U.S. Putting Boots Back On The Ground In Somalia

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Authored by Jason Ditz via TheAntiMedia.org,

In October 1993, during the Battle of Mogadishu (the Black Hawk Down incident), 18 US soldiers were killed and 73 wounded, with a pair of Black Hawk helicopters shot down. The US responded by ceasing military operations, and within a few months had withdrawn all troops from Somalia.

Today, they are headed back.

The new deployment, which US African Command (AFRICOM) is presented as a simple training operation, will be the first time US ground troops are officially deployed to Somalia, though of course the US has had some special forces present on the ground on and off, conducting occasional operations and spotting for US airstrikes.

"United States Africa Command will conduct various security cooperation and/or security force assistance events in Somalia in order to assist our allies and partners," U.S. Africa Command spokesman Pat Barnes told VOA on Thursday.

AFRICOM also insists the new deployment was at the request of the Somali government, though indications in recent weeks has indicated that military officials have been pushing for an escalation of US intervention in the country at any rate, aimed at fighting al-Shabaab.

When commanders want to push for fighting in Somalia, al-Shabaab is presented as either ISIS or al-Qaeda affiliated, though in practice the group is largely an independent Islamist operation with a similar ideology.

The group’s operations are confined almost exclusively to Somalia, though they have launched some strikes into neighboring countries, as retaliation for those countries (particularly Kenya) being involved in interventions against them.

A lot has changed in Somalia in the 24 years between direct US interventions, with the country undergoing a long period of comparatively stable anarchy followed by a protracted war designed to prop up a self-proclaimed government. It was this war, and African Union interventions to try to claim territory for this government, that largely fueled the creation of al-Shabaab.

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Are wonder which America soldier will be BBQ'd first?

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Takeaction2 (not verified) Archive_file Apr 16, 2017 4:55 PM

How many wars are we in right now?


The words of Ron Paul always echo in my ear...he was so right.."Just come home".

Listen to this brilliant man for 30 seconds...


and if you really want to smile...


AlaricBalth's picture

As I recall, Rome was stretched quite thin as well.

It's called geopolitical overreach.

The Ram's picture

I guess they want to make-up for the 8 years of playing Mr. nice guy.  Trump wants to go full 'George W'.  Oh well, we did not have to wait too long to discover the truth about this administration.    

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I don't mind putting boots on the ground an dkilling a few hundred thousand of foreign peeples...as long as we then take in a few hundred thousand of the remainder as refugees....


...oh, wait a second....

winged's picture

Am I the only one who thinks Trump has a suicidal tendency?

Or is his hubris too much to control?

NoDecaf's picture

He thinks subcontracting his responsibilties to the "generals" is good policy.

Yeah we're like one of his casinos now

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In other news, barefoot indigent Somali farmer and laborer is celebrate in street upon news of increase supply of footwear.

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Looking forward for the next Holywood sequel to Black Hawk Down, based on real events. 

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"in order to assist our allies and partners"

Which ones, al Qaeda or ISIS?

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We have been operating in Somalia foe about 4 years now, the press hasn't reported squat about it. But now the Obama is out and Trump is in so it's ok to report on now. 

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I can never figure out, does one armed US combatant count as ONE boot on the ground or TWO boots on the ground? If the former, is that because The Pentagon can't afford TWO boots because it keeps "losing track of" Trillions of Dollars and can't afford the correct number of boots?

Déjà view's picture


Getting real worried about base closure and sent back to CONUS...more beer, sausage and Fräuleins...

greenskeeper carl's picture

No shit. Who the fuck cares what happens in Somalia? What possible business is it of ours? Come on trump, put an end to this nonsense. How much money we don't have will this end up costing? Howmany dead Americans is somalia worth?

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That group in the photo all dressed in black with their faces covered look like antifa.

philipat's picture

@Carl. As you know, they don't give a fuck about a few (or even many) dead working class Americans. Their own kids don't have to go.

The answer to this riddle is: China. After decades of pouring Trillions into Africa by Washington, mostly to prop up totalitarian dictators who were "friendly" to Washington (And most of which finished up in Swiss Bank Accounts), the US has watched China take over the continent, resources and all. Unlike the US, China embarked upon its usual "win-win" trade strategy, exchanging commodities for infratstructure and development which benefited the peoples of Africa. The net result has been that China has virtually taken over Africa and its abundent natural resources. And Washington has finally noticed so now wants to blow the shit out of everything in its natural response mode. The Chinese are building bases on the Horn of Africa to give them a strategic presenece to defend its trade routes.

So given this positive development model and China's dominanance, Washington now, of course, wants to spoil the party. for all. Nothing new.

Xena fobe's picture

Chinese "win-win" strategy...LOL. 

Sir_Rantsalot's picture

Probably related to fighting Islamic terrorism world wide.

golden kafir's picture

good one boris
old video of the canadian somalia affair, some of you will get a kick out of it i am sure.

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ZeroPointOn (not verified) The Ram Apr 16, 2017 5:25 PM

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Remember that Xinjiang borders Russia.


