Provocation Guaranteed As North Korea Threatens Missile Tests "On A Weekly Basis"

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Despite Trump and Pence's warnings, it seems North Korea will not back down...

"North Korea would do well not to test his resolve or the strength of the armed forces of the United States in this region."

Vice Foreign Minister Han Song-Ryol told the BBC's John Sudworth in Pyongyang...

"We'll be conducting more missile tests on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis," 

He added that:

an "all out war" would result if the US was "reckless enough to use military means".

Certainly seems like rhetoric is worsening, not improving, and if Trump is to be held to his pre-emptive word then this threat of guaranteed provocation, guarantees a pre-emptive strike.

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why is ZH selling fear?

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"We'll be conducting more missile tests on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis,"

Weekly maybe.., monthly and yearly, maybe not.

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he is saying "weekly failed missile test" 

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At risk of falling into the neocon trap, it's probably time to neuter NK.

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Well, they obviously need more testing.

As for the idea of neutering NK, that's the only reason they exist in current form. Just another convenient fall-guy those who fear the shadows of puppets.

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As a staunch Nationalist, I am glad that North Korea whom has stayed at peace since the 1950's has decided to work towards it's own best interests and self-defense from the countries that have not been at peace since the 1950's.


Not sure how any Nationalist could be against North Korea working towards their own self-defense. Unless they are really globalists that lied to get elected.

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Aside from starving their own people and keeping people in constant fear of death I totally agree

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nailed it mtnrunnr... matter how moronic the NK VIPs are...whatever we do, needs to consider that the grass roots people of NK are actually peaceful people that do not hate others.  The people on the streets of NK aren't having "death to America" rallys...I do not know if the indoctrination of the people will leave them bitter or releaved if the psycho's are eradicated. 

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I have a question for someone who actually knows.  (i.e. not me).

If NK Senior Leadership was decapitated (figuratively, not literally)  would North and South Korea have the worlds largest family reunion party?   Is there actually a desire at the grass roots level to be reunited?   Or has the indoctrination been too severe?

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The real reason north and south haven't been reunited is due to USA. The US has a strategic presence in Taiwan, S. Korea, Japan and Indonesia to act as a containment for Chinese expansion. If North and South reunited, why bother having US troops in Seoul?

What might be going on is that the US and China have struck a deal to rid crazy Kim and once he's gone, Chinese troops flood in to stabilize the situation and put in their own new boss. North Korea acts as a buffer against the US, so the Chinese don't want reunification as well.

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Yeah, you were told they were starving their own people by whom exactly? Was it the same people that said Arab hijackers with plastic knives did 9/11?

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Do you listen to Michael Rivero?

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I don't listen to anything that is not from a musician or from someone within my own community.


I find that people outside of my community tend to play verbal tricks too often and I catch them every-time because that is how I am wired, and thus lose all interest in anything they have to say.

So if I am going to spend time out of my day to listen to someone talk to me about their thoughts, it's going to be someone that I know and can laugh with as if I were really there. So basically the Alt-Right is my go to source for lulz, and I don't really give a shit what the MSM has to say anymore. They lost my interest when they made it the norm to lie and make stories up just to stay in business.


I only listen to radio stuff occasionally, and music is basically all I listen to on the daily basis. Preferably anything with strings, Beethoven is the best, but Mozart had some amazing works as well.

Nona Yobiznes's picture

Well, you should check him out, you can find him on youtube. It's called the What Really Happened show. The best and most informative news show I've ever found. Not alt-right, very independent, libertarian-leaning nationalist. It sounds like he'd be right up your alley. 

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Did you forget that they are communists? Of course they are starving.

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Did you forget that North Korea is not found anywhere on a map of the US? I know, I couldn't believe it either with how much the media talks about the US needing to invade or do something about them. I even checked twice to make sure...


Whether they are starving or not, it's not my issue. It's not the responsibility of the US to fight wars for the Globalists. Doesn't matter if those people are starving, which is an endsum game, because eventually you run out of people to starve. So how could they be starving for 50+ years now? Seriously, the kikes have been pushing that mantra since the war ended.


It's a mind game to trick people into supporting Globalist wars that further the ends for the communists and further weaken the US as a country, which deprives the Nationalists of political power once again. Advocating for regime change anywhere other than the US is counter productive for US Nationalists. America First was a mantra for a reason. We need to clean our own swamp, and not worry about China's swamp. 

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Also the same people that refused to cover Ron Paul during his presidential run and same people that never told the truth about a certain incident involving an attack on US naval vessel called Liberty by a supposed only ally nation in the region.

