U.S. Propaganda Is Embarrassingly Bad (And Why It Matters)

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Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

When you want to see what U.S. deep state propagandists are up to, all you have to do is take a glance at what meme corporate media happens to be pushing any given week. It’s been almost a decade since I started observing and analyzing the corporate press on a daily basis, and I can now say unequivocally that the quality of American imperial propaganda has gone completely down the crapper.

The believability of some of the stuff being pushed these days defies all logic and is easily dispelled with an ounce of critical thought, yet there it is, in our face on a daily basis almost taunting the intelligence of the U.S. population. Indeed, it appears the current strategy is no more sophisticated that proclaiming any and all dissent as being the result of “Russia operations.” This is done to prevent any actual debate on subjects of grave national importance since the U.S. government knows its claims don’t hold up to any real scrutiny. Why look into the veracity of a deep state claim when we can just dismiss alternative viewpoints as “Russian operations.”

To see what I mean, take a look at some excerpts from a recent article published by ABC NewsBehind #SyriaHoax and the Russian Propaganda Onslaught:

As Syrian president Bashar al-Assad called videos of last week’s chemical attack a “fabrication,” a piece of propaganda promoted by a Russian cyber operation and bearing the hashtag #SyriaHoax has gained traction in the United States, analysts tell ABC News.


Following the chemical weapons attack that killed dozens of civilians on Tuesday, Al-Masdar News, a pro-Assad website based in Beirut, published claims that “something is not adding up in [the] Idlib chemical weapons attack.” Its author cited “holes” in the accounts provided by the “Al-Qaeda affiliated” White Helmets leading to the conclusion that “this is another false chemical attack allegation made against the government.”


That hoax story was promoted by a network of Russian social media accounts and ultimately picked up by popular alt-right personalities in the United States, including Mike Cernovich, one of the leading voices in the debunked ‘Pizzagate’ conspiracy theory. Cernovich popularized its new hashtag — #SyriaHoax — and sent it soaring through cyberspace. According to Trends24, within hours of the retaliatory missile strike President Donald Trump launched on Thursday night, #SyriaHoax was the No. 1 trending Twitter topic in the United States.

There are a few things I want to highlight when it comes to these first three paragraphs. First, anyone paying the slightest amount of attention to what’s happening in the world would have immediately and independently questioned why Assad would launch a chemical attack guaranteed to lead to widespread international condemnation at the very moment he was most secure in his own position. No “Russian operation” needed to recognize Assad’s total lack of motive. Indeed, two of America’s more respectable former Congressmen, Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich both questioned the ridiculous deep state Syria narrative.

Moreover, the reason corporate media needs to call #SyriaHoax a Russian operation is because it became the No. 1 trending topic in America. The public can’t be allowed to think this train of thought represents actual grassroots thinking (which it does), because that would imply that trust in the status quo is evaporating rapidly and uncontrollably (it is).

Now here’s the very next paragraph of the article.

J.M. Berger of The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism at The Hague, who studies propaganda and social media analytical techniques, said #SyriaHoax is “a clear example of a Russian influence campaign” designed to undermine the credibility of the U.S. government.

This is pure comedy. As if the U.S. government needs Russia to “undermine its credibility.” It does a perfectly good job of doing that all on its own. Was Russia responsible for bailing out Wall Street and funneling trillions to financial criminals, thus propelling the nation into a new Gilded Age where a handful of oligarchs steal everything with impunity while the rest of the country drowns? Didn’t think so.

It’s all very reminiscent to how the pathetic Democratic establishment responded to Hillary Clinton’s loss. Rather than admitting she was a horrible candidate who ran a delusional campaign, theyers merely deflected criticism to Russia, James Comey, Bernie Bros, etc. It’s been a very embarrassing public strategy, and the deep state is now resorting to the exact same strategy through its corporate media parrots. All dissent is a Russian operation. Anything bad that happens to America has nothing to do with our corrupt, clownish leadership, but is Putin’s fault. This is where all of this is going, and it’s further evidence that the American empire has entered a much more pronounced and dangerous period of decline.

From a personal perspective, I know for a fact that the corporate media has a very specific narrative to falsely categorize anyone who questions the status quo as a Russian operative, because it happened to me via The Washington Post. As I noted in the piece, Liberty Blitzkrieg Included on Washington Post Highlighted Hit List of “Russian Propaganda” Websites:

Let’s take Liberty Blitzkrieg for example. Despite the fact that my site is mentioned on “the list,” nobody from PropOrNot bothered to contact me while doing their “research.” They could’ve asked very simple questions about how the site is run, who owns it, and who makes decisions about editorial content. Furthermore, I doubt they did any such research with regard to any of the mentioned sites before slandering them.


