeon of peace" isn't that why their military chaplain is  a muslim?

Never One Roach's picture

Fake News until some crdible person like Rachel MadCow or Mika confirm this and Schumer cries on TV again.

Normalcy Bias's picture

Who possibly could've seen this coming?

Hell, it's the reason why they're being forced into Western countries!

caconhma's picture

Any religion without any exception is a slavery enterprise used by a ruling elite to subjugate its people.

CorporateCongress's picture

^^^ This right there. Religion has always been used to keep people under control. 

kochevnik's picture

Rulers were happy with animism until towns grew too big for soldiers to police.  Then rules made the sun of the zodiac into a god who made a list of who was naughty and nice, and the zodiac cross became iconic for some zombie Jew modeling the nice part

Now NSA plays rold of Santa Claus god

bankerbackbacon's picture

I wish Jesus would stop subjugating me by binding sin in a macrocosmic sacrific of himself. Stop it Jesus.


Good luck with that nihilistic, agnostic crap. I have a few crystals you can rub.

EuroPox's picture

"... is anybody listening?" - there are many people listening but the establishment is determined to ignore them. 

Just over the border from Norway, the Sweden Democrats are the single most popular party but the other parties have organised to prevent the Sweden Democrats from involvement in government.  It is that old problem of leftists not liking democracy again...

UnschooledAustrianEconomist's picture

Yeah, buddy, we know. Everybody knows.

But we got to grow to keep the holy Ponzi going.

First things first.

debtor of last resort's picture

First, islam is the enemy
Second, Gatestone institute joo world order bla bla
Third, o humanity
Fourth, i'd like to post something
Fifth, your votes are counted

Ace006's picture

Those Norwegians are SHARP. Thirty years of data analyzed flawlessly.

Presumably the cops responsible for this revelation about the jihadi-immigration connection no longer have gainful employment.

Lorca's Novena's picture

You'd think when your currently living in Fear and about to be living on your knees, you would DO SOMETHING about it!

BarkingCat's picture

I have a solution

Every approved asylum seeker or refugee is given a lifetime lease of 50 acres in the northern 20 percentile of Norway, some basic homestead tools (saws, hammers, axe, screwdrivers, rakes, shovels, hoes etc) and 2 seasons worth of crop seeds and enough raw food to survive a year.

They and their supplies are delivered to their newly leased land via helicopter and left there.

If they can survive then they can live there. If they cannot,  then they die. It is nobody's responsibility to provide for them.


If this is the deal they get, how many will come?

Sabibaby's picture

"I have a solution"

Fucking sweet deal! Get the fuck out of the US and homestead in Norway.

PresidentCamacho's picture

I think your solution is great, we could finance it with TV rights and have sponsors for tools and supplies as well.

Only the  best would make it, and they might actually contribute to society.



Omen IV's picture

Their survival everywhere is predicated on welfare- without it they cannot function in a modern society

Reichstag Fire Dept.'s picture

I used to think there was something in europe to save and wanted to see this migration inflow stemmed...but not anymore.

I don't think there is anything in Europe worth saving. What do they do there except expand the Welfare State and consume without contributing to society?

Let them have their Muslim Migrants, their Rapefugees, their Cultural Marxism...I don't need Europe...for anything.

If the radicalized Jihadists wipe Europe of the face of the globe...well...Europe deserves it and the Jihadists earned it...and then the world will know.

Then, we can solve the problem.

PresidentCamacho's picture

We must start with the youth to save the european peoples.

Here is a game helping to educate the youth of today on how to deal with the problems of a multicultural society,
It offers a solution.

TheLastTrump's picture

love the user id lol



They don't want Christianity any more in Europe? Fine. Have fun bowing to your new moon god. You will, you know.



As for the USA, we're not going to come over & help you out of your problems next time. I suspect we'll be too busy with our own.




TradingTroll's picture

But we already know. The Muslim armies killed millions in Southern Europe in the years around 1000. Trade ground to a halt. At its peak of dominance, only lumber,swords and slaves traded. Most of the ships in the Mediterranean were pirates.

