Former Dyncorp VP Charged With Rape Of A Minor

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Via Disobedient Media

On Friday, April 14th, the Military District of Washington announced that  General James Grazioplene (Ret.) was being charged with six specifications of rape of a minor on multiple occasions between 1983 and 1989. The Army said that the investigation remains open.

There were no further details released about the case and it is unclear why the charges are only now being brought against Mr. Grazioplene. NY Daily News reported that Grazioplene retired in 2005 after serving as the director of force development in the Pentagon’s Joint Warfighting Capabilities Assessment. Grazioplene's Linkedin page revealed that he served as the Vice President of Dyncorp from 2012 to 2015. He also acted as the CEO for Mission Readiness LLC, a joint venture run by private military groups DynCorp International, Force Protection Industries, Oshkosh Defense and McLane Advanced Technologies which worked to provide U.S. and Coalition forces with vehicle maintenance in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait.

The conviction of their former Vice President is the latest in a string of sexual misconduct cases that have plagued Dyncorp over the years. Disobedient Media has previously highlighted a number of these incidents, including scandals in Afghanistan and the Balkans, where Dyncorp employees actively facilitated abuse of minors and even worked with organized crime groups to engage in human trafficking.

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YUUUGE News Coming Out regarding #PedoGate: Former DynCorp VP Charged with Rape of a Minor, and UN Child Sex Trafficking exposed in the Associated Press. The WHEEL is TURNING, and TO EVERYTHING THERE IS A SEASON. Time for the Satanic Cabal to Reap what they have Sown.


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The sexual misconduct at Dyncorp is just a pimple on the HUGE metastasized tumor this a the hyper-corrupt, revolving door MIC.

Trump could shut down the EPA and 3 civilian agencies entirely and it still wouldn't equal the number of bodies that inhabit the DC Beltway DoD support contractor archipelago engaged in mindless PowerPoint engineering as make-work for retired military.

BTW, Trump's solution to DoD waste?  Throw more money at it!!!!

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Meh, just another regular day at the orifice for Dyncorp.

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Yes, DynCorp has quickly risen into the visible spectra of evil-doers in the world. There are some pretty good YouTube vids explaining how bad they are ... Or it could just be a jealous competitor smearing them.

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When the problem is so entrenched the best the people can hope for is a bit of suds scraped-off. This issue is deeper than our ability to correct it.

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George Webb has been exposing this Dyncorp filth for quite some time. But now that Chump is running his illegal wars who the hell cares in USSA about Pizzagate and the pedophile garbage running rampant in Washing town.

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Does anyone have any facts to support these suppositions?

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No one here does---they simply want to attack any reasonable question or different viewpoint from their own, as that gives them comfort that there is someone somewhere that lacks intellectual discernment to the same degree they do.


Also known as "Birds of a Feather' attitude.

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I would bet you don't know what constitutes a "fact".


Apeon's picture

I know you have none,  otherwise you could have easily referenced them rather than casting an aspersion.  Being informative and accurate is much more helpful, but then your psychological thrill would probably be less.

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facts? you waiting for the MSM to report the "facts" ?? one little news item like the Lolita express, or denny hastert ex long time speaker of the house and the 3rd most powerful position in .gov, and you are asking for facts..comet pizza loves the likes of you.

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Apparently your meds are failing you again.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

denny hastert loved dyncorp. so what else is new? "They Live" then laugh off the odd ball news items as just coincidence..yah sure. hillary being dragged into a dark van like a bag of spuds..and the MSM never saw nuthin.

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This isn't even a drop in the bucket of what's really going on.  That whole company should be dissolved.

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Alex Jones has railed on DynCorp Peod-Rings for years...  Good to see a crack open in the dam.

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I wonder if he ever went out for pizza?

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Mob-front Roman Catholic James Grazioplene USMA71 had no business at West Point or in the Army.

Wonder what priest molested him? When will the Corps and the Officer Corps return righteousness to their ranks?

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return righteousness?
never had it.
no righteousness in any standing army, which is the enemy of the people, and enemy of liberty.

you want to support an armed gang of thugs, don't be surprised when they turn out to not be righteous.

iamerican4's picture

America was blessed by God through these men to win The Republic, receive "Zion" in covenant, the New Israel, in mortal combat:;view=1up;seq=29

Only God, Our Sovereign, is perfect. Our duty is to seek perfection (viz. "Zion" in Hebrew) and remove failure and evil from Our Land.

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A Believers duty is to, 'Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and your neighbor as yourself.'  and "to make disciples by spreading the Gospel of Jesus to the world, teaching them everything He taught us, and to do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and obey everything He commanded you to do. 


The 'new Israel' will be here when He returns, in the meantime, the Church is His visible representation to the world.

TheReplacement's picture

"in the meantime, the Church is His visible representation to the world."

Yessirree! Step right up and make a contribution to the salvation of all mankind and you, Apeon, can have a front row seat.

