ASU Prof Allows Students To Protest Trump In Lieu Of Final Exam

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It used to be that Arizona State University was best known for it's consistent top 10 placement in Playboy's annual "Top Party School" rankings.  The rankings worked wonders for ASU's various educational and athletic recruiting programs...for whatever reason...



But, the actions of one reckless professor, Angeles Maldonado, could undo decades of hard work put in by ASU co-eds to establish their school as an institution of unparalleled 'talent'. 

It seems that Maldonado, the professor of a class called Global Politics of Human Rights, decided to offer her students the option of staging a mass Trump protest in lieu of taking their final exam, a decision which has unfortunately drawn national attention.  And while such a decision may seem harmless, ASU students engaging in mass protests will undoubtedly conjure frightening visions of liberal Berkley feminists that can only serve to undermine the school's heretofore pristine reputation.


In speaking with the Arizona Republic, Maldonado, apparently ignorant of the reputational damage she was inflicting upon her school, unwittingly praised the decisions of her disaffected snowflakes to opt out of their final exams.

“The class decided that as a group project they wanted to make their voices heard about the issues that are affecting them today, so instead of just reading about the human-rights violations, they’d speak out about the current violations that are happening.”


“This was something that we all got together and said we would express some of the things we don’t like, so a lot of the other people here are protesting things like immigration, immigration ban, women’s rights, things like that.”


And so, with a few ridiculous signs and chants of "No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!" and "No ban! No wall! Justice, freedom for us all!," just a couple dozen students and one teacher managed to destroy the well-deserved reputation established by 1,000s of ASU students for decades to come.

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If you don't read Arabic websites, you won't know what is happening. Arabs are celebrating relief. Trump is the exact opposite of Obama. And it's not about Israel.

Iran: We like to kill Arabs and take their countries.
Obama: Sure, buddy, they're your niggers.
Iran: Stop selling them arms.
Obama: No problem, maybe just a few old bombs.

Trump to Iran: You racist animals and butchers. Arabs are human. You can't kill them. I am arming them with the best weapons, and I'm helping them kick you out of their countries, because that is the right thing to do. Arabs are my friends and allies, and you are my enemies.

Democrats are the racists!

New documentary about Iran

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Seven years of college down the drain!

IranContra's picture

Trump is a wake-up call, but you can't wake up the dead.

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Dean Vernon Wormer: The time has come for someone to put his foot down. And that foot is me.

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Wait until they have to meet the real world.


Here's a sample of how smart those kids are from a clip of Watters World:

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That Watters is great. Dumb kids, nice tits.

" Washington...second president, after Lincoln "

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If I had a criminal record I'd be inclined to head over to that protest and get as many protestors as I could their very own criminal records before theyre even out of college. Virtually negate that expensive near worthless degree out of the gate while giving them a real education.

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Consider it career training. There are job openings for sign twirlers all over.

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A collage degree in anything but hard science is a worth less than dog shit.

And you do not need a degree in computer graphics to see that those tits are fake.


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Great rack...I'd throw it down.

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Fix me a pallet Ma, I've gotta ASU Bitch on a stick, and she's spendin the night!

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Tits, the gift that keeps on giving!

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"That Watters is great. Dumb kids, nice tits."

Nice tits are important...So is bikini camel toe...Worth watching.

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That's true. Since they have zero skills and little education despite 5 years of college, those nice tits and legs can get them a job at Hooters. If they're lucky, maybe they can hook up with their local Leroy da Pimp who will break them in and pimp them out to horney wealthy men like Tiger Woods for $5,000 a night.

On the other hand, the Fugly lena dunham and rosie o'donnell look alikes can simply work at Macy's for $9.25/hour folding clothes.

One thing for sure, if I were a parent I'd be royally pissed sending my kid to this school. I personally stopped donating to my alma mater when they moved the first statue off campus to pander to the small, but vocal, handful of diverse delinquents.

I sent a [polite] note back explaining the school and I are now moving in different directions and my annual donation will go to Judicial Watch or Project Veritas instead.

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I refuse to donate to UTA as they bring in all sorts of foreigners. Screw the Business school.

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Ewes you just say the guys at those school have nice tires. Lol

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Yep thats what American 'schools' produce. Exactly as designed. Those kids parents are almost as stupid. It took a long time & several generations to create the current Idiocracy.

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Obnoxious snowflakes grow up to be obnoxious professors.

Time to cut tax money to these overpaid baby sitting instututions and tie tax money to post graduation employment rates.

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If the parents don't bitch then it must be a DNA-linked stupidity.

DO NOT guarantee these student loans. Let the teachers' pension funds back up the loans and take responsibility for any defaults.

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"DO NOT guarantee these student loans. Let the teachers' pension funds back up the loans and take responsibility for any defaults."

That second part is brilliant.

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Tax dollars needed cause the parents spent all their money on boob implants for their kids. 

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I saw a video where at one point they interviewed a couple in N. Korea. They were both teachers and were richly rewarded (at least by N. Korean standards) with their salaries and new apartment. Of course, they spoke highly of Kim and the regime. Kim had actually visited them at their apartment and said they deserved their rewards.

Regimes always reward the propagandists in the media and 'schools'. And most of the 'teachers' actually believe the b.s. they were taught in their colleges. They are usually the least intellectually talented group on campus. A masters or doctorate 'Education' degree ? What a freakin' joke.

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These are most definitely not American kids.  They are not at all representative.  These are the children of rich dual citizens.  There is no such thing as an American who does not know who George Washington was.

