Meet Brad Birkenfeld: "Lucifer's Banker"

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Authored by Adam Taggart via,

Just how bad is the ongoing fraud in the banking system? Get ready for a mind-bowing expose by a former insider at UBS.

Brad Birkenfield, author of Lucifer's Banker: The Untold Story of How I Destroyed Swiss Bank Secrecy, recounts the efforts he uncovered by his employer to help its clients cheat the US government out of tens of $billions in taxes.

But despite his working with the government closely to expose the gigantic conspiracy between US-based tax cheats and the giant Swiss bank, UBS, the so-called Justice Department went after Mr. Birkenfeld for abetting tax evasion by one of his clients. After spending thirty months in Federal prison, he was released and three weeks later, received a whistle-blower check for $104 million, the largest such check ever from the IRS Whistle-blower Office.

Once again, 300,000,000 Americans-plus got screwed by the corrupt Department of Justice. They’re not about justice, they’re about protecting themselves, trying to take credit, and making everyone else listen to what they say the story is.


We remember the financial crisis of 2008. It was devastating and so many people lost their jobs, lost their homes and so forth. In the entire financial crisis, there was not one banker to go to jail. The only banker to go to jail was the UBS whistleblower who exposed the largest and longest running tax fraud in the world.


Here’s the problem with the system. When you fine UBS you must realize UBS is a Swiss bank, so that means they write off the fine on their taxes. So then, that means the Swiss taxpayers carry the burden. That’s the first thing.


The second thing is go look at the millions and millions of dollars in legal fees spent to defend their conduct. The UBS shareholders pick up that tab.


So you have UBS shareholders and Swiss citizens picking up the tab for bankers who just keep doing their business, and walk away untouched. How is this possible?


And third, the US government has set an incredibly bad precedent and zero deterrence. Because what they’re saying is, “Oh, if you get caught again, you just write a check. Yes, you might have to add $5 million or $10 million to that check, but just keep doing the business you’re doing.”


And the pathetic prosecutors at the Department of Justice say, “Oh, see? We’ve got a check and we can put it on our resume saying, ‘We got $200 million from this bank for doing illegal conduct.’”


Yeah, but you screwed the American people. It’s outrageous.

Click the play button below to listen to Chris' interview with Brad Birkenfeld (45m:31s).

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money badger's picture

Destroyed Swiss banking secrecy? Must be real popular down at the club.

BennyBoy's picture


"Lucifer's Banker"!?

I thought this book was about Dimon or Blankfein.

Still, a good book like Economic Hit Man.

Déjà view's picture

Fierce battle for worldwide capital...all 5 EYES have negative current account balances...4/5 ranked 194-197 DEAD LAST!

IRONIC they offer options for Swiss Bank order to maintain a standard of living beyond their means...

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Pleased to meet you......hope you've guessed my name.

11b40's picture

And laid many a man's soul to waste.

WillyGroper's picture

what's confusing you is the nature of my game...whoot whoot. ;)

eatthebanksters's picture

Yes, but if the corrupt Obozo prosecuted his corrupt banker buddies and put them in jail then he and his corrupt party would no longer get the gravy train of cash coming from those corrupt bankers.  In fact, Barry the liar had his administration allow the TBTF banks to continue their corrupt behavior and run criminal money making schemes as long as they paid fat fines.  The bankers were happy about that...who wouldn't be as long as they were making $10b in profit and paid only $1b in fines with only a slap on the wrist and no admssion of guilt? And we the peasants were taking it up the ass to pay for all this corruption. Fuck these guys...bring back the guillotine.

janus's picture

Pizzagate is real.

Please take the time to watch the pasted video.  This guy was a businessman, financeer and finally selected for elite PIT (Psycho In Training) from Holland...the child sacrifice was too much for him.

All bankers are lucifer's bankers.


WillyGroper's picture

my cuz lives in the hague 1/2 the year.  married to a diplomat.  don't think either have a clue.

look up joris demink the marc dutroux of the netherlands.  he's over both the police & the magistrates.  it's all sown up.  they sell their souls to the devil for fictitious paper called money.  makes you wonder how many banksters really did jump as opposed to being pushed.

janus, i could send you down so many rabbit holes right now connecting this crap.  have you tried chat again yet?

a particular flavor litergy references lucifer aka the morning star (familiar) aka planet venus...5 pointed star.

have a gander at the ecliptic.

you can really have some fun with the freedom statue on the capital dome & st. peter (jupiter) in the vatiCON. 

tomorrow is a pagan blood/fire sacrifice holiday.  both okc & waco happened on this date.  their schedule...

numerology figures big into their sick rituals too although i'm just dipping my toe into that one. 

i have no idea if it's true.  rumor has it dt is being blackmailed for a ritual kill of a 12yr old girl.  Robert David Steel echoed that rumor.   i found it funny CAF said in her latest interview that the viral pedo awakening is a real wild card & they're scared shitless.

it's being revealed. 

HedgeJunkie's picture

Holy Shit!

People, click the Janus link above and watch that video the end.

Kudos, Janus, for finding that gem.

