US Deploys Two More Aircraft Carriers Toward Korean Peninsula: Yonhap

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According to a report by South Korea's primary news outlet, Yonhap, the Pentagon has directed a total of three US aircraft carriers toward the Korean Peninsula, citing a South Korean government source.

Yonhap reports that in addition to the CVN-70 Carl Vinson, which is expected to arrive off the South Korean coast on April 25, the CVN-76 Ronald Reagan - currently in home port in Yokosuka, Japan - and the CVN-68 Nimitz carrier group - currently undergoing final pre-deployment assessment, Composite Training Unit Exercise off Oregon - will enter the Sea of Japan next week.  According to the senior government official. the US and South Korea are discussing joint drills, which will include the three aircraft carriers and other ships.

CVN-68 Nimitz carrier group

USS Carl Vinson, surrounded by a fleet of US warships, was sent by Washington toward the Korean Peninsula in the beginning of April.

While details are scarce, and we would urge confirmation from US-based sources, Yonhap also reports that according to the government source the operation of three aircraft carriers in the same location is unusual, and demonstrates the US commitment to North Korea.  Other sources said the Trump administration is demonstrating deterrence by acting on its behalf. "We expect it to be completely different from the previous administration."

On Sunday, Pyongyang launched an unidentified projectile, but the test reportedly failed. South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) stated that the attempted launch was conducted from the area near North Korea's eastern port city of Sinpo, but likely ended in a failure.

The most recent map showing key US naval deployments around the globe is shown below.

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Ben A Drill's picture

Must keep the industrial war complex machine going and going and going. Think about 3 carriers, that's 5000 people per ship. 15,000 people that's a lot of tattoos.

Whopper Goldberg's picture

American parents and loved ones looking forward to the big SGLI  payout.

Ka ching.  Mortgage paid , new SUV

They wil feign sorrow to make it look good.,

GunnyG's picture

I think I have the big picture here. You got the boot from boot camp because you are a non-hacker and thus you have a tiny little hardon towards those who made it. It must really suck to be an envious whiny jealous chump like you, going through life as a wannabe. Poor snowflake.

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I was dodging rockets and mortars before you were even born, dipshit.

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STFU you little Jarhead faggot.

I watched you faggots dancing with each other at Kin Village , Okinawa in 1969 .

Pathetic little pissant faggots.

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Bullseye Gunny. It appears she (Whopper) is also homophobic.

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Not homophobic but expect Marines to be men , not fags.

Volkodav's picture

     ignorant talkings

     doubtful you have years or world experience compared


Xena fobe's picture

He's not an American.  Not even any of his business.

nah's picture

Nuclear war threatens all of civilization.


What if it is still possible 1 million years from now the obvious choice of a great society


Greater North Korea

Davidduke2000's picture

I do not trust the VP in NK, he could be bought , he is always on TV and making threats. get the anti-aircraft gun ready Kim. 

PleasedToMeatYou's picture

Perhaps we can line these carriers, destroyers, etc. all up next to each other.  Then the enemy, whoever they are, will never know what to do. 

Davidduke2000's picture

Kim has to take out only 1 carrier this should give him a win even if his country gets destroyed. 

buckstopshere's picture

New moon on April 26.

Dark night sky for air strikes.

robertocarlos's picture

They arrive on the 25th. Wouldn't they want some last RnR in Seoul before getting down to work?

Davidduke2000's picture

trump is a bluffer he would be terrified of losing control and the war turn into nuclear especially in Russia and China's backyard, they will take out california first. 

buckstopshere's picture

Moscow and Beijing will be radioactive dust if the US is attacked.

Bernardo Gui's picture

This type of story always brings out the pro-Russia hacks. The US is evil. Russia, Iran, NK, etc are a force for good in the world. Blah blah blah. Might makes right comrades. Deal with it.

Whopper Goldberg's picture

If that is the case, then Russia/China are right./

Whopper Goldberg's picture

Tell me what good the USA has done in the world,    They have killed over 20 milllion innocents around the globe since 1960 .

you are nothing but vile bullies who  hate anyone who doesn't kiss your FAT stupid asses.

You can rot in hell,. mothefucker.

Angry White Guy's picture

Just as in other countries of the world, many many people living under the government of the US do NOT support moar war.

Jlasoon's picture

Go jerk off to an 'Auschwitz' documentary!

TheLastTrump's picture



oh shit I peed a little...

