Maduro Orders Army Into The Streets Ahead Of "Mother Of All Protests"

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With the world's attention focused on Syria and North Korea in recent weeks for obvious reason, another geopolitical hotspot is on the verge of eruption. According to AFP, after weeks of increasingly more violent protests, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has ordered the army into the streets as the insolvent nation braces for what the opposition has vowed will be the "mother of all protests" on Wednesday.

Maduro, who recently backed down from a bid to usurp supreme power after a Supreme Court decision left the local Congress powerless, only to reverse itself following furious blowback even from his own party, has faced violent protests over recent moves to tighten his grip on power, and ordered the military to defend the leftist "Bolivarian revolution" launched by his late mentor Hugo Chavez in 1999.

"From the first reveille (on Monday morning), from the first rooster crow, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces will be in the streets... saying, 'Long live the Bolivarian revolution,'" Maduro said Sunday night in a televised address. State TV showed images of army units marching in the streets of Caracas as Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino watched although there was no sign of soldiers on patrol Monday morning in the capital.

As noted previously, Venezuela has been rocked by two weeks of unrest since Maduro's camp moved to consolidate its control with a Supreme Court decision quashing the power of the opposition-majority legislature. The court partly backtracked after an international outcry, but tensions only rose further when authorities slapped a political ban on opposition leader Henrique Capriles.

In the ensuing protests, at least five people have been killed and hundreds wounded as riot police clashed with demonstrators. All this took place as the country was scrambling to collect $2 billion to make a bond principal repayment for domestic energy giant PDVSA (which it did last week), even if it meant briefly running out of gasoline for domestic consumption.


Maduro's recent attempt to concentrate power  - which unlike those of Erdogan proved unsuccessful for now - led to a powerful backlash, with near daily protests around the country and capital; these are expected to climax on Wednesday when Maduro's opponents have called for a massive protest, a national holiday that marks the start of Venezuela's independence struggle in 1810.

Meanwhile, the president's supporters have called a counter-demonstration the same day. As AFP puts it, April 19 is a touchy date in Venezuela "where Chavez and Maduro have built a politics of populist, left-wing nationalism around the struggle for independence from colonial Spain and its hero, Simon Bolivar."

Maduro is fighting off the center-right opposition's efforts to force him from power amid an economic crisis that has sparked severe food shortages, riots and looting.

Maduro denounced his opponents as "traitors" and called the new deployment a sign of the military's "honor, unity and revolutionary committment."

Despite pervasive public anger at the Maduro regime driven by an economic collapse that has resulted in the Bolivar losing all value in recent years, so far the key arbiter of Venezuela's fate - the army - remains on his side.

Opposition leaders have urged the military, the only remaining pillar of Maduro's power, to turn on the socialist president. So far, they have been unsuccessful, and if Wednesday's preview is any indication, this won't change any time soon: the defense minister vowed the army would show its "fighting spirit ahead of April 19," but said the deployment was "a call to peace." "We don't want confrontation."  For the ordinary people, millions of whom have little if anything left to lose, a confrontation may be the only option.

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 How is he paying and feeding that army?

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

The Snow Flake Nirvana is a crumbling nightmare.  Just think, Murica will be  heading in that direction once the Snow Flakes come of age to be elected to national office.   The Wussification is deeply in grained in this country.

youngman's picture

Those in the picture have a lot longer barrel than 16.25 inches....

hedgeless_horseman's picture


...and no folding stock or optic mount, probably Imbel models made under license by CAVIM.

pods's picture

And one less mag in them.


manofthenorth's picture

That's the 21" configuration w/carry handle.

VWAndy's picture

 Kinda pricy for a broke ass country?

hedgeless_horseman's picture


Not too bad for a highly reliable gas-piston killer from 1 meter to a 1,000 meters or more.

Rockatanski's picture

good luck hitting the broad side of a barn with a FAL at 1000, especially with that god-awful trigger.

but gotta love a FAL with a 16" barrel for up close and personal work.

hedgeless_horseman's picture


A quick adjustment turning off the gas essentially turns it into a bolt action, and DSA's trigger, especially on the SPR, is actually quite nice.  

Even better than the broad side of a barn, when doped, I can put Blackhills match grade through a dutch-style stall door at 1,000 meters, using a Nightforce NSX 3.5x15.

Your mileage may vary.

Jethro's picture

Too pricey for me.  I'd rather just have an AR-10.

VWAndy's picture

 With skilled people we call that mindset being Green. Its sweated out of the kids on the job. Going hungry might do the trick just as well but faster.

HalinCA's picture

No need - they have the guns and take whatever they need/want.  They pay using fiat ...

Any other questions?

