US Deploys Two More Aircraft Carriers Toward Korean Peninsula: Yonhap

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According to a report by South Korea's primary news outlet, Yonhap, the Pentagon has directed a total of three US aircraft carriers toward the Korean Peninsula, citing a South Korean government source.

Yonhap reports that in addition to the CVN-70 Carl Vinson, which is expected to arrive off the South Korean coast on April 25, the CVN-76 Ronald Reagan - currently in home port in Yokosuka, Japan - and the CVN-68 Nimitz carrier group - currently undergoing final pre-deployment assessment, Composite Training Unit Exercise off Oregon - will enter the Sea of Japan next week.  According to the senior government official. the US and South Korea are discussing joint drills, which will include the three aircraft carriers and other ships.

CVN-68 Nimitz carrier group

USS Carl Vinson, surrounded by a fleet of US warships, was sent by Washington toward the Korean Peninsula in the beginning of April.

While details are scarce, and we would urge confirmation from US-based sources, Yonhap also reports that according to the government source the operation of three aircraft carriers in the same location is unusual, and demonstrates the US commitment to North Korea.  Other sources said the Trump administration is demonstrating deterrence by acting on its behalf. "We expect it to be completely different from the previous administration."

On Sunday, Pyongyang launched an unidentified projectile, but the test reportedly failed. South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) stated that the attempted launch was conducted from the area near North Korea's eastern port city of Sinpo, but likely ended in a failure.

The most recent map showing key US naval deployments around the globe is shown below.

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VWAndy's picture

 They actually might have already nuked NY. Or did that slip your mind?

tmosley's picture

That is literally their doctrine. Samson Option.

With a tripartate superpower alliance, the desert monkeys won't be able to make any more trouble. When the truth of their actions comes out, they will mostly go back, or be forced to convert, the aid will stop, and Israel and Saudi will return to what they always were before the discovery of oil and US/British intervention on behalf of the Zionists--a desert populated by primative tribesmen.

besnook's picture

samson option. look it up.

VWAndy's picture

 Government troll alert.

atthelake's picture

I voted for a man who may cause the deaths of millions, possibly billions, for Banksters, the Military Industrial Complex, eugenicists and to improve his ratings. Good one, fool.

UnschooledAustrianEconomist's picture

Wars and confrontation were planned all along. Trump gave you hope. I too had that hope.

Not our fault. Keep the faith and keep the spirit.

Falconsixone's picture

How do you get off Oregon to the Sea of Japan in a week?

OCnStiggs's picture

Nuclear power. You can water ski behind a nuke carrier at flank speed.

Falconsixone's picture

Correct, but I couldn't stay awake for a whole week.

any_mouse's picture

You use a very expansive definition of "coast" based on a belief that you are a Global Force for Greed.

The same belief that says cruising the Black Sea is in the interests of the USA.

Empire of the USA don't need no steenking borders!

They did not say the group was in the AO, just that it is on its way.

Or that it is a SOCOM Carrier Group and used advanced technology to transport the ships through a vortex to the Sea of Japan.

VWAndy's picture

 Escalation at every oppertunity is a mark of lying psycopants. Its their goto move.

OCnStiggs's picture

You call Trump a "war criminal" while Kim and his family has killed and tortured hundreds of thousands and has nearly starved his entire country.

You have no credibility...

VWAndy's picture

 As if our record was anything to boast about?  If you want to keep your head that far up your ass go out and pick up a good snorkle so as to avoid long term methane exposure.

OCnStiggs's picture

Liberal dogma managing military action is why we are where we are. You guys own this, just like Obamacare.

VWAndy's picture

 You must be thinking of someone else. I dont do dogma my thing is to take it out behind the woodshead and put it down for good.

Brazen Heist's picture

So you wanna be a superhero and rid the world of baddies?

Well have i got news for you. There are lots of them. You should start in America first and get that shit under control.

Then you'll be taken more seriously.

truthalwayswinsout's picture

It will get serious if they deploy Marine, and Air Force squadrons to Japan and the Korean and Japanese Military calls up reserves. It will get imminent if they start evacuating Seoul and step back from the demilitarized zone in order to avoid initial onslaughts by NK.

The US should get smart and immediately use a large number of tactical nukes in the 5kt to 10Kt range to surprise attack NK and take out all leadership. 

But they would get extremely smart if they simply organized a total and permanent boycott of China until they hand over the little twit, and surrender the North to the South. NK is a Chinese puppet and does nothing without their approval.

Dead Indiana Sky's picture

Or we could get extremely-extremely smart and leave everyone the fuck alone.  Let the Lilliputians fight it out amongst themselves.

any_mouse's picture

Dubya Bush pulled the US troops back from the DMZ before Operation Iraqi Chaos.

My thought then was the US was going to leave it to the two Koreas to deal with tensions at the DMZ and resolve disputes on their own.

Survive the initial attack and strike back as necessary.

Ecclesia Militans's picture

Massive number of air assets means this might be the real deal unless Vinson needs to stand down for operational reasons and Reagan is on its way to replace that vessel.

skeelos's picture

Revisionist history aside, MacArthur clearly wanted to nuke North Korea and Truman stopped him. Nothing happens in North Korea or to North Korea without China's stamp of approval.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Israel has their lapdog, the US.  NK is China's Israel. 

robertocarlos's picture

It makes sense. If one aircraft carrier started to sink you'd want somewhere to land the planes and stuff.

back to basics's picture

It's all for show.

The Korean fat boy has nuclear weapons and he will use them if attacked. The US military brass all know that, because if for a minute they thought he wouldn't, they would have preemptively attacked him already. A coup is the only way they can take him out, and with China "warning" North Korea I thought that is where we were headed, but there's way too much noise now for that to be even possible.