Anyone who believes that "the Church" is anything holy when "the Church" is made up of a closed system is just stupid or hopelessly ignorant. God gave you a brain and a conscience. You don't need a little man in a big funny hat speaking an old dead language to tell you what to believe or not to believe, or do you?

'Whatever, just send us your money, and your children. We like boys.'

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Are you sure that's not Geo. Clooney in the pix?  I'd believe Clooney is a pedoperv.

NY Daily News

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If he's a hollywood A list, he's at minimum complicit.

Chupacabra-322's picture

How I'm I not in the least Fucking Surprised?

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Dont you think the elites actually created the firestorm around paedophelia to keep the paedo-compromised second and third  tiers in tow?

TheReplacement's picture

Doubt they created it but would bet FRNs they are using it just as you suspect.

AlbertthePudding's picture

Not for publication in mainstream greedia!

East Indian's picture

This may be a notice to the recalcitrant individuals in the new administration who still refuse to tow the line of the oligarchs.

One file less in the blackmailing gang's cabinet.

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BTW Where is Weiners Laptop ?

space junk's picture

I need a shower just thinking about such things. 

I am going to hope/pray it is in the hands of some COMPETENT and UNBIASED FBI computer forensics people, in close touch with some prosecutors with similar characteristics. 

I'd probably be better off wishing for Clark Kent though.  


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This may have come from Carlos Danger's laptop. Something the Hildabeast was holding in case it was ever needed.

I am trying to figure out why the US would hire mercenaries for vehicle maintenance. I guess those private military organizations are a complete army package. Do they have combat aircraft as well? Hpw do they stack up against the world's national armies?

Just realized today from other events happening in the solar system that we appear to be living in a mash up of several episodes of Twilight Zone. Throw in the visions of dystopian futures where corporations run everything. Aliens. corporate space fleets. Rollerball. And so on.

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When the banking system took a turn for the worse in 08, Iceland held a referendum in which the locals decided the banks were to take a hair cut on debt payments. Under veiled threats from European banks and such, Iceland decided to hire a protection force much to the dismay of Icelanders. I mean, after all, where was the money to come from.

The Iceland government hired a standing army from Louisiana who then purchased, with cash, about two dozen fighter jets which at the time was the largest purchase of these kinds of munitions from a private buyer ever.

On a personal note, I think I have enough cash to pay my Gas and Electric bill this week.


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Citations of links would be greatly appreciated ...


treefeller's picture

Iceland wins a court battle to stave off the wolves. It later pulled out of talks which would have ensured their membership into the european union.

The outfit, called ECA, offered Iceland a pile of money to station themselves there and wanted to buy a bunch of Russian fighter jets from an outfit in Belarus. Iceland had also invited Russia after the US pulled out of there in 2006. I remembered the details incorrectly. Iceland had need of protection and this was a solution. ECA has been liquidated as of I think 2016.

Flamin Rhoid's picture, perhaps?

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Toe the line or else. I wonder why this is coming out now after so many years?

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"1983 and 1989"


The guy just finishes paying off his 30 year mortgage, then gets popped and moves into the Gray-bar Hotel. 

barysenter's picture

What he was up to between 89 and Pecker turned black and fell off?

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Pedophilia is the last gate to go through to get accepted into the satanic ruling cult. It's the threat of exposure that is the fear glue that keeps it all going. If one goes down, they all go down. Which is why there is no effort by the feral bureau of investigation to bust the pedo ring. 

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DynCorp...  Now what YouTube reporter has been talking about this??? 
Akzed's picture

For any who don't know, the movie "The Whistleblower" is about DynCorp's sex trafficking efforts.

Lanka's picture

FBI Deputy Director McCabe buries all pedo investigations.

I'm The Slime's picture

If I may, Pizza, CIA & Deep State are synonymous wwith one each other

1500 Pedo busts & FBI raids ( & closes ) International Adoption agency.

Yemen raid yields ISIS banking details ( forcing McCain to make a trip with new acct #s )

Caterpillar offices are raided by FBI & IRS ( Think middle east bulldozer sales to independants like Sid Bluementhal et all)

Arrowhedge & Paulson managers ( both ex Deutsche bank/Panama Free Trade deal ) take a vince foster hike out windows, shortly after Sessions is confirmed.

FBI "NY" is working with NYPD on weiner laptop independantly..which is likely the gun stuck to Comey's head the weeks before the election.

Flynn was pushed out because he has a list of bad people.

McCain's campaign manager was busted on didlling little boys 2 weeks ago.

Schiffs companion, "Red Bull" his pet hamster who travels in his shorts, has become quite agitated at the point of The Susan Rice spear, which is why Congress is slow walking Sessions' team & holding up the serious work which requires trust.

The question seems to be will Trump be content to cut off a few branches, or chop the whole tree down.

Dynacorp dude is a wall mount.

FlowerofLife's picture

Good short summary, I'm The Slime. 

Scores of lower-level "participants" have been arrested since Trump has been in office, so they've been cutting deals and turning state's evidence and now we're getting closer to the top.

Can't wait.