Hawaii Lawmakers Push To Re-Open Fallout Shelters Amid Nuclear War Fears

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Hawaii lawmakers want state officials to update plans for coping with a nuclear attack as North Korea develops nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles that can reach the islands.


As AP reports, the state House Public Safety Committee unanimously passed a resolution Thursday (see below). Committee Vice Chairman Matt LoPresti says he's not trying to spread fear. But he wants the public to know the government is taking steps to protect them in the worst case scenario. He's aiming to get state funding to re-equip Cold War-era fallout shelters.

"...nuclear arms experts recently said that North Korea already has, or may soon have, the ability to target Hawaii with a nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missile with possibly the same destructive force as the 15-kiloton and 20-kiloton bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, respectively, according to a Honolulu Star-Advertiser article;


and WHEREAS, the Legislature finds that airborne electromagnetic pulses radiating from a nuclear disaster may have a radius of approximately 1,500 miles and could adversely affect the operation of electronic devices statewide, rendering many of these devices unusable; and


WHEREAS, President Donald Trump has warned that the United States may take unilateral action against North Korea unless China does more to help the United States rein in North Korea’s nuclear program;


under the current state of geopolitical tensions affecting the United States, it is in the best interest of Hawaii to prepare for a nuclear disaster by updating its fallout shelter plans."

The resolution that moved forward Thursday said that in 1981, Oahu had hundreds of fallout shelters -- "many stocked with medical kits, food, and sanitary kits." But in later years, funding dried up, and stocks were thrown out.

Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Executive Officer Toby Clairmont showed lawmakers a response plan from 1985 that hasn't been updated since.

He says there's also a need to educate the public about what they can do for themselves.

Full Resolution below...

The resolution next goes to the Finance Committee.

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Donald Trump's picture
Donald Trump (not verified) trumpala Apr 17, 2017 5:04 PM

So now Russia is off the hook. Or maybe Trump will push the EU/NATO to poke Russia.

Well, that might come to an end if Marine Le Pen pulls a Nigel in the elections.

And by the look of the globalist despair, she is the favorite:

French 5th Column: Globalists Roll Out More Anti Le Pen Propaganda


robertsgt40's picture

If Hawaii gets nuked, there won't be a Hawaii. BTW I was around the first time in the 50s for "duck and cover". Revving up the fear factor to make lemmings more pliable. 

2_legs_bahhhhhd's picture

I doubt Joe Taxpayer is invited. Fukushima must be worse then we thought.

beemasters's picture

It's time for Hawaiians to vote to secede. But then, Trump and the noecons might bomb Hawaii; its Hula dance poses a distraction to the marines, thus a threat to National Security.

HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) beemasters Apr 17, 2017 9:33 PM

I agree. Let Hawaii secede. I have never been a big beach person. Not my idea of fun. Sand in your crotch? Gross. Cockroaches and bugs crawling over your food? Gross. Going to a place that thinks serving mainlanders pink gum paste is funny and they expect you to eat that crap, pay the bill, and smile? Fuck Hawaii.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Not exactly what I wanted to read today sitting here in Maui on my birthday.

drink or die's picture

I love the smell of defense spending in the morning.

qdone's picture

i dunno. maybe a + . but, genie effectively out of bottle. whether it's oahu, seoul, seattle, damascus, hindu kush....   there will be mass million fatalities events right over the horizon. where's yo shelter if yo live in philly, chitown , LA .... ?

shamus001's picture

With Seattle and the "coasties" out of the way, Wa. State will become Republican again.  See... one must find the bright side of every situation!

DieselChadron's picture

you should really check out US missile defense abilities.. and N Korea missile launching disabilities before you alter your life or thoughts over this fear porn.

techpriest's picture

During a particularly tough period in life, I came to this conclusion: Before you prepare for the end of the world, are you prepared for a sudden $1500 repair bill? Could you survive a 3-6 month disruption of income?

Before prepping for the Dark Ages, could you handle the grid going dark for 2 days?

I've been through all of the above and we haven't even had an SHTF event yet.