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The problem is, US intervention will cause unimaginable harm to Koreans. Millions may die on both sides of the DMZ. It's better to keep undermining Kim through other means, like turning China away from them and starving their economy. The regime will inevitably collapse once popular discontent reaches critical mass and the N. Koreans take matters into their own hands. If this is what Trump's ultimate aim is, I'm on board. But I see absolutely no need for a preemptive strike.

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The U.S. bears much of the responsibility for NK starving by holding massive drills during their harvest season, forcing them to go into high alert militarily and unable to harvest. Of course our war propaganda will never tell the other side of the story, so as to sell a false, one sided narrative and further enrich the MIC. Wake up slaves!

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At a weekly pace they will done in 6 weeks with no progress and the failure will be executed by his people.  If China is not ammused, this will go no where for NK.  If NK secretaly had China approval this would be a whole different issue.

Let them bankrupt themselves....the disgrace will do more damage than anything we can do from the outside.

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It is the US that will do whatever it takes to destroy itself. As do all empires.

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When looking at night imagery of NK from space...SK looks like an island...NK very smart keeping us in the can turn your night lights back on...we see you...

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Everyone sleep when Kim sleep. Else death

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last i checked the MSM has that segment 24/7/365 of Fear!

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This rhetoric is not coming from ZH its coming directly from NK and the US. They are just reporting the stupidity.

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Use uBlock Origin or Adguard and see no ads like:

"If you like fear you'll love our anger predictions!"

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Why is Lt. Sulu working for the Norkskies?

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Besides that, is China funding this? NK can't have those kinds of funds

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They are gonna run out of engineers from all these failures. My guess is one gets a bullet everytime a missile blows up on the launchpad.


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Or feed to the wild dogs depending on what side of the bed fat boy gets up on

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I have to say for a nation of 'starving people', all those tens of thousands of people at that nork parade and the ones participating in it sure looked awful healthy to me. Me thinks the starving nation meme is bullshit. The country has its poor like every other nation but nobody in that crowd looked like they had missed any meals recently, particularly the women.

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They are tiny and emaciated when compared to South Korean soldiers. And NoKo soldiers only get as much to eat as they do because they are farmers and get to grow their own food rather than relying on the state.

j0nx's picture

Well they looked pretty freakin healthy to me in that parade. None of them were emaciated. They looked lean and fit and the women were plump. The 'starving nation' meme doesn't appear to hold true from what I saw unless these people were the only ones in the country being fed and on display.

tmosley's picture

None so blind as those who will not see.

Potemkin villages fool some, I guess.

j0nx's picture

I've already said that maybe these are the only people in the country that are being fed. I guess it's possible but my point is that these people in that parade by the tens of thousands looked quite healthy and fit and not indicative of the 'starving nation' meme that is being floated around.

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You don't get to be in a televised parade unless you are plump and healthy.  Go about 10 miles outside the island of unreality that is Pyongyang, see the stuff that the North hides.  

They are really masters of the spectacle, though.  Makes our parades look kind of lame by comparison. 



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"You don't get to be in a televised parade unless you are plump and healthy.  Go about 10 miles outside the island of unreality that is Pyongyang, see the stuff that the North hides.  

They are really masters of the spectacle, though"


The same applies to the "West"....the number of Americans going hungry, having to live in their car or tents has grown expotentially....all REALLY well hidden from the world by the experts in propaganda...the US.  Maybe you should get your own house in order FIRST!

Knobbius's picture

Deflection is an interesting sport.  You seem good at it.

I have no illusions about the state of parts of my country, so save the violins please.  The topic was about whether the spectacles presented by the North Korean government represent reality.  For example, do the pictures of healthy and plump soldiers and workers marching in a parade in Pyongyang represent anything like the true conditions that most people live under?  That would be a "No".  No amount of deflection or bitching about US propaganda will change that.



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I wonder how many other slant-eyes he has to share that suit with. I see a little green staining around his lips from eating grass earlier in the morning.

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Trump, April 26th

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I usually feel I have a grip on things, but I am it is...1. trump is fighting the deep state with precision.   2. trump is fighting the deep state but not doing so well.  3. Trump was blackmailed, coerced, bribed, threatened and gave in to the deep state.  4. trump was deep state all along ...

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Or maybe Trump is just clueless and don't really gives a shit! he will flip flop, changes his mind every other day... 

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All 4. More positions than Kama Sutra. Infinitely malleable. No concrete values. VERY easily manipulated and even MOAR easily blackmailed. He's trending on an asymptotical basis toward Full Killary. 

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5. Trump is pacing and leading, like he always does.