TheLastTrump's picture



your one sided history books must be like that WHY TO VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS book with most pages EMPTY

NDXTrader's picture

Yes, the world was such a peaceful place before the US got involved. Give me a break. Assuming you are Euro trash I suppose you would rather live under the great Soviet sickle. Or maybe you are from one of the peace loving countries of Central or S. America. Warfare is the perpetual state of the most "advanced" ape on the planet - always has been, always will be

Davidduke2000's picture

I have no children and would not care what would happen to the entire continent , I am quite convinced the us would be nuked to oblivion and I doubt the people left would be able to survive more than a couple of weeks.

Volkodav's picture

       Soviet is defunct

       USSR was never a Russian construct

       you are terrible ignorant of fact




Xena fobe's picture

Why would Americans know about Russian history?  You expect us to study the history of all the nations on earth too?

Xena fobe's picture

Amen NDX.  Fuck these anti American savages. 

GunnyG's picture

Your heroes Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Khomeini, Pol Pot, Amin, and the rest of the Marxist/Lenin/Socialist/Leftist scumbags have killed upwards of 200 million and as far as the US killing 20 Mil? Pure bullshit clown boy.

Davidduke2000's picture

only a child does that know about the 20 million at least killed by the us for no reason other than steal their natural resources. 

Xena fobe's picture

Shocking!  You should refuse on principal to live in such a sordid and immoral place.  Go eat cats back in your home land. 

Volkodav's picture

         Hitler and Germany more than any resisted marxist/lenin/socialism

         which was exactly financed from NYC, Loundon monies  many attempts revolution from 1848 both Germany and Russia

         Russian fell 1917     Germany resisted longer

         while west joined with worst  Yalta Roosevelt, Stalin, Churchill War Criminals

         Even Patton finally partial awoke to identity real threat...not his dairies


         Iran has not started any war in over 200 years

         but has had plenty of dirty done to them

         Iran fights terrorist in Syria.. saved many Christians and other minorities lives




grizfish's picture

That's why Patton was taken out.

Davidduke2000's picture

a youtube blogger AMTV just got discouraged and went dark after 10 years  for the simple reason that over 50% of the american people are totally warmongers and would always cheer any war, until it blows up in their faces.

it would be great if they can be separated from the other half of the population and  sent to california so they can be nuked and sink in the ocean since they are so tough.

Xena fobe's picture

Jealous?  Don't blame you. The US does not have to do anything good for the world.  It's enough that we exist.  The world should recognize our superiority. 

TheLastTrump's picture

Yep. It's getting obvious isn't it? They don't realise they're more effective at half volume.

krage_man's picture

In case of conflict:

As N Korea has rather advanced military capabilities.

S Korea will likely suffer multiple casualties and economic destructions.

China will have a crisis on its border.

Japan could be hit by missiles.

There is non-zero chance that US territory could be hit.

So, it is going to be a huge impact ....

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Quick!! buy your Samsung while you.

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I have 5 of them already  A NOTE 4, S5 mini, S4 mini.  Tab S 8.4 and Tab S 10.5

Great devices

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Don't you mean Short Samsung?

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How much has Goldman, Kushner and others shorted?

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WHERE is Ambassador Rodman???????????????

any_mouse's picture

The real reason North Korea needs to disappear.

North Korea is a constant reminder of the reality of Communism in all of its Stalinist evil.

A living diorama.

The modern Bolsheviks don't want anyone to be reminded that the reality of Communism is not happy people freely working for the Soviet and receiving their needs from the Soviet.

The reality is deprivation for most. Labor camps for many. Opulent luxury for a few. Hint: Waste Pyongyang in one strike. Where the lights are on at night. That is the head of the snake. Everyone, including the military, in NK is aware that Lil' Kim is batshit crazy and they are a breath away from slave labor or a firing squad.

Do NOT enter or occupy North Korea with USA troops. Let the Korean people assist each other in opening the North to the 21st century. Do NOT militarize the Chinese border. There is no need in an age of missiles to have troops facing each other across a line.

North Korean people, as far as I know, do not have iPhones. In the Soviet Union they did not have blue jeans. They had lines for common groceries. Factories produced what the Commissars dictated. Farms grew what they were told. The productive Kulak farmers, white Christians, were massacred into extinction by (((Bolsheviks))).

Scandinavian Socialism worked as long as Scandinavia was populated by racial Scandinavians with the Scandinavian work ethic. If you could work, you worked to the best of your ability. There was a safety net when needed, but the safety net was not there for long term support of generations. You paid higher taxes. Everybody, in general, was better off. Producers could produce what consumers needed and desired in quantities to satisfy all.

No one is teaching the SJWs the realities of Communism and Socialism or that promiscuous Diversity is weakness.

NDXTrader's picture

You are really going to piss off the Russkies around here. Don't you know it is all the US's fault that the people in N Korea live worse than people in the 4th century?