The Caliphate would put out a call for, say, 3000 virgins and 3000 virgins would be shipped from Spain to Persia. Most of the beautiful women depicted in movies in a harem would have been Christian slaves.

Eventually Spain kicked out every single Muslim.

But the question really is "Just why are we going through this again? What the F are we all doing?"

Gorgeous's picture

The Battle of Tours was perhaps the most important battle for western Europe of all time.  On the east, at great loss the Serbs stood their ground.  Yet now "assylum seekers" can come in with a free ride, free lunch, with no more than dating guidelines.  Which is another reminder of why I voted for Trump.  Call it what you will, No Muslim immigration.

TheLastTrump's picture

You'd better be afraid of all the Muslims you've allowed into high military or police or intelligence service positions. Stat.

Hongcha's picture

Germany allied with Turkey in WW1 partly because they thought the Ottomans could simply 'call Jihad' and the large Muslim populations of India and elsewhere in the Empire would 'rise up' against the foe.

Problem was (and still is) there is no central power in Dar-Al-Islam.  Constantinople asked for Jihad and stumped for it in the countryside; but Cairo said "meh" and the Indians remained loyal to the British.

Gentlemen, we will never hear the end of this crap for the rest of our lives.  Only solution is to pull the plug on the box and go outside for a walk!

Gorgeous's picture

No central power in Dar-Al-Islam.  Just as well.  Because a united, pan-Levant Caliphate is just what CIA bad boy Amir al-Mu'minin and his white Nike clad head choppers want.

quax's picture

Islam != Islamistic. If all the refugees were terrorists we had civil war instead of just isolated terror attacks.

Especially in Germany tips from non-radicalized refugees have proven vital in aprehending would be terrorists like the one who planned to attack the Russian embassy in Berlin.

TradingTroll's picture

Are you from the government?

quax's picture

No, I am just here to help.

SuperRay's picture

You're just all kinds of moron, aren't you?

Sudden Debt's picture

When you piss against the wind...

hendrik1730's picture

Incredible. What EVERY layman with an IQ above 70 has known for years only NOW gets "understood" by the gubbernment ( which is not saying they will take any kind of appropriate action ). Given the fact that gubbernment is only busy filling its pockets and fixing royally paid "jobs" for the friends and family thereby robbing the taxpayers' money, there is no time to tackle urgent and real problems. And - also given the fact - that said gubbernment politicians live in posh well guarded neighbourhoods while their children get driven by chauffeur to expensive private schools, what do THEY care if our children, partners or friends get molested in the streets. THEY are safe and growing richer by the day. Want to attend a meeting of scumbags and/or leeches? Go to the parliament of any country. Bankers too will do.

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

highly recommend this guys videos - lots of great vids.

peter4805's picture

Theyre just clueing in now? Way, way too late.

Rocco May's picture

Merkel is a sociopath, but all other European governments 

are stupid because they agree with Merkel's "welcome refugees" policy.

 And now they're in panic mode. Fools!


Sebul's picture

Thats why i believe meanwhile the Southpark Theory. The Earth is just a reality TV Show and every Civilization in the universe is laughing as hell... at least this version makes a bit of sense when you have a look whats going on here...

kochevnik's picture

Rumor that she is Hitler's daughter, from photo of an Angela Merkel with Hitler


I'm so surprised, who would have thought it?

Ignacous Pugnacious's picture

Such retardation in the leadership "intellect." It's as if the history of Islam and the Muslim world were availaible to no one. They seem naive children, wishing something to be true in affirmation of an equally misbegotten ideology while denying, up until the knife stroke, the numerous early warnings that their grand notions are amiss. How can human nature, normally cautious in the majority, be so impulsive and blind in the allegedly elite? Can Marxism and relativism really be so stupefying? Or is its tenacious grip possible only under the catalysts of immaturity and the inability to reason properly?