Since they failed to do any real work, let me answer several of these questions. I, Michael Krieger, am the 100% owner of Liberty Blitzkrieg. I am the only person who makes decisions on what to publish and when. I have absolutely no connections, financial or otherwise, to the Russian government, Russian interests, or the interests of any other government or government related group. Moreover, there is simply nobody on planet earth who has any influence on what I write or what I publish. I left a very successful and financially lucrative job to do what I do now because my passions and ethical grounding pushed me in this direction. If I was interested in making enormous sums of money, I could’ve easily stayed on Wall Street.


Moreover, I rarely write about Russia, with the exception of trying to prevent insane neocons and neoliberals in our government from actively seeking a military confrontation, because I — like most normal human beings — would prefer not to contribute to the manifestation of World War 3. Likewise, I try to prevent war breaking out in all circumstances where I think it can and should be avoided. I intentionally almost never use RT as a source, and I’ve never quoted anything from Sputnik. Unlike The Washington Post, I try to be extremely diligent about not publishing fake news, but I am a very strong critic of U.S. government policy, because much of U.S. government policy is certifiably insane and unethical. You can disagree with my opinion on that all you’d like, but I challenge anyone to find anything that could reasonably be considered pro-Russia propaganda on my website. If Liberty Blitzkrieg really is a Russian propaganda site, this should be easy to do since I’ve published thousands of articles over the years.

I have yet to receive an apology from The Washington Post for the lies it shamelessly promoted, but I digress.

Perhaps most importantly, the U.S. deep state is increasingly losing the very people it depends on to sustain even the slightest degree of public credibility. I’m one example. Born in the belly of the financial beast of New York City, I was raised privileged, went to the right schools, graduated from a top university and launched my Wall Street career at the age of 22. Ten years later, I was earning a stupid amount of money for adding absolutely nothing to society, but the response from the powers that be to the financial crisis was so grotesque and unethical I could no longer in good faith continue my career. This isn’t the sort of thing that’s supposed to happen. People like me are supposed to stay loyal to the system for life due to the rewards the system bestows upon us. The fact that someone like me became opposed to a system that was so personally lucrative should be seen as a red flag for those in power. If it happened to me, it’s happened to countless others.

Due to my upbringing and career on Wall Street, many of my close friends are from a socioeconomic class that should be deeply loyal to the power structure. The big secret is that they aren’t. Sure, many of them are forced to work in jobs and industries they despise due to familiar obligations and responsibilities, but don’t mistake this for faith or trust in the status quo. The vast majority of people I know fully understand that the U.S. system is a corrupt cesspool of shifty operators and rent-seeking scamsters. While they may need to play the game to survive and protect their families, they have no loyalty to or trust in the current paradigm and that will ultimately be very important. Multiple people told me that The Washington Post’s slandering of my website was a huge wakeup call for them, which highlighted just how dishonest the corporate press has become.

My theory is that the U.S. has entered a more dangerous period of late-stage imperial collapse. Donald Trump was elected by many to reverse this course, but with his recent pivot away from domestic concerns to focus on war, he’ll likely preside over a dramatic and chaotic period of decline. When this happens, all sorts of people will come out of the woodwork, and you’ll see very quickly how little support the deep state actually has amongst the populace. This period will be frightening to witness, but it’s also a necessary evil.

We must harness the opportunity and replace the corrupt, warmongering, Wall Street controlled dead-end culture and economy with a new paradigm after the old one crashes and burns, which it undoubtably will.

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NoDecaf's picture

Mike Krieger , you hate us for our freedoms.

Giant Meteor's picture

Excellent. Never get's old ... that old G Dubya saw ..

As I peruse the headlines here, I note the GM inventory build. Seems there really is a limit on demand for overpriced vehicles, demand for more debt, and the ability to take more of it on. GM channel stuffs, manufacturing increasing memes (lies) , to go with the inventory build. Build them, they won't come.

None of which will be covered by corporately sponsored news ..

Lying by omission is regular fare.

I note, John McCains latest comment regarding Trumps pivot to the Washington DC, "status quo" A.K.A the neocon, neoliberal consensus, McCain approves. Wagging the dog with missiles, and unleashing the MIC has worked wonders in increasing POTUS approval ratings, and of course granted better presidential treatment, from those who previously wished him dead and gone

Meanwhile as pointed out, MSM is back with agreed upon coverage by those demanding a look see at POTUS taxes, as if somehow this were and remains the important, overriding issue of our time.