PS - They don't have a "2nd amendment" in their Constitution.


nmewn's picture

The gun is the greatest maker and breaker of authority in the world. Of course you need people willing to use them for those purposes as well  ;-)

Implied Violins's picture

...and guns have been used a lot on April 19/20 in history. The revolutionary war started on that day in 1775. Been lots of false flags on those dates too...just sayin'.

booboo's picture

They say once one breaches the blood barrier with one violent dead statist under your belt it becomes easier. At this point in my life I probably would find it harder to drop a pronghorn.

Jethro's picture

If it ever gets to that, the saying goes, "the first one is expensive, but the rest are free".

ShakenNotStirred's picture

There are plenty of street dogs there.

Nightjar's picture

ahead of the mother of all toiletpaper prices

BlindMonkey's picture


"SOLYENT PAPER is people!!"


Sounds like a good movie right there.  Given the apocalyptic mood, it should do well.

youngman's picture

The Army is the key..if they go the other way..Maduro is over with.....its all he has left....and it will be until the end....

junction's picture

Trump's solution: Let them have chocolate cake!

Nona Yobiznes's picture

MOAP? We should get one of those.

CompassionateConservative's picture

This is why I am a staunch gun control advocate.  The goyim are simply cattle and should have no means to resist otherwise if they get uppity and have guns things may spiral out of control.  This is the sole reason why God's chosen ones tirelessly advocate for gun control and a total gun ban.  Of course if you think the proles should have guns then you're a racist and a nazi worse than Hitler and should be promptly murdered by the government! 

HalinCA's picture

Clever ... you must be a comedian in real life ...

John_Coltrane's picture

The fact that you received down votes for your excellent sarcasm demonstrates why a capcha would be useful to re-implement for this site.

I guess no sarcasm without a tag will have to suffice until then.

Jtrillian's picture

The military needs to turn against Maduro and support the people.  This is no longer a socialist government.  It is a totalitarian regime.  

When the people stand TOGETHER, then they will be able to take their nation back from this evil dictator.   

Sadly, it'e easier to herd cats.    

libertysghost's picture

A socialist government IS a totalitarian are repeating yourself.  It's only before they run out of everything because of the "socialism" that the "totalitarianism" becomes obvious.  

smacker's picture

All socialist.govs become totalitarian in the end. For them, there is no other way to hide their corruption and malfeasance.

Madcow's picture

Socialists realize the best way to get people to stop complaining about starving to death is to simply unleash the military on them.  They're still at "stage 3" socialism, soon to reach "stage 4" (Stalin) before finally reaching nirvana "stage 5" (Pol Pot, Mao)

Go Bernie Sanders 2020 !!!

ShakenNotStirred's picture

It will not help.

Bernie Sanders is stage 6.

smacker's picture

Exactly. Perish the thought that the socialists come out of denial and finally admit they they are the problem.

Many innocent people have to die first.


doomchild's picture!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_750/alg-chavez-book-jpg.jpg

alexcojones's picture

In Merica we'll get MOAM instead of MAGA.

Mother Of ALL Meltdowns. 'Course we ZHers have been prepping for it since Bush I and II

silverer's picture

Protests are silly and useless. The only real way to deal with a government out of control is to starve it. Go full barter, don't use the banks. Only accept PM's or goods for payment. No point in bloodshed. Everyone should just stay inside and leave the streets quiet. Plan how to get your necessities, and just stay under the radar. When he runs out of money, he's done, and so is his army.

mkkby's picture

The human beings have been doing this all along.  The protestors are the free shit army -- useless chimps rattling the cage for someone to throw a banana.

SAE6065's picture

If i were Maduro i would be running scared and take whatever money is left and say ADIOS. Its just a matter of time when SHTF.and you know who's waiting in the wings to see you.FAIL is the good ole USA. That coffin is getting close to being hammered shut and just a few more to go before before its a done deal.

latasurf6's picture

The US fuckers screwing Venezuela, Venezuela has the biggest world oil reserves, therefore the US is all out trying to overtake it like they did with Argentina and Brazil. But they are all coming to their sences and Macri in Argentina and Temer in Brazil will be history soon, now that people saw all the US style shit they create.

The Gray Man's picture

Bullshit. Venezuela did this to themselves. You can't blame everything on the US.

Jethro's picture

Don't pay any attention to his inane ramblings.  He is just another socialist blaming anybody and anything else other than socialism for failing....exactly like every other socialist regime that collapsed before this one.

libertysghost's picture

Elites within nations compete with each other and join together at times to screw us all too.  It's not a zero-sum game. 

There's picture

Our future on view... 9% annual increase in Medicare and Medicaid costs do to the Med Drug cartel we allow to operate in America. In 4 years the cartel will bankrupt America  even as we see most fat, sick Americans kicked off Healthcare. Suddenly gun control will be a good thing.

Jethro's picture

Gun control, by the liberal/globalist definition,  is never a good thing.

smacker's picture

In true socialist tradition, out come the jackboots.

When was it ever any different?

Yellow Zookaninnie's picture

When was it ever any different?

Nixon's attacks on Vietnam war demonstrators.