Soft Data Slump Begins - Empire Fed Plunges Most In A Year

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And so it begins. After exploding higher post-election, it appears the 'soft' survey data hype has begun to fade. Empire Fed's manufacturing survey tumbled most since May 2016 in April, almost erasing the entire post-election surge. New Orders (current and expected) slumped and average workweek caved as Trump's 'plans' remain stymied.

And just like that... hope died.


This won't end well...

It seems the bond market may have been right after all.

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moman's picture

'The day the music died'

Fake Trump's picture

Real news. America will be great again.

Gold Banit's picture

Fake news. America will be great again.

small axe's picture

in Potemkin economics, data is irrelevant

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

<<insert sarcastic cynical comment here>>

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It won't bother Trump. He is too busy fighting a war with North Korea.

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Maybe Trump has a kinetic economic stimulus plan???

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Very volatile, largely irrelevant, medium impact index, was as low as -17 in Jan 2016. I loves my doom porn, but this isn't it. ;-)

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RonaldWilsonReagan has everybody beating the shit out of each other. Aside from that, it seems a huge amount of the population wants marijuana legalized so they can sit around and get stoned between the beatings. In my opinion, that scenario is not going to play strongly to economic productivity and Fed numbers. Get used to the change.

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Why the f US does not go agains China , Or Russia?



Aaaaaaaaaa, it could backfire and hurt. A small NK, genocided by US in 1953 is much easier target.

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Obviously time to BTFD.  Gotta love the "natural" run up in futures that started at 7:30am on the button.  Doncha just love real markets?  /sarc


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Where are the jobs?

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Bullish!!! Markets to soar.    Same as it ever was.    Until someday....