Some folks with business interests in islamic africa are also doing business in Xinjiang....

knukles's picture

"The country (Somalia) having undergone a period of relatively tranquil anarchy"
So the Democrats are in charge there as well; advancing the Detroit South Bronx 7 Neighborhoods in 7 Years Destabilization Plan

TBT or not TBT's picture

Khat chewing muslim psycho gangs are the next devolutionary step for Dem plantations at home I guess.    




TBT or not TBT's picture

I wonder if the brass will let them bring the serious hardware this time.  Spectre gunships and heavy armor.   




Shemp 4 Victory's picture


I wonder if the brass will let them bring the serious hardware this time.  Spectre gunships and heavy armor.

Not a chance. That's all been set aside for distribution to law enforcement in the Homeland®.

any_mouse's picture

Mercenary with whatever Prince is calling Blackwater these days.

If we have drones and cruise missiles why do es the USA need boots on the ground?

Some officers need medals for overseas combat action for promotion?

Practice for cleans//////securing Baltimore, etc.?

unsafe-space-time's picture

The skinnying of  the west. Love winning. Because you have converted to satanist atheism you will be destroyed. Amen. matriarchal pussy fags.

SoDamnMad's picture

Marines from 29 Palms were into Somalia first and I "adopted" a squad who were holded up in an old sports stadium.  I sent food, they sent pictures.

I remember getting pics of green M1As. The Marines were pulled out and took their tanks. The Army replaced them but tanks were viewed as unneeded.  My how a few tanks might have saved the Rangers when the blackhawks got shot down.  Some Pentagon desk jockey made the decision to withhold Army Abrams. He probably has been promoted many times since then.  

zzzz88's picture

the big guys in washington did not learn any lesson. more wars will destroy us to the hell!!!!

Sudden Debt's picture

instead of helping the American people.

instead of helping Americans who need and deserve it

money goes to the war industry yet again.



Takeaction2's picture
Takeaction2 (not verified) Sudden Debt Apr 16, 2017 4:56 PM

Yes it does...

You Bitchez were warned...


Normalcy Bias's picture

They know it's a hopeless sinkhole, but it's another goldmine for the MIC, and that's all that matters anymore.

flaminratzazz's picture

and Raytheon totally redeems itself.

HardAssets's picture

A fraudulent, debt based Ponzi system needs ever expanding debt to continue. War is good for that. You can frighten people to go along with it. You destroy the physical products of it, so can produce even more to replace them. Throw in a little self righteous 'shining city on the hill' and 'bring democracy to others' talk in there and you have a 'winning' marketing plan.

Nothing new in any of this. It's been a plague on the American scene from the beginning. Thomas Jefferson even complained & warned about elements of this. (New England & NY monied interests using the central government to enrich themselves at everyone else's expense.)

TBT or not TBT's picture

Cultural Marxism on the domestic front is what is killling us, "us" being western civ.  Not just incidentally it prevents us sorting out messes overseas conclusively.   Obama-ite pussyfooting Rules of Engagement cause massive hurt all around.   The humane approach to war is to bring it to a conclusive end brutally fast.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


The humane approach to war is to bring it to a conclusive end brutally fast.

And here I've always thought the humane approach to war was not to start them in the first place. Boy, do I feel stupid...

RiverRoad's picture

But endless wars are so profitable for the MIC.  Party pooper Trump has said he wants to conclusively win and end them, and in so doing blow ISIS off the map, etc.  Deep State can't be too happy with the thought of that loss of unending target practice and profits.

HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) Apr 16, 2017 4:30 PM

What a major fuck up. AFRICOM, and the country no one has heard of, Djibouti, have to remain relevant. I say shut down the US base in Djibouti because that was our first fucking mistake.

Ignorance is bliss's picture

The only Chinese military base in another country is in... Dijibouti. Look on the map..its a super strategic location for Red Sea oil.

TBT or not TBT's picture

The Chinese army has been helping out the genocidal regime of Sudan with Chinese troops for many years now.   

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


The Chinese army has been helping out the genocidal regime of Sudan with Chinese troops for many years now.

While that sounds a bit distorted and exaggerated, if not outright fictional (unless you've got a link to a credible source), let's assume for the sake of discussion that it's true.

So what?

HRH Feant's picture


I found out about this shithole when a neighbor, infantry, told me his last duty station had been in Africa. Took me a while to find the country and the name of the US base.

China has a base a few klicks from the US base. The thing about this very small country is it is where the undersea cables from Europe are connected to land.

The above US base is also the location for drone patrols in the Middle East. Why? I have no idea.


United States of Earth

TBT or not TBT's picture

First we ought to reconquer California and force our Constitution on the natives, see how that goes first.   It is a terribly divided and dysfunctional place riven by ethnic hatreds and barely held together by an authoritarian politburo sold out to a handful of elites, an army of unionized government workers, and masses of welfare slacker clients.  

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


First we ought to reconquer California and force our Constitution on the natives

Why does California get to have the Constitution while the rest of us don't?