War 'Works' - Trump Favorability Hits 50%, Highest In 2 Months

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It appears that if you want to be liked by the American public, go to war. After a non-stop plunge to record low ratings for a new president, Rasmussen's most recent data shows President Trump's favorability surging to 2-month highs since he started rattling sabres around the world.

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 50% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Fifty percent (50%) disapprove. This is the first time the president’s overall approval rating has been back in the 50s in nearly a month. Just after his inauguration, Trump’s job approval peaked at 59% and remained in the 50s every day until early March. It’s gone as low as 42% since then. The latest figures for Trump include 30% who Strongly Approve of the way Trump is performing and 39% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -9.


However, while this recent warmongery has juiced Trump's favorability, a recent Gallup poll says majority of people no longer believe he will deliver on promises...

The more positive assessments of Trump in February came as he started his presidency with a flurry of executive orders and Cabinet appointments. Regardless of whether they agreed with those actions, Americans appeared to take them as evidence Trump was keeping his campaign pledges to fundamentally alter the course of the federal government.

In the two months since, however, Trump appeared to walk away from repealing the Affordable Care Act after Republicans failed to agree on the healthcare replacement bill that Trump stood behind. Political friends and foes alike have complained that Trump is not carrying out the promises he made on the campaign trail. Supporters have expressed unhappiness that more has not been done on taxes and immigration, in addition to healthcare. Opponents say he has not protected middle- and working-class Americans.

As Gallup concludes, at the outset of his presidency, a majority of the public did give Trump credit, however, for keeping his promises and for being a president who could bring about needed changes. Now many have turned away from those views, perhaps because of the GOP's failure to deliver on their long-standing promise to repeal Obamacare. As a result, a majority now disagree that he has these qualities. These views could shift again, depending on Trump's actions over the course of his presidency. But for now, Trump has lost significant ground with a public that only two months ago credited him with having one of the key characteristics of a successful president.

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nuubee's picture

The nation of Kekistan will never forget this betrayal.

y3maxx's picture

It's no more POTUS,


Ginger, Orange, Mulato President of the United States

BullyBearish's picture

does anybody really believe any of these "surveys/polls"...

FrozenGoodz's picture

If you do ... it's the lowest approval rating for an incoming president so early in his stint ... 


Bottom line - distraction works


Make Gold Great Again

barndoor's picture

War is popular when blue collar men and women are sent off to die in a desert somewhere.  It will be a lot less popular if San Francisco gets vapourized.

Megaton Jim's picture

We should make a deal with the fat kid so that he does us a favor and nukes LA and Frisco!

chumbawamba's picture

This is preposterous.  Watch, Wikileaks will eventually reveal that Rasmussen's "sample" population is actually a group of recruited pro-Hillary neocon Jews from Brooklyn.

I am Chumbawamba.

John J King III's picture

Not to worry, the snowflake capital of the world is on its own way out. ZZZZZZZZZ.

NoDebt's picture

At least Trump broke every campaign promise he made in a brief 72 hour period last week.  He ripped that band-aid right off in one quick motion.  He could have done it slowly and painfully over a period of months or years.

You don't give the man any credit for that?  You guys are tough.


BigFatUglyBubble's picture

True, but Trumptards are shell-shocked and still in denial though.  He went straight in - no lube or foreplay...


Blankone's picture

In their daze they have no comprehension that this is just the beginning. Trump is not slowing down and is moving so fast because he has a long list of things he wants to do to the citizens. All for the zionists and elite profits.

Trump is the one who will take your guns.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

Yes, a good martial law enactment type cult of personality; a bully, but also a schmoozer. 

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

4chan... so far, no one has united the clans.

Trump is **pouring** troops into Jordan and ne Syria...

This all requires 40/60k infantry and marines, *lots* of Rangers and Delta and Green Berets...