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Only about 1/2 his posts, the other 50% are sometimes surprisingly good.


As long as he simmers down about the Jesuits I'm happy.

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Hey, fewer papers for the professor to grade! That's the Millenial Way

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That fooking teacher should be flogged for encouraging the mentally challenged kids to protest something they know nothing about outside what G Soros and friends tells them.

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We had a ASU teachers visit my college when I was there and she was not only liberal but closed-minded and dumb as hell.

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Should have punched her in the face and yell "STOP OPPRESSING ME" or "I identify as a boxer so respect me."

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Maybe this hispanic teacher'll give double credit to any illegal in her class that beats someone to death also:


Illegal Alien Charged with Beating Chinese Student to Death in Los Angeles

DelCarmen and three other teenagers allegedly accosted the engineering student who was walking home near campus at about 12:45 a.m. from a study group. The foursome then allegedly beat him with a baseball bat. According to Detectives, Ji may have tried to get away from his attackers, but they caught up to him only to beat him a second time. Amazingly, Ji made it back to his apartment, but his body was found by his roommate later that morning. The student who was here from China had suffered severe head wounds from the assault.

The three others who were charged in connection with Ji’s death were identified as Andrew Garcia, 18; Alberto Ochoa, 17; and Alejandra Guerrero, 16.

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Will not be filing Arizona taxes this year till this POS is fired!  This game is getting real fucking old!

boattrash's picture

Still have '06 unfiled in my state...

Xena fobe's picture

Just make up any thing and send it in.  They don't check.  Not enough manpower. 

January Jones's picture

Bring lawyers, guns and money,

Dad get me out of this!

Wake me when they get to the part where they turn conscientious objector, start robbing banks, get shot at by national guardsmen and hide in Canada for 15 years.

Just a fuckin' cartoon....

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Liberals say Trump is KKK, but a liberal woman will kill her Muslim husband if he says Hillary killed Libyans. Who's the KKK?

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"Trump to Iran: You racist animals and butchers. Arabs are human. You can't kill them. I am arming them with the best weapons, and I'm helping them kick you out of their countries, because that is the right thing to do. Arabs are my friends and allies, and you are my enemies.

Democrats are the racists!"



You're growing on me like mold on cheese, keep up the good work.

IranContra's picture

Thanks. God willing and the Creek don't rise, and the trolls be damned, I'll stick around.

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That "new documentary about Iran" looks and smells like a Zionist production.

Iran didn't attack on 911.  That was false direction.  Obama gave Iran back the money the U.S. illegally siezed... gave it back with interest. 

If the U.S. hadn't had its hands completely up Iran's skirts, then today they would be good friends.  Persians are Aryans - they are not Arabs.  They are natural allies with the west.  And yes, they now have a significant Arab dna admixture.  But, Persia's culture is more to be admired than the Sunni Wahabbi Takfiris.

The U.S. picked wrong when Kissinger signed the Saudi Agreement in 73.  In shia Iran, Christians and Jews are protected.  Can you say that about Sunni lands, or even Israel?


Well, a paid protestor is a real occupation now so I guess these fine students are just prepping for their careers. 

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I bet that beaver is smarter than half the students at ASU.

CRM114's picture

smarter than the clever half ;)

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When you swallow sewage at the Shore, thank Trump | Editorial

While we spend zillions on security at Mar-a-Lago and shuttling Trump children around the world and leaving Melania's son in private school in Manhattan, the President is cutting money to check if we're all swimming in fecal swamps.
Yes, his budget would eliminate the funding that pays to test the water at our beaches every week for nasty bacteria. Namely, "enterococcus," the sign of fecal contamination - causing maladies from gastrointestinal illness to ugly rashes.
This is the result of raw sewage overflows that are the worst after heavy rain. Last summer, our beaches were either under advisory or closed 134 times for that reason, the Asbury Park Press reports. It was the worst season in five years.
One week of testing found 19 beaches in Monmouth and Ocean counties had water teeming with so much bacteria, it wasn't safe to swim in.
Trump's cuts to beach testing are part of his savage gutting of the Environmental Protection agency, for which Barack Obama had sought to increase funding. But on this particular issue, they are equal offenders. Obama also tried to eliminate the beach monitoring money, but it was always restored by Congress.
Let's hope that happens again. Federal money subsidizes farmers in Iowa and Nebraska, so why not tourism along our coast? Keeping the Shore feces-free is vital for its economy. Yet we only have enough funding to test through this summer. After that, who knows?
Maybe the new test will be accidentally getting a mouthful of sewer water, and falling horribly sick on vacation.

Bookmark Follow on Twitter @NJ_Opinion and find Opinion on Facebook.

truthseeker47's picture

Any state or local jurisdiction can continue testing the water, no problem.  Or do we need 16 different agencies doing the same thing?

Hurricane Baby's picture

That sewage situation is due directly to the misfeasance and malfeasance of the local politicians. New Jersey and its component jurisdictions are among the many places in the US with the tax profile of a Soviet socialist republic. Exactly where is all that tax money being spent, if not on public infrastructure? Hmmm?

OCnStiggs's picture

Take some money from the abortion mill: Planned Abortion, er, Planned Parenthood.

TuPhat's picture

Test your beaches yourself, you schmuck.  I don't want to pay for your water problems.  I didn't cause them and I don't swim there.  The federal gov. should not be paying for everything.  You have no understanding of the proper role of government.

MEFOBILLS's picture

You have no understanding of the proper role of government.


Government's proper role is inelastic markets and the commons.  So, how do beaches fit into this definition?