Start listing emergencies from the mundane (repair bill $500 more than expected) to the outrageous, and then start working the list. After that, try turning the heat off in winter for a few days, or try skipping any form of shopping for a few days or a week. See if you can do that during a time when people are not panicking. See what you run out of also.

Ideally, "prepping" becomes more a way of living life where emergencies are not that panic-inducing save for the most dire of circumstances.

RagaMuffin's picture

I'd be more interested in the dispositon of whatever NK's merchant fleet was at any given time...



Oh great, the North Koreans bombing Pearl Harbor again. //

techpriest's picture

If they can get their taepodong to shoot that far:


Classic Newgrounds.

Peak Finance's picture

Russian nuke test - OMGZ duck and cover we all gonna die

Cuban missle crisis  - OMGZ we all gonna die

Goldwater crisis - OMGZ he will get us into nuke war we all gonna die

7-days war - OMGZ Russia goinna step in we all gonna die!

Regan - OMGZ he will get us into nuke war we all gonna die

blah blah blah blah blah

Although I do agere we should just leave Best Korea alone


dlfield's picture

Thank God.  I have missed those nostalgiac icons for years.  The lack of these is what this country has been sadly missing.

Falconsixone's picture

Hawaii's already dead. Jap reactors killed them first.

TradingTroll's picture

American reactors actually.

The Americans nuked themselves!

Brilliantly conceived and executed!



OCnStiggs's picture

No kidding!

For a couple of weeks some pretty hot sea water headed out toward Hawaii.The fish die-off should be showing up by now.

Ever wonder why THAT isn't in the news and the Russian-bought-the-election-for-Trump phoney-baloney story IS?


BeansMcGreens's picture

If the truth of that came out, there would be real, wholesale panic, and rightfully so.

Keep telling yourself, those ice dams really work great.

techpriest's picture

I'll be asking a friend of mine, from Kauai, if he sees it. He's out spear fishing regularly so he would see it first.

But on that note, I wrote a crawler that does media topic analysis, and its true that any environmental issue that doesn't have an agenda gets tossed. The ammonia/nitrates leaching from corn farms in the Midwest is a non-issue despite all the pics from space of the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico.

Larry Dallas's picture

War and fear of war is good business for the MID.


biker's picture
biker (not verified) Apr 17, 2017 5:13 PM

Found this diagnosis of his mental condition:

extremely sensitive and insecure
require constant compliments and acknowledgement
painful lack of self-esteem
crave the attention and approval of others
believe they know better than almost everyone else
very hard time listening

the reaction to above, is without thought and dangerous minded

Archive_file's picture

The only thing snowflakes will want to know is if there is wifi in the bomb shelters.

shamus001's picture

What are Hawaiin's going to "emerge" into from those bunkers?  A radioactive wasteland? How long would it take for a mobile facility to approach those bunkers and evacuate them amidst 100's of miles of megajoules of radioactive landscape?

Just curious... can it make a difference?

Make_Mine_A_Double's picture

I suspect they will find the homeless meth tweakers from the mainland have already occupied them.

Gen. Ripper's picture

The locals want to use the fallout shelter built by haoli's??? HAHAHA

biker's picture
biker (not verified) Apr 17, 2017 5:32 PM

"I am convinced that nearly all wars are caused so that someone will profit and those who profited and those who are profiting now are the International Financiers, the jews.

Gather together the fifty most wealthy jewish financiers, the men who create wars for their own profits, CONTROL them and you will put an end to it all."

Henry Ford

OCnStiggs's picture

The Kim dynasty was a bunch of Jews!

Whooda thinkit?

Savyindallas's picture

Some things never change  - getting rid of just 50? Hell. there's that many in the Trump adminsitration that need to go. 

Joe A's picture

Hitler kept a picture of Ford on one of his desks. Instead of listening to Ford regarding the 50, he then killed Jews that had nothing to do with financing and who were just average people trying to make a living. Most of them at least.