Yeah, they hate us for our freedom, to treat everything as a fairytale, while blow torching anything remotely resembling all important truths, in an empire of lies  .. 




runnymede's picture

Giant Meteor is our secret weapon. Glad he's on our side. 

Itinerant's picture

"taunting the intelligence of the U.S. population"

Yeah. Details like finding al-Saqami's passport intact on the vaporized ruins of the twin towers where even the black boxes could not be recovered. Not itself really important evidence of anything. Except that it is evidence of needless and gratuitous conceit and taunting.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Propaganda has grown extremely sad as propagandists no longer waste time on thinking of good, credible propaganda. But US citizens want the comfort of their propaganda.

The very fact that the current state of the world is the result, not of human nature, but of US citizenism, the predominant ideology in the US world order, is not a comforting thought for people who can't face the negative consequences of their actions. Propagandists try to step in and dress reality, but the situation is plain to see for all and it diverges strongly from what propangadists have sold.

It is much more than an episodic crisis. Trouble is that facts point at US citizenism as the root cause.

Alas, self indiction being what it is in US citizenism, US citizens will keep denying all such evidence.

Ananda Underground's picture

When existential shrink, Rollo May was working towards his doctorate he wanted to test the belief that severe life stresses of various kinds cause mental illness. He went into an unwed mothers home in Harlem in the late 60s I believe, and studied the girls he found there, all of whom had serious difficulties, being single, pregnant, unsupported. I have never forgotten what he discovered: that the girls who clearly knew the truth about their own lives, for example that their fathers were unknown or had absconded, their mothers were drug addicts or prostitutes or abusers of various kinds...these were not the girls who were off their heads.

It was the girls who believed that their mothers were piano teachers when in fact they were prostitutes, or who had never discovered that their mothers were addicts or thieves etc..the girls who believed the Lies they had been fed...these were the girls who became symptomatic...ie mentally ill.

Think about it America. Propaganda of every kind is making us sick. It destabilizes the our entire culture...from manipulative commercial advertising to the Big Lies designed to facilitate the USUcK globalist bomb defecation that government propagandists call "wars".



mc888's picture


By April 17, 2017 11:08 BST


with a byline like that, must be an Assad sympathizer.

LetThemEatRand's picture

I wish this were all true, but based on my experience the majority of the population is still licking up MSM vomit and calling it dinner.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

The MSM sells propaganda to a public that demands it. It is mutually beneficiary. People in the US want to believe, they want to forget what they know. Duplicity is a key in the US. It means that people can pretend not understanding or believe something as long as it helps to cover for their actions.

It's not that US citizens are unable to discriminate MSM propaganda, but that they crave it.

UnschooledAustrianEconomist's picture

Not only in the US. That's human nature. Willingness to believe every obvious lie if it comforts their life.

SmokeyBlonde's picture

Spent the weekend in WI for my beloved Grandmother's funeral and consequently spent a lot of time with parents, cousins, etc.  ALL admitted their only source of news was FaceFarce and MSM (networks and CNN).

They had no idea what was going on in Europe or Turkey or Syria or NK or even their own backyard! 

The level of ignorance and the pride shown in it was absolutely astounding and quite frightening.

Battlefield USA's picture

And it is almost amusing to see the “God-like”, “God-Emperor” status, that Trump has over some people.

For instance, don't question the "God-Emperor"!

But it does demonstrate why it’s probably best to keep your eyes open and your mouth shut when the God-Emperor does something you don’t understand.

Because super-duper 3D Ninja Chess?


HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) Apr 17, 2017 9:03 PM

Bravo. The owner of Wa Po doesn't give a damn about truth or fact checking. Bezos is a classic Boomerpoop and only gives a shit about one person: himself.

nmewn's picture

So what happened to the Trump is Putins bitch meme anyways?

Skateboarder's picture

It done essploded in Syria and Af-gan-is-tan. Now he's "one of us." That's Mr. President Trump to you.

Giant Meteor's picture

Wagging the dog covers a multitude of memes ...

Imagine what can be accomplished with threat of nuclear conflagarations !

Mini-Me's picture

Assume everything coming from the media is a lie.  You can't go wrong.

Frito's picture

Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. The real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day   -- Thomas Jefferson

VWAndy's picture

 This fake news thing. I was noticing today that it triggers something in the trump people to blindy eat this line as gospel. We saw the same thing happen everytime someong called something or someone racist. It appears to be a hive mind thing. But it does work like a trigger. The eyes get all bugged out and empty. A clue the mind is wondering/lost in blinkyland.

grizfish's picture

When I was young, I believed in my government to such a degree that when they drafted me and sent me to Viet-Nam, I did my best to do what I could for my country.