That fat boy may be stupid but those who surround him are not, and if he goes, they go, and they  know it. Any attempt to take Kim out better succeed quickly and with surgical precision otherwise the reprisals will be brutal, immediate and extremely vicious. I don't believe even China with their connections in North Korea can pull off a successful coup let alone the buffoons at the CIA. 

This will all fade away soon until Trump needs another distraction. 

tmosley's picture

>if he goes, they go

Why would you think that?

ToSoft4Truth's picture

I'm wiping out my subdivision as soon as the lights go out (EMP).



GETrDun's picture

Another war. This is my shocked face.


jamesmmu's picture

Ex-CIA Agent Mike Morell Says North Korea Threat Is NOW - They Have Nuclear Weapons That Can Hit The United States.

SubjectivObject's picture

What, some island the Aluetians?

What, we don't have an effective missile defense for this?

Woofty, things ARE looking bad.

blue51's picture

I doubt " ex-CIA " , and I doubt he is hetero.

oddjob's picture

This will end badly with some sort of Vincennes 2.0.

Northern Flicker's picture

When I was a kid I had a fascination with firecrackers.  I read up on explosives and found I could purchase potassium chlorate and sulphur at the local pharmacy.  At lunchtime on a school day I fashioned a tremendous bomb in a glass jar with a fire cracker fuse in it.  I lit it and walked around the corner of the house.  It seemed like it took forever to go off, and I was just starting to walk back and see what happened, when it did.  A G_d awful explosion that shook all the houses in the vicinity and send a plume of smoke 500 feet in the air. The next door neighbour came running out and asked me what happened.  I said I didn't know.  About 5 minutes later the cops were at my door. Again I said I didn't know. Fortunately there was no evidence left anywhere, except shattered nerves, including mine. But that was when I was a little boy.  I never played with bombs again.

Northern Flicker's picture

Don't try it. I learned later this combination is unstable and can self-combust. It was banned from munitions production in the ~1800s.

grizfish's picture

Amazing!  Gunpowder without powdered charcoal.  Also, potassiun chlorate instead of saltpeter (potassium nitrate).  Even more amazing.  Not.

Ricki13th's picture

US clearly wants conflict. Be careful what you wish for!

roisaber's picture

Fugggggg. I thought it was just dick-waving with the one; North Korea is way too hardened against the kind of wars the US wages with only one carrier in play. But three suggests to me that he really intends to strike. Guess now would be an excellent time to start buying extra lighter fluid and some non-perishable food...

Ben A Drill's picture

I'm over 55 so I'm going fishing and fill my freezer. I did my time in the military so it's up to the younger gen to deal with this.

Yellow Zookaninnie's picture

What chapter and verse of the Protocols Of The Elders Of Trump's Cabinet does this kinetic action shit come from?

Ricki13th's picture

The Neocons must be orgasmic seeing all this sabre rattling happening. NK is the perfect tool to start a larger war with China. Albert Pike may get his wish after all.

Brazen Heist's picture

I see the CIA have been directig a whole bunch of their dumbass trolls here at ZH and elsewhere to beat the drums of war and Make America Dumb Again more marketable.

War is the last bastion for stupid fools who cannot do anything else well.

I haven't seen this Trump-tard try talking with the North Koreans, Syrians, Iranians or Russians yet. Like no serious efforts at all. He just threatens them from afar and via proxy. This isn't strength. It's weakness. The US establishment thinks they're all that, but when it comes to talkey talkey, they couldn't organize a pissup at a brewery.

laomei's picture

Some might thingk this is Trump going back on "America First".  But this is VERY much America First.  We are knocking out distractions NOW.  We are not going to let this crap continue to drag out, we are telling the world that we are back and we are in charge and we are no longer sitting on the sidelines and pussyfooting around.  The Norks pose a security threat to us and our allies in the region.  They continue to threaten and harass and China uses them to forward their agenda and has for decades.  The situation becomes more and more unsolvable and more unstable as time goes on.  It's time to just end it one way or another.  No more "go along to get along" no more wait and seeism".  We act in our own interests, extract what we want and get out.  The mess is for the Koreans and the Chinese to figure out once we eliminate the threat.  We will not be playing clean up.


As pictures come out of the DPRK death camps, you will see things that make the so-called "holocaust" "death camps" look like a joke.  The stories and actual evidence that comes out to the world will crush the kike victim-seeking narrative.  This is a good thing.  This is a great thing.  They are victims of communism.  Jews created communism.  They are victims of Jews.

quasi_verbatim's picture

The previous decapitation strike took out the whole country (Iraq). Libya too, all those bombs and it had to be ended with a rusty bayonet. MOAB on Afghanistan was way too late as Binny's dialysis machine had given out sixteen years earlier. I'm not hopeful.

thebigunit's picture

Dat's a lot of aircraft carriers!

According to a report by South Korea's primary news outlet, Yonhap, the Pentagon has directed a total of three US aircraft carriers toward the Korean Peninsula,

I see a trend here.  If the job needs twenty tomahawk missiles, send sixty.

Deep Snorkeler's picture

I am an American living in a backyard fallout shelter

I suffer in a purgatory of

lost identity, 

cognitive idleness,

opiates and tattoos.

A phantom career ladder,

accelerating purposelessness, in a

dwindling consumer economy.

I sip an aperitif at the Kit Kat Club.



Archive_file's picture

Dig it, man.

I love your hiku.

All your bases belong to us.

TheLastTrump's picture

these are not haiku :) but he does get off some good lines in between the progressive brainwashing & anti Americanisms