Lets Buy The Dip's picture

i listen to your comments, are the swiss up to something?

remember. the market is in trouble here. 

I have joined a accuate newsletter here => and they called the 2008 crash very accurately, they are saying a sell off is probably coming soon. Go have a look. 

we are for some big shocks with the DONALD with finger on TWEET button and NUKE button. :-) *LOOK OUT*

Paul Kersey's picture

And how was Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn, a main architect in the U.S. subprime economic collapse, punished? Trump put him in charge of the U.S. economy, and he promptly lifted the corrective restrictions on the too big to fail banks. How's that for justice (for just us)?

Consuelo's picture





He's surrounding himself with the best & all that...   Plus, he's going to bring them around to his side because - you know, deal making & stuff...   Isn't that what we've been $sold...?

BullyBearish's picture

cohn...the new cheney:


Cohn’s smartest move has been to position himself inside the Trump administration as the anti-Bannon. Bannon has embraced his image as Darth Vader and Satan and others who possess carbuncled souls, creating the niche for a lighter, more conventional hero. And into it Cohn steps. In persuading the president to flip-flop on China, government subsidies, his views on Federal Reserve boss Janet Yellen, and moving him closer to the Wall Street mainstream of many Republicans and Democrats—essentially restoring the status quo ante—Cohn has already convinced willing scribes that he’s an effective power broker.

Giant Meteor's picture


Ultimate Bull Shit or Uber Big Satan

Phil Gramm still on the payroll roasting weenies ?

His partial rap sheet can be found here ..

11b40's picture

Good old Phil......the driving force behind the elimination of Glass-Stegall Ast, laying the foundation for the crash of 2008/09.

knukles's picture

And in the end, even the rich and powerful stare at a TV screen of snow attended to by people who don't care in their last days.
All alone
Wondering if God, whom they never believed in all their lives, looks upon them favourably. 
Just like the rest of us.
Must make screwing people seem worth it, no?

thunderchief's picture

Citizens in the USA are so numbed and dumbed down by this kind of broad daylight robery, shakedown, and  bold face lies, they are now to scared and paralysed to respond. 


Gazooks's picture

Scared and paralysed like deer in headlights that literally have no clue where to turn.



But, just suggest a bit of AU/AG to them for protection to elicit hysterical giggles.

G-R-U-N-T's picture

Where can the people turn, when the very government's (worldwide) we supposedly elected and appointed turns on you like a tyrannosaurus rex??? 


Giant Meteor's picture

Well sure numbed, scared, all that ...

Under the heading of enslaved by the money system of systemic fraud ...

It's in the open, has been in the open, and I do not expect a downturn in that trendline ..

I believe, ultimately, there is a tipping point, a point not of diminishing returns, but of NO return ..

Some believe we are at that point NOW ..

I read the news today, oh boy ..

silver4me's picture

I agree with U.S.A being dumbed down. I just want to add that so many citizens depend on government assistance they don't want to be red pilled. Let tv, facebook keep the masses hypnotized while the country is robbed and polluted till nothing is left.

TheGardener's picture

That spineless gay sounding prick gives whistleblowing a bad name.

He had no good intentions and just felt cornered after a long comfortable life based on lies and deceit only , maybe a true banker in the worst sense of the word but sorry , lucifer accepts fallen angels only.

Just trying to justify his all evil actions of betrayal to all sides he gets sheered up by the interviewer

because large scale government – bank collusion gets partly named and some politics get thrown

in aimed at a presumed audience. Listened through the whole thing and listen :


He has no set of morals or sense of wrongdoing whatsoever, neither on his part or the people he finally threw under the bus. Just absolute disgustingly trying to save his own little ass.

Pardon him for what he exposed about the collusion of big government and big business.

For the treason on his employer and peer group give him credit and leniance because of the above and choose a honorable method of execution.

For the 19000 clients he served up to be slaughtered by the authorities for good measure, there are about 19000 seats reserved for him in hell.


P.S. For the 104 million bounty he received straight from Hades, this is a satanic message we can believe in.

Be as evil as it gets, get reimbursed 10 times over because the old god is far from dead yet just because the devil has far more leverage...

WillyGroper's picture


he had to dig for that info.

so what you condemn him for exposing the pricks getting away with it?  athletes, movie stars, govreps, etc.

fuck them along with the jagovs robbing us.

fwiw, i listened to it yesterday & did not come away with your view.

kochevnik's picture

UBS exposure was not about banking secrecy.  It was about USA taking custody (stealing) Saudi gold

whitedragon's picture

1.) Bankers engage in voluntary contracts.

2.) It is the State which uses coercion.

3.) THe banker hate is misdirected. Bankers can't do anything to you. It's the politicians and the people who vote for them who initiate aggression against you. Bankers are among the people who are smart enough to protect themselves from and use the system that the stupid people voted for.

4.) Evading taxes saves lives. That money would have been used to drop more bombs on civillians.

5.) Why do all these people feel entitled to stealing others peoples' money? THis is something of which we need more.

Colonel's picture

Wrong liar banksters "finance" the state and its murderous oppression.

Praeda2's picture

You sound like a nigger. Probably just a millennial who wasted their parents money though.