SHADEWELL's picture

What is theere to "worry" about, as if "worrying" ever solved anythging...if your area is targeted with a Nuke, whats ya gonna do? fry fry fry until you die die die...accept it deal with it, and go on with life..we dont make the decisions, and all the predictions speculation, and surmise is nothing more than useless waste of time


Nothing is going to happen [not normalcy bias statement) because Kim's bluff is being called and he aint got dick


China needs th US as it represents 55% of their exported shit,,whiuch is why they will probably take that fat shit dick out themselves, (nail gun / accidently fell off a bulding)

_ArC_'s picture

Who would want to Nuke their favorite vacation spot? All nukes pointed to D.C

are we there yet's picture

Pearl Harbor was once a target.

rtb61's picture

The reason why Honolulu is the number target for nuclear strike is for two reasons, easy access and it sends a message ie another Pearl Harbour. So the easiest way to nuke pearl habour is to try to sneak a submarine as close as possible, the closer the better and it either gets destroyed and self destructs on the way down or the crew manage to get close enough and think they are firing a torpedo but instead the submarine self destructs (by self destruct I mean the nuke on board detonates) they can be many kilometres out to sea and still cause huge damage, especially a submarine ie the wave generated.

There is a whole lot of deep water around Hawaii which makes it much easier to sneak one in close enough. Hawaii has every right to be fearfull they are the number one target on the hit parade by every nuke opposed to the US, unfortunate but very likely true. Will it have an economic impact upon Hawaii if Trump keeps the nonsense going, of course it will, every other spot in the US is safer than Honolulu from a nuclear strike.

1980XLS's picture

Tulsi can come stay at my house here on the east coast, when they bomb Hawaii.

Savyindallas's picture

She'd rather stay with me -here in Texas. Just give me 48 hours advance notice, so i can figure out a way to get rid of my wife. 

AnngeloJamaica's picture

Why you need so much time to get rid of your wife, give the clintons a call.  Just a thought.  


skinwalker's picture

I was talking to a reserve soldier in a strip club today. Around 2:30 he got a text from his CO saying congress had authorized war with North Korea. The colonel also said that the gentleman I was talking to would be deployed to South Korea within the next two weeks.

The guy had some credibility, because his favorite dancer (one of my exes) vouched for the fact that he was in the army reserves and has gotten orders to deploy.

I read the text. If it was indeed from a colonel in the army, he seemed awfully sincere.

I left right after to go into lockdown.

I'm not fully convinced but I am trying to get confirmation.

1980XLS's picture

Lockdown? Like Snowflake Lockdown?

Yen Cross's picture

 This is what hawaii needs 10x over

  Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard | Representing the 2nd District of Hawaii

 That Woman is awesome!

TheFederalistPapers's picture

Seen one, you've seen them both...

pc_babe's picture

she's related to my sis, Maxine H20s

konadog's picture

Tulsi one of the few good ones. She impresses me. She isn't always correct on issues, but so far she doesn't appear to be co-opted into the NWO corporatocracy. 99.9% of Hawaii politicians are co-opted. Not once in a decade did I see a Bill go forward in the State legislature that didn't have a corporate or industry sponsor. The Demtards have owned the State legislature since practically forever and it's one of the most transparently corrupt in the US. Worse, it's not likely to change anytime soon. They ensure the Hawaii schools are pathetic in order to maintain a clueless electorate that's easy to manipulate. They also want to keep a standing army of citizens with no choice other than to be lifelong cooks, waiters, gardners, and maids willing to work for peanuts in hospitality. Nothing against those hard working folks, but most wouldn't choose it for life. It would be an entry level step to something that required higher skills and paid more. The wealthy use private schools, but the masses are forced into the public asylums masquerading as schools leaving them with essentially no education. It's truly depressing. The Hawaii people are good and they deserve better. If you want to understand Hawaii, read "Land and Power in Hawaii" by George Cooper and Gavan Daws.

bornlastnight's picture

This couldn't happen to a nicer liberal state that still thinks naming their highways "interstate highways" is normal.

AnngeloJamaica's picture

The only reason they are trying to do this is for the politicians, they could care less about the shelter for the people.

In Hawaii you just cannot jump in a care and get away, you just go around in a cirlcle.  LOL   I know been there done that.  

Abbie Normal's picture

If it isn't called an Interstate, it doesn't get federal interstate highway funding -- get it?  Besides, naming them H-1,-2,-3 isn't really so bad.