Today, If I saw a government employee, whether it be CIA, FBI, police, or any official in trouble, I would not help them.  An Eye for an Eye.  They have betrayed me.

nmewn's picture

Thats the right attitude.

khakuda's picture

All we heard for the past 5 weeks was Trump is a puppet of Russia.  Everyday, almost every channel, 24/7.  Now that Trump and Russia no longer to appear to be cozy and the left is thrilled because it is better to have a bad relationship and be closer to war in their minds than a pragmatic one.  They had to drop the meme and move back to "We need to see Trump's tax returns".  It is BEYOND pathetic.

No real discussion of real issues at all, just irrelevancies held up as the most important issues facing the country.  No credit for the fact that he seems to convinced China that reigning in North Korea is in everyone's interest and that they are in the best position do it.  No credit for the fact that China is actually acting differently towards NK, is actually acting differently in the UN.  No credit for potentially building a strong relationship with one of the world's strongest economies and a military superpower.

If the last year has demonstrated anything, it is how corrupted the media and Hollywood truly is.  It has demonstrated how far left Democrats have moved, to the point that they would rather see the country fail than admit their way isn't always the best.  We have watched the Fed and Washington take over the economy and lead it to slow growth and another asset bubble and, as if that wasn't enough damage, listened Larry Summers argue that he is trying to prevent crime and needs to steal our cash to reduce crime. Where is Paul Krugman's apology for threatening us by saying that the stock market will crash and never recover if Trump were elected?

If everything is as great as the asset markets portend, why won't the Fed shrink their balance sheet back to it's previous level?  Why haven't they raised rates to AT LEAST the rate of inflation, which is by definition still a zero real rate?  Because they know they created a bubble.

East Indian's picture

Trump has become the latest pet of the monstrous group that is ruling the world; Hillary is now a clear liability. She will slowly fade away in the background, ending in a glowing obituary at the appropriate time.


As for the economy, TPTB has clearly shown that it wont give up its enormous power and privileges even when the whole population revolts. 

marathonman's picture

Anything to get the conversation away from the fact that we are ruled by bankers holding aloft a Ponzi scheme of debt of historical proportions supported by a pedophile oligarchy extorted and black mailed to do the bankers bidding.  Anything to get the conversation away from the real reality of the situation....

scuttlebutt's picture

Good on you Mike.

And congtrats on the new baby!

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

great article, but this bullshit can last a lot longer unfortunately

Killdo's picture

yes because most Americans I know (actually all of them) are either tooscared of their government to do anything or they are simply selfish/psychopathic zombies who don't care about anything (including their own wellbeing). A nation of diabetic fat zombies - that's what this country has become

rtb61's picture

US government propaganda is not so much bad but extrodinarily arrogant. They seem not to care anymore whether any one believes it, so much as it is the only message main stream media will carry and everything else is silenced. So it is bad as a result of being extremely arrogant, rather than just poorly done.

Problem is they have to change the people (second and third raters) before they can change the propoganda and those who produce the propaganda are more interested in profit than in the outcome their propaganda produces. This leads to the propganda being generated, being targeted at those paying for it, rather than the intended market. So more bubble propaganda, in the bubble it looks great, outside of the bubble it looks stupid but the profits keep flowing.

Keep in mind, those profits stop when the propaganda works ie no need to produce huge amounts of propaganda, just a top up required. So current deep state propaganda has reached self destructive levels and utterly pointless levels. Fortunatley that makes everything so much easier for the rest of us to tear it down (which of course funnily enough drives more funding for more very poorly produced propaganda actually targeted at those paying for it and on it goes).

Greed driven stupidity, the greatest tool of those seeking freedom, democracy and justice.

Westcoastliberal's picture

Mike, your comments are spot-on.  Too bad about Trump going the neo-con route, eh?


The former Westcoastliberal

beijing expat's picture

The problem is that the state propaganda apparatus is tasked with convincing the public that up is down and black is white, while all the internet trolls have to do is point out that up is up and black is black and therefore the purveyors of the official narrative are full of shit.

The government should try the truth for a change. It would make their job much easier.

docloxvio's picture

Truth. What a novel concept.

SillySalesmanQuestion's picture

"All U.S. government policy is certifiably insane and unethical."

There, fixed it for you.

"Send in, the morons..."

Joe A's picture

Since most people are stupid, do not care to get an education or to get to know something about the world (and with education in the crapper anyway), and that only are interested in the size of Kim Kardashian's ass, this all doesn't matter. They got people where they wanted them to be: stupid, ignorant, complacent and not caring.

yellowsub's picture

Fearing mongering always works to get them to believe what we're doing is right w/ our might...

rlouis's picture

The quality is lousy but the quantity is overwhelming. 

Rubicon727's picture

"My theory is that the U.S. has entered a more dangerous period of late-stage imperial collapse. Donald Trump was elected by many to reverse this course, but with his recent pivot away from domestic concerns to focus on war, he’ll likely preside over a dramatic and chaotic period of decline.......This period will be frightening to witness, but it’s also a necessary evil.


Finally "a competitor" to take down the US Neo-liberal/military/Deep State criminals: the Eurasian development between some Brics/China/Russia and probably Iran, in the near future.

I refuse to watch cable or any other news because I hate and deplore the propoganda by ALL of the news media.

They lie repeatedly, and I'm too damned educated in geo-politics and geo-political-finances. 

Golden Showers's picture

So what you are saying is that the hoi polloi, by selecting a president, merely open the cage for a feral bloodthirsty beast to run amok and attack us, we, them, and everyone else with an insatiable ambition to destroy worlds. Once the thing has been loosed on the world we can't get it back.

As long as the specimine we select goes through all the locks and holds of the canal and gets pushed out to sea on the other end, it can do as it pleases for 4 years without any deference to it's campaign promises.

It will surround itself with wanna be and proven to be psychopaths with the same agenda, like moths to a lightbulb or muzzies to Allah's afterlife harem. The state itself is god and the priests serve their selves with worldly power derived from the state.

Geo-politicical-finance has shown what happened after the end of the cold war. Both US and Russian interests pulled out of Somalia creating a power vacuum that resulted in what you see today. Strategic interests change and the new fixation was to create another entity that would support MIC and electing supporters of same to keep the shit show afloat.

On one hand if one unilaterally removes the non-threat that is North Korea and the created threat of ISIS, then what? IF you are suggesting that war and conquest will result in peace, I would remind you of the late great George Carlin who said "fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity".

So perhaps you can take it down a notch with your too damned educated ass and check the Mark Twain rhymes.

The only competitor to the status quo is the US Citizen who owns the land and holds the power. This obviously loops back to the heavy guage font locution for which I up-voted you. So chew on it. I don't know.

jemlyn's picture

Before you criticize the Trump supporters, think about what choice we had.

nevertheless's picture

It goes far beyond what anyone here comnprehends:


The idea that US propaganda is bad is a total sign of sheer ignorance. 


The propaganda that controls America is absolute, it is in our schools, our movies, our laws, our politicians, our music and our favorite TV shows, it is omnipresent, and we always under estimate it.


If you think Trump was a convert in the white house, and was not part of plan all along, you don't get it. If you think Clinton was ever going to be president, you don't get it. Iraq was about oil, or Syria about an oil pipeline, you are thinking way too small. If you think Trump was ever at war with the media or the so called "deep state" you are much too close to the lie....This is all by design, they have ruled us for 50 years and each election cycle they gain power and the American people lose more. 


Real propaganda is what makes white males think themselves useless, sells the idea that women are morally, ethically or physically better than men. It breeds the idea that multiculturalism is wonderful, and not the death of America that it truly is. They weave the lies that Iran and Russia are the enemy, hide the numbers and the destruction mass Latino immigration is to this nation, and push the idea that war is patriotism and politics is religion....


Zionism rules us, and they are way ahead in this game, they are more organized, better funded and without empathy or humanity...the gig is up, any change will not come from America, we are divided and in ruined, on our way to becoming a Mexican nation, and that is a fact. 



geo_w's picture

Your use of paragraphs is yet another sign of your extreme intelligence.

land_of_the_few's picture

Plus saying the intended *gas* pipeline from Qatar is an "oil" pipeline- pro tip - Europe doesn't need or want an oil pipeline, and Qatar is a top gas producer.  That seems a pretty common miss-statement at the moment. Interesting.

RocketScience's picture

Well written, but pure speculation about Trump being in the GOPe tank all along. The truth is we don't know yet what is causing the political shift. It could be they have something on him, or he prioritized his "To Do' list, or he wasn't that smart to begin with and they are running over him. Remember, he became president by reading a script which was written for him. He's not much of a details guy. Have you noticed Pence hovering over him like a minder. 

We'll have to wait to make a more informed decision.


eatapeach's picture

i think he said it was the Zio-tank Trump was in all along

UnschooledAustrianEconomist's picture

With all the self-harming media onslaught after Trump's election and putting a "nutcase" like Bannon in office I have problems with accepting that he was a swamp creature all along. But your theory is valid, we will never know it for sure.