US Deploys Two More Aircraft Carriers Toward Korean Peninsula: Yonhap

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According to a report by South Korea's primary news outlet, Yonhap, the Pentagon has directed a total of three US aircraft carriers toward the Korean Peninsula, citing a South Korean government source.

Yonhap reports that in addition to the CVN-70 Carl Vinson, which is expected to arrive off the South Korean coast on April 25, the CVN-76 Ronald Reagan - currently in home port in Yokosuka, Japan - and the CVN-68 Nimitz carrier group - currently undergoing final pre-deployment assessment, Composite Training Unit Exercise off Oregon - will enter the Sea of Japan next week.  According to the senior government official. the US and South Korea are discussing joint drills, which will include the three aircraft carriers and other ships.

CVN-68 Nimitz carrier group

USS Carl Vinson, surrounded by a fleet of US warships, was sent by Washington toward the Korean Peninsula in the beginning of April.

While details are scarce, and we would urge confirmation from US-based sources, Yonhap also reports that according to the government source the operation of three aircraft carriers in the same location is unusual, and demonstrates the US commitment to North Korea.  Other sources said the Trump administration is demonstrating deterrence by acting on its behalf. "We expect it to be completely different from the previous administration."

On Sunday, Pyongyang launched an unidentified projectile, but the test reportedly failed. South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) stated that the attempted launch was conducted from the area near North Korea's eastern port city of Sinpo, but likely ended in a failure.

The most recent map showing key US naval deployments around the globe is shown below.

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because America owns the whole world . Right ?

WW3 is on horizon
West only prints money & buys good goodies from rest
what west exports to rest?
Bombs & Bonds

Rest come together now
and decimate the evil vampire west

its too much

Imagine what one N-Bomb would do over USA
entire financial system of west will collapse

and west deserves it now
its karma(sins) is too much
West needs war to make money flow
and lives of rest are cheap for it

Cheers for N korea for standing up against west
N.Korea is a hero of rest


u r hope for rest of humanity

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This is so delicate a situation.  So many NeoCons and NeoLibs have no idea how much of a Powderkeg ClusterMuster this

can turn out to be.

Leave the PRK alone - as long as they're leaving us alone.  This is a Korean Problem.  What we need to do is to encourage the Reconciliation of the PRK and KOR Factions.