And Adelson (25 million to Trump) and Kushner (*literally* an Israeli agent... LITERALLY) are going to get Trump to get us into Iran.

the WHOLE GOAL for the ZioJews is get the goyim to smash Iran and break the Shia Arcso Israel can invade and annex Lebanon and more of Golan...

get that pipe from Israel to Europe. Anyone still thinking Qatari pipelines will probably believe anything if they believe the Jews would let Qatari gas compete with Israeli... or that you spend tens of billions and 5 years to build a pipeline through jihadi bandi territory... its a 'cover conspiracy'.... like Iraq being a 'war for oil' when it was about Zionist Jewry's long standing wish list, and secondarily the petrodollar and war profiteering.

Trump Obamaed us.

Time to let him know that he will not easily drag us into more wars for The International Jew.... and... fuck you if you dont think International Jewry, Israeli nationalist or otherwise... drives policy in Vichy Washington.




KUSHNER is a literal Israeli asset/spy. Were he not a Jew he'd NEVER be allowed to be blatantly unqualified but sitting in on Security Council meetings. I am more qualified then he is - like Richard Perle, the Kagans, etc etc DC is LOUSY with unqualified Zionist Jews working for Israel.

Where are the patriots in CIA and NSA? Kushner needs to go.

Needs to.



BullyBearish's picture

perhaps this is why booboo satanyahoo has been so quiet lately...

MFL5591's picture

I do not believe any polls that this DEEP STATE media is responsible for.  

Mr Pink's picture

(((they))) are giving the goyim a nice little money making distraction....USA USA USA

post turtle saver's picture

we love war... we're a warlike people... we really like bombing brown and yellow people a lot...

Billy the Poet's picture

Armchair warriors aren't really warriors at all. Quite the opposite. Land of the home that is free of the brave.

Shift For Brains's picture

Another well turned phrase, Billy. Better keep them all in the seed vault so they're not lost to what's left of posterity when the balloon goes up.

barndoor's picture

Problem is - these particular yellow people have bombs of their own.

Winston Churchill's picture

There you have it, the proof that most of the US has become a suicidal death cult.

Go long on iodine kool aide..

Xena fobe's picture

So you think the polls only included white people?  No hispanics or asians or blacks get polled?

SpanishGoop's picture

You stupid Americans.


NoDebt's picture

You would have preferred Hillary?  Or maybe a 3rd term for Obama?  Or how about Gary Johnson, the 'Ted Baxter' of presidential candidates?  This was not exactly a stellar year for outstanding candidate choices.  They tried with Jeb!.  God knows they tried, but it just didn't work out.



Shift For Brains's picture

ND, I wouldn't have preferred any of them but that doesn't negate the sentiment of SG. Trump's US voter popularity is up because he's tweaking nuclear adversaries? "Stupid" hardly exhausts the topic.

Giant Meteor's picture

Ease up man, it's the flouride and round up ..

BorisTheBlade's picture

And chemtrails and facebook self-implicating mechanism and all social media and all of the internet with its black holes and 360 degrees surveilance by extension. We already live in dystopia and not being able to systematically undestand this fact is 200% part of the cycle/problem. And to think that for President to be favorable once again all it took was to bomb some brown people and threaten to bomb some Asian ones, to boot, piss off Russians just a tad further. Woooohooo, overdrive off the cliff (just as it ever was).

PS That said, Trump is quite successful at methodically trading his core group support for special (((very special, pharisees))) interests support. Show Must Go On, else The People might wake up, meaning chaos and TEOTWAWKI. Fasten your seatbelts, drink wine (Trump doesn't): In Vina Veritas, Drink enough water: In Aqua Sanitas. I don't know which Roman Emperor Trump is best compared, but he isn't either Marcus Aurelius or Julius Caesar. Fascinating times whichever way it goes.

Giant Meteor's picture

Indeed, indeed. I will ponder the Roman emperor best comparison question ..

Nero is out, as well as Nero's uncle ..


BorisTheBlade's picture

I'm struggling between Commodus and Domitian. Now, of course all analogies are imperfect and every historical figure has its own place and many things will get uncovered as we go forward, but, with Domitian this thing that strike me most:

Spending his youth in the shadow of his brother, Titus, Domitian only ascended to the throne in A.D. 81, after his brother died after a period of illness.


As the older brother, Freddy Trump was the one in line to inherit the family empire, said The New York Times.

And then there's that:

But now Domitian was determined to equal the military achievements of his predecessors. He wanted to be known as a conqueror.
In AD 83 he completed the conquest of the Agri Decumates, the lands beyond the upper Rhine and upper Danube, which his father Vespasian had begun. He moved against tribes like the Chatti and drove the empire's frontier to the rivers Lahn and Main.
After such victorious campaigns against the Germans, he would often wear the costume of a victorious general in public, at times also when he visited the senate.

Shortly after he raised the pay of the army from 300 to 400 sesterces, a fact which should naturally make him popular with the soldiery. Although by that time a pay rise had perhaps become well necessary, as over time inflation had reduced the soldiers' income.

 By all accounts Domitian appears to have been a thoroughly nasty person, rarely polite, insolent, arrogant and cruel.

He was a tall man, with large eyes, though weak sight. 
And showing all the signs of someone drunk with power, he preferred to be addressed as 'dominus et deus' ('master and god').


Creative_Destruct's picture

"You stupid Americans."

As an American, difficult to disagree with that sentiment. Low on political Capital? Problem at the polls? Congress not cooperating? Blow something up or invade somebody.

PRESTO! You're decisive! You're "presidential"!  Everybody from all along the political spectrum rallies around you. Damn the other risks for now.

BUUUT WAIT! Seems this works on all human beings, 'Merican or not. Stupid does all 'round the world.

Damn "Man Wise, Wise" (Homo Sapiens Sapiens).

Better classification: Homo Stultus Stultus ( Man Stupid Stupid ).

Xena fobe's picture

The problem is there are fewer and fewer Americans in America.  These polls include results from foreigners who don't know anything about this country and care even less.  Their political acumen is at the level of a 10 year old. 

GraveDancer's picture

The Road to World War III: Can the Dark forces of anti-Freedom trump Humanity? Kindle Edition


Megaton Jim's picture

How many threads have you shilled this bullshit, loser book on, anway?!?

BenBache's picture

War always has worked for the American voters.  Americans love killing other people's babies and have since before my birth long ago.  The slave owning plutocratic banker Roosevelt family convinced the American people that all decent people slaughter innocent children in the name of peace.  Since FDR the two parties have competed for champion of evil.  The voters have given us every war.  The voters give us massive inequality.  The voters gave us a brutal police state.  The voters love the rich and powerful and hate the poor.  This will never change so long as we live in Hell.

roddy6667's picture

Why the downvotes, Ben? You are 100% accurate. The downvoters must have been living under a rock since WWII.

Troy Ounce's picture


Yip, you Iive the the sword, you die by the sword.

911 cry-babies don't understand this. 

XqWretch's picture

Great so now he will do even more of it

Seasmoke's picture

In my own little circle this weekend, I found this to be true. No one was down on Trump except for me. I am starting to think maybe it's me, who has the issues.

TheLastTrump's picture

this is encouraging, teach your friends here >>> "I am starting to think"

SubjectivObject's picture

You have issues with the rest of your friends, but that's a good thing.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

"If you can keep your head while all around you are losing theirs and blaming it on you, a real man you'll be."

Rudyard Kipling

VK's picture

WTF. Go figure that half of Americans want WW3. Sheeples like it when things go ka-boom

07564111's picture

they think it be them receiving the bombs ;)

CorneliuCodreanu's picture

Send about 20,000 home from Syria or Korea in body bags and that will change these cretins tune. 

herbivore's picture

I doubt it. There IS one thing that would for sure change their tune but at that moment it will be too late.

Satan's picture

Trump's Willing Executioners.

small axe's picture

Toute nation a le gouvernement qu'elle mérite.

  • Every nation gets the government it deserves.

Joesph de Maistre, 1753-1821