Colonel's picture

And you sound like your typical bankster slurping shitstain.

HedgeJunkie's picture

And you, sir or Ma'am, or misfit, sound like some sort of idiot or, worse, goobermint shill.

You apparently weren't paying too much attention over the last forty years.  And you certainly have no concept of the fraud involved in the 2008 'Financial Crisis' and it's lingering effects through today.

I doubt you know who John Corzine is and what he got away with.  Or what happened in Cyprus and Greece as the banks actively stole from the average citizen.

I used to be really intimidated when the old crew were still on Zero Hedge, believe me, they'd have torn your ass to shreds and this would have been your last post on the site, forever.

It's because of people like you that we need to bring back the math captcha.  Too many morons and government agents (one and the same) are gaining access to this site.

prymythirdeye's picture

"The banker hate is misdirected."

Bwahahahahaha, that's a good one.  Whatever helps you sleep at night

Praeda2's picture

5) because they're life failures who're poor and jealous.

Giant Meteor's picture

LoL, listening oh mighty bling bling ...

Regail us with epic stories of  the good life and grandeur ..

I love good stories ;)



TheReplacement's picture

Totally spot on until #5.

To the downvoters, if the politicians you, your parents, and your grandparents elected had been held accountable (implying an intelligent, informed, and active electorate for which we are obviously asking far, far too much) then the bankers would not have the power they have. The bankers did not take their power over your lives. It was given.

Giant Meteor's picture

The sell out to the bankers, was a development that transpired well before my birth. I do not say this as excuse, merely as a statement of fact. The PEOPLE, by various means of deception, had little notice, let alone say in the matter. Revisionist history and the great dumbing down, has taken care of the rest. The money men, changers, shape shifters rule the joint, have perpetually ruled the joint, and merely consolidate power, to the extent of the open air theft that we have today.

There is no longer pretense even. The theft and corruption is "in your face."

Now yes, yes of course, there are on a personal level, ways to withdraw one's consent and participation. Actually this is occurring. Many I believe have exercised the option. Refuse, refusal.

On the other hand, most are also aware that this "leviathan" , backed up with force of "law" and the force of arms, makes open air resistance somewhat problematic.

The game, allthough revealed to most here, in spades, will need the wider attentions and captive audience, wherein all doubt shall be at once removed. Obviously that should have occured in 2008 ..

Now all the effort is to keeping the plates spinning in mid air, just a bit longer, until such time that all doubts shall be removed.

I am beginning to really believe, I may well live to see it ...

Northern Flicker's picture

Seeing the global banking situation from a Russian's point of view is really enlightening.

Giant Meteor's picture

Excellent, looks like great bedtime reading, and I thank you.

Unrestrained issuing of money backed by nothing has been the dream of bankers and moneylenders for centuries. This is the shortest way to world domination. Today this dream has become reality. All the world’s money stocks are tied to the dollar, which can be issued without restrictions. As a result of defeat in the Cold War Russia was deprived of a significant part of its sovereignty.

The Russian rouble does not belong to the people anymore. The only way out of the dead end is to change the current form of the system of money-issuing. By reading this book you will find out the answers to the following questions:

What are the gold and currency reserves of Russia and why do they not belong to the Russian Government? Who was Stalin’s “Chubais” and how did the leader of the USSR treat him? How are the deaths of American presidents connected to various types of identical American dollars? How did Benito Mussolini cooperate with the British intelligence service and what did it lead to?

Why did the USSR refuse to enter the IMF and sign the Bretton Woods agreement? Who was knighted upon Stalin’s death and why?

What constitution did Sakharov offer to his country?

The story of the Bank of England, the reasons for Joseph Stalin’s death, unknown snipers on the rooftops of Moscow in October 1993, the Central Bank of Russia independent from Russia – these are parts of one thing; the roots of one tree.

silver4me's picture

Thanks for the link. Interesting read.

WillyGroper's picture

"a development that transpired well before my birth."

likely your parents & grandparents too.


it's the boomers fault.

shovelhead's picture


Long post unnecessary. Congressional criminal collusion is the greater crime because it adds betrayal by the hired help.

You expect a thief to steal, that's his job. Having your employee hand over the keys to your house for a few coins is a far worse crime.

Giant Meteor's picture

Bankers my friend, ARE the state. The STATE are the bankers ..

Perhaps you missed this development ?

Yukon Cornholius's picture

Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws.
- (((Red Shield)))

11b40's picture

While your post is largely bullshit, I do want to keep # 4 in my back pocket, just in case ;-)

Blankenstein's picture

Instead of the banking crowd and rich trying to evade taxes, why not have a small government that doesn't require trillions of dollars to run and doesn't have the money to support continuous war.  

Most of the 99% can't evade taxes meaningfully, but there are a few that can/do.  Nothing more nauseating in the whole 100% than an idiot who brags about cheating on their taxes and then votes for and supports big government.  

Miskondukt's picture

Four weeks. Pfft, troll, gtfo

new game's picture

he is alive?

deep state slacken off?

job openings with the deep state?

mercenaries in short supply?

not understanding this...