British Bloodbath - Stocks Plunge Most Since Brexit After Surprise Election News

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While most eyes were on the surge in sterling, British stocks plunged almost 2.5%...


The biggest daily drop since the Brexit referendum in June 2016.


This has erased all FTSE 100 gains for 2017...

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Last of the Middle Class's picture

Billionaire globalists no lik-e lik-e. Go invest in Russia assholes!

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Don't think it's got anything to do with Brexit. More like, it's been a long time coming, and it's long overdue...

crazytechnician's picture

Losses will be erased within 7 days.

Serious inverse correlation there with Sterling , looks like algo's kicked in sell stock and buy cable.

SomethingSomethingDarkSide's picture

Not to worry - Apple will be releasing a Purple "Resistance" iPhone that will bouey global markets

OscarWhisky's picture

Boost 3x short FTSE100 ETF. About time that fucker started to pay its way!

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European markets took a beating today and its not even the French election yet.

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Elephant in the room here is that the FTSE is still up significantly from pre-Brexit-vote. Just like US stocks are way up from pre-Trump-election. The chicken littles screaming that these things would holocaust the markets were pure fake news.

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Hide !

Stocks dropped with 0.00032%.

The end is near!

holgerdanske's picture

Whos hide?

Not mine, I'm in gold!




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BTFD, I guess.

Buy the FTSE Dip

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We will nuke the Globalists!

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Who is we? 

Putin ? or is it the Duck who is now global like a football !

aqualech's picture

Since when is giving up 2 months of bubble-gains a bloodbath?

silverer's picture

It's all about money. We thought so. Now proven.

falak pema's picture

Lady May instaurs yoyo time in the UK. 

On